8 Food You Can Make on Eid Apart from Rice

8 Food You Can Make on Eid Apart from Rice

Eid is approaching! Eid means “festive” in Arabic. There are two parts to Eid: Eid ul Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, our fasting month. We also call it “Small Sallah”, and Eid ul Kabeer, which marks the historical event of the sacrifice of our Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and the sacrificial lamb. We call it “Big Sallah,” and that’s why meat is in abundance too. Along with the meat, there are a lot of recipes you can cook on Eid too.

It’s that blessed festival we Muslims all around the world come to celebrate by bringing friends and family together in joy, happiness, harmony, and festivity. Food is necessary and the most important part of this festival. In Nigeria, most households consume rice during this festive period. In this article, which I hope will come in handy, I’ll be sharing with you recipes you can make at home apart from rice that will be delicious.

You should spice things up in your household this Eid. Let’s get spicy!

Foods to Cook on Eid

1. Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup

This is one of the recipes you can cook on Eid. It’s my mom’s favorite, and it’s prepared when she wants to ditch the same old rice when she’s in the mood to spice things up for Eid. This is her go-to always. I mean, why not? Pounded yam is filling and satisfying, and when dipped in egusi, it makes the celebration just right and delicious.

We like to pound our yams using a mortar and pestle. However, with advancements now, there are blenders for pounding yam and also processed yam flour (pounded yam), but mortar and pestle remain in my household.

2. Amala and Ewedu Soup

This is basically a Yoruba delicacy that is eaten with stew. This Ewedu is mixed with stew to enrich it and make it edible too. This is my very own favorite.

I like to eat my Amala with Ewedu soup but you can eat it with Egusi, vegetables,, or Efo Riro.

3. Mouth Watering Goat Meat – Pepper Soup

Eid is always complete with this bowl of assorted meat – be it goat meat, chicken meat, or ram meat. This is surely one of the recipes you can cook on Eid.

4. Ram & Yam Porridge

Is there still leftover yam from the pounded yam? Why not make this recipe for friends and family? They will definitely enjoy it.

Add in ram meat to give this dish a sweet, delicious, and festive moment.

This dish is delicious and tasty; you can substitute the yam for potatoes. You could make it watery and add pepper soup spice so you can drink the water and have the same feeling as devouring pepper soup.

Savor the moment, right?

5. Peppered Meat

Pepper Meat is one of the recipes you can cook on Eid. This could be eaten as a whole or pierced through skewers with green bell pepper and onions.

Any way you choose to eat, it’s fine honestly.

6. Vanilla Cupcakes

I mean, what’s Eid without snacks to give to friends and family? It’s even extra chops for us as we have varieties to select from – samosa to spring rolls to doughnuts and then cupcakes.

This is one of the recipes you can cook on Eid.

7. Chocolate Cupcakes

The chocolate cupcake is simply cupcakes but we’ll be adding cocoa powder or chocolate bars and sometimes both into the batter. If you have chocolate bars, add this to the batter and bake. You’ll get the twist in your mouth when the chocolate melts.

Remember, you can add chocolate bars into the batter – it makes the cupcake richer in taste too.

8. Zobo Drink

What’s Eid without drinks, right? I mean, what’s any festive occasion without a drink? There are other drinks like Kunun Aya, or Kunun Gyada to try.


Eid is that time of the month when friends and family come together from afar to catch up and have a good time. In order to do this, different dishes are served to enjoy each other’s company as we jolly dey go with the dishes.

I hope this article has informed you that there are so many dishes to prepare for Eid apart from rice. Tell me in the comments section the one or ones you will be trying out this coming Sallah.

Eid Mubarak once again! Taqabballahu minna wa minkum!!