The Northy Letter Week 49 December 2021

The Northy Letter Week 49 December 2021

My hands and feet are freezing right now and I could be in bed, enjoying some warmth but I have to write to you. We can’t lose communication, I know it’s important to me, is it important to you? Here are what we have for this week:


The New Year is approaching and I bet you have some plans for it. Maybe I can convince you to add one more thing to your list. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn a new language? Yes? Yes! Here are 7 Quick Ways to Learn a New Language by Yourself Quickly. Just picture yourself mamacita-ing your way into Spanish.

It’s a little embarrassing that as I write to you now, my bio is nothing to write home about. I always feel I don’t have to try writing a good bio because I don’t have many great achievements and I go online and everything seems so much harder so I usually just wing it. But then, I’m trying to find a remote job and I have to write a better bio. Tell me we are in the same boat. If we are, Umar Farouk Kabir has a solution – How to Write a Professional Bio with Examples. 

Are you intelligent? Or an investor? What if I told you that you could be both? Pick up Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor and let’s make it work. You’re about to tell me you hate reading but is this how you want to live your life comrade? These are the 15 Books Every Investor Should Read. You’re smart, I know you’ll give them a chance.


You’re not a great spender, I am not either. I am so reckless with money and I can’t keep track of where they disappear to once I start going through them but with the help of Umar Farouk Kabir, I have The 10 Best Expense Tracker Apps in 2022 to start afresh. It wouldn’t hurt to start when the year starts.

Find Out Your Ideal Job When You Take This Quiz. If you’re confused as to what path to take in life, maybe this is a sign to take this quiz and find out. Don’t just fold your arms and wait for fate. We’ve never been quitters so let’s not start now.


You have heard of yeast infections, vaginal infections but you haven’t heard of vaginismus? Maybe this is because our society frowns upon conversations that are even in the slightest bit sexual. However, this is a major concern because This Woman Has a Rare Medical Condition, She Doesn’t Have a Hole. You should read this because Wow! Yeah, it is that shocking.

Pineapple is such a fruit and we have always known that fruits are good for pregnant women so why it is that pineapple is bad for them now? Find out on 10 Foods You Should Avoid When Pregnant, No. 5 is the Worst. I was shaking with anger until I saw the reasons, you’d stop shaking too if you saw them.


What’s that thing people say? What a man can do, a woman can do better. Such is the story of Queen Amina. A woman whose story passes down through the Hausa People. Read the Biography of the Great Queen Amina of Zazzau and see how she led an army of men into war.

I can bet a thousand dollars You Won’t Believe How the Famous Arewa Knot (Dagin Arewa) Originated. That thing is everywhere but I have always looked at it as a logo, nothing more. Turns out there’s more to it than being just a symbol.


Weekends are times of the week where you have more space to increase your kitchen expertise by trying new recipes or improving on the ones you have. On that note, learn How to Make Awara (Soya Beans Cake) and How to Prepare Your Delicious Dan Sululu. These are foods you eat not because you are really hungry but because you just crave them. The spice is out of this world.


I have a dream of home-schooling my kids until they are 5 years old because I truly believe home-schooled kids are smarter than their peers. Montessori Education as a Tool for Arewa Mothers is the best place to start. If you are thinking about this too, then I have got you covered for the future or now.

And we have come to the end of our newsletter for the week. I hope you had fun with it as I did, aaaaaand I can’t wait to see you next week bud!

How to Prepare Your Delicious Dan Sululu

How to Prepare Your Delicious Dan Sululu

Dan Sululu is a local northern Nigerian dish mostly consumed by the Hausas specifically. It is delicious, quite fast, and easy to prepare, kind of like Danwake. Also, it is usually common among less privileged and average families. In this article, I will be teaching you how to make Dan Sululu recipe. Stay with me.

This delicacy basically contains cassava. The back of the cassava is peeled and then spread under the sun to dry. When dried, it is then taken and grinded into fine flour. Interestingly, you do not need to pass through this process as cassava flour can be found in our local markets at affordable prices.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into its preparation!

Equipment for Making Dan Sululu



Cooking pot

Frying pan



We will be needing the following ingredients to make this delicious northern Nigerian cuisine:

3 cups of cassava flour

Pepper (grinded)

½ cup of palm oil

5 average cups of water

A small piece of potash (kanwa)

Procedure for Preparing Dan Sululu

STEP 1: Grind the dried cassava into powder and allow it to cool.

STEP 2: Sieve the powder to remove the shafts and grains. Then;

STEP 3: Add a little soaked potash into the cassava flour.

STEP 4: Pour water and stir till the powder turns into a paste. Ensure it is neither too hard nor too soft.

STEP 5: Over medium heat, get a pot containing water and allow to boil.

STEP 6: Pinch and dump the dough into the boiling water in the desired shape and size. Stir the boiling dumplings with a wooden spoon or any spoon of your choice and allow them to boil for about 10 – 15minutes.

STEP 7: Turn off the cooker and allow the dumplings to cool a little. This is to avoid possible injury when embarking on the next step.

STEP 8: Extract the dumplings from the boiling pot and put them in clean cold water. Wash and drain until the water turns somewhat clean, and your Dansululu delicacy is done.

STEP 9: Next, get your frying pan over low heat, add some vegetable oil into it. Also, slice your onions and add them to the frying pan. Allow frying for 5 minutes.

How to Serve Dan Sululu

Normally, Dansululu is dished with a little palm oil or vegetable oil, maggi, salt, and grinded pepper. Nowadays, people prepare to garnish it more by adding cabbage, boiled egg, raw sliced tomato, and meat cut into small pieces.

Occasions to Serve Dan Sululu Best

Most times, this delicacy is consumed as an appetizer. However, it can be taken as any of the three basic meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, it is best to know that making it for any Eids, festive periods, or any get-together consisting of a considerable number of people isn’t advisable because it will take a lot of time and effort to prepare.

How to Store Dan Sululu

Just like Danwake, Dan Sululu doesn’t last for more than 24 hours. On that note, I will advise you to prepare just the quantity enough for present consumption to avoid spoilage.

Nutritional Value of Dan Sululu

Dan Sululu contains basically cassava, which is a good source of carbohydrates. It will give us the necessary energy we need to carry out our daily activities. Because it is dished with other ingredients such as pepper, onion, maggi, cabbage, and boiled, they increase its richness in nutrients.


As you have seen, making Dan Sululu is like a walk in the park as only a little effort is needed. It also doesn’t consume much of your time except if you intend to make it in large quantities like for festivals, naming ceremonies, etc.

Now that you know how to make Dan Sululu recipe, tell me in the comments section below when you will be making yours.

You are always welcome to Northpad Nigeria for more local Northern Nigerian delicacies.