How to Deal With a Controlling Husband

How to Deal With a Controlling Husband

Do you think your husband is controlling? Being in a marriage where your husband is controlling can be very trying, controlling husbands often try to limit and manage the activities of their spouses. This controlling behavior could really put a strain on a marriage, depending on how intense and frequent it is exhibited. Here is how to deal with a controlling husband, but before that, let’s identify controlling behaviors.

Why Do People Develop Controlling Behaviors?

Before you know how to deal with a controlling husband, learn why people become controlling in the first place. The reason why people become controlling differs from one person to another, this is because they’re different causes for the development of controlling behaviors. However, among generally identified causes for controlling behaviors, someone could become controlling if they’ve experienced some kind of abuse in their lives earlier on

An example is when someone experiences abuse as a child when they have no control over the situation, there is a great chance that they’ll become controlling as a means to prevent themselves from getting hurt again.

Extreme levels of low self-esteem and self-confidence have also been linked with the need to be in control. When a person has been let down so much in their lives or has a personality disorder or a psychological condition that makes it difficult for them to have confidence in themselves, they will try to control anyone they can in a bid to feel superior to them.

Typically, they boost their self-esteem and confidence by putting others down.

Signs of a Controlling Husband

While they are many subtle signs of a controlling husband, such as extreme jealousy, emotional blackmail, disrespecting you and your feelings, caring too much about your finances, loving conditionally, spying on you, and many more.

They are major signs that characterize controlling husbands. If you know them, you can know how to deal with a controlling husband.

1. He Criticises You A Lot

This is the most obvious sign, a controlling husband constantly criticizes you and anything you do. This is so you feel like you can do anything without him and always need him, and he feels he’s important in your life.

This criticism often starts on benign things and manners such as the way you talk, the way you work, or your point of view on certain matters. Eventually, it stops being on one or two things, but he starts criticizing everything you do, your appearance, the work you do, or even the way you have sex and so many aspects of your life.

At some point, you end up feeling like you can’t do anything right before your husband.

2. He Isolates You

A controlling person wants you all to themselves, therefore they will isolate you from every other person, including your friends and family. They try to control you by making sure you have no one else to run to, making you completely dependent on them.

Controlling husbands want to control their wives without anyone realizing it, such that to outsiders they’re the perfect supporting husbands.

3. He Uses What He’s Done For You Against You

A Controlling husband often does nice things for his wife, helping out with home chores, staying away from other things to be with you, getting your gifts for no reason, or simply going out of their way to help you with something.

While this seems like a nice romantic gesture, there are strings attached. After they’ve done something nice for you, you’ll have to be extra nice to them also as they expect.

This means you’ll have to do what they want and how they want it, giving them the control they desire. This is one way to learn how to deal with a controlling husband

4. He Makes You Feel Guilty

Anything you do that does not make your husband happy, a controlling husband makes you feel guilty for it. They do this in an attempt to manipulate you into doing what they want, the way they want it.

A good example is when they don’t like you meeting friends or family members, when you get back home, they make you feel guilty for not staying at home and spending the time with them.

If they do this everyone you meet friends and family, it gets to the point where spending the time with them instead of family friends seems easier. When this happens, they’ve successfully isolated you further.

5. He Wears You Down

The ultimate goal of a controlling husband is to make you completely dependent on them. And often they do this by trying to lower your self-esteem and confidence, such that you feel you need them.

A controlling husband wants to make sure they are the only ones in your life so they can control you. So they criticise you, threaten you, gaslight you, and isolate you from your friends and family.

All these aims at wearing you down to the extent you give in and do the way he wants. The earlier you learn this, the earlier you learn how to deal with a controlling husband.

How to Deal With a Controlling Husband

1. Reach Out to Other People

When you have reasons to believe your partner is attempting to control you, it is important that you reach out to the people around you. Your controlling husband will try to keep you away from your friends and family, but you must try to keep them close

It’s a good idea to open up to someone you trust about your situation when you feel comfortable doing so. They may be able to offer advice or a comfortable and safe space for you to express your feelings at this time.

Don’t let your spouse ruin the relationships you have with your family and friends.

2. Talk to Your Husband

A controlling might not listen to you or take your expression seriously, however it is important to tell him how he makes you feel, and maybe it will dawn on him that he is hurting you.

You need to let him understand that you are strong and still have self-esteem, and you can’t put up with his controlling behavior. Also, be sure to let him know that you want to help him and make the relationship work.

You could also suggest a couple’s therapy to get help from professionals. They’ll help identify possible areas your husband can improve.

3. Set Boundaries

It is important to set boundaries if your husband’s behavior has gotten better after seeing a therapist. This will help you establish to your husband what you’ll tolerate and what you’ll not in your marriage going forward. This would also help your husband understand when he is crossing the line in your marriage.

Try to reach a mutual agreement on how the marriage should be. Even when your husband isn’t cooperating, this will help you decide what you’ll and will not stand for, and identify when your husband is back to his controlling behavior.

4. Decide to Stay or Leave

If you should observe that your husband’s behavior isn’t getting better, and he’s not willing to seek help in improving his behavior, then you need to choose if you would remain in the marriage or not.

If you feel your husband is becoming increasingly controlling, it is better to leave the relationship.


A healthy relationship is that in which there is an equal balance of power. Being in one where power and control are held by one partner makes it difficult for the other partner to feel in control of their life. However, by knowing how to deal with a controlling husband through effective open communication and professional help, the victim can regain a sense of control over their lives.

If you find yourself in such a relationship, ask for help, don’t let your husband weigh you down. Know that you can get through this and always choose your well-being above any other thing.


Can a controlling husband change?

Yes! Psychology tells us that every behaviour can be learned and unlearned. The same goes for controlling behaviour, with the help of a marriage and couple therapist, a controlling husband can unlearn his controlling behaviour and learn how to maintain an equal balance of power and control in his relationship.

How does a controlling husband affect me?

To gain absolute control, controlling husbands try to make you completely reliant on them for everything. They do this by isolating you from others, limiting you, and wearing down your self-esteem. This leads to self-doubt, low self-confidence, and helplessness which takes a toll on your mental health.

How do I communicate to my controlling husband?

It might be difficult to get a controlling husband to listen to your opinion. Nonetheless, expressing how they make you feel to them might let them know just how their behaviors hurt you as most controlling people do not know they are controlling.

You could also reach out to a professional to help your husband identify his controlling behavior and profer means to maintain a healthy relationship.

How do I set boundaries if he doesn’t listen to me?

Even when he doesn’t listen to your opinions, make your demands clear and explain the things you won’t take anymore. If he still ignores you, go ahead and set the boundaries and if he violates them, give him the consequence to let him know how serious you are about your boundaries.

When do I leave a controlling husband?

With the right professional intervention, the controlling behavior of a husband can be addressed. However, when the husband becomes increasingly controlling or emotionally abusive even after seeing a couple or marriage therapist, it is advised that you leave the relationship. Always put your well-being above any other thing.

How to Become Your Own Boss without Money

How to Become Your Own Boss without Money

Every human being that has ever lived has had or would have had the potential of owning their life, not just because of riches, but because of the inner wealth within. The world we live in today is so focused on making money and more money that we fail to realize that we can be the boss of our lives without money!

Knowing how to become a boss with no money should be a very good way to invest in yourself. You should be able to control your happiness even when you do not have money. I’m pretty sure a lot of you would be wondering how possible this is, but it is very much possible.

I too can say that I have been able to become my boss, with or without money. These tips that I’m about to share with you on how to become your boss with no money are tips that have worked for me and have made me a better person and see life from other aspects aside from fiscally.

1. Decide on What You Want To Do

Before I got to realize that I can be my boss without money by thinking about what I wanted to do, I used to just do whatever I needed to do to stay afloat. But it is different now that I know that I can decide and do whatever I want to do.

You may already have an idea for your business. If you don’t know what business yet, there are plenty of ways to help you make a decision. Here are 3 directions:

  • Solve a Problem: You may be thinking about what problems you could solve. The truth is that you can solve problems no matter the size. You can solve problems like fixing a broken shelf, helping people in areas you are good at, listening to people who need a listening ear, or even donating blood to the hospital. These are things you can do without money that will make you feel like a boss.
  • Do What You Know: Try doing something you know makes you happy. Do something you know like, writing a story for fun, cooking, debating, just anything you are familiar with really.
  • Be Inspired By Others: This is something you can do without having to acquire money. You can decide to follow people and get motivated and inspired by what they do. It could be their routines, jobs, pets, etc.

By taking these 3 directions, you are deciding what course to take in your life, and being your boss.

2. Analyse Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Ask yourself what can make you successful as your boss. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will tell you where to focus your energy and how to plan for the future. Evaluate your abilities and assess your level of self-discipline and time management skills.

When you’ve gathered these answers of self-analysis, remember no circumstances should stop you from becoming your boss.

A lot of people focus only on their strengths thinking that is all there is to being human forgetting that you can also work on your weakness and be good at something you never thought you could be good at. This act lets you know how to become a boss with no money.

3. Have Self-Confidence

Having self-confidence is one of the few things you don’t need money to have. Once you have self-confidence, you become a boss instantly without even having to do much. All you have to do is believe in yourself and always put yourself first.

You don’t need validation from anyone to be perfect or think for yourself. All you need is your self-esteem and your belief in yourself. A lot of people do not have self-confidence in themselves which makes them seek other means to make themselves whole, which is money. You need to understand that being a boss is having confidence, whether you are rich or not.

There is this belief that some people have and it is that, most rich people don’t do what poor people do because of pride. Now that I think about it, it is beyond pride, it’s a lack of self-confidence. Most poor people have self-confidence because they have nothing to lose, and their confidence, which is most times regarded as rudeness can’t be bought.

So why not learn something from a poor person today? Let it be confidence in yourself. Hold your head up high always, with or without money.

4. Think, Dream, and Dream Big

A dream because no one can take that away from you. I don’t mean to be all biblical and all but what I’m about to say fits this. We should all be familiar with Joseph from the Bible. He was a dreamer, a big one if I might say, but his dreams lead him to be a governor and own more than half of Egypt! Even though he was made fun of and sold by his brothers, he never stopped dreaming. It wasn’t money that got him to where he was meant to be, but it was his dreams that couldn’t be bought that got him there.

Think because no one will ever have the same thought as you. You have a thought? Write it down, manifest it, affirm it, believe in it and lastly, pray on it. Most of these great people like Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato, all believed in their thoughts and today they have made history!

Plan because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Always plan your next move, write it down, you don’t need money for this plan, all you need is to know your next move and strategize it. That’s all it takes.

By just thinking, dreaming, and planning you are already halfway to knowing how to become a boss with no money. The truth is you don’t need money for these acts, you can be a top-notch boss by doing all these.

5. Always Be Kind and Easy On Yourself

Be easy on yourself, you don’t need to be hard on yourself always. Appreciate where you are, and be grateful, only then will you know your next move and go on with it.

Be kind to yourself, because no one will love you the way you love yourself. Try rewarding yourself once in a while. It could be watching Netflix, or buying ice cream and all. It just shows you’re being kind to yourself.

A lot of people don’t take the time to know and understand themselves and this makes it hard to be easy and kind to themselves. You should try and slow down once in a while, take in your environment, embrace it and always try to breathe in and out once in a while. Honestly, this in its way is a very good way to know how to become a boss with no money.

6. Do You

In anything you set out to accomplish, you should always do what only you would want to do. You can’t expect to be your own boss when you are trying to be someone else. You are actually not being your own boss. You’re actually allowing someone indirectly to rule you.

Do what YOU want and need to do. Be YOU, because no one else can be you. You have to do what only you can do because it’s only you that knows best. Most people may take this as being selfish, but actually aren’t being selfish. You are simply being you and in the process, learning how to become your own boss with no money.

Being you and doing you doesn’t require money at all. So why not get into it and explore all your potential.

The Bottom Line Is…

There are a million and one ways to know how to become a boss with no money, it all depends on if you are ready to explore all these ways. Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you that you can’t be the boss of your life without money.

Always believe you can and you’re already 80% a boss, the world just has to realize that. Always start with yourself and don’t let it be about money always.


What do you need to be your boss?

Evaluate yourself, determine what you want, always smile and be happy, and always pray and believe in yourself.

How do you make a mindset for a boss?

You can do this by, feeling and embracing fear, knowing your worth, shattering the status quo, rooting for other bosses, and always showing up 110%

What can I gain from being my boss?

You can gain things like greater control over yourself, open-ended career progression, and higher motivation and morale.

10 Tips to Work Better as a Team

10 Tips to Work Better as a Team

In life, living and working alone on your own is impossible. Be it a school science project, a working committee, or a recreational group, people have to work together to achieve a goal. With how different everyone is, working together can prove to be a difficult task. Here are 10 tips to ensure you work better as a team.

10 Tips That Will Help You Work Better As a Team

1. Make Sure to Set Clear Goals

When a team is created, it is usually to serve a certain purpose. This purpose might be clear to some but to others, it might just be a blur of words and activities. It is important for the goals of the group to be stated clearly for the benefit of everybody.

Also, in many cases, team members have personal goals that they look forward to fulfilling while in the group. It is important to bring these goals to light. That way not only will people help you achieve your goal; you will not be a hindrance to the work balance as your personal goals will be considered.

2. Assign Roles and Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of each team member should be clearly defined at the beginning of the process. These responsibilities should be assigned based on the weaknesses and strengths of individuals. For instance, a person who likes to make comics could be given the role of advertising and a computer guru could handle technical issues. This way, your team runs as efficiently as possible.

Assigning responsibilities also severely reduce the rate of failure in groups. This is because tasks are easily doable bits that form a whole when put together. In an event of failure, it is easy to identify the responsible party and push him/her to improve next time.

3. Ensure There Is Good Communication

In any system, communication is key. Communication is an essential part of everyday life and a backbone of any successful team. Communication does not just mean that one party talks and the other hears; it is when one party speaks and the other listens. In good communication, information, suggestions, feelings, etc. are passed from one person to another.

Skilful communication ensures that the team runs smoothly. It creates awareness and understanding between teammates. It is the way by which roles, responsibilities, and goals are set. Without effective communication, the team is as well as doomed.

4. Create Trust within the Team

In a system where people have to trust each other with their collective success, it is important to build trust among each other. Trust is a solid block that will hold the team up and allow each person to focus on their part of the job. This is because they trust the others to also play their part in ensuring the success of the group.

In addition, this trust can be built by a group discussion where everyone talks about their personal lives. Some studies suggest trust-building exercises to boost the team while some others just suggest that the team spends a lot of time together.

5. Decisions Should Be Made Together

Making decisions for the group is not the responsibility of the group leader. Everyone’s ideas should matter in the process. In making a decision for the group, each and every individual opinion should be sought and respected.

It is important to remember that our environments and personalities differ. As such, our opinions might be vastly different. Do not let this drive a wedge between the group. If necessary, decisions can be put to a vote but only as a last resort. It is better to try to convince one party or even come to a compromise.

6. Reward Every Achievement

No matter how little the achievement is, it is essential to reward people for doing their work well. Whether this reward is in form of praise, award, or gifts, every act of diligence would be rewarded. It makes personnel feel appreciated and motivated to do more. In a company system, a teammate of the year award, people person of the year award, and other such seemingly meaningless awards will greatly improve teamwork.

The human brain loves to be praised. When appreciated, it does not want to lose the respect of others hence, individuals work even harder to maintain their status. Everyone else who has had to clap for a successful individual would also love to stand in the person’s shoes thus enhancing their work. Care should be taken, however, to not let these awards divide the team.

7. There Should Be Constant Check-Ins

Team members should constantly check up on each other and their works. A social media chat room could be created and regular meetings should be scheduled to discuss the ups and downs of teammates’ personal lives and team responsibilities. This promotes trust, enhances communication, builds understanding, trust and so much more.

Also, when a teammate is stuck on his/her part of the project, they can quickly call the attention of the rest of the team to the problem.

Hence, a solution can be found and the team will be more effective. Frequent communication also enables teammates to communicate their inability to fulfil their roles so the project will not be put in jeopardy.

8. Celebrate the Team’s Diversity

In a professional or school team, it is very unlikely that everybody is from a similar circumstance, social standing, and even city. These differences should not be seen as a weakness but as a strength.

A group with 7 people from 7 different cities with 7 different skills will usually have a more beautiful project than with 7 completely similar people. This is because the first group pulls 7 different experiences into its project. Instead of a monotone work, their project will have diversity and will usually be unique as compared to the project of the second group.

9. Create Regular Brainstorm Sessions

For a group to work better as a team, everyone must have a say in the matter of the type of project to do and how to go about it. This is where brainstorming comes in. Brainstorming is a group discussion aimed at producing ideas and ways for problem-solving.

When the entire group is part of the project, they will be excited to see their ideas put into the play and be more willing to help the project come to life thus, ensuring a responsive, happy, and efficient team.

10. Select the Right Team Leader

A leader is not an authoritative, dictatorial person but a person who values trust, hard work, team spirit, and people’s opinions. To be a leader is to be ready to succumb to the people’s wishes and to be able to hold steadfast unto decisions. It is to be kind yet firm, to be as soft as foam yet as solid as a rock. A team leader is a person in front of a tug of war game. He is at the forefront and bears the brawn but knows that he needs to support of every other member to actually win the game.

Choosing the right leader is the second most important tip to work better as a team after communication. The right team leader will act as a cement to maintain the group. Therefore, teammates should study each other thoroughly before deciding. It is important to note that leadership is dynamic.

The person who is most fit to lead might not be noted right away but later into the group project or the former leader might no longer function as effectively, therefore, need a replacement. In these situations, it is important to discuss the new developments and decide on the change of leadership.


Team works are not easy. Many people would rather work alone as they feel it is more flexible, assured of success, and overall easier on them. But with the tips above, working in a team will feel like a cool breeze on a hot day and all the teammates will be content, happy, and satisfied.

I hope you find this piece helpful. If you do, please leave a comment in the comments section.

30 Days Challenge for Self-Improvement and Personal Development

30 Days Challenge for Self-Improvement and Personal Development

The goal of participating in this challenge is to better yourself, self-improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I know along the line, some may stop but I promise you, you’ve got nothing to lose but more to gain. This challenge is aimed towards finding inner peace, discovering oneself, challenging oneself, and as a result be a better person. Give this challenge a go as it takes just 30 days to see the impact in your life. You can write it down in a jotter, place them somewhere close to your bedside, design a board, or set an alarm to remind you. Now, transform your life with this December challenge in 2021.

Let’s go!

December 2021 Challenge

Day 1: Set a Goal for This Challenge

Hello! I don’t know what your goal for this challenge is but now is the time to decide on one or two.

What is your goal? Work on this and come to a decision because this will motivate you towards bringing your best to the table.

Do you want clear skin? Do you want abs and biceps?

Are you intending to start a workout routine?

Or do you want to work towards a new degree?

Set that goal now!

Day 2: Set Up a Morning and Evening Routine

What’s a December challenge in 2021 without a routine? Having a routine will help you in working towards that goal and also it becomes a habit in the long run.

Have tea at 9 am.

Read a book at 10 pm.

It could even be something with more activity but always come up with something you want to make sure you do every morning and night every day.

Day 3: Meditate for at Least 30 Minutes

Meditation is the sole act of focusing the mind on a particular thought, object, or activity to train attention and awareness, to achieve a mentally clear and emotional, calm, and stable state.

You should incorporate this as a part of your morning routine as it helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

See the importance of medication.

Day 4: Make a List of What You’re Most Grateful for in This December Challenge 2021

This is quite easy and not much of a hassle. There are many things in life to be grateful for and being alive is the most important. Make a list of things you are most grateful for and reflect on them every now and then. This ultimately motivates you to not give up on that goal you’ve set for yourself.

If you’re having trouble proceeding with this challenge or making this list, then check out the 50 important questions you should ask yourself.

Day 5: Go Healthy for This Month

Do away with soft drinks this December.

Give up on junk foods and other foods that are bad for you.

Go without alcoholic drinks.

Also, you can go without starchy foods for a month. I mean, this is a self-improvement and personal development December challenge in 2021, so I had to include health in it.

Challenge yourself to take out junk, sugar, and alcohol from your diet for this month. Let’s go!

Day 6: Read a Book or at Least 50 Pages

There are books for this challenge, for growth, inspiration, motivation, and many more. They are indeed the best when it comes to attaining self-improvement and personal development in one’s life.

An interesting one I’ll never forget and would like to recommend is Attitude is Everything by Keith Harrell.

You should definitely purchase one online or get a hard copy.

You can read books that help you become smarter or books that help you find inner peace, your choice. Whatever you do, just make sure you read a book.

Day 7: Challenge Yourself to Do Something Creative

When it comes to self-improvement, your mind should be open to creativity and brainstorming –be it painting, drawing, just anything. Do something that gets your mind to think out of the box.

Try to make it fun though.

Normal is boring.

Day 8: Ask Yourself the “What do I want in life?” Question in December Challenge 2021

This question when answered by you either motivates or encourages you. It does no harm at all. Determine what your career goals should be, what your passion and hobbies are, what gets you going, and what fulfils you.

Write them down and let them be your ultimate guide to self-attainment.

Day 9: Decide on a New Goal

I know, that was fast. It’s a week already but a week of purpose. Now, set up a thing or things you want to get done for the coming week.

Week 1 was about setting a goal or goals which you must have in mind now. Now, this week must carry a new goal. Decide what you want. Good luck with that.

Day 10: Create a Vision/Dream Board

A vision/dream board is a collage of images, pictures, words, and affirmations of one’s dream and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

This board gives you the ‘my vision/dream will be a reality’ feeling as you see it every day and it kick-starts your day with positivity. Make sure to add images, throw in quotes, cut out pictures, and make the board attractive and realistic to look at every day.

Day 11: Walk Down a Self-Discovery Lane

“The challenge is in the person in front of the mirror” they always say.

Look at yourself, know yourself, and discover who/what you are. For me, it took a long while to realize what my talents are but right now, I’m doing just that and I’m getting a handle on things by making things better. It’s been fun, worthwhile, and worth it.

Discover yourself and that will be the greatest thing you’ve accomplished and that will be the guide you need to take the next step towards growth, self-improvement, and personal development.

Day 12: Listen to Educative Talk Shows and Podcasts

Music is one way to relax. That I know but sometimes, switch things up a bit. Listen to educational shows and podcasts that are inspirational and motivational.

They uplift and encourage you to do something. Give this a try.

Day 13: Try Yoga in This December 2021 Challenge

Like meditation, yoga is the next thing you need for mental health and alertness. There are different yoga programs you could look up online.

Check one out and indulge yourself in it. It’s either going to be yoga for you or meditation.

Day 14: Spend Time Outside

Do you know that 10 minutes walk you see people do in the movies? Yes. That is the boost for your mind, mood, body, and soul. It instantly uplifts you when nature hits you or you see beautiful sceneries around you.

Indulge in this when you can and I promise, it will definitely brighten you up or maybe meet the love of your life outside. Who knows?

Day 15: Try Something New

Like I said, instead of music, try an educational podcast. Trying something new is the trick you need sometimes to discover yourself in one way or another. Try something new once in a while helps you discover yourself more, what you like and do not like, what makes you happy, and what irks you.

There just might be a hobby out there for you that you haven’t realized. You just have to figure it out. If it’s something productive and of great service and benefits to people, then just set up a business or give help to people. Be kind.

Day 16: Make a Decision

Now that you’ve discovered yourself, what are those bad habits you want to get rid of, and what are those you want to improve on? What makes you a better person and what doesn’t?

Work on this and make a decision as this is a challenge for self-improvement and personal development. You really should work on those characters.

Day 17: Ask Yourself Where You Want to Be in 5 or 10 Years?

I want to be married.

I want to be a renowned writer/author.

I want to be a model.

Take a big look at this and picture it. Start planning how you are going to get there, what you should do to be there, and what sacrifices must be made. Take baby steps towards them.

Day 18: Challenge Yourself to Do Things Alone, Just You

Self! Alone! Solo! Just you, YOLO!

Walk on this self-improvement path by challenging yourself to do things alone. Go out alone, do things you do with friends alone, go on a date with yourself. This makes you a happier person as you tend to get comfortable with being by yourself all alone. Single life rocks.

Day 19: Keep a Journal

Okay! This isn’t old school or anything odd, I keep one myself. Keeping a journal is extremely important, most especially with regards to mental health. Write about anything and everything, every feeling, and accomplishment.  Keep check about yourself and your life.

This makes things clear to you. Also, you gain control of your emotions and you begin to discover yourself. It takes time but baby steps, yeah.

Day 20: What Do You Want to Achieve in Life?

I want a car.

I want a medal.

I want to be famous.

Have a bucket list? Write them down and work towards checking them off slowly but surely.

Day 21: Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

“If you’re in your comfort zone, you’re not growing” the saying goes.

This is self-explanatory. So, do at least one thing challenging and less comforting every day.

Day 22: Travel to a New Place as a December Challenge 2021

This is one of the best ideas when it comes to self-improvement and personal development. This gives you the opportunity to do not only new things but also see new places, check out new areas, find yourself and of course, try out new food. In the long run, this will give you inner peace and inspiration towards the way you see and appreciate life.

It may interest you to see these Northern Nigerian foods everyone must try at least once.

Day 23: Exercise for at Least 30 Minutes

If you want to attain self-improvement and personal development, exercising should be your go-to. It boosts your mood, gets your heart pumping too (I hear it’s a good thing).

For me, I go to the gym sometimes on Saturdays, and that’s a good start.

Day 24: Write Down Your Dreams and Aspirations

Do you have a list of dreams and aspirations? Write them all down, there’s never a dream that’s too big. Write down what you want in life and out of life, figure it out and at the end, work towards achieving it.

Make a list of what you want to do towards aspiring to that dream; do you want to start photo freelancing to get a model agent or do you want to post about food online to eventually be a food blogger?

Take realistic steps, and work towards them.

Day 25: Get to Spend Some Time with God

Get spiritual yo! Take a time to pray to your Lord, Jesus, or Allah. Say your thanks and tell Him what and how grateful you are. Say what you want Him to help you with and believe.

In our everyday lives, things get tough but let’s never forget our Creator.

Day 26: Positive Talking

This is something I did at home once I think and really, it did what I wanted it to. I wrote in a paper and placed it on the mirror:

“You’re great. You’re beautiful”

It was something small but with a huge magnitude. Saying it during those days made an impact in my life and I love every moment. Write the words you want to say to yourself every day and say them every day.

Go in front of the mirror and say positive words to yourself. This helps to build confidence and boosts your self-esteem. In the long run, it helps with self-improvement and personal development.

Day 27: Practice Positive Statements

These are words of affirmations to oneself, words of encouragement, and determination. Try to make this a daily habit.

If you can’t find words or come up with for yourself, look them up online. There are a bunch of words of affirmation towards achieving self-improvement and personal development.

Day 28: Avoid Social Media for a Day

Uninstall an app if you really can’t stay without your phone. That’s a challenge for self-improvement and personal development if you can’t stay without it.

This is a hard challenge, I know but really, take a check out of social media for a day.

Day 29: Pamper Yourself


Treat yourself to something nice and exotic. Maybe a bubble bath, go to the beach, a spa, make a vacation plan as you write down your goals for the coming month and year.

Day 30: Set a Goal for the Rest of the Year in December Challenge 2021

Have goals and a plan for the rest of the year. Career goals, finance goals, life goals, marriage goals, couple goals, fitness goals, more challenging goals. Everything goals.


There’s no particular order to take this December 2021 challenge as the numbers could be done for any day.

Congratulations! As you’ve partaken on this journey to self-improvement and personal development. I’m sure that was challenging for you, but that’s the goal there. I hope you’ve made a list for the months to come.

Kindly drop a comment in the comments section below if I missed anything. Also, do let me know which one are you doing. I am eager to know!