10 Easy Tricks to Get More Followers on Twitter

10 Easy Tricks to Get More Followers on Twitter

In this article, I am going to show you some strategies to guide you on how to grow your Twitter account within a very short time. One might obliviously be wondering on how on earth would the number of Twitter followers be of any service to him. Well, this write-up is going to unravel to you the benefits of having a large audience on Twitter.

Social media in this era is enormously important in our day-to-day activities. Practically, all the businesses in the globe have at this moment resorted to using social media for the advertisement of their goods and or services. It is therefore significant for a business to have a considerably huge number of social media followers if it has to succeed.

Despite Facebook’s having the largest user database of over 2.85 billion users across the globe, which makes it the largest social media platform. Twitter s not left behind too, with about 320 million users as of January 2021. the reach and quality of Twitter followers is quite promising and more convincing to most of the businesses looking for the best atmosphere to promote their products.

We, therefore, find it worthwhile to share with you, 10 proven procedures to help you grow your Twitter account within a short time.

How to Grow Your Twitter Account Quickly

1. Tweet Regularly and Consistently

Unlike some other social networking sites where 2 to 3 posts per day would be sufficient for someone to remain in the race, Twitter requires that you post much more than that. Given the nature of the platform such that it moves quite quickly in a way that tweets only last for a few minutes on one’s timeline, it is, therefore, crucial for someone to post more frequently in a day at least 8 to 15 times a day.

Note that you’ll have to be posting meaningful and relevant content on your timeline. Filling up your Twitter timeline with fresh and meaningful content lets your followers know that you’re active, engaging, and well, worth following.

2. Optimize Your Profile

Another strategy on how to grow your Twitter account in a short time is by optimizing your profile. This is by filling in all the necessary information to convince potential followers to follow you. The best way of doing that is by concisely optimising your bio.

Make sure that you fill your bio with the right and a convincing message about yourself or your brand. This will attract relevant followers to your account; people with shared interests with you and those looking to connect with someone with your type of idea or services you provide.

3. Have Professional Profile Picture

Some people ignore the importance of profile pictures and end up putting something irrelevant. You must set up a credible profile such that whoever visits your page will know that you are legit and trustworthy.
Upload a personal profile picture if it happens to be your personal Twitter account. Ensure that the picture is clearly recognizable with your face visibly identifiable.

Also do not forget to change your Twitter profile header’s background from the default blue background to something meaningful. Like something about you, a picture of you, or even a quote about you or your brand.

4. Frequently Relevant and/or Trending Hashtags

Utilization of relevant hashtags in your tweets is a great way to get more views from new and potential followers. But it is imperative to note that not all the hashtags that you see or come to your mind are worth using.

Therefore you need to find the one that is relevant and has the potential of making your tweets reach a larger audience of people with presumably an interest in your content.

5. Attend to Mentions, Replies, and Retweets Almost Instantly

If you really want to grow your Twitter account quickly, you should be actively engaging back with your followers by responding to their comments and mentions on tweets on your feed or theirs.

This will help you build an active and engaging Twitter handle, which means more retweets and therefore more followers.

6. Find the Right Time for Your Tweets

In trying to find out some good ways on how to grow your Twitter account quickly, you don’t have to spend all day searching or tweeting randomly. All you have to do is to find out the right time your followers are likely to be more active on the platform. This will help you have engaging tweets which will, in turn, lead to more retweets and likely more followers as a result.

Let say, for example, most of your audience or your followers are busy during the day. It is therefore not good advice to tweet during working hours. Tweeting during non-working hours such as in the evening or during the weekend is highly likely to help you keep an engaging Twitter account.

7. Retweeting Some of Your Old Tweets

The habit of retweeting some of your tweets, most especially your best tweets is a sure way to expand your reach and as such the opportunity to gain more followers. Asking your followers to retweet (call to action) do at times tend to be a good way to increase your retweets.
Retweeting other people’s content, especially those relevant to your niche is also a good way to build an engaging account which will ultimately result in gaining more active followers.

8. Follow The Relevant People

Following people with interests similar to yours is a popular strategy so many people have been using in getting more Twitter followers. Though this might not be a very effective way, such that you may end up following someone without him following you back, it is still a proven strategy that has worked for some people.

9. Include Images and Videos in Your Tweets

Tweets containing visual contents such as videos and or photos were found to perform better in reaching the target and desired audience than those with only plain text. Using stunning images in some of your tweets is a great way to grab the attention of your target audience.

A tweeted thread with a captivating and relevant photo is highly likely to get more engagement than the one with only plain text. Tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares, and retweets than those without them. This is because our brains respond so quickly to images as it tends to be an irresistible attention drawer on Twitter and other social media platforms.

So proper usage of attractive photos or videos in your tweets is yet another powerful method for you looking for how to grow your Twitter account quickly.

10. Share your Twitter Account to Other Social Media Platforms

Another tested and effective method of growing a Twitter account is by simply sharing your Twitter account or profile link on other social media platforms. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are good outlets to amass huge valuable followers, most especially if you have a large following or friends on any or both of them.


Growing a Twitter account is not a day job, it is a gradual process that requires patience and dedication. Do not think of taking shortcuts such as relying on some shady tools to amplify your network with bogus followers, it’s meaningless.

So take up these 10 easy tips delineated above to successfully grow your Twitter account.

Don’t forget to tell me how it went in the comments box.

8 Best Ways to Sell Your Products Online In Nigeria

8 Best Ways to Sell Your Products Online In Nigeria

Social Media provides targeting capability, as well as reach and scale, at a lower cost than almost all other marketing channels. This makes it the best way to market your products online. People are on social media all day, every day. Every business owner, who can get customers who will buy his products regularly, is what makes his work complete which makes online marketing the best way to sell your products.

The best ways to market your business online may include ways like;

How to Sell Your Products Online

1. Selecting an Online Platform for Your Sales Is One Beneficial Way to Market Your Products Online

Selecting an online platform that works for your business is one way to market your products online. There are many social media platforms and websites which are on the internet but finding the one online platform which works for you is a sure way to market online.

Finding the best platform for your business is essential. This is because that’s where your money is and also where you get your customers. So, finding a platform that works effectively for you is a good way to market your products online.

2. Sending Free Samples to Influencers Is A Good Way to Market Your Business Online

In Nigeria, the internet is packed with social media influencers, influential bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and even vloggers from a wide range of industries and niches. So, being in contact with these people is also a sure way to build and sell your products online.

Contacting social media influencers with a good amount of audience is a way to market online. This is because, with their high amount of followers, you can get a good amount of audience. More so, people who are interested in your products can contact you to do business with them.

3. Network on Social Media Groups

Online discussion forums and social media groups are great places to share industry tips and advice, answer questions, and acquire a customer or two.

You can use Google or Facebook to find active forums and groups that directly relate to your niche. When posting, ensure you are not breaking any rules when you promote your brand or products.

4. Experimenting With Google Ads Is Also a Good Way to Market Your Product Online

Google Ads is Google’s hugely popular pay-per-click advertising network that allows online retailers or small businesses to place advertisements on nearly every Google search results page, YouTube video, and partner website.

The beauty of Google Ads lies in its speed and massive reach. Because a lot of people use Google every minute of the day, it is a good way and platform to sell your products and reach a large targeted audience.

5. Have a Good Customer Service

This cannot be stressed enough. The key to having good sales especially online is having a good diplomatic and polite conversation with your customers.

A lot of small businesses keep wondering why their business is not booming and making sales. Well, the answer to that is your customer service. If you want to sell your products online especially in Nigeria, you have to have good communication skills and your customer service should be top-notch. Learn to build a loyal and healthy relationship with customers for future patronage and referrals.

6. Selling the Benefits Not the Feature of Your Product Is another Way to Market Your Products Online

Paint a beneficial picture of your products to your consumers. A lot of upcoming entrepreneurs fall into this category, not knowing the benefits of their products. Most just post without knowing what their marketing is all about.

Small business owners fail to realize and understand that people usually research products before purchasing those products. All they need from you is a tangible reason to buy that product from you, which is where selling the benefits of that product comes in. Do not sell what your customers already know rather, dive deeper into your products and find benefits of that products and find ways it helps solve consumers’ problems.

7. Share the Load with Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where there is a party who gets his profit by helping companies market their products to a larger audience. These affiliate marketers do not have to have a huge fan base or followers on all social media, they know the products and who to sell them to.

So, another good way to sell your products online is by sending some of your products to an affiliate marketer who knows what he or she is doing. This is another way to sell your products online for free because most at times, these affiliate marketers add their profit on the prices of the goods and they are paid instantly after you get your customers.

8. Sell a Wide Range of Products

How will you know what moves best if you do not give your customers variety? Having a wide range of products will give you a better edge out there, plus, you give the impression that you are the go-to person for all your customer needs.

Having varieties of products is very essential if you want to sell well online. Be limitless, but do not overdo it.


It will be sad to know that you wasted all your funds and data on digital marketing just to come out unproductive. This is when giving up becomes quite understandable.

But then, with some of the points above, you will be sure to gain a good audience online. You could also get a good amount of profit with these best ways to market your products online in Nigeria and also out of Nigeria.

10 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

10 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

In a world where everyone now looks to be a “CEO”; how can you stand out from the crowd. I know a good dish for successful and outstanding entrepreneurship, I’m sure you are interested in the recipe. Let’s dive into those qualities. Maybe a cup of this or that and a mix or whisk of the other makes a dish, sometimes it isn’t always straightforward. However, 10 qualities are necessary for every entrepreneur to possess to have a successful journey. Mix them however you want to, just make sure they are all in the mixture.

Effective Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

1. Honesty is a Key Quality for Every Entrepreneur

This is truly the best policy. It takes the top stop among the qualities every entrepreneur should have.
How honest are you with yourself? How honest are you with your clients? Again, how honest are you with your achievement? How honest are your products and their qualities? Are you the entrepreneur that shows customers a quality picture but delivers an inferior product? How fair is your pricing?

According to Thomas Jefferson, “honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” and William Shakespeare said, “no legacy is so rich as honesty”.

Wikipedia defines honesty as a facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc, and also involves being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere.
Be all of these things and your reputation will thank you.

2. Resilience

I call this elasticity. How elastic can you get?
This is a trait that you should have if you want to journey into entrepreneurship. Look at the top entrepreneurs—Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Folorunsho Alakija, Tony Elumelu— their success stories are built on their ability to keep pushing.

When life troubles come knocking; when sales levels are dwindling and processes aren’t working; do not stay down; refuse to bounce back. Be elastic. Life is not always linear.

3. Good Listening Skills

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should probably learn to not just listen but listen attentively. Listening is a highly sought soft skill and entrepreneurs with this skill can understand their customers and build strong relationships with them. Good listening skills also allow you to learn about your industry and product through feedback; which gives you the ability to improve. It is among the inevitable qualities every entrepreneur should have.

If you don’t know how to listen, you should learn to.

4. Every Entrepreneur Must Learn the Attitude of Patient

Some people were born patient while some people just have a high tendency of getting angry; these types of people are the ones that need to cultivate how to be patient. Being patient is beneficial especially to you as an entrepreneur. It strengthens your ability to control your reactions, enables you to keep calm in times of hardship, and prevents you from losing people (team members or clients) especially you are tempted to lash out at them.

5. Courage is Among the Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have.

This is strength in the face of fear, grief, loss, failure, or confusion. It is a quality that makes a worthy entrepreneur.
Courage is taking a decision even in the face of fear. It is the ability to take calculated risks—one quality that makes good entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.

6. Every Entrepreneur Need to Learn About Time Management

Personally and professionally, having control of your time is an essential part of productivity. The ability to manage your time is proportional to how you maximize profits and potentials. You might have a truckload of work, shuffling and managing your time all through determines how efficiently you sort all of the things you need to do out.

As an entrepreneur, managing your time appropriately also keeps you organized as you have time allocated to different things that you plan to do. Life is easier to wade through when it is organized.

7. Good Networking Skills

People are essential to your growth as an entrepreneur and that’s why you should set out to meet people. This doesn’t mean walking down the street to stalk or harass people.
I mean go to places that align with your goals and what you want to make out of life and talk to people that interest you.

A maxim that applies here is; your network is your net worth.
Meet qualify that will add value to your life. The ability to be a good networker is one desirable quality that helps entrepreneurs build meaningful and profitable connections.

8. Passion

I am passionate about photography, writing, and frying plantain. I love doing these three things.
These are what I am passionate about and I have turned them all into a source of income. What are you passionate about?

There’s a rush of emotion that comes with creating or doing what I love, the thrill and passion are there and it makes me effective and responsible for something.

Passion is a universal quality amongst entrepreneurs. Try thinking about something you love and inject passion into it. Passion helps you to keep pushing even on the days when the profit hits rock bottom.

9. Adaptability

Failure to plan is planning to11 fail but sometimes, plans fail too. Things don’t always the way we want them to and that is sad and unfortunate.
But, on this road to success and being an outstanding entrepreneur, changing at a turn that has failed and adapting to situations that arise is key.

Adaptability was added to the characteristics of living things and it wasn’t a mistake. Things can change even when you have a perfect business plan, so what do you do? Adapt.

10. Be Valuable as an Entrepreneur

The quality of an entrepreneur is in the value they have to offer. Why should anyone want to talk or network with you? Why would anyone want to buy your product? And also, why should anyone listen to you?

Just like the millennial men say now in their quest for a wife, “what can you bring to the table?”

Make people feel your presence and let them be sure that you have a thing to put on the table or you have the table itself. Make your product one that solves a problem and offers high value.


People only connect with people that they can gain or learn from. So also people buy things that are valuable to them. Figure out the value you can offer to people.