12 Things That Could Ruin Your Relationship (Beware of No. 9)

12 Things That Could Ruin Your Relationship (Beware of No. 9)

When it comes to relationships, stages are met – talking, friendship, getting to know each other, and finally dating. Along the stages, there are things that could ruin your relationship with this other person. In this post, we’ll run you through these things. Let’s get right to it.

Things That Could Ruin Your Relationship

1. Having Disrespect towards Each Other

A common reason why most relationships go sour is by being disrespectful towards your partner. Remember, the basis of any relationship is ‘respect’ and to hold your partner in high esteem.

Being disrespectful to them can do more harm than good. This act inevitably leads to a bridge in a relationship you’ve put in time and effort into. Of course, respect is earned and not demanded the same way it is reciprocal. Respect should be given to your partner and in the same way, you get your respect from them.

2. Bridge in Communication

Before I proceed, take the time to read on this:

Not communicating with your partner is a thing that could ruin your relationship.

Communication is key in everything, remember? Communication is not only key in a relationship but also at work, friendship, and family. It is vital to communicate effectively with your other half. This makes the relationship work and of course not only breaks that bridge but also strengthens the foundation of the relationship.

3. Holding Grudges

“Let bygones be bygones,” they say. I’ve always heard this one since my secondary school days whenever my colleagues or are is one way or another involved in a quarrel. This saying is also applicable in relationships too and life in general.

No one is perfect, yes? We all make mistakes and as such, we should learn the habit of letting things go and forgiving too.

When you hold grudges with your partner, you’re not only ruining it but also creating a bridge between you two. This also takes away the peace of mind in your heart.

4. Not Spending Quality Time for Your Partner

Relationships come with giving time, undivided attention, devotion, effective communication, commitment, and of course many others. But the first two: time and undivided attention are the main factors that keep a relationship from going sour.

“The little things matter” we always say. The little things you do, the little time you spend with your other half is vital for the relationship to keep going forward. Just merely taking some minutes off work to call your other or taking the next flight to surprise them is always worth it. This puts a smile in their heart and also reassures them how much you feel and think about them.

This is surely one of the things that could ruin your relationship.

5. Saying Rude Remarks or Sentences to Your Partner

There are always going to be ups and downs in relationships. No relationship is perfect, it gets bumpy but there are things one needs to do to keep them going forward. If these things are not done and taken care of, it leads to bigger problems and arguments.

When arguments come, one tends to say things they actually don’t mean. But when words are said, they can’t be taken back, okay?

If you have this issue in your relationship, treat it with caution and have self-tolerance towards uttering some hurtful words to your partner, most especially during arguments.

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6. Making Attempts to Change Your Other Half

Relationships are about complete acceptance of flaws and all, maybe more. If you can’t seem to accept each other for who you are, it’s best you accept you aren’t many for each other and move on to the next phase. I mean, thank you, next? Am I right?

“Yes, people change” but this happens on their accord and because they want to out of their own free will. This change shouldn’t be forced onto them with insults, recommendations, and suggestions.

7. Taking Your Partner for Granted

“We’ve been together for years, where can he go to? Who will understand him as I do?”

Sometimes, people begin to feel entitled towards their partner due to the years put into the relationship, the attachment, and the commitment. Inevitably, without even knowing, we begin taking our partners for granted. We begin to feel no one will love and understand them as we do and this is disheartening.

Sometimes, we measure relationships by the years of togetherness and tolerance of some characters and the bumpy rides. When you begin to think this way, you tend to not see the importance, qualities, and personalities you fell in love with at first and this is definitely a thing that could ruin your relationship.

For an effective relationship, you need to keep showing appreciation towards each other and not get tired of each other.

8. Neglecting Sacrifices, Compromises, and Commitments

It takes two to tango, right? A relationship is like a tango, it takes two to make it work. A relationship can never work if the other person is selfish and not ready to sacrifice, commit, and compromise to make the other half happy.

A successful relationship revolves around sacrifice, commitment, and compromise. A partner should always consider the needs and wants of his other half and place them ahead in other to make them happy, cared for, and loved.

9. Cheating on Your Partner

Cheating, infidelity – whatever you call it is a thing to never do to your significant other for any reason at all because it could ruin your relationship. A relationship where you don’t pledge loyalty to your partner is baseless and useless. If you’re having problems with your partner, the most logical thing to do is talk and fix the problem, not finding solace in the arms of another man or woman.

Remember I said relationships get bumpy but that is not reason enough to cheat on your partner, no one can tolerate that.

Cheating leads to bigger problems and as such, it is really important to stay loyal to your partner and with your partner. Do you get what I’m saying? Body, heart, mind, and soul. Complete pledging of loyalty towards them.

10. Not Saying or Showing How Much You Love Your Partner

Different strokes for different folks, yeah? I’m talking about body language here.

People are into words of assurances, others gifts, surprises, etc. Which is your partner’s?

Saying I love you to your partner in any way you can not only send butterflies to their stomach but also strengthen your bond. Most often, people stop showing how much they love their partner once they are in the relationship and this is wrong in every language.

Remind your partner and let them know that you still love them even when you already have them. You can even tell them how you love them, without saying it.

11. Blaming Your Partner

Nobody is perfect, remember everyone is with flaws. As this is true, it’s not reason enough to blame your partner for any tragedy that happens in your relationship. Shit happens, tender an apology, and accept their apology. Forgive and forget it and move on from it.

Remember number 3? Don’t hold grudges. We know sometimes, it tends to be very hard to find ways to get someone to forgive you, but it’s still worth giving it your all.

12. Not Opening Up To Your Significant Other

Avoiding difficult conversations or not opening up to your partner about awkward situations or a problem you’re going through will create problems in your relationship. This act of not opening up will lead to lingering issues and make every communication a mess as you will keep having a hard time getting through to them.

Remember the start of the relationship where you couldn’t go a day without sharing what you ate or what you did? Those hours of good talk and no sleep? Keep that same energy going.

Oops I’ve said too much.


In general, relationships get better when both parties are willing to avoid things that could ruin the relationship. There is always hope, especially when you both recognize the problem and decide on ways to fix and make the relationship grow again.

You can always pick up a relationship where it was left off, only if you’re willing to. It takes two to tango, remember? I must have missed one or two, feel free to let me know in the comment section. Thank you.