Top 10 Essential Travel Items Every Traveler Needs

Top 10 Essential Travel Items Every Traveler Needs

When considering what top 10 essential travel items to add to your travel bag for a trip or a holiday, it can be overwhelming in the blink of an eye. You’re conscious and confused about what to include and what not to, what is needed the most and the least. You most definitely don’t want to forget something so you don’t buy them when you get to your destination –planning on staying budget-friendly.

Relax! I’m here for you. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the all-time travel essentials you need to make that packing easy.

Essential Travel Items You Should Always Pack When Travelling

1. Earpiece/plug

This is my all-time favourite and go-to when planning to embark on any journey. They are essential as they help to block out noise from strangers and also for entertainment.

With these also, you could get an amount of sleep to rest before you get to your final destination.

2. PowerBank

This is very vital when travelling as there won’t be any source of power when you are miles away from home till you get to your desired destination.  But with this power source, you’re just a plug away from what’s going on around the world, social media and of course, just a call away from friends and family.

Thank you technology, right?!

3. First aid-kit

First aid kit could just be pain relief and anti-nausea medications that help in relieving migraine or headache, nausea. When filling up that bag, the top 10 essential travel items must include a pack of Ibuprofen, Panadol/Paracetamol and Diclofenac.

What else do you think should be included in a first aid kit while travelling?

4. Towel

This is mostly forgotten when packing for a trip or a holiday. Like I mean, are you planning on not bathing? Towels are essential in keeping your body clean and fresh after a bath and they are lightweight. You could pack two if you can, or just one is okay.

5. Flip flops

Carrying these is a proven way to enjoying your stay when you get to your desired destination. It could be flip flops, crocs or any comfortable shoes you can walk freely with.

I suggest waterproof flops or a crocs cause of the rain. You never can tell.

6. Water bottle

Stay hydrated on the go! This is an essential item when travelling and in our daily lives also. Place water in your carrier bag or in hand and stay hydrated.

7. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

As the name implies, this is very important when travelling. Unless you intend to spend on buying new ones, you could just take them from your closet and add them to your travelling bag.

8. Underwear and shorts

These are essential for comfort and are very versatile. Shorts are quite easy as this gives you the feeling of home and of course, relaxation.

Remember to add these travel essentials to your luggage when taking that next vacation or trip.

9. Clothes

Okay, you’re not planning on wearing just underwear, are you? I know I said they are top 10 essential travel items for comfort but what about style? Make sure to pack enough clothes to make you look stunning on your trip.

Don’t forget to take a pose for the camera too.

10. Cosmetics

These are your everyday essentials to keep your body hydrated and moisturized. Don’t forget to add this to your luggage and include a quality sunscreen plus a good deodorant and perfume.

Smell nice please me avoid hyperpigmentation by using sunscreen.


Travelling is pure ecstasy and bliss we must indulge in our lives when we can. These top 10 essential travel items should be your go-to always when planning that trip or holiday and should be included in your luggage.

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