10 Mobile Apps Where You Can Make Money (2021)

10 Mobile Apps Where You Can Make Money (2021)

It’s no news that online is the new business. An analysis shows that 190 million people have data subscriptions on their phones and are surfing the internet. Also, teenagers and young adults spend around 10 hours a day on the internet while adults spend 6-7 hours a day.

If you’re actively using your phone for this long, don’t you think making money while doing that is a fair deal? However, the money might not make you rich, but it sure will provide a reasonable amount that can be used to sort out simple bills.

I’ll share with you 10 apps that can make you money in 2021. You don’t believe me? Just read on.

10 Mobile Apps That Can Make You Money in 2021

1. Scooper

The first on the list is one of the apps that can make you money in 2021. It is owned and built by a Nigerian. How do you get paid?

When you log in, read news and articles on this app, you earn coins called “scooper coins”. The sweet thing about this app’s payment is that you can decide that you want to be paid in cash or in form of airtime. If used wisely and consistently, you can earn N15,000 – N20,000 naira. Also, if you are lucky, you can earn more than money. You can even win a free trip to Dubai and smartphones if you are a consistent user.

 You can download the app here.

2. Carry 1st Trivia

This app reminds me so much about “who wants to be a millionaire” – a  show that gifts people money based on the number of questions they are able to answer in the show. This app does the same. It rewards you with money when you answer each question.

Not only does this help you make money, but also helps you learn some new fact. Not only do you answer questions on this app, however, but you are also thrilled and hooked to keep answering. The interface is fun to use and quite engaging too.

Just download the app, sign up and start making cool side cash.

3. Acorns

This is an app that can be used to invest and save. For every signup, you are gifted $10. Acorn doesn’t only make you money but also aids your expenses and savings. You can connect it to your bank account by using your mobile phone. There’s also a part where you can “save spare change” that you don’t have use for at the moment.

Acorn is a good app that can make you money. The app boasts of helping you grow.

4. Swagbucks

This is different from Acorns, but you can also gain a bonus of $10 when you sign up. Swagbucks is used to take surveys, watch videos, play games, and also shop. Here is how you get money: The more you use the app for it services, the more you gain points. These points can be changed to cash when you have up to 500 Swagbucks points which is equivalent to $25. You can only accept your cash through PayPal though.

With swagbucks, you can also switch your points for gifts.

5. Foap

This app is an app that can make you money in 2021. However, it benefits photographers mostly. Regardless of how much of an expert you are in photography, you can sell images taken with your phone on the App to brands and agencies. Simply put, you can turn your photos into money.

Download the app, register, and upload pictures of high quality. It’s up to the members of the community to like and rate your pictures. Their ratings determine the amount of money you’ll earn. The money earned can be in the range of $5 -$100 for every photo sale.

6. Userfeel

Userfeel pays users to explore new websites, rate, critique, and do various tests. They have about 250+ active organizations using them.

The tests last for about 20-30 minutes. It might get boring if you don’t like to answer questions. There will also be an unpaid test at the beginning to see how swift and diligent you are with the questions before paid tests are given. Say what you feel and get paid.

7. Money App

Money App is an app that can make you money at every completion of tasks. This is an app that literally pays earlier than other apps that involves complete some set tasks. In addition, you can get paid in three to four days, unlike other apps that might take a month.

It can also be used to offer opinions, play games, and test services which in turn earn you rewards. The rewards will be sent to your PayPal account and you get that as cash.

Download here.

8. Playment

Just like other apps on this list that requires you to engage in different task to get paid, Playment also does same.

The app has an awesome user-friendly interface, and it pays you after each task has been completed. Their catchy line keeps you intrigued every time – we play, you pay. However, this app can only be registered with Facebook.

Download here.

9. Toluana

Toluana has over a million downloads on PlayStore and it has been existing for more than 10 years. It is an app that can make you money in 2021 as a student. On this app, there are surveys you are to take and complete. Lots of brands, companies and organizations use Toluana to manage and get feedback on their services so as to improve. Users are rewarded for each opinion and feedbacks given.

Download Toluana, it might be the gate to your side income.

10. Make Money – Free Cash App

Last but not least on the list is an exciting one. Just like the name, you make money – free cash at that by using this app. The exciting thing I talked about is that they don’t give gift cards that need to be redeemed by any paying outlet, they pay in cash. Sweet right?

You just have to download, sign up, play games, give opinions, and start making that cash – as little as it might come.


After reading all of it, weigh your options and download the one (or more) that you think is good for you. It all boils down to you downloading the apps and the amount of work you put in.

However, I am pretty sure that these apps can make you money in 2021, maybe not enough to buy you a car but certainly pay your bills.