The Northy Letter Week 48 December 2021

The Northy Letter Week 48 December 2021

It’s December, It’s Christmas, and it’s all celebration. Did I mention that winter is coming? Yeah, Jon Snow has been in touch lately so get your coats and socks because it is the season. Here is what I have for this week’s newsletter.


For Monday, I dove into You! You have not been taking care of yourself, but I will give you 14 Smart Ways to Invest in Yourself because I see you, and I care. You may not know this but everything I do is for you because I love you.

I see that I have your attention now, are you flirting with me? You obviously are because how couldn’t you when I am armed with the 5 Stunning Ways to Make a Good First Impression. I can’t just walk up to you dressed up anyhow. I have to prepare for you and this is what people don’t understand – that for you to catch a person’s attention, you have to do it well. And you are not making it easy for me.

I started a small business a month ago but I can’t for the life of me understand how I am always broke. I know that I have sold so many of my products but I can’t account for the money so I started looking for ways to solve this problem. Luckily for you and me, Umar Farouk Kabir gave us How Manage Cashflow For Your Business to Succeed.


Brought to you on Tuesday are 10 Interesting Facts about First Borns You Should Know. I don’t know about you but most of the comments I have heard that are being made about first children are not flattering at all. I don’t know why people fail to acknowledge the several great attributes they have. They are after all like our second parents. I know mine is.


Isn’t it nuts that nuts are part of the 8 Foods That Will Help Boost Your Memory? Pun fiercely intended. I used to remember everything I was told or taught but now I struggle to remember the smallest things. I won’t be deterred by this and neither should you, so read this with me.

Did you know that having a negative Rh Factor could endanger your baby? I did not know either. This is What You Need to Know about Rh-Factor and how to keep your little angel alive while it’s still in your tummy.


It’s not death that bothers me, it’s living a painful life. And what’s more painful than people pointing fingers at you and acting like you carry a contagious disease? Read the story of Malama Sa’adatu and find out how HIV AIDS Didn’t Kill Her, The Stigma Did. It’s sad that despite all the awareness about this disease, people choose to stigmatize.

On our wedding agenda this week is How Kamu Tradition is Done in Hausa Land. I may not agree with some traditions but I can’t do away with fun – significant ones like this. Come and watch the Hausa culture flourish.


As much as the Hausa culture is interesting, the Yoruba people like gbedu more than we do, and where best to experience it if not Kwara State? These are the 12 Interesting Places to Visit Kwara State to get the best experience.


One of my favorite sayings in Yoruba language is “ati lo ati de” which means “we have gone, we have come” it signifies a lack of progress in an activity. Don’t you just get tired of being served breakfast in relationships? If You See These 10 Signs in Your Relationship, You Are Dating Yourself. Spot the red flags and flee while you can.


As usual, I’ll sign with my favorite thing – food. Learn How to Make Gullisuwa (Milk Balls) and How to Prepare Miyan Kubewa (Okro Soup). I’m guessing Okro soup learnt of my little rant against it last week.

Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to write to you next week. It has become the highlight of my week. Cheers!

10 Interesting Facts About First Borns Should Know

10 Interesting Facts About First Borns Should Know

Individual birth position can influence one’s behavior and how one views life in general. These traits are noticeable even at a tender age – inherent. However, we’ll be focusing on those amazing facts about first borns that distinguish them from others.

Firstborns occupy significant positions in every family, irrespective of their gender. This is because they are the first child to open the womb of their mother before the couple expects other children. These sets of people possess a certain quality that makes them distinct and unique. I am going to mention some here.

Fascinating Facts About First Borns

1. First Borns are Independent

An increase in age and maturity indeed makes one independent. In contrast, by being a first child, you attain an independent attitude easily and from an early age. This is portrayed in their ability to take proper care of themselves and their younger siblings in the absence of their parents if need be.

Also, they have the ability to make certain decisions by themselves without worrying about making the wrong choice. 

2. First Borns Tend to Fend for Themselves Early in Life

As they grow up to maturity, it’s likely to see them established early with a means of earning a living. Of course, a vast number of them learned the act of skilful saving and engaging in little businesses. They have high chances of taking over their family business, if there are any, and fostering continuity.

Unsurprisingly, they do not have a lazy attitude to carry out their duty, rather they are diligent and committed.

3. First Borns are Leaders

Naturally, firstborns occupy a leadership position, saddled with the responsibility to lead their other siblings. This serves as a building ground that prepares them for effective leadership roles when appointed. This implies that they will give in their best to portray excellence since they already know what leadership is all about right from childhood.

Interestingly, the attitude of organization, management, care, and love comes alive in them without much effort; it’s one of the pivotal facts about firstborns.

4. Perfect Pace-Setters are First Borns

Every first child eventually becomes a role model to their younger siblings. Hence, they are the ones who pave the way for others to experience a smooth ride. Therefore, they are considered the most sacrificial, since they want to be seen as a good example and a pace-setter.

This is why they are mindful of the kind of life they live; to avoid having a bad influence on their younger ones who look up to them for directions.

5. Creativity is One of the Interesting Facts about First Borns

Indeed, first borns are purpose-driven and goal-oriented. This mindset fosters creative thinking within them unconsciously. Oftentimes, they are the first to see opportunity amidst disappointment. Subsequently, their creativity enables them to practice effective time management, financial budgeting as well balancing work and family.

Furthermore, firstborns are mostly engaged in one or two activities – innovation is their watchword. Sorting out ways to make life better and easier for themselves and those who look up to them. 

6. Bravery and Courage is Evident in First Borns

The vast majority of determined men and women are most likely firstborns. Due to the position they occupy as the first, they tend to be the first to try anything new before others. In order not to disappoint their younger ones who are confident in them, they clothe themselves with the armour of bravery and courage. They wouldn’t trade the trust bestowed on them from others for anything.  Hence, they are prone to risk-taking and going the extra mile to achieve success.

First borns rarely give up on their goals even if it seems the result isn’t forthcoming. They never take “No” for an answer, instead, they find a way of motivating themselves back on track. 

7. First Borns are Quick Adaptors

Among the fascinating facts about first borns is their ability to adapt to every situation they find themselves in. This implies that they have a high assimilating capability. In addition, are quick to improvise an alternative route when the previous isn’t working as expected.

They also enjoy engaging in vocational skills and often learn them within the stipulated time.

8. First Borns May Be a Bit Authoritative

Since firstborns are purpose-driven and goal-oriented they always want things to go as they have planned them to be – without entertaining other suggestions. Oftentimes, this makes their leadership position more authoritative and forceful.

However, they can adjust their attitude when they learn that leadership is all about teamwork. Although, behind that authoritativeness is a sacrificial, loving, and caring leader. In other words, they’re been authoritative to achieve a set goal and nothing more.

9. There is a Strong Love Connection Between First Borns and Their Parents

The love bond between parents and a first born is more compared to other siblings— it’s natural and not a form of discrimination. Their connection is fostered by the quality time they spend together. In other words, parents’ undivided attention is channelled towards their first child due to the absence of another for the time being. Therefore, first borns get to soar high as a result of the support, encouragement, and love received from their parents.

In addition, firstborns become morally built up because their parents do take out time to imbibe in them solid advice, morals, principles, religious beliefs, and culture—that’s expected of them as a member of that family and the society at large. 

10. Faithful Friends are Likely First Borns

Subsequently, try to take a survey of the birth position of your faithful friends, those you can count on to come to your rescue in time of need. It will amaze you that the majority of them occupy the first born position in their families.

This is to say, the probability of getting disappointed by a friend is thin when you associate with first borns. 


Furthermore, firstborns are hardworking, therefore, have higher chances of success. However, the above-listed facts about first borns are not restricted to only firstborns. But, it does mean that the majority of the firstborn portray that trait.

As first born, what are those unique traits peculiar to you alone?