How to Get Paid to Search the Internet

How to Get Paid to Search the Internet

Do you smell fish? It’s probably just your nose, it’s not me (or my article either). Does the title seem scam-ish? I get it, it does but it’s true. However, there are legit ways to get paid to search the internet, all you have to do is just keep reading this article. Note! This is not to say there are no scam zones, of course, there are. Be watchful of that.

We surf the internet every day, it’s only fair to want to make money out of it.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in, I’ll be sharing with you in this article how to get paid to search the internet. There are different ways to make money by just searching the web, this is why I have categorized it into three easy-to-understand ways.

Let’s go!

Evaluators for Search Engines

Google, Bing, Safari, etc. are examples of search engines. Now you have an idea? No? Okay.

Evaluators for search engines evaluate and grade the search results that appear when a user types in a specific phrase. They rate how useful the top search results are, if the map is right, or if the search results are what you were looking for, depending on the assignment. In essence, they do research by using these search engines, measure if these engines provide exact or near useful search results(as regards how relevant the answer to the search was, the accuracy and how long it took to get a reply), then they give their feedback.

As easy as it sounds, the recruitment process is technical and they usually want someone with a degree of some sort.

If you are excellent at doing research and are currently in a culture stance, you can be an evaluator for search engines too, here are companies that will pay you for your services.

1. Lionbridge

This company is global and has been providing its service for more than 20years, it is legit. There are other roles you can take when you work with this company, translator and content writer are examples.

2. Flexjobs

Check everything they are about and how to apply for their job openings. It’s a company that offers opportunities for people to work from home, and surf the net.

3. Appen

Saved the best for the last. Appen is a notable website in this regard. They call their evaluators – raters. Sounds comfortable, huh? Check them out here

Earnings of being an evaluator (or rater): $15-$17 per hour depending on the website.

Using Smaller Search Engines

Everyone loves Google. At least I’m sure of myself, I love Google. It’s the first thing I check when I don’t know the meaning of a word or a phrase, anything at all. There are other search engines, you know?

These other search engines don’t have enough traffic and can’t compare themselves to the number one leading search engine in the world. Hence, they created a scheme and incentive for people who use them.

It’s a way of motivating you to try them out also. Almost whispering, “Pick me! Pick me! You know you need that money”

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the apps where you can make money. They have a website, that’s why it is in this article too. The moment you sign in to the website, there’s a $10 incentive waiting for you. And for each time you use this search engine, you get points. This point is called the “Search Win”. Over time, this point is accrued to cash and they make the money rain.

How does the money get to you? Through PayPal or gift cards.

2. FusionCash

This is another search engine that pays you to search online using their website. It’s easy to navigate and quite reliable too.

How does the money get to you? PayPal, direct deposit, or gift card.

3. InboxDollars

This is a popular site where you can get paid to search the internet. The user experience on the app is quite easy. Here’s how it works: for every four searches you make, you get rewarded with one cent. There are also other ways to get paid on the website, they include; opting to read emails, replying to surveys, and engaging in the site’s offers.

How does the money get to you? PayPal, direct paper check, or gift card.

4. Microsoft Rewards

This is a search engine owned by Microsoft. The reward for each search is 5 points.

How does the money get to you? It doesn’t get to you in cash, only gift cards.

Giving Your Data Out

Some companies share surveys in order to collect your data and turn them into information, they use this info for market advertising and research.

In essence, you don’t give your personal details out. All you have to do is get paid for searching the internet by inputting your email address and engaging with the posts on their web or apps. Basically, think of it as your phone’s ability to do searches and the app is saving the places you’ve searched. Do you get it?

Here are apps that collect your data in that way;

1. HoneyGain

For iPhone users, this is your app if you want to get paid for surfing the net. They don’t have an android version yet. However, it’s not so profitable as you only get paid $1 for each 10gigabyte worth of data.

If you still want to check them out, do that here.

How do you get paid? Gift cards!

2. Nelson Computer and Mobile Panel

When this app collects your data, it serves as user experience testing. Over time, they use the information they have accrued to improve or change their online products/services. You get paid monthly. How? Gift cards!

You can download the app and start earning.

3. MobileXpression

The name of the app kind of explains what it does, I’ll tell you why. You can get paid by using this app when you install it and just leave it to run while you use your phone like you normally would.

It runs in the background and picks up on how you use your phone, and how the phone internet is harnessed. Hence, the “mobile ‘xpression”.

By the side, you can log on to the app and take surveys or engage in their special offers.

How do you get paid? Gift cards.


It’s the 21st century, there are many ways to earn money using our devices. Getting paid to search the internet is one of them. Find which works for you and start earning. For more ideas on what to do at home in order to earn, check how to be a freelancer in the comfort of your home.

Do you make money online? How?

Talk to me in the comment section below. Cheers!


Is there any trick to making money online?

Nah, I don’t think so. All it takes is consistency. If you want to make it legit, that’s all it takes.

How much can I earn by making money online?

As much as you want to. Again, consistency takes time.

How much does a search engine evaluator earn yearly?

Good year, $60,000 to $80,000.

Can my earnings be paid directly to my account?

Yes, but not all websites do that. However, most of them pay through PayPal or gift cards.

Can I be scammed when making money online?

Yes, yes, and yes. You can. Be watchful. However, the list I made above is reliable to an extent. You should check ’em out.