50+ Ways You Can Say I Love You Without Saying It

50+ Ways You Can Say I Love You Without Saying It

How do you express love without saying “I love you”?  People find it a bit hard to say those words but they show their feelings, love, and affection more by using actions and love language. A relationship should always have more twists; couples should spice things up a little bit. Why not use something different to get your partner to blush and have butterflies in their tummy?

I’ll be telling you the love languages your partner may be showing you without necessarily saying “I love you” and how to say “I love you” without saying it. These languages and words are indeed uplifting as it makes them feel special, loved, and appreciated. Let’s get right to it!!

Things You Could Do Instead of ‘Saying I Love You’

1. Shower Them with Words of Affirmation

A relationship works with affirmation and reassurances. Both parties want to be assured that they are loved and appreciated. Words like;

“I never get tired of you”

“I’m so lucky to have you, babe”

“You complete me, in and out”

are reassuring. You should tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them in this way or other ways they make you feel without saying “I love you”

2. Spend Time Together

Relationship comes with commitments every step of the way. Some partner prefers spending quality time with you rather than saying “I love you” over the phone. They take the next flight or bus to get to you just to share their feelings, thoughts with you and to be with you. This is an effort that says I love you without saying it and is most appreciated and a love language if you ask me.

3. Spoil Each Other with Gifts

Some people’s love language is to get their partner’s gifts. Now don’t get me wrong because I don’t mean expensive gifts, being materialistic, and extravagant lifestyle but by how important this gift will mean to them.

It could be a key holder for instance because you know how much your partner has been struggling with a bunch of keys. Getting them this will mean a lot as you’ve eased the struggles they go through.

“The thought counts” in this situation, don’t forget in this little way is how to say I love you without saying it.

4. Be Thoughtful

I’m a great lover. How do I know? I’ll tell you…

Being with a partner means being there for them, in their health and sickness, good or bad. I’ve found myself cooking most of the time for my partner. Like the adage goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” Yes, I love cooking and when it comes to him, I do it with more love, effort, energy, and warm thoughts. We all know men have a huge appetite. I know.

Why do I cook? I know he will like it, appreciate it and I’m also expressing my affection towards him and how I say I love you without saying it. Little things they say matter. Trust me, they do.

Having your partner do this or any other thing (say cutting your nails, helping with the trash, sharing the bills) for you means they are expressing how much they love and appreciate you without using words.

5. Flirt All The Time

This sparks the relationship. Some partners like to flirt even after they already have you and this is quite important. It shows they still find you just as attractive as they did from day one. If your partner does this, you have to understand their love language to appreciate them more.

6. Engage in Public Display of Affection (PDA)

Public display of affection has to be my biggest love language. A slight peck on the cheek, a kiss, or even holding hands. This sends adrenaline and has butterflies in your tummy in a blink of an eye.

They are small efforts but they hold huge and vast volumes. If your partner does this, this is a love language and how to say I love you without saying it.

Now for the words, you can use to say “I love you” without saying “I love you” in a relationship, we have:

7. “You’re my girl”

8. “I love your annoying-ass snore”

9. “I love how you make me feel”

10. “I like spending time with you, no, I love it”

11. “I love your crazy, playful self”

12. “I love how your eyes lit when you talk’

13. “I can’t imagine life without you”

14. “I feel blessed and lucky to have you”

15. “I think about you and I smile”

16. “You make my heart smile and warm”

17. “I miss you”

18. “I’m here for you”

19. “I want to grow with you”

20. “I enjoy your company”

21. “How can I live without you?”

22. “There’s no one, absolutely no one I’d rather be with”

23. “Your laugh is my favourite sound”

24. “I’m crazy about you”

25. “I lost my heart to you”

26. “You turn me on”

27. ‘I’m addicted to you”

28. “You’re always on my mind”

29. “You’re my ride or die”

30. “I love your awkward loud laugh”

31. “I love waking up next to you”

32. “I love the warmth in your eyes”

33. “I love kissing you weird to annoy you”

34. ‘I love picking what to wear for you”

35. “You’re my baby, baby”

36. “I’m all yours”

37. “I’m infatuated with you, over and over”

38. “I’m smitten”

39. “You’re my world. I’ll always run back to you”

40. “I’m fond of you, always”

Sometimes, it’s best to be funny. Use other words that tell “I love you” without saying it. Here’s the twist:

41. “Je t’aime” means “I love you” in French

42. “Te quiero” means “I want you” in Spanish

43. “Te amo” means “I love you” in Spanish

44. “I feel loved looking at you”

45. “I love your eyes”

46. “I love your smile”

47. “This reminded me of you” (This is the best of all. It shows that you remembered your partner in something that you saw or did and it is sweet to get such messages every now and then.)

48, “You’re my favorite”

49. ‘You’re the one”

50. “You’re worth it”

51. “My heart lit up thinking about you”

52. “You complete me”

53. “You’re beautiful”

54. “You are my superman/superwoman”

55. “You make me want to achieve more”

56. “I’m proud of who you’re becoming”


Express your love, feelings, and affections by communicating in words and non-verbal ways. Saying “I love you” is essential in a relationship but saying it at the end of every phone call or text might become boring as it is already expected of you to say it as you always do.

Some people aren’t always moved by those words because they have a love language. There are tons of ways of expressing how you feel and how to say I love you without saying it to your partner which I’ve given you some.

Now go ahead, use them and spice up that relationship! Don’t forget to drop a comment in the comments section below. Thank you.

20 Cute Gifts Every Mother Will Love on Naming Ceremony

20 Cute Gifts Every Mother Will Love on Naming Ceremony

The arrival of a newly born child is a heartwarming occasion for the parents, friends and family. But with this comes the choices on them to choose gifts for baby naming ceremony and it can be overwhelming.

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Gifting something to a newly born child can be indecisive, we know that. Here’s a list of gifts to choose from when the going gets hard.

20 Gift to Gift for Baby Naming Ceremony

1. Baby Diapers

ou can never go wrong with gifting diapers. There are many brands out there such as Pampers, Molfix, Dr. Browns, Huggies, etc.

Babies are in their prime and as such, trust them to pee around the house. You can never go wrong with gifting diapers. There are many brands out there such as Pampers, Molfix, Dr. Browns, Huggies, etc.

Make sure to buy one that is pocket friendly.

2. Diaper Bag

Attach a diaper bag to your diapers to gift for baby naming ceremony.

I mean, make your gift unique and stand out. Attach a diaper bag to your diapers to gift for baby naming ceremony. A diaper bag can contain tissues, baby wipes, diapers too and this will be quite handy for the new mom.

3. Baby Sleeping Cot

This was the gift I gave my friend who put to bed last year and she loved it so much. Trust pink to be cute.

A good sleeping cot is one with musicals that helps keep the baby entertained and the Moms busy with their chores. It’s a win-win if you ask me.

4. Baby Photo Album

Talk about a sentimental gift for the new mom. This is thoughtful as you give the new Mom chances to capture every moment of her newborn baby. Baby footprints, birth height, birth weight etc.

This is an important gift and it helps keep the memories.

5. Jewelries

A simple bracelet or angle is a beautiful gift that is sure to put a smile on the new Mom’s face and the baby too. You can gift them before the beautiful day or afterwards.

A simple bracelet or angle is a beautiful gift that is sure to put a smile on the new Mom’s face and the baby too. You can gift them before the beautiful day or afterwards.

6. Baby Toys

Baby toys are great gifts to gif out on naming ceremony

A gift that is sure to be appreciated is a baby toy and there are different kinds to pick from. They are soft, adorable and snuggly.

A rattler is a good choice to help entertain the baby when they start to cry.

7. Baby Frame

Get a picture from the new Mom and frame this in a beautiful piece. You can never go wrong with this and the parents will keep this as a keepsake among them and this is quite sentimental.

8. Naming Day Keepsakes

A naming day keepsake can be displayed and hung in the house as a reminder of when the baby was born. This is a wonderful piece and also an interior decor.

9. Engraved Key Chain

A naming day keepsake can be displayed and hung in the house as a reminder of when the baby was born. This is a wonderful piece and also an interior decor.

A tinge but mighty if you ask me. This keychain will be quite useful to the new Mom and having her newborn face on it will warm up her heart every time. Giving this out is thoughtful, smart and quite budget-friendly.

10. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are one of the best gifts

There are a lot to choose from here, socks, mittens, caps, overalls, jackets, dresses, even cardigans for the cold.

11. Baby Blanket

This will do wonders, trust me.

12. Baby Teether/Pacifier

This teething toy is natural rubber and it keeps the baby from eating anything and everything.

13. Baby Bath

This is the most beautiful and sensible gift for baby naming ceremony

This is the most beautiful and sensible gift for baby naming ceremony. It’s never too much to ha be two or three, you know. They come in different colours and sizes to select from.

14. Baby Swaddle

This is another must give gift for parents who just gave birth.

15. Baby Skincare Essentials

Who said babies don't need skincare products?

Baby essentials include baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby calming comfort bath and baby oil, etc. Be sure to buy products that won’t be sensitive to their skin.

16. Baby Feeding Essentials

Feeding essentials include baby bottles, feeding bowls, cups, cutleries and bips. I have a friend on Instagram who is into this and trust me, you’ll love everything.

17. Baby Hooded Towel

This is the cutest gift for baby naming ceremony, trust me.

This is the cutest gift for baby naming ceremony, trust me. Babies take alot of baths and this is something that will always look cute on them. Pick from a variety of colors for the new Mom.

18. Baby Hop Explore

this table is great for babies and sure to keep them entertained, playing and giddy.

With spinning, squeaking and entertaining elements, this table is great for babies and sure to keep them entertained, playing and giddy.

19. Baby Bed Linen

When in doubt, just buy this.

When in doubt, just buy this.

20. Baby Carrier

With this gift for baby naming ceremony, you’re with two choices: a carrier sling or a carrier with wheels. Both are smart and thoughtful and will be appreciated.

With this gift for baby naming ceremony, you’re with two choices: a carrier sling or a carrier with wheels. Both are smart and thoughtful and will be appreciated.

That’s a wrap for what to gifts for baby naming ceremony. Now, if you’re the type who’s very thoughtful, you’ll also want to give something to the new Mom. Below is a list of unique and useful gifts you can give to them to brighten their day:

Gifts for Mothers Who Just Gave Birth

1. Matching Outfits

This is to die for, trust me! This will not only brighten her face but also warm her heart as she can’t wait to try this on with her mini. Get creative with your words if you can or simply write something the new Mom uses often. But that asides, the thought counts.

2. Kitchen Essentials

Is new Mom a baker? If yes, here’s a link below to choose from.

3. Fruits Basket

This basket of love is very thoughtful and will be appreciated. This will tell the new Mom you wish her strength and to be healthy. I mean, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

4. Order Food Delivery Service for Her

Want to go for something better? Think foodie! Have a platter of food delivered to the new Mom. This will be something pleasant and heartwarming. I mean, who wouldn’t like that? Small chops are always our go-to!

5. Pajamas

Let Mommy sleep in something new and comfortable. This will be useful to the new Mom plus, if you’re the naughty one and can’t wait for more minis, sneak in some red sexy lingerie.

What to Look For In Gifts for Baby Naming Ceremony?

Here’s what to look for when deciding on the special and unique gift:

1. Usefulness

Ensure you choose from gifts that will be useful to the baby and also smart.

2. Sentimental Value

Be sure to select a gift that is meaningful and will be cherished for years to come.

3. Fun and Entertainment

Select a gift that is sure to keep the baby entertained and giddy such as rattlers, rolling rattles, toys, kick and play the piano etc.


When overwhelmed with what to buy, don’t forget that it is the thought that matters and little is enough. Every gift will be appreciated, it’s coming from the heart. Don’t forget that.

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40 Amazing Gift Ideas for Both Men and Women

40 Amazing Gift Ideas for Both Men and Women

Have any of you ever struggled with putting together a creative gift basket? Is it hard to come up with unique gift ideas for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a Valentine’s Day gift? Gifts can be hard, especially ones that involve love and romance. That’s why I created this guide. And today, I’m sharing a ton of great ideas.  You can include it in yours!

This list can be as fun as you want, or as romantic as you want!

Gifts for Him

Buying gifts for men is notoriously difficult. Guys tend to buy the things they really want for themselves before you ever get a chance to gift them to them. That’s why we need to get creative when thinking of the perfect gifts for men. Before settling yet for another boring gift (e.g. ties, boxers), take some time to really think about what the guy you’re shopping for would love to unwrap. This list of gifts for men is full of thoughtful ideas to match any budget.

I always struggle to come up with the perfect Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Anniversary gifts. Your friend, dad brother, or husband (or any guy, really) will love these unique yet thoughtful gift ideas.

1. A Fresh Smelling Cologne

That’s always the first thing on the mind of ladies when getting men a gift.

2. Charcoal Car Air Freshener

This will eliminate all smells from his car and leave it smelling fresher than it’s ever been.

3. A Giant Box of Chocolates or A Bag of his Favorite Candy

4. Apple AirPods / iWatch Or Wireless Headphones

5. Journal

Fill in a blank journal of reasons why you love him

It may interest you to read on: These 10 Reasons Will Convince You to Keep A Journal

6. Photo Album

Get an album full of pictures of you two and your families.

7. A Nice Watch

This will remind him of you every time he looks at it

8. Ray-Ban Men’s Sunglasses

This will help keep his eyes protected.

9. Really Nice Pair of Shoes

This will keep him looking stylish

10. Beard Grooming Kit

If he doesn’t have a beard, please stay away from this gift

11. Manly Personalized Mug

12. Personalized Men’s Wallet

This blindfold wallet comes in black, brown, grey, or rustic. You can choose exactly how you’d like his name to be printed; monogrammed or written out.

13. Monogrammed Leather Air Pods Case

This is one of the thoughtful gift ideas out there. Although you can’t ensure that he’ll never lose his Air Pods again, this custom case will at least help him make sure he doesn’t mix up his headphones with yours.

14. Morse Code Bracelet

Engrave a special message on this bracelet in Morse code that only you two will understand. Consider it your little (stylish) secret.

15. USB Wall Charger

Now, he has no excuses to not pick up your calls! This compact docking station can charge six of his gadgets at once, so he never runs empty.

16. Travel Laptop Backpack

With a padded interior for his laptop and plenty of additional storage space, this sleek backpack will become his go-to work and weekend carry-all.

17. Car Charger

This is a gift that the whole family will enjoy: With six USB ports for iPhone and Android, it powers up phones at twice the speed of most car chargers, and comes with a five-foot-extension cord so you can clip it onto the back of the seat of the car, too.

18. Personalized Socks

He’ll want to wear this monogrammed gift to any and every occasion.

19. Laptop Case

This laptop case is sleek and stylish, but durable enough to keep his prized possession safe.

20. Clothes

Clothes could be polo shirts, khakis, kaftans, Kube caps, etc.

Gifts for Her

Even if your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or friend is super hard to impress, the lucky lady in your life deserves the best – there are no ifs, and, or buts about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, friend, or daughter, these gift ideas for her will steal the show.

1. Money

I got your eyes rolling right! Trust me, women love this the most.

2. Chocolates

This is the gate to most girls’ hearts. Girls always have a sweet tooth; you can get her variety of chocolates in a box.

3. Love Letters

Girls are mushy at heart. Get tears of joy in her eyes by writing a bunch of sweet letters telling her how much you love her. She will forever treasure them!

4. Clothes

Get her veils, blouses, trousers, sweatpants, abayas, etc.

5. Custom Family Portrait

Turn your most recent couple’s photo into a personalized print that she’ll cherish forever. Include your last name, and also, anniversary date to make it feel extra special.

6. Name Earrings

Add a pair of personalized earrings to her collection. Customize it to include her name, nickname, or any other short phrase.

7. Face Mask

Help her get that smooth, silky skin by getting her some Korean Face mask.

8. Cross-Body Bag

She can go ahead and bring those sunglasses, wallet, keys, water bottle, and phone. A cross-body bag surprisingly fits everything she needs!

9. Silk Pillowcase

This is a good gift for her. Silk pillowcases can really make a difference when it comes to reducing bedhead and complexion since they refuse friction against the hair and skin.

10. Wooden Recipe Box

Get her a hand-crafted box with her name or family name on the front. It also has enough room to hold off her recipes.

11. Leather Pocket Wallet

Now, that minimalism is a thing; help her downsize her day-to-day essentials with this compact leather wallet. Although it’s small enough to fit in her pocket or purse, it can hold cards and a short stack of money.

12. Journal

A fresh notebook with her initials will win!

13. Jewelry

A girl is always looking for ways to switch up her look. You can get her different varieties of hand-selected jewelry.

14. Bags

Get her a fancy handbag or backpack.

15. Build Her Hair Scrunchie Box

This is one of my favourite gift ideas. Most women pack their hair into an updo. You can get her different varieties of scrunches.

16. Yoga Mat

If yoga is one of her favourite hobbies, then this smart mat will change for her zen game.

17. Cat Measuring Spoons/Cups

This is a thoughtful gesture if she loves cats and baking! And most women do.

18. Perfume Palette

Make sure you give her a perfume that she actually loves.

19. Sneakers

A pair of white lace-up sneakers is as classic as it gets (just like her).

20. Hair Accessories

Get her some clips, ribbons, caps, etc.


Hope this helps you pick out a great gift for them! Let me give you a hint, whatever you get put it in fancy packaging! That always works magic!

This Is The Right Way to Protect Your Children from Pedophiles

This Is The Right Way to Protect Your Children from Pedophiles

Did I just hear you say sexually molesting a helpless child/baby is a mental disorder? Does that mean that very soon, child sexual offenders will happily roam the streets free, after being fully acquitted from a non-guilty plea, on the cushioned grounds of insanity?

No, I don’t want to believe that our world today is agreeing with this gruesome misconduct and grievous rebellion against the laws of nature. After being termed with a ‘fancy name’ to legitimize its birth, “Paedophilia” went further to being baptized as a ‘Psychiatric disorder’; subconsciously assisting its so-called sufferers to get away with their acts.

Whatever complicated theory the world may choose to weave about ‘Paedophilia” today, the simple fact is, we need to reject this mental slavery the second it lands on our runway; starting from protecting our children from these walking monsters.

What Is Paedophilia?

Before we can protect our children from paedophiles, we need to first and foremost understand what it is, its extent, and its limits. Therefore, we will look at its basic history/evolution, definition, and signs of a paedophile/paedophilia.

History/Evolution of Paedophilia

Formally recognised and named in the late 19th century, the term ‘Paedophilia’ comes from Greek words; ‘Paidos’ and ‘Philia’, meaning ‘Child’ and ‘Friendship/friendly love’ respectively.

This term was used to describe sexual interest in mostly male adults, to feel sexual urges or engage in sexual acts in prepubescent children; that is children who have not attained puberty.

However, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders replaced the term ‘Paedophilia’ with ‘Paedophilic Disorder’ arguing that a paedophilic desire, practice, or behaviour in itself does not constitute a mental illness and that it is only a disorder when it is mentally or socially affects the concerned individual and also exerts harm to unwilling persons or victims.

Warning Signs of a Paedophile

There are no outward signs of a paedophile. In fact, they look and act very normal just like you and me. The only difference is that they are sexually attracted to children and you are not.

However, below are ten warning signs you should look out for in a paedophile; gathered from their criminal profiles and psychological studies. Remember, they do not make one automatically a paedophile, but should be enough to make you as a guardian be cautious:

  • He is a victim of molestation before himself
  • He is most times someone close to you; a relative, friend, co-worker, neighbour, and so on.
  • He is always around children or has work related to children.
  • His environment is decorated in childlike décor that will appeal to the age and sex of the child he desires and not scare them away.
  • He is very patient. He spends time as much as possible with your child, constantly giving them gifts, prolonged hugs, and attention. In other words, he grooms both you and the child to trust him.
  • He watches or masturbates to child pornography.
  • He talks to or treats children like adults.
  • Also, he is mostly friends with single mothers or women who lack sufficient male support in their lives.
  • He has an impeccable reputation and good manners or a mental illness such as a mood or personality disorder.
  • He is always on online platforms popular among young adolescents.

How to Protect Your Child from Paedophiles

We have understood the concept of paedophilia and looked into the warning signs of a potential paedophile. Now this will help us in delving head-on into ways we can protect our children from falling victims to their traps. Ways you can protect your child from a paedophile include: 

1. Educate Yourself about Them

You need to be aware of the traits and behaviours of a paedophile before you can be able to protect your child. Most criminals like rapists, armed robbers, serial murderers have similar patterns of behaviour and regularly devise new ways of achieving their aims.

Arm yourself with regular updates about the latest trends in use by these sexual predators so that you will not be taken by surprise. 

2. Educate Your Child to Keep Private Parts Private

Distinguish appropriate and inappropriate touching for your child. Let him know that there are good touches and there are bad touches. Your child should know that a high five or a pat on the back is different from a butt squeeze or a kiss on the lips or tongue.

Also, do not stigmatise teaching your child from an early age about the concept of private parts. Let your children understand that certain places in their bodies are not for the public. Go further to protect those places for them from view from people when bathing or dressing them up. This includes family members also.

In addition, constantly remind them by saying things like; “Listen to me sweetheart, do not allow anyone to see or touch you here and here. Whoever asks you to show or touch it, run straight to me and tell me”.

This will keep your child alert and inform them that there is something wrong when someone tries to see or touch their privates.

3. Teach Your Child to Not Talk to Strangers or Follow Them to Places

Paedophiles usually observe a child they are interested in and work tirelessly to isolate them from their peers. They appear where they usually play and talk to them until they become a familiar face even if the child doesn’t know them. When they establish familiarity, they lure them to isolated places, have their way, and later disappear without a trace.

Discourage your child as much as possible to feel at home with strangers. 

4. Teach Your Child to Inform You about Gifts

One of the popular ways paedophiles get to children is by giving them gifts. Generally, discourage your child from accepting gifts all the time. “I will give you a packet of sweets if you let me see or touch you in this place” is an example of phrases a paedophile uses. For the average child, this feels like a relatively fair deal if they don’t know that these are not things to bargain with.

Also, whenever someone presents your child with a gift, encourage them to first show you before accepting or consuming it. If you notice any abnormal way in the gifts or manner which they are given, ask your child questions like “Did he ask you to give him a gift in return?” Questions like this will help you understand the true intentions of the giver.

5. Supervise Your Child Regularly

Whether your child is alone or not, engaged in a playful activity or another; make sure you regularly show up in places where your child spends long hours on their own or with other people. Be positive that there are no short or long-term disappearances from where your child is engaged in an activity.

If left with a friend, family member, co-worker, or nanny, take breaks from work or what you are doing to check up on them regularly through phone calls or visits. 

6. Do Not Leave Your Children Alone At Public Places

At a birthday party, wedding, or shopping mall, keep your eye on your child at all times. Sexual molesters use these gatherings to snatch children away and force them. Also, watch out for onlookers who are always present at children’s gatherings without having an actual reason to be there.

Also, refuse to send children to open doors when the door rings or send them on errands where they have to pass secluded places. These sexual predators are everywhere waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch your child.

7. Be Your Child’s Friend

Build an environment that is emotionally conducive for your child. Listen to their concerns and do not make them feel judged or ashamed. Remember, child molesters often use threats to keep your child quiet about the atrocities they constantly do to them.

Your children can only overcome that threat or fear instilled in them if they feel you can protect their interests after they disclose their secrets to you. Typically, child molesters target children who do not get much attention from their parents and act only after gaining their trust and friendship.

Be friends with your child; share your own thoughts and feelings, have open and honest conversations and they will never feel threatened or afraid to tell you their secrets.

8. Notice When Your Child Is Acting Differently

Is your child behaving in a withdrawn manner around a certain person or cringes when you brush past their privates during bath time? Try to know your children’s regular pattern of behaviour and watch out for any changes. Do not ignore them.

Constantly ask your children how their day was at school, how the outing with an adult went, or why they are not playing with their friends. “Did you fall and hurt your buttocks?” Asking these questions regularly will keep the lines of communication open to bring up any answers to such matters.

9. Trust Your Child’s Instincts

Do not dismiss your child’s claims about not wanting to be around someone simply because you feel that someone is too virtuous. Children have the best instincts and if they do not feel comfortable around someone, do not force them. 

10. Monitor Your Child’s Internet Activity

Children at a very young age these days are allowed to handle and operate gadgets. Alas, this has proven a favourable decision for paedophiles online who stalk social platforms and chatrooms popular among children; sending them pictures to entice them before finally luring them into an open meeting.

As a guardian, establish internet rules; regularly monitor your children’s online activity by asking them about people they meet and by checking it out on your own.


We must do our best to protect our children from harm at all costs. Say again that molesting a helpless child/baby is a ‘mental disorder’ and we will echo in unison the death of those who deservingly need to be punished for their acts. 

Sexually molesting a child is a crime against mother nature. They wish to speak up for the rights of mental health of people that engage in these gruesome acts – acts of sexually molesting children including babies of only three weeks old. Meanwhile;

Who is standing up for the mental health rights of children sexually molested every day?