8 Interesting Facts About Growing Kids You Should Know

8 Interesting Facts About Growing Kids You Should Know

Oftentimes, parenting is a complex task to achieve, when as a parent or caregiver you assume kids are just tiny humans, who are dumb and only need to be feed enough to grow. This mentality only sets your parenting life for disaster as you commit all kinds of parenting mistakes that should be avoided. In contrast, there are more interesting facts about kids than you could ever imagine. Kids aren’t just tiny humans—there is more to them.

Therefore, to achieve success in growing the child of your dreams you need to become open-hearted to learn more about growing kids.

Curious Facts About Growing Kids

1. Kids are Imitators

Kids are somewhat spies. They take notes of your activities unknowing to you—either good or bad. In other words, they learn from you without you uttering a word. Parents are the first contact of a child that’s why learning how to be a good role model for your child will guide your parenting journey.

Parents need to be mindful of the things they do in the presence of their kids and how they relate to others— it influences them. Therefore, portray a positive character. You’ll be amazed how your kids can display your exact tone, walking steps, dressing sense down to your attitudes—kids are smart imitators.

2. Kids are Inquisitive

Hadiza had thought something was wrong with her three years old daughter due to the way she asked tons of questions each hour. Questions she couldn’t provide an answer to till I came visiting. Immediately I stepped into the house, her daughter embraced me with a loving hug, before I could have my seat she asked; why do humans have black hair? About to answer, she asked again; what’s the meaning of the writings on your purse? She was about to ask another before her mom interrupted.

I don’t know what to do about my daughter’s indiscipline, it’s getting out of control, her mom lamented to me. However, her complaints weren’t new to me as I have heard that severally from different parents. I replied to her; welcome to the world of parenting. Get set for an unveiling of interesting facts about kids every day you wake up to see your three-year-old daughter grow.

She was puzzled by my response. By the time we had gone talking she became aware that kids between the age of 3–5 ask an average of 200–300 questions in a day. Hence,  don’t get annoyed by their inherent attitudes. Rather appreciate their inquisitiveness as it helps their brain development—it shows they are healthy. Instead of tagging them mannerless, choose to learn from their outstanding questions and provide answers to those you can.

3. Kids are Enthusiastic Learners

Kids aren’t dumb beings, but quick learners. They are new to their environment and want to know more about it. This stage comes with high memory retention ability and creativity. That’s why they are inquisitive. Kids are great explorers, always eager to try new things—multitalented.

Therefore, it’s detrimental to the well-being of your kids if you choose to restrict their need to explore their environment. I advise you to learn more about how to discover your child’s passion. Nonetheless, select the right school for them where their academic performance can be enhanced. Education broadens their scope of learning.

4. Kids are Superheroes

Ever wonder why kids don’t seem to lose the zest for adventures? This is because at childhood they are filled with so much energy— a stable immune system. Alongside the inability to coordinate their emotions. This makes them see possibility in whatever they engage in.

Meanwhile, the outburst of energy often makes them noisy and do wild stuff most especially male kids. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to help them channel their exuberance towards the positive like sports, soft skills, or home chores.

5. Kids are Demanding

One of the ingredients for growing a child is being there for that child. Unfortunately, most parents find it difficult to spend quality time with their kids. This is because they’re occupied with their pursuit of money. They need to remind themselves that their kids crave more for their love and attention compared to paying for their bills. Don’t get me twisted, I’m not against earning a living, it’s vital especially for a single parent raising a child.

However, learn to balance your schedule and create time for your kids — focus on the activities that increase your love bond with your kids. Children with supportive parents thrive better than those abandoned.

Sad looks is one of the interesting facts about kids that shows they feel abandoned. Therefore, whenever you notice your kids are sad, it’s a call for you to hear them out and know more about their needs.

6. Kids are Childish

Growing kids requires a truckload of patients with kids to cope. Kids are controlled by their impulses—how they feel at the moment. Therefore, they carry out decisions and behavior without thinking of the impact of such decisions. Due to this they always want to have their way and make you as a parent dance to their tune. Oftentimes, this attitude is tagged rude since they are disrespectful when you go against their decision or when you force them to obey your instructions.

Subsequently, their mood begins to fluctuate from happy to sad to anger and somewhat in between. Meanwhile, to effectively detect what’s bothering them at the moment, learn how to recognize emotions. Therefore, don’t blame them for going against your set rules— they are simply being childish, of course, they are still children. What were you expecting? However, to control these childish acts apply the next interesting facts about kids when relating with your Kids.

7. Kids Need Positive Discipline

Erase the thought of applying the violent method of disciplining a child when it comes to positive discipline. Mind you, they are children and are prone to acting childish. Their behaviors can be annoying and prompt you to act in anger. However, be in control of your emotions. In contrast, exercise positive discipline. Among the interesting facts about kids comes their ability to improve their behaviors when rewarded for acting right.

In other words, positive discipline means playing the kid’s games—rewarding their good behaviors. This way, they discard wrong behaviors and embrace positive behaviors to gain your approval.

8. Kids are Extremely Social

Humans by nature are social beings, the same applies to kids. Social connection is vital for the growth of kids. Hence, they are longing to connect with their peers to share their ideologies and learn more. Peer group association is a medium for kids to learn more about their world. Kids begin to adapt to the lifestyle of their peers, either good or bad, depending on the peer association.

In addition Kids feel free among their peers to express their passion, they also feel inspired when they see their peers doing awesome stuff— stop restricting your child.


To sum, your life isn’t going to be the same while raising kids— that’s the fact. You will need to adjust to the ever-changing childhood stage of your kids. However, the best way to scale through is by learning and applying the interesting facts about kids outlined above. These facts make you see meaning to your kid’s behavior instead of tagging them weird. The least you can do is provide them with your support and encouragement.

Perhaps, you know about other curious facts about kids, do well to share in the comment section.