The Northy Letter Week 47 November 2021

The Northy Letter Week 47 November 2021

We have finally come to the end of the month of November. The month lasted several years, who knew we would see the end of it? In this week’s letter from me to you, here is how the week went.


The day was exhausting but short and for people like you and me who intend to have the best of our short time on earth, it’s important that we take care of ourselves, Aisha Zakari crafted a 30 Day Challenge For Self Improvement and Development. I like the challenges and I think you will too, what do you say we do this together?


On Tuesday, I brought you the opportunity to remain healthy. You can’t remain healthy if you consume just anything that comes your way. Have you ever wondered just How Healthy is Your Diet?

Not just your diet, I also care about your fitness, after all the two go hand in hand so here are the 10 Best Workout Apps in 2021 because I am aware that going to the gym every day can be discouraging. You will burn fuel and time but with this, you have the gym at the tip of your fingers.

I’ve fixed your gym problem, can it get any better? Yes, so go ahead and check out Why You Should Use WhatsApp Business in 2022. If you don’t already use this then your business messages could get mixed up with personal messages, and the last thing I’d want is for you to miss an order.


Have you ever wondered why after a certain meal your breath smells funny? If you are like me and you always carry a mint or gum, but you’ve used it and your breath smells foul still, then you may need to read 10 Surprising Foods That Are Bad For Your Breath because honey, I don’t want you to meet your crush in that state. However, you need to know that that can’t be the worst thing that could happen. You could have a really bad time if you are asthmatic and you eat any of these Foods Every Asthma Patient Should Avoid.


Thursday was the storytime. I have heard a thousand stories of myth concerning the Dutsen Amare, even that it was a bride and her cohort that turned into stone. I think it’s high time we dug into the Story of the Mysterious Dutsen Amare to find out the truth about it.


Friday was giving tips. I always wonder why some siblings live like cats and mice. They just don’t like each other a lot, and it makes you wonder if they are siblings at all and not rivals. Well, we have from Happiness HassanMy Mom Used These 8 Ways to Manage Rivalry with My Siblings, and They Were Quite Effective.

Some people don’t believe in love and they prefer to fold their arms and wait for anything to just come to them but not Abdulganiyu Ibrahim. He takes us on a good ride through his journey and it’s all on I Went to Benue State Searching for Love and This Was What Happened. Do you have a story or you are too afraid to go searching for it? I’m not and I will tell you my story someday.

Ladies, look in the mirror, what do you see first? If it’s your forehead then I bet you we will get along just fine because I have for you 10 Gele Styles for Women with Wide Forehead. I am on your team and you can tell.


Saturday gave us Why Parents Need to Understand Child Psychology. Connecting with your child is paramount. And while you are bonding, here are 10 Important Things You Should Teach Your Child because if your child can’t look at you and feel you are their home, then we have got a problem to fix right away.


Now for the cherry on the top on Sunday, we brought to right on your doorstep How to Prepare Miyan Shuwaka (Bitter leaf soup) and How to Prepare Miyan Alayyahu (Spinach Soup). These are honestly elite soups, give okra a break.

While you await our newsletter for December, try to have as much fun as you can. It is after all the jingle season. Happy holidays!