The Northy Letter Week 48 December 2021

The Northy Letter Week 48 December 2021

It’s December, It’s Christmas, and it’s all celebration. Did I mention that winter is coming? Yeah, Jon Snow has been in touch lately so get your coats and socks because it is the season. Here is what I have for this week’s newsletter.


For Monday, I dove into You! You have not been taking care of yourself, but I will give you 14 Smart Ways to Invest in Yourself because I see you, and I care. You may not know this but everything I do is for you because I love you.

I see that I have your attention now, are you flirting with me? You obviously are because how couldn’t you when I am armed with the 5 Stunning Ways to Make a Good First Impression. I can’t just walk up to you dressed up anyhow. I have to prepare for you and this is what people don’t understand – that for you to catch a person’s attention, you have to do it well. And you are not making it easy for me.

I started a small business a month ago but I can’t for the life of me understand how I am always broke. I know that I have sold so many of my products but I can’t account for the money so I started looking for ways to solve this problem. Luckily for you and me, Umar Farouk Kabir gave us How Manage Cashflow For Your Business to Succeed.


Brought to you on Tuesday are 10 Interesting Facts about First Borns You Should Know. I don’t know about you but most of the comments I have heard that are being made about first children are not flattering at all. I don’t know why people fail to acknowledge the several great attributes they have. They are after all like our second parents. I know mine is.


Isn’t it nuts that nuts are part of the 8 Foods That Will Help Boost Your Memory? Pun fiercely intended. I used to remember everything I was told or taught but now I struggle to remember the smallest things. I won’t be deterred by this and neither should you, so read this with me.

Did you know that having a negative Rh Factor could endanger your baby? I did not know either. This is What You Need to Know about Rh-Factor and how to keep your little angel alive while it’s still in your tummy.


It’s not death that bothers me, it’s living a painful life. And what’s more painful than people pointing fingers at you and acting like you carry a contagious disease? Read the story of Malama Sa’adatu and find out how HIV AIDS Didn’t Kill Her, The Stigma Did. It’s sad that despite all the awareness about this disease, people choose to stigmatize.

On our wedding agenda this week is How Kamu Tradition is Done in Hausa Land. I may not agree with some traditions but I can’t do away with fun – significant ones like this. Come and watch the Hausa culture flourish.


As much as the Hausa culture is interesting, the Yoruba people like gbedu more than we do, and where best to experience it if not Kwara State? These are the 12 Interesting Places to Visit Kwara State to get the best experience.


One of my favorite sayings in Yoruba language is “ati lo ati de” which means “we have gone, we have come” it signifies a lack of progress in an activity. Don’t you just get tired of being served breakfast in relationships? If You See These 10 Signs in Your Relationship, You Are Dating Yourself. Spot the red flags and flee while you can.


As usual, I’ll sign with my favorite thing – food. Learn How to Make Gullisuwa (Milk Balls) and How to Prepare Miyan Kubewa (Okro Soup). I’m guessing Okro soup learnt of my little rant against it last week.

Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to write to you next week. It has become the highlight of my week. Cheers!

14 Smart Ways to Invest in Yourself

14 Smart Ways to Invest in Yourself

A lot of people have never taken out time to ponder on ways to invest in themselves. There are millions of smart ways to invest in yourself, it all depends on your willingness to see yourself as a being to invest in.

Investing in yourself does not only deal with your physical self, it also touches other facets of your life like your spiritual, mental, and even emotional life. There are a lot of smart ways to invest in yourself that is you as a whole.

Taking out time to build yourself is a very good thing. It is like you see yourself as a broken building that needs to be reconstructed. As you go deeper into this literature you get to realize that there are infallible smart ways to invest in yourself.

Ways to Invest in Yourself

1. Travel More

Yes, travelling is a good way to invest in yourself. By travelling, you get to see and experience a lot of things ranging from seeing new people, learning a new language, learning new cultures, and even trying out new dishes.

Travelling also helps you relive your mind by changing environment and meeting people with different ideologies and experiences which help you see life from a different angle.

2. Plan for Your Future

Don’t wait until retirement age to start saving or investing. A lot of people fall into this category because they don’t save, they just spend all the money that comes into their hands.

By saving money, you get to invest in a business or even build a business empire for yourself. This business can be inherited by your children which is a good thing. 

In the book The Richest Man In Babylon’ by George S. Clason, the author states you should pay yourself first. By paying yourself first, are not just keeping a certain amount of your money stagnant, you are keeping to put your money to work later on. It is a really good way to invest in your future.

3. Read a Book or a Blog

There are hidden benefits to the art of reading. It is not boring to read, it’s a blessing! Reading a book or blog which is beneficial to your life is another smart way to invest in yourself.

Books give you the power to learn new things and bust through career slumps. Books and blogs help you boost your career and show you a clear path to things you never knew possible. Books give insights into a lot of things in life. Because books and blogs are written by people from their own experience, you can grasp and understand life from these authors’ perspectives.

By grasping some of their ideas, you get to use the good to help your life and this is very good in investing in yourself.

4. Exercises and Yoga

Your physical self also has to be invested in. Exercises and Yoga are good ways to invest in yourself. Exercises bring a sense of lightness and confidence to your body, honestly stretching and flexing your muscles are very beneficial to you in the long run. To exercise and do yoga habitually, you have to motivate yourself to workout, you have to look beyond the pain of exercises and look at the beneficial part of exercises and what it does for you in the long run.

Exercising and doing yoga gives you self-confidence which is very good and helps you appreciate your physical appearance.

5. Pray More

As very religious as it may be, it is a very relevant way to invest in yourself. The art of prayer helps you feel at peace, you don’t only feel at peace but you also feel a sense of wholeness in yourself. Praying may seem orthodoxical to some but it is good for investing in yourself.

By praying, you are also investing in your spiritual life which has a link to other facets of your life. Praying goes a long way when investing in yourself. It is often neglected but it is very important to invest in yourself. Just praying solves and leads you to other ways to invest in yourself. It does not matter how your prayer, all that matters is how you take prayer and how it invests in your life.

You could join religious associations which help people know themselves and also helpless privileged people. By doing this you’re knowing yourself and also investing in yourself.

6. Another Smart Way To Invest In Yourself Is By Eating Healthy

Eating healthy can help optimize brain function. Eating healthy is also very beneficial to invest in yourself. Your body needs fuel to run efficiently, so be sure to serve it nutrients.

  Here are some ways to nourish your body:

  • Increase the number of fruits and vegetables going into your body.
  • Drink at least 3 litres of water daily.
  • Take supplements

7. Find A Mentor

Your path to investing in yourself doesn’t have to be a solo trip. Whether you want to be in business or education, finding an experienced mentor in your chosen industry will help you get where you want to go.

These mentors will often have your best financial interest at heart and can direct you towards a future of wealth and stability. Some tips to find a mentor maybe:

  1. Check social media for a mentor that fits your career path.
  2. Going for a program relating to your career venture.
  3. Sending cold emails to some mentors.

8. Develop Your Skills

Everyone has skills, it just depends on you finding them. Once you’ve found something you’re good at or would want to venture into, you have to build on it. Exploiting opportunities to help develop does skills. As they say, practice makes perfect!

  Some skills for developing could be:

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Digital skills
  3. Writing skills
  4. Intelligence skills
  5. Public speaking skills
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9. A Smart Way To Invest In Yourself Is By Setting Goals

Setting goals is a really good thing if you plan on getting ahead in life. Setting goals will not only help invest in your life but will also help you get ahead in life.

Setting goals could be long-term, short-term, or even challenging yourself. A way to set goals is by taking time to do things you ordinarily would not do but are very beneficial to your life. Take for instance reading 10 pages of a book each day, that would sum up to at least 30 books a year! It is really good because it helps you increase your vocabulary.

10. When You Invest In Others, You Also Invest in Yourself

You may be asking how you can invest in people? There are numerous to invest in people and some ways include:

  1. Patronize a friends business
  2. Being moral support to people
  3. Praying for people
  4. Giving a talk about your experience at a conference

These are some little ways to invest in people and by doing this you’re also doing good and investing in yourself. You may not know this, but helping people gives you a place in their hearts. So if you would want to invest in yourself, start helping people!

11. Make Money On The Side

Earning money on the side of your day job is different from creating multiple income streams. A side hustle is not necessarily about investing or saving small amounts of money. Earning money in your spare time often means developing a skill that you can offer as a service to clients.

By knowing this little difference, you can use this to your advantage by investing in yourself. There are a million and one ways to create multiple streams of income that can be beneficial to you and your clients. Some ways include freelance writing, reading for a blog, or even tutoring on subjects you’re good at.

All these are ways to earn money that also help develop your skills in the long run.

12. Learn to Say No

Most individuals believe that saying no is a bad thing and makes you a greedy person. On the contrary, saying no does not necessarily mean you are a bad person.

It is good to say no because you do not also have to agree with everything, sometimes saying no is a way of keeping your mental health in check. You do not always have to be a people pleaser to be accepted, saying no can mean you put yourself first and you appreciate yourself better.

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13. Expand Your Network

You don’t have to just work and keep working, as they say, ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. You have to go out, meet people, and get acquainted with these people you meet.

By expanding your network, you could get to meet people through friends at work or even mutual friends. These are little ways of expanding your network which can be beneficial to your life and help you invest in yourself.

A benefit of expanding your network is that you get to meet or people with different sides to life and this can help you in the future.

14. Invest In Your Relationship

This is another beneficial way to invest in yourself, you do this by paying more attention and giving more time to people who matter to you in life. You try to preserve this relationship by doing every possible thing, it could just be going out for drinks, going on a vacation, and also just going out to have fun in general.

You should always try to keep those you care about and who care about you close to you because these are people who help you in the future.

Investing in a relationship also helps you to invest in yourself.

The Point Is…

Investing in yourself is a very good thing to do if you plan on getting ahead in life. As earlier written, there are millions of ways to invest in yourself and these are very beneficial to yourself as a whole.

Most of the time when people suggest ways to invest, they are usually talking about a monetary investment. Learn how to strike the proper balance between investing time and investing money. In other words, be patient.

In other words, know when to spend and when to save, or when to invest and when to let time do its thing.