Jaba LGA, Kaduna State Postal/Zip Codes

Jaba LGA, Kaduna State Postal/Zip Codes

Postal codes or zip codes are a combination of letters and digits used for the purpose of sorting out mail. The codes are recognized globally.

When something is sent through a post office, the codes are used to determine the exact location. The codes at the end are for a specific place. Sometimes, they come in form of both alphabets and numbers. The postal codes are used by postal agencies worldwide as well as courier, logistics and delivery companies to ensure quick and efficient delivery.

The codes are also important in determining demographic information, census, and economic planning.

What is the Difference Between Postal Codes and Zip Codes?

Many get confused about the terms zip code and postal code. Are they the same thing?

“How do I look for my ZIP code?”

“Is Zip code the same as postal code”

Worry no more, we have all the answers to your burning questions.

Zip Code

Zip code is the coding system used in identifying the location and ensuring the quick delivery of mail or other deliveries. It was introduced in 1963 by the United States Postal Services and is currently used in the United States and the Philippines.

Postal Codes

The postal code is used by all countries in the world, with the exception of the US and the Philippines to facilitate the sorting of mails automatically.  Postal Codes on the other hand was introduced in 1959 and is used globally. Postal codes might contain numbers, letters and sometimes even punctuation marks, depending on the location.

Each country, state, zone or district have their own unique postcodes administered by the location’s indigenous Postal Services Agency.

The terms Postal codes and Zip codes can however be used interchangeably.

Postal Codes in Nigeria

Nigeria uses the postal code system, as administered by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST).  For the purpose of administering the Zip codes in Nigeria, NIPOST categories the country into 9 regions. The first 6 digits are determined based on the regions while the last 3 digits are dependant on the local post office in the area.

Here is a compilation of all the Zip codes and postal codes in Jaba Local Government, Kaduna State.

Ankung, 801111





Kwoi, 801111





Nok/New Nok, 801110




Sabon Gari