10 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods That Are Good for You

10 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods That Are Good for You

Sex is a vital component of every marriage. However, it is considered more like a chore for some couples. The frequency of intimacy is less and the reasons are not farfetched, ranging from the daily hustles to make ends meet, stress at the end of the day, psychological problems, etc. This negatively affects sexual intimacy. As such, looking to Nigerian aphrodisiac recipes for a solution is a good one.

Your libido is affected by several factors like social factors stress, biological factors like sex hormones, nutrition, etc. There are some foods that, if consumed, would improve your mood and sex drive. Hence, taking care of what you consume would in turn help improve this important area of your marriage.

Therefore, natural aphrodisiacs are your go-to sex drive enhancer. This is because we consume them normally for a healthy lifestyle. It becomes a win-win as it improves your sex life in addition. Amazing, right?

Below is a list of 12 natural Nigerian aphrodisiac recipes you should try

10 Aphrodisiac Foods and Drinks You Should Try

1. Watermelon

Who doesn’t like this fleshy food? Watermelon is a popular fruit consumed by many. It is appreciated for its significant hydrating property. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as water constitutes over 90% of its total composition.

In addition, research has shown that it is a very important aphrodisiac. It contains important components like citrulline, lycopene, potassium, etc.

More so, citrulline amino acid is present in a substantial amount in watermelon. This citrulline elevates nitric oxide levels in the body. This nitric oxide helps to relax the blood vessels thereby aiding blood circulation. This blood flow to the male sex organ is important for erection.

Watermelon is now known as nature’s viagra as it treats erectile dysfunction.

Watermelon can be eaten normally and can be made into a juice.


2. Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts known as Aya in the Hausa Language, have been one of the most recognized aphrodisiacs recipe in Nigeria. This is because it contains numerous nutritious components. These include vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, etc.

One of such significant nutrients is vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to be an important vitamin for fertility in both men and women. This vitamin improves sperm motility, increases sperm count, and boosts sex drive. Consumption of foods rich in vitamin E increases the level of testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is a factor for sex drive. So tiger nuts are really helpful.

Tiger nuts can be eaten in raw, dry, or roasted forms or made into a drink.

Tiger Nuts

3. Tiger Nuts Drink

Not everyone loves to eat a raw or dried form of tiger nuts. A better alternative is turning these nuts into a milky drink. It is highly nutritious and has the same effect as the tiger nuts mentioned above.

Also, to make it more nutritious, you can add other ingredients like ginger, coconut, dates, etc.

Tiger nut drink is super tasty.

How to Make Your Sweet Home Made Kunun Aya

4. Dark Chocolates

Note dark chocolates. Dark chocolates with a high concentration of cacao are important Nigerian aphrodisiac recipe.

Dark Chocolate also aids blood flow which is necessary for erection because it serves as an antioxidant. It also contains other constituents like phenethylamine, endorphin, and serotonin which put you in the right mood.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is one of the Nigerian aphrodisiac recipes you should take. They are known to have a robust concentration of potassium. Potassium is a macro element that helps to keep high blood pressure in check. This function in turn lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction.

It is also rich in vitamin A which is important for fertility by enabling better cervical fluid.

You can make your sweet potato into porridge, you can fry it, etc.

sweet potato porridge recipe

6. Avocados

Avocado is a popular aphrodisiac food. It contains numerous nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. All these constituents work together to improve the duration of sex. It also prevents premature ejaculation.

Omega 3 and 6 are vital components of avocados. Women with low levels of omega 3 and 6 lose interest in sex. Consumption of avocados helps improve this deficiency.

Avocados are beneficial to the brain because it contains monounsaturated fats

7. Almonds

Almonds are known to be very important for fertility due to their high concentration of Zinc. They’re also sources of essential fatty acids which are important for healthy libido and fertility too.


8. Ginger

Ginger is known to be a very important spice. It is used to cook food. It is also used to make drinks.

A good effect of taking ginger is that it aids detoxification and improves blood flow. As stated previously, this blood flow is important for the erection of the male sex organ. More, so, ginger is a good aphrodisiac food as it increases desires, libido, and sexual performance.

Hence, make ginger a part of your regular spices for your kitchen.


9. Dates

Date fruits popularly known to be abundant in the desert are aphrodisiacs. It contains minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. It has a high level of amino acids which improve sexual stamina.

Date fruits also help to boost the quantity and quality of sperm.

10. Red Pepper (Chili)

Red pepper chilli heats the body system thereby allowing increased blood flow. This in turn boosts erection. This is also a regular spice.


In a bid to improve sex drive and overall sexual performance, many have resorted to using various concoctions and drugs. If you ask me, I would tell you that those concoctions have negative side effects. To stay on the safer side, I would advise you to frequently consume the above Nigerian aphrodisiac recipes. They’re all-natural, available, and affordable. Consume them and notice amazing improvements.

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How to Make Kunun Zaki (Millet Gruel)

How to Make Kunun Zaki (Millet Gruel)

Today, I have come with another northern Nigerian drink for you – Kunun Zaki; Kunu meaning ‘pap’ the letter ‘n’ is added at the end of the word to show possession; and Zaki meaning ‘sweet’, together we have Kunun Zaki literarily translated as ‘pap for sweet’. Absurd right? Of course yes, but not its sweetness. In this article, I will be sharing with you my expertise in the preparation of Kunun Zaki. Stay with me.

It is worth noting that Southern Kadunas usually called Chongais and called by Hausas ‘Katafawa’ are best known for the making of this recipe. If you have tasted theirs, you will attest to this fact. Anyways, without making you wait for long, let’s quickly get into business!


You will need the following ingredients to make Kunun Zaki

3 cups of millet

Sugar to taste

2 litres of water

Spices (dried ginger, dried pepper, and cloves (kaninfari).

Now that you know the ingredients, let’s dive into its preparation:

Procedure for Preparing Kunun Zaki

STEP 1: Pick up dirt from the millet.

STEP 2: Pour the millet into a bowl or a container and wash it with water thoroughly and drain the water. Then;

STEP 3: Pour in another fresh water and allow to soak for 6 hours. If you wish to prepare this drink in the morning, you could soak it overnight. That will do just fine.

STEP 4: By now, the millet is a bit softer than its original state. Now wash the millet again and drain the water.

STEP 5: Add ginger, pepper, and cloves (kaninfari)

STEP 6: Advisably, grind it using a blender if it is in small quantity. However, for large quantities, grind it using a grinding machine (injin nika) in the Hausa language. Grind it until it turns to paste.

STEP 7: Separate the pastes into two different bowls and add a little water to both of them.

STEP 8: Over medium heat, place a clean pot and add water to it. Allow to boil.

STEP 9: Pour the hot water into the first bowl and stir it immediately (this is to avoid forming lumps) until it is thick as if you are preparing pap.

STEP 10: Cover it well and allow cooling. After cooling, add the bowl containing the second paste into it and stir it.

STEP 11: Pour it into a cheesecloth and sieve it. Then;

STEP 12: Add cold water and sugar to your taste.

STEP 1: Ta-da! Your Kunun Zaki is ready!

How to Serve Kunun Zaki

Kunun Zaki is poured in jugs and served in cups. You could take it with Cincin, Fankasau, Dublan, Buns, some even take it with bread. Because of its cheapness also, unskilled labourers love to take it together with bread to save money.

Occasions to Serve Kunun Zaki

Well, Hausas usually don’t use this drink for occasions or festivals. However, the Southern Kadunas serve this in almost all of their occasions, gatherings, festivals, etc.

How to Store Kunun Zaki

Advisably, make this recipe in the quantity you can consume now as it does not last for more than 24 hours unrefrigerated. Regardless, the moment its taste changes to sour, discard it.

On the contrary, it can last for a few days if refrigerated, but its sweetness is greatly altered.

Nutritional Value of Kunun Zaki

Kunun Zaki has the potential to improve the digestive system, protect the heart, improve respiratory health, manage diabetes, and detoxify the body as millet is the major constituent. It also contains a good mix of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin A (beta-carotene), iron, and potassium because of the cloves (kaninfari in it).

For more health benefits of Kunun Zaki, visit Health Guide Nigeria.


Now that you know how to make Kunun Zaki (Millet Gruel), you should try making it for your consumption or your family. As a Hausa person, you could try serving it on that occasion of yours that is coming soon or festival for a change. People like positive changes you know, so surprise them.

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You are always welcome to Northpad Nigeria for more local Northern Nigerian delicacies.

How to Make Sweet Home Made Kunun Aya

How to Make Sweet Home Made Kunun Aya

Hello! Our recipe for today is “Kunun Aya drink” also known as tiger nut drink. This drink is gotten from tiger nut hence, the name. The tiger nut comes in two forms – the dry and fresh nuts. Both forms are sweet on their own and both can be used in making this drink but the dry form has to be washed to discard any trace of dirt, stones, and pre-soaked overnight to regain its moisture content. 

This drink is not only delicious but creamy as well. In addition, it requires fewer ingredients and yet is quite addicting as it is filled with nutritious ingredients – trust me. There are different Northern drinks like Zobo, ginger drink but Kunun Aya tops the chart. This is definitely worth trying!


Tiger nuts




Warm water

Procedures on How to Make Kunun Aya Drink

  • Wash tiger nuts of choice thoroughly.
  • In a blender, pour in washed tiger nuts. Use a very good functional blender as nuts will be crushed.
  • Wash and cut the coconut into pieces.
  • Wash dates and take out seeds. If you like, you can soak the dates for at least 30-45 minutes. This also gives extra sweetness to the drink.
  • Wash and mince/grate ginger.
  • Add in coconuts, dates, and ginger. Ginger gives it a chilly taste.
  • Add in warm water depending on the quantity of the nuts.
  • Blend mixture till smooth, thick and creamy.
  • Get a straining cloth. In this cloth, pour in the mixture to strain out shafts from the nuts and coconuts.
  • Squeeze and wring cloth with hands to extract every liquid content from the mixture. Repeat this procedure twice.
  • Your drink is ready. Chill drink and serve when cold.

How to Preserve Kunun Aya?

Simply preserve this in a glass or a container in the fridge for up to 3 days.

When it exceeds these days, it starts to get spoil and sour. Therefore, discard when it exceeds 3 days.

If you don’t have a blender, you could take this to a grinding machine. It’s even easier if you ask me. I hope you try this nutritious drink – you’ll be glad you did!

Ways to Serve

Kunun Aya drink should be served cold as it is most enjoyable. It gives brain freeze and also relaxes the mind due to the cool effect.

Occasions to Serve Best

This creamy drink can be served in occasions like Eid celebrations. It can also be enjoyed among friends and family after lunch and dinner.

Health Benefits of Kunun Aya Drink

It is worthy of note that the tiger nuts weirdly belong to the “tuber” family like yam and potatoes. Tiger nuts are fortified with:

  • Source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and E, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. These together help in overall body health and immune system.
  • They are gluten-free.
  • They are vegan too.
  • Also, the are a whole food and as such, serves as a perfect balanced diet.
  • High fiber content.
  • You might want to opt into almond drink but these are richer in taste and benefits.
  • An aphrodisiac: It is believed that consumption of this drink arouses sexual desire and also increases sexual performance.

Now, that’s a very nutritious drink you should try – believe me! Let’s get you to how this delicious and creamy drink is made.


Kunun Aya drink is for everyone and every age as it is fortified with vitamins which is essential in our everyday lives. Try it at home, or even anywhere else. It’s always a nice treat!

Have you tried making Kunun Aya before? Tell us how you did it or what it taste like?