5 Best Investments with The Highest Returns in 2022

5 Best Investments with The Highest Returns in 2022

2021 was a year that hit the world in all aspects including finance, and a lot of people confessed that their pockets suffered a dip; even their savings had dents in them. It was supposed to be a year of recovery from the Covid 19 virus, but the emergence of the new strains threw the world into mild chaos. A lot of people went through this except investors. Investment is one of the best ways to save your and grow it over time so while a lot of us were walking into the New Year broke or with our savings in the red, investors were busy making profits. This article seeks to inform you on the best things to invest your money in 2022

To prevent a remake of that from happening, we have put together a list of the best things to invest your money in this year and despite the threat of new strains looming above us, these investment options are to keep your money floating.

They are recent and the top five out of all other options; in no particular order though.

Best Things to Invest Your Money in 2022

1. Index Fund

Investing in index funds is commonly considered as one of the smartest moves to make as an investor. Index fund refers to a type of investment that lets you monitor the market index, and gives you access to broad segments of the market with just a single fund. This means that your investment is spread across a number of assets and not just one stock.

In addition, Index Funds are low costs, affordable, and have risk control to a certain level so that even if one company crashes, you won’t lose all of your investment with it. Furthermore, Index Funds are a great way to start your investment journey if you are just starting.

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2. Real Estate

This is an investment scheme that hardly gets old or outdated. People will always need homes. The type of home which they will need varies.. Air BnB’s have been on the rise for a while now, a large number of people no longer want to lodge hotel rooms when they travel, preferring instead to rent homes, which is where you come in as a homeowner. If you are not interested in owning a property just yet, you can decide to be a flipper. This means that you buy properties at a low price, fix or renovate them and sell at a higher price. Though this could take a long period of time and sometimes, flippers don’t make as large returns as expected.

You can also decide to invest in a real estate investment trust where the trust you invest in, uses your money and that of other investors to purchase and operate properties that produce income. There are different ways you can invest in real estate, each coming with its own pros and cons so you can do further research and select the one you’d prefer after due consideration.

3. Stocks

Among the best things, you should invest your money in 2022 is stock. This is an old-time investment option that has been around for a very long time and from the look of things, does not appear to be going off anytime soon.  Stock provides growth and income to your investment; it is also considered to have the greatest potential for returns among all other options by a lot of people. You can either invest in small-cap stock or blue-chip stock.

A Small-Cap Company refers to a company that has a market capitalization of less than $2 billion. Their stocks are less expensive to purchase than larger companies. They have high growth potential even though it has low liquidity with high risk and it is time-consuming too. You need to have patience if you are investing in small-cap companies due to the time it may take the company to grow enough to make substantial returns.

Blue Chip Stocks, on the other hand, can be referred to as the opposite of Small-Cap Stocks. Blue Chip generally refers to large and well-known companies such as Amazon, Disney, etc. Due to their being well established and well known, purchasing stocks in such companies have high returns that are steady and dependable and have low risk. 

In addition, investing in stocks means you are buying a part of a company, or ownership shares, and the returns that you get back depending on the quantity of stock you buy, the company’s market value, among other factors.

A lot of companies ranging from technology, health, finance, and others, have had their stocks go up despite the pandemic so investing in stocks is a guaranteed success, provided you choose the stocks wisely and monitor closely.

4. Land

This is another investment option you can almost never go wrong with and this is because while the demand for it is high and continues to hike up every day, the supply is low. Researchers say that every day, the population of the world increases by hundreds and so, therefore, the need for more homes directly translates to the need for land.

There will always be real estate owners, individuals, companies, and even the government who are on the constant look for land to acquire. Even as a small investor or as one who is just starting, owning a raw piece of land is sure to bring in high returns when you are ready to sell and make returns.

Furthermore, a good reason why buying land is considered a good investment scheme is that there is almost no risk at all. Once you have purchased it and have the important documents, you can just let it be without any work or further spending for as long as you want. It could be weeks, months, or even years but one thing that’s constant is that whenever you are ready to sell, you will always make profits.

5. Cryptocurrency

Even if you are someone who has never invested before, we are sure you must have heard of various cryptocurrencies and forex market trading, among others, from a lot of people. Your friends, family, strangers on the internet, and sometimes, even ads that pop up while you’re browsing.

Although cryptocurrency was first launched in 2009, it rocketed to popularity in 2010 but even then, it was received with mixed reviews because a lot of people believed it would fail. Nearly 12 years now, cryptocurrency has not only risen to fame but has become so popular that it makes headlines in financial news. Understanding cryptocurrency can be stressful but this course dissects it bit by bit for you.

Investing in cryptocurrency has a high level of risk because it could crash or fall at any time, profit yields may decline, and if you fall into the wrong hands, it is very easy to get scammed. It also requires high levels of tolerance and patience due to its unreliability. There are different cryptocurrencies that you can invest in, including Bitcoin, Binance coin, Ethereum, etc.


The above-mentioned things are surely the best things to invest your money in 2022. Investment is an important way of stashing your money and having a backup fund for when you are in need or have an emergency to deal with. These are not the only investment options, but these are the top five out of all the options that we have looked at – in fact, the top ones to aim at investing in.

Remember that investment is a big deal and involves risking your own money no matter how little. So make sure you carry out lots of research and ask questions before you place an investment.

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Now you know the best things to invest your money in, Good luck!