10 Ways to Get People to Like You

10 Ways to Get People to Like You

There are various ways how to get people to like you, especially if you are not the outspoken or people-person type.

The truth is, that people are naturally drawn to others with likable characters or characters they wish to emulate.

Fun game, make a list of your friends and compare it to the list of traits I am about to show you. I bet you’d find one or more of these traits in them.

Let’s dive right in and find out 10 ways how to get people to like you.

10 Ways to Get People to Like You

1. Grow a Good Sense of Humour

I am deliberating putting this at the top of the list.

One tip on how to get people to like you is to have a good sense of humour. Now, I’m not saying you have to be a comedian or a circus clown to be likable. No!

It is in spotting the fun about a statement or an action that makes it funny. Be cool enough to spot the joke in something and laugh. Laughter is contagious.

You can be the reason people laugh because of a simple wordplay or trick. The goal is to make people find amusement by being with you.

A good laugh brightens up people’s moods. Life’s hard. Don’t be a source of boredom.

Pro tip- One of the traits a girl likes in a man is his sense of humor.

2. Be a Valuable Person

A person who has value to offer would generally be in everyone’s good books.

The big question here is, what value do you offer?

I had a tete-a-tete with a group of friends discussing what value means to them and someone gave an example. He said,

“If you want to cut your hair, you go to the barber. If you want to fix your car, you go to the mechanic. Everyone has a unique value they offer that is not necessarily tied to money”. And I felt that.

You could be a good listener or a very knowledgeable person and this could be the reason people want to be around you.

Find what value you have and cultivate it.

3. Be a Good Listener

Another tip on how to get people to like you is to be someone who listens.

I know we all love people who can spark up a room with their presence. There never seems to be a boring moment with them. Sometimes, though, all we need is someone who can sit and listen.

This is pretty true when you need someone to talk to, someone who would listen when you speak.

To be a good listener, you need to pay attention to who is talking, make facial expressions to show you are listening, and ask questions. These are simple traits you can build over time.

4. Compliment People

I believe that it’s just courtesy to see someone drip hard and compliment them, even if you don’t know them.

Someone once referred me to a gig all because I complimented their handwriting.

Complimenting people doesn’t just have to be about appearance. You can compliment them based on a noticeable feature you like about them.

“Hello, that was a nice speech you gave there. I totally love it”. Simple and short. And you are on your way to making a good relationship.

5. Keep a Smile on Your Face

” Have you seen the most beautiful of faces? It holds a smile in it” – Anonymous

If you are familiar with the Nigerian Twitter space, you’d know about an influencer called Onion Cider. Her face card never declines because she keeps a smiling face.

And that is one thing that endears people to her.

A smiling face is contagious, even if you are having a bad day. Keeping a smile on your face makes it easy for people to approach you.

6. Spend Time With People

A good way to get people to like you is by spending time with them. When you read this line, which of your friends came to your mind?

When you spend time with people, they get to see characters they like within you and vice versa. It also helps you build memories with them.

And we all love memories. It’s the reason why you take pictures, look back at them, and smile.

7. Be a Person of Positive Emotions

Another tip on how to get people to like you is to display positive emotions that people can relate to. If you can learn to see the good side of things, people would naturally want to be with you.

To constantly be positive, you need to learn how to control your emotions. You cannot always be happy or have a smile on your face.

But it is what you do when your emotions are tested that matters most!

I had finished writing an exam and the last question was after my life. After the papers, my circle gathered and it turned out, the last question was actually after all of our lives. In fact, it turned out, the last question was after the life of the whole class.  

For the first time in my life, I feared carryover. I would have gone home gloomy if not for my circle. On the day when I couldn’t be the glue of the group, they all made me see the positive side.

As I write this, I am grinning because I am glad for my circle.

8. Have an Open Mind to Learn

Accept it, you do not know everything. It was Socrates that said, “I am the wisest man on earth because I know nothing”.

Keeping an open mind helps you learn new things daily. You do not act like you know everything, even if you do. And you do not let your thoughts stop you from seeing the perspective of others.

Be open to learning from anyone, even little children. This is why conversations that end up with both parties leaving bitter do not sit right with me.

Being able to learn from others is a trait that makes people always want to be around you.

9. Show People That You Truly Care

Think of it. Would you keep being friends with someone who has constantly shown they do not care about you? I doubt it.

Showing people you genuinely care about them makes them like you. A genuine show of care can be as little as checking up on them to know how they are doing.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.

10. Talk to Them Often

I like my personal space a lot! I can spend the whole day indoors and not talk to anybody, online or offline. Just me, my laptop, and my phone. I learned the hard way, that is not the right way to live.

For people to even know you, you have to interact with them. And how the conversation goes would determine if they like you or not.

Keep in contact with your friends, and family often. Have a conversation with your professional network. These actions are pretty simple in this age of social media.


It is easy to be in everyone’s good book. If you practice these 10 tips on how to get people to like you, you are one step close to being a people person.

I’d also recommend Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to win friends and influence people”. I got most of my tips there.

Do you have any tips you’d like to work on or add? Drop your opinions in the comment section. I’d definitely be reading through.


How do I get people to respect you?

Setting boundaries, expressing confident body language, and standing up for your beliefs are some ways to get respect from people.

How do I get someone to like me over a text?

Some of the ways to get someone like you over a text includes complimenting them, playfully teasing them, and keeping your text simple, casual, and consistent.

How do I get someone to like me back?

If you like someone and you want them to like you back, you have to constantly be in contact with them, spend time with them, find out what they like, and get it for them.

How do I get people to talk to me?

To get people to talk to you, you have to keep an approachable personality and smile, and learn to keep a conversation going.

15 Number of Ways You Can Tell They Like You

15 Number of Ways You Can Tell They Like You

There are different ways to tell if someone likes you or not, but you have to be very careful not to misinterpret peoples’ gestures. Any mistake could be very embarrassing and in some cases, disastrous.

Knowing if someone likes you or not can be easy, difficult, or tricky depending on your intellect and observation skills. Nevertheless, if you want to know whether or not someone likes you, in general, here are some signs to look out for:

Ways You Can Tell They Like You

1. They like to Be Wherever You Are

It is normal for one to like to be close to their crush. There is this feeling of satisfaction they get when they are close to you. They mustn’t necessarily be beside you to feel that, but your presence in the environment they are in suffices.

2. They Make Eye Contact

One of the ways to tell if someone likes you is by making eye contact with you frequently. Making eye contact with someone could either be mistakenly or intentionally. In this case, it’s intentional; you know it is when your eyes meet and they tend to take it off you immediately and put them back on when you look away.

3. They Feel Secure

This is only applicable to ladies. There is this sense of security a lady feels when she is with the man she loves. She can go as far as been disrespectful to someone in your presence knowing that you will be there to defend her.

4. They Always Want to Hear from You

You can tell they like you when they talk to you too often physically, or send you messages or call you on your cellphone regularly. When you meet, they tell you how happy they are when they communicate with you, or you get to hear that from their close friends or family.

5. They Like Whatever You Like

If he/she is an acquaintance, they tend to like whatever you show interest in and dislike whatever you dislike that they initially do not care about. And if he/she isn’t an acquaintance, they like or dislike what you are interested in, naturally.

6. They Always Start a Conversation

Since they want to spend more time with you, they will want to converse with you more often, thus, initiating a conversation almost always at the slightest opportunity they get. They can start with any question that pops up in their head even if the aura isn’t right.

It happened to me when I was chatting with a lady some time ago, she said “Hi” and I responded, then we started conversing and there was a pause because we ended the conversation we were having. We were both online and the next thing, she sent another “Hi”. It’s obvious she wanted a piece of my time but didn’t even know how to initiate a new conversation.

It might interest you to read on 16 Tips on How to Keep a Conversation Going With Someone You Like

7. Wanting to Know More about You

Your crush will always want to gather sufficient information about you (for those who are interested in a committed relationship) to know if you two are compatible or not.

They tend to ask questions like “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”, “What are your likes and dislikes?”, “What is your ideal kind of wife?” etc. The questions may be even personal as they get to know you more.

8. Not Acting Normal

One of the ways to tell if someone likes you is when they start acting weird around you. In the case of ladies, they begin to play with their hair and/or smile and laugh at anything you say or do, and for guys, they begin to overdo things around you – things to impress you like trying so hard to be funny. 

9. They Find Everything You Say Hilarious

This is most common among ladies. Whatever you say is funny even if it is not. You know, there is the weird sound a fake laughter sounds. You can easily detect it without even trying.

10. They Keep Track of Everything You Do

You can tell they like you when they can remember every little detail about you – things that you may have forgotten you told them. Sometimes, they even remember

They remember the relationship between you and every friend of yours that you have introduced them to and/or told them about, so also, your close relatives and anyone around you. In addition, they can even remind you of your monthly cycle or your college lecture schedule!

They can do all of that and more without stress whatsoever.

11. If They Smile Unnecessarily

Furthermore, one of the ways you can tell if someone likes you is when they smile unnecessarily.

By just staring at you, you find them smiling, sometimes, uncontrollably. I believe you must have experienced that with someone you were or are into.

In a conversation, they smile not because what you are saying is interesting or you are that attractive or funny, but they just find themselves doing so subconsciously – you can tell by obvious signs of them not paying attention to you.

12. They Have Told Their Friend(s) about You

When a guy or girl likes you, they wouldn’t mind telling the world about you, most especially their friends and family. When that gets to your hearing, know that they are into you. This is one of the ways to tell if someone likes you.

13. They Tell You Personal Details about Themselves

Personal details about one are shared with someone you are very close to like a trusted friend or family relation, usually. Because they are into you and want you to be a part of their world, they share with you. Personal details like their family problems or their sexuality are very personal stuff in the Northern part of Nigeria, notwithstanding, they tell you.

14. They Find Excuses to Touch You

You can tell they like you when they try to touch you at every slightest opportunity they have got, though not common in the North compared to other regions in the country, some people do that. They always try to sit close to you or ask you to play a game that requires you to be close to them like Ludo or Whot. Your company is what they never stop craving for.

15. They Communicate Freely

Normally, you find yourself communicating freely without someone you ordinarily like not to talk of someone you are crushing on. They are not too mindful or choosy of what they say or discuss with you.


Personally, I tend to find women easier to read than men. Both sexes are driven by different things. Ladies are mostly emotionally unstable compared to men, thus, leaving them more vulnerable to be noticed by men. Regardless, just know that you have to be very careful in your judgement.

If you find this article interesting, kindly leave a comment below, and also share with us if you think there is/are point(s) I omitted. Thank you.

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