25 Wedding Souvenirs Your Guests Will Love

25 Wedding Souvenirs Your Guests Will Love

When it comes to weddings, guests look forward to food, dress, venue and of course those wedding souvenirs they’ll be taking home. I know I do. So what are those wedding souvenirs ideas your guests will love in Nigeria? I’ll tell you in a minute. But first…

What is A Souvenir?

A wedding souvenir is an item or a gift that holds sentimental value to remember and eventually by. This act of giving makes your guest feel loved, appreciated and you keep your wedding memory fresh and alive in their homes.

Souvenirs are important, no matter how little when it comes to weddings. The wedding souvenir ideas in Nigeria you should give out should be functional, beautiful and unique in their way. You don’t want to give out gifts your guest will leave lying around the house eating up space or even thrown away. Rather, you want them to use what you give, you want to keep your wedding memorable to them.

Do you want to give out a memorable yet functional souvenir to your guests? That’s where I hope this article comes in handy. I’ll be sharing wedding souvenirs ideas in Nigeria I believe to be memorable, practical and functional as well. Remember, wedding souvenirs depends on the couple’s taste, preferences and above all, budgets.

Wedding Souvenirs Ideas in Nigeria

1. Household Items

kitchen utensils
kitchen utensils

If your Mom is into weddings, you’d know this is very important cause never do they go to a wedding without coming back with such items.

And guess what?! There are tons to choose from among household items from the kitchen to bathroom and living room. It could be bathing and cooking bowls, a set of cutleries, a toothbrush holder, a rice strainer, even coloured cups. You won’t have your kids giving you a headache over who took each other’s cup as they will each have to pick their own favourite colours.

These items are indeed used daily in a typical Nigerian household and guests will definitely love and appreciate this. It’s like an old tradition that has stayed the longest among wedding souvenirs ideas in Nigeria. So, yes household items and you can find them on Amazon

2. Wall Clocks

Wall clock
Wall clock

There are adorable wall clocks you can use as souvenirs. Have it personalized with you and your spouse’s name written in it and the day you both got married.

They even make up for great decorations in your guest’s home. Purchase on Amazon at $14.88

3. Jotters/Notepads


Your guests will find this useful as they have to write/jot a few things – it could be a to-do list, daily reminders, quotes of personal reflection and many more.

Be sure to make a beautiful cover of you and your spouse, write vows if you both choose to. Have stickers to secure the front and back pages of the notepad if you can. These wedding souvenir ideas are loved in Nigeria. View on Amazon at $9.99

4. Mini Laundry baskets

Laundry basket
Laundry basket

This is the most thoughtful, functional and memorable gift of all time. I remember attending a wedding with my Mom in Jos 2019 and this was handed out to us. Mom still has 2 of them and one is still serving both me and my sister.

This basket could be used for clothes or even underwear. Guests will appreciate this and you’ll be keeping your wedding memories fresh and alive in their homes. You can buy mini- laundry baskets on amazon at $19.99

5. Mini – Umbrellas


These are small and of course, they come in handy as they are carriable. These are gifts you want to give out as guests will appreciate and find this useful when nature pours or hits. You know, rainfall and the scorching sun. View on Amazon at $9.99

6. Towels


I remember seeing a white towel in my Mom’s wardrobe and I asked where it’s from. She went ahead to tell me about the wedding she attended and that was a souvenir she got from the couple. You see right there, these couples have made their wedding memorable just by that. If you’re wondering about the towel, she didn’t give it to me, she eventually used it herself.

Giving out towels as wedding souvenirs ideas in Nigeria is thoughtful and of course functional – an everyday use.

You can find affordable Towels on amazon at $19.99

7. Scented Candles

Scented Candles
Scented Candles

This is something new and trending. I saw this in an Arewa wedding post. You know how Arewa are when it comes to their scent, incense and how they love to smell nice and have their home smell nice, lovely and welcoming.

These wedding souvenirs ideas in Nigeria will have your guests feeling loved, appreciated and of course, they will have their home smelling just as great as yours.

Another thing is, your guests can also have or create romantic moments anytime, anywhere with these scented candles. And of course, guests will keep the container as a keepsake. View on amazon at $21.99

8. Mugs


This makes a statement in keeping your special day alive.

They are perfect for wedding souvenir ideas in Nigeria as they are readily available if you’re not customizing and are always useful.

They could be personalized with you and your spouse’s name and the date you got married. Customized mugs available on Amazon at $19.95

9. Hand Fans

Hand fan
Hand fan

This idea could be taken up a notch, instead of rubber hand fans, why not try those China fans? Cute hand fans are a thing now!

This adds an extra touch to weddings. Have you and your spouse’s name written on it, it keeps the memories alive and longer.

10. Keyholders


This is simple and yet thoughtful. Remember, little things count, they really do.

Engrave you and your spouse’s name on it, the date of the wedding and add pictures if you can, a lovely one. Guests will love this and it will indeed stay with them for a long time. view on Amazon for

11. Mason Jar Treats

Mason Jars
Mason Jars

Focus on extra-sweetness souvenir ideas. This is something new and indeed thoughtful as guests could give this to their kids or indulge themselves in something sweet and savoury.

You can have mini-cookies, fruit jam, chocolates, anything in particular in the mason jar and give them out as souvenirs. Make sure to have a cute package by tying a bow using yarn or jute rope and have a label with you and your spouse’s name.

Guests can reuse these jars to store spices. With $24 You can purchase it on Amazon

12. Bottle Opener/Magnetic Bottle Opener

wine opener
wine opener

This will be useful in any home. Engrave your and your spouse’s name, the date of the wedding and choose colours you both will like.

With a high budget, hit a combo by handing out a magnetic bottle opener. This way, your guests will have decorations on their fridges. Extra thoughtful I tell you!

Buy on Amazon for only $39

13. Carrier Bags

Carrier bag
Carrier bag

Creativity should speak here! Pick colours that match the event, personalize a durable, crafty one and don’t forget to write your and your spouse’s name and of course, the date of the memorable event. You can find affordable carrier bags at Amazon for only

14. Toaster


Where are the bread lovers at? This is a wedding souvenir that will have your guests surprised, loved and appreciated. A toaster makes bread taste way better and there are lots of things your guests could do with a toaster, bread sandwich for an instant.

Have your guests feeling happy and loved as you hand out these to them in a carrier bag. View on Amazon at $29.99

15. Blender


This is another wedding souvenir idea in Nigeria that will leave your guests both shocked and excited. This serves as a dual purpose in the kitchen either in blending tomatoes or blending soup seeds like Egusi, Ogbono etc.

People also use this to blend medicinal herbs for health issues. So, what are you waiting for? Hand these nice and warm gestures to your guests, be sure to personalize them with the date of your special day. view on amazon at $52

16. Fragrance


Be it perfume or an air freshener, hand them out to guests as they will love and appreciate this wedding souvenir idea in Nigeria. They can use it at home, in their cars, toilets and closets, even on the body depends on which you’re handing out. View on Amazon at $11.99

17. Herbal Tea Bags

Herbal Tea bags
Tea Bags

Teabags are believed to help with soothing and give relief. Handing out these to guests is thoughtful. You could try chai tea, chamomile tea, and what you desire is fine as long as it gives relief and calmness to your guests. Buy on Amazon

18. Local Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap
Handmade Soap

Hand these out to guests to show appreciation towards them for honouring your special day. They can use it to simply wash dishes at home and be reminded of you. Keep your day alive and fresh in their hearts and home. View on Amazon

19. Handkerchiefs


These are sentimental keepsakes that guests will appreciate these wedding souvenir ideas in Nigeria. Customize it with the date of the wedding and your spouse’s name. View on Amazon at $8-$11

20. Trays


These are sometimes paired with cups, plates, spoons or sometimes on their own. Guest will love and find this very useful in the kitchen and for serving visitors at home.

Personalize this with labels and designs with your spouse’s name and of course the date of the special day. View on Amazon at $24.99

21. Chopping Boards

Chopping board
Chopping board

Another kitchen tool you can never go wrong when it comes to wedding souvenir ideas in Nigeria.

This will be mostly used in the home of your guests and you keep your special day alive with them. You can purchase it on Amazon at $16.99

22. Electric Hand Fan

Electric Hand fan
Electric Hand fan

Remember the China hand fan, well this is more advanced, thanks to technology. Your guests can even use this at the wedding cause of how cute and useful they really are.

Give your guests this and have them leaving with smiling faces, don’t forget item 7 too. View on Amazon at $11.98

23. Torch/Flashlight


This is another helpful gadget you can easily handle out to guests as a wedding souvenir idea in Nigeria. This will be helpful to them at home or even used by their kids at home. Purchase on Amazon at $9.99

24. Personalized Wine Bottle/Cups

Wine cups
Wine cups

Cheers to a fun and memorable celebration! There are dinner nights in weddings now and sometimes, couples throw a party. This is where you come in by having personalized cups with you and your spouse’s name on them, of course, remember the date of the wedding. Always!

Enjoy the party as guests will love the gesture. You could give out the cups in a carrier bag to your guests as a keepsake.

To purchase set of wine cups at $28, check here

25. Ankara


Wedding souvenirs ideas in Nigeria should include Ankara if you’re able to. Guests will love and appreciate this as you’re being thoughtful towards their wardrobe. It is a great idea to show them you appreciate the time they took to come through for you. You can buy it on amazon at $15

Giving out unique souvenirs as I’ve listed will show appreciation towards them and remind them of your special day – keep it alive and fresh in the little way you can.


Remember, when you give out souvenirs, you’re saying “Thank you” to your guests in your own unique way and wedding souvenirs all depends on the couple’s taste, preferences and budgets.

My most preferred wedding souvenir ideas in Nigeria will be the laundry basket, towel, fragrance (I mean, we all have to smile, don’t cha?), mugs, blender and jar treats. I mean those are treats, I love anything sweet. The reason why I chose these out of the 25 weddings souvenir ideas is that they are versatile, durable and above all, it serves purposes at home and that’s what all guest look forward to – gifts that will be used and not tossed in the store or even thrown away.

Now, see from list items 1 and 25, they are different. Lemme explain list item 25 are for couples with financial capacity while list item 1 is for couples with financial strength. See the difference? Take, for instance, the wedding of Yusuf Buhari where the souvenirs handed out to guests comprised of iphone12 and iPads

Now that’s what we call “financial capacity” while giving out other items that are affordable and not extremely extravagant and freaking expensive to your guests tells you to have the strength to appreciate them but not the capacity.

Both gifts are thoughtful and guests will be gratified but go out gifts you can afford and stay out of debt. There are a lot of wedding souvenir ideas in Nigeria, comment below if you think I missed any. Thank you!

Raising a Kid as a Single Parent in Northern Nigeria

Raising a Kid as a Single Parent in Northern Nigeria

Raising a child as a single parent is stressful. This stage comes with several unpredictable changes and takes your life off balance. You will have to make crucial decisions. Oftentimes, choosing the happiness of your child over yours. Recently, the percentage of single parents is rampant. This is as a result of a separation or divorce. Which leaves hurting scars on the child involved.

Therefore, as a single parent, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills to raise a decent child without burning out. Irrespective of your partner’s absence—although it hurts. 

How to Raise a Child as a Single Parent

1. Eliminate perfection

Expecting to be perfect at raising a child even as a single parent is the fastest route to stress. This mindset builds pressure on you and makes you liable to other forms of health challenges such as depression and high blood pressure (hypertension).

Therefore, give yourself some credit and take parenting one step at a time. In addition, don’t give in to self-guilt when you get into mistakes. Such as using violent methods to discipline your child, nagging, abandoning them to the care of someone else, or pampering them. Accept your mistakes and learn from them. 

2. As a Single Develop an Optimistic Attitude

As a parent, you are the first role model of your child. In other words, they are watching every step you take, this includes your attitude. Despite the awful situation surroundings you at the moment, you need to maintain an optimistic attitude. Your attitude influences that of your child.

Therefore, being negative when things go wrong will discourage your child from trusting you. Instead, cheer them up with positive words and an outlook.

3. Tell Your Child About the Separation or Divorce

Be open to tell your child about the absence of your partner. Keeping it a secret will tarnish the blossoming relationship with your child when they find out by themselves. Telling your child about the separation enables them to understand and cooperate with you better. However, don’t create a wrong impression about your partner before your kid, despite what they may have done.

This wrong impression may later result in resentment towards those of the same sex as your departed partners either male or female. 

4. Create a Light Schedule For Yourself

The day you become a single parent marks the dawn of an entirely new life for you. Therefore, things are not going to be the same. And you would need to adapt to the new change. Hence, you need to lighten up your schedule by erasing unnecessary activities. Any activities that add little or no value to your life are best avoided.

Whereas, there are other activities you need to engage in once a month or suspend until your kids are much older. 

5. Financial Stability is Needed 

A stable financial life will be required to keep the family together. This will require effective planning on how to utilize your monthly earnings towards the needful. The needful includes providing the necessities of life and health care facilities for yourself and your child. In addition, affording a standard school for your child and other miscellaneous.

Raising a child as a single parent requires discipline in terms of money management. This will enable you to meet up financial goals and invest your money wisely. Always have a plan B for the unexpected event and the future. Subsequently, as a single parent, don’t rely on one source of earning. Engage in various legit businesses and learn to cut your coat according to your size.

6. Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Oftentimes, your child may begin to feel the absence of your departed partner and results in emotional disorder. However, to fill in that gap, you need to spend quality time with your child. And engage in the activities that make them happy. Although there may be times you need to stay out late to make extra money.

However, don’t make that your routine which can detach you from your kids. A close, healthy relationship with your kids helps you discover your child’s passion. Likewise, their weaknesses, to help them improve. Spending quality time is one of the activities that can increase the love bond with your kids. 

7. Create a Routine and Stick With it

A balanced routine helps create an order for your day-to-day activities and that of your child. This reduces stress and encourages independence in the life of your child. So, even while you’re away for some time, your child can coordinate him/her self.

There should be a set time to perform the important activities such as a set time for shopping, cooking, doing the home chores, and exercise.

8. Set Limit to Your Action

To control the urge of giving your child whatever they ask for, you will need to set limits and stick to them. Setting boundaries is one of the proper methods of disciplining your child. This helps instruct and guide them on the right code of conduct to put on. Set a limit to what they eat, how they associate with their peer’s and the time spent on the screen.

Instead, occupy them with activities that improve their emotional intelligence and academic performance. 

9. Create a Personal Time

Your health as a single parent influences the wellbeing of your child because if you get sick, there’s no other person to look after your child to your satisfaction. Therefore, don’t become a workaholic, which causes the body system to break down. Create time; a time for yourself away from distractions. A time to relax and meditate. Also, a time to engage in the activities you love and spend time with your friends.

These sets of activities boost your immune system, enabling you to think through your problems from an advantageous perspective. Furthermore, it enhances your mental, physical, social, and emotional health. 

10.  As a Single Parent Take Decision Making Serious 

A large percentage of single parents struggle to make crucial decisions about the well-being of their families. This is because they have become accustomed to sharing ideas with their partner before concluding what to do. Therefore, the departure of their partner leaves them confused. They begin to doubt if the choices they make are right.

On the contrary, as a single parent, you need firm courage in decision-making. Believe that your decision is for the betterment of everyone. Perhaps, you’re unsure about certain decisions, consult a family counsellor or a trusted friend or family member.

11. Share With Other Parents How You Feel

When it comes to healthy parenting, no one is a superhero at training kids. Similarly, every parent needs the advice of other parents to forge ahead when raising a child as a single parent. There will come a time in your life as a single parent where you’re overburdened and feel like giving in to your challenges. During this period, staying alone often leads to depression. Instead, learn to share your feelings with others who are willing to listen to you.  

Seeking the help of others doesn’t mean you’re weak or makes you an irresponsible parent, rather, it helps you ease the burden you feel. However, you should join a single parents club or group. This helps you get advice from other parents who can relate to what you are experiencing in raising a child as a single parent. 

12. Create a Relationship Between Your Child and the Opposite Sex

This kind of relationship depends on the gender of the partner that has departed, either male or female. There is always a need for a child to feel the love of both a mother and a father while growing up. Therefore, create a connection between your child and a trusted person. A person who truly shows and represents the love that your child needs to receive from a mother or a father. This could be a family friend or relatives or counsellor.


Raising a child as a single parent can be made much easier if you take parenting one step at a time. It isn’t compulsory to get it right at first. Gradually, with time, you will succeed at raising a child without the help of a partner.

Perhaps, you have a tight working schedule to meet up with the growing family needs, endeavour to get a babysitter to look after your kids while you’re away. Meanwhile, this practise shouldn’t be a routine. This often distances you from your child, which is one of the parenting mistakes you should avoid.

Finally, share your thoughts in the comment section below.