50 Important Questions That Will Help You Know Yourself Better

50 Important Questions That Will Help You Know Yourself Better

There are questions you need to ask yourself as a person; questions that would affect the life you lead, help you focus on self-awareness and personal growth. Your mind remains blank when you don’t ask yourself some critical intense questions. In this article, you will find out 50 questions to ask yourself, to help you learn about yourself, reflect on the past and how to learn from the past, and also how to plan for a better future. These 50 questions to ask yourself would help you achieve your goals; help you find your purpose, and also teach you how to live a purposeful life. Consider the quote below:

The key to wisdom is knowing all the right questions.

John Simone

1. Who am I?

Asking this question will help you discover who you are not just externally but also internally.

2. What am I good at?

This question will help you know the things you are good at and how those things would affect your life moving forward.

3. What am I bad at?

Knowing what you are bad at is equally important. It gives you an insight into the things you can’t do well and how it affects your life.

4. What annoys me?

It is important to ask yourself what annoys you. This would help you know what to avoid in order not to be annoyed.

5. What makes me tired?

Personally, sitting in one place for a long time without doing anything productive makes me really tired and I try to avoid it. So, finding out what makes you tired is one of the important 50 questions to ask yourself.

6. What makes me happy?

Asking yourself what makes you happy is important, as you need to know the things to do or the people to be around to stay happy.

7. What are the most important things in my life?

As you move on in life, it is necessary to know the most important things in your life. This will help you stay connected to them more.

8. Who are the most important people in my life?

Be it your parents, siblings, friends, or loved ones, knowing the most important people in your life will help you know how to be connected to them.

9. What relaxes me?

Is it a hot bath, a massage, a spa date, or a good movie that relaxes you? Finding out what relaxes you is important as it helps you wind down after a very hectic day.

10. What does success mean to me?

Knowing what success means to you is important as it will help you value the core concepts of success.

11. How do I handle failure?

We all handle failure differently. Knowing how you handle yours will help you discover who and what you become when you fail and when things don’t go the way you expect them to.

12. What is my definition of a good relationship?

Asking your definition of a good relationship will assist you in determining an unhealthy relationship and a healthy one.

13. Who are my friends?

Knowing the type of friends you keep and who they are will help you better know yourself.

14. Do I love myself?

Self-love is really important, as you can’t expect others to love you when you don’t love yourself.

15. What do I love about myself?

Knowing what you love about yourself will help you build self-appreciation.

16. Do I feel worthy?

You need to constantly ask yourself if you feel worthy to be around people, or if you feel worthy to have the things you have. This will better help you appreciate yourself more.

17. How often do I appreciate myself?

After building self-appreciation, you also need to know how often you appreciate yourself for both the little and huge things you achieve.

18. What makes me angry?

Asking yourself what makes you angry is important in your daily activities. You tend to know how to try to avoid those things as they come.

19. How do I define myself?

Knowing how you define yourself is an important question to ask yourself. This is because you need to know how to define yourself before others can.

20. What am I afraid of?

We all have what we are afraid of and knowing what those things are is essential.

21. What am I scared of losing?

You need to know what you are scared of losing so as to prepare you for how you would feel when it happens. Being scared of losing something or someone is a part of our everyday life.

22. What type of person do I want to be?

Knowing the type of person you want to be will give you an insight into your ideal self. This is one of the 50 questions to ask yourself that helps you highlight who you want to be.

23. What habits do I have?

Asking yourself about the habits you have will help you determine how those habits affect others around you, either bad or good habits.

24. What motivates me?

We all need some sort of motivation in our lives, be it a quote, a movie, or whatever. Knowing what motivates you is important.

25. Who motivates me?

It is also important to know who motivates you – your family, a loved one, a celebrity, or a friend. It could even be a stranger.

26. What gets me excited?

I get excited when I hit my target. Find yours and start to live life to the fullest.

27. Do I have regrets?

Asking yourself this question is another important way to get to know those things you regret doing and the ones you regret not doing.

28. When last did I try something new?

It is important to know how often you try something new. It will help you discover if you are someone who loves to stay hidden with old things or someone who loves to try out new concepts.

29. What would I like others to remember about me when I die?

This question would tell you whether or not you are living your life purposefully and how it has affected others.

30. What plans do I have?

Knowing the plans you have is a letter for the future you, telling yourself what you want to attain as you get older.                                                                     

31. What is my dream job?

Knowing what your dream job is will assist you in planning.

32. How have I worked towards acquiring my dream job?

You need to realize that you don’t just say your dream job without working towards it. You need constant work to achieve what you want.

33. What is my passion?

Knowing your passion will help you find your purpose because your passion will push your purpose out.

34. What is my understanding of love?

Knowing what love is to you is one of the important 50 questions to ask yourself. This is because love is an important aspect of every person.

35. Do I know how to forgive?

It is hard to forgive, that I must tell you, but forgiveness is something we have to learn as human beings. Knowing if you know how to forgive is imperative.

36. What am I grateful for?

You need to be grateful for both little and big things. It’s not too much to get to know the things you are grateful for daily. You can start by writing those things down in your journal.

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37. What have I accomplished so far?

Knowing what you have accomplished so far as a person will further motivate you to do more.

38. How do I have fun?

“All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. When you don’t ask yourself how you have fun, you become the Jack in the quote.

39. How many hours of sleep do I get?

This is quite important in order to stay healthy as you need between 6-8 hours of sleep as an adult.

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40. How often do I write?

Knowing how often you write will help you know how you keep track of your progress and also everything around you.

41. Where do I see myself in five years?

This question helps you prepare for the future.

42. What are my values?

As a person, you need to know your core values.

43. If I have one day left to live, what would I do?

Knowing what you would do if you had one day left to live will help you develop a scale of preference skills. This will help you in determining the important and unimportant things in your life.

44. If I could turn back the hands of time, what would I do differently?

Asking yourself this question helps you reflect on the past, what you wished you shouldn’t have done and if given the opportunity what you would do differently.

45. What is the meaning of life to me?

Life means different things to different people. Find out what life means to you so you can know how to better live life.

46. What does my ideal life partner look like?

Everyone has a picture of their ideal partner, what they want him or her to look like and so on. Asking yourself this question will give you an insight into what you want in a partner.

47. How often do I exercise?

Some people don’t even know the importance of exercising. They believe that it’s only for people trying to lose weight. That’s a false belief because exercises don’t only help people lose weight, but it also helps people stay fit. So, asking yourself how often you exercise is important.

48. How healthy am I?

We often hear that health is wealth. Asking yourself this question will help you keep track of your health.

49. What is my definition of a good day?

You need to understand your definition of a good day, in order to know how to determine a good day.

50. Am I an introvert or an extrovert?

Asking yourself if you are an introvert or an extrovert is one of the 50 questions to ask yourself that you cannot but answer. This is because you need to find out if your actions and way of life portray that of someone who just stays indoor and acts weird around people, or someone who is outgoing and is not scared of meeting new people.

Bonus: Am I a perfectionist?

Perfectionists are sometimes misjudged as been bossy and controlling, but the truth is that they just like things done perfectly. You need to ask yourself if you are a perfectionist or someone who just settles for anything, perfect or not.


The above 50 questions to ask yourself are important in order to know how to live your life. This helps in knowing yourself better than anyone else. You get to self-examine yourself and also know what motivates you.

Once you have asked yourself these questions and you have gotten answers, you don’t just stop there. Getting to know yourself and how to live a purposeful life requires constant evaluation. This is because the more you grow and change, the more your perspectives about things change. Therefore, you need these 50 questions to ask yourself in order to grow mentally.

If you have questions that you ask yourself every day and I didn’t mention above, feel free to drop them down in the comment section. And if you have never asked yourself thought-provoking questions, the above 50 questions to ask yourself will guide you.