How to Make Sinasir Recipe

How to Make Sinasir Recipe

Sinasir recipe is one of the many sweet recipes in the Northern part of Nigeria. It tastes so sweet and delicious that it will keep you asking for more. It is basically made with short-grain rice – the one used to make Tuwon Shinkafa. Also, it is very easy to make.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into its preparation, shall we?


This northern Nigerian cuisine is prepared with the following ingredients:

  1. Three (3) cups of short-grain rice
  2. Two (2) cups of per-boiled rice
  3. Two (2) teaspoons of yeast
  4. ½ teaspoon of baking powder
  5. Four (4) teaspoon of sugar
  6. A cup of water
  7. Pinch of salt vegetable oil
  8. Onions

Procedure for Preparing Sinasir

STEP 1: Let’s start by placing the rice in a clean bowl and adding enough water inside the rice to soak for more than 3 hours.

STEP 2: Wash the rice properly. Make it look very clean.

STEP 3: Proof the yeast by adding some warm water inside the yeast and setting it aside.

STEP 4: After washing the rice, drain off the water and rinse the rice. Then;

STEP 5: When the rinsing is done, blend the soaked rice with a little water. When done, add the parboiled rice and blend it too.

STEP 6: Mix it together and stir it very well, then add a little bit of small water and stir it until it becomes very soft.

STEP 7: After then, add a pinch of salt, sugar, and the proofed yeast. Stir together until well combined.

STEP 8: Cut the onions into small pieces and add them to the batter. The batter shouldn’t be too thick or too watery.

STEP 9: Cover it up and allow it to proof for more than 2 hours. When it is done, it is time for frying.

STEP 10: Over medium heat, place a frying pan and add a little bit of oil in the frying pan. Leave the oil to fry for two minutes.

STEP 11: Pour the batter into the frying pan and allow to fry for 4 minutes. When fried, flip it up to the other side and allow to fry for 2 minutes.

STEP 12: Take it off the heat and put it inside a warmer and cover so that it doesn’t get cold. Then;

STEP 13: Repeat the previous steps until all the Sinasir has been exhausted.

STEP 14: Tadaaa! Your Sinasir recipe is ready.

How to Serve Sinasir

Sinasir recipe is served with vegetable soup (Miyan Alayyahu), Pepper Soup, and even sugar. You could also eat it with any Sauce of your choice – Onion Sauce, Egg Sauce, and the likes.

Remember to serve hot.

Occasions to Serve Sinasir Best

The tastiness of this meal makes it difficult for people not to make serve it on different occasions like wedding ceremonies, Eid-El Fitr, naming ceremonies, birthday parties, and many more.

How to Store Sinasir

Sinasir is best stored in a cool and dry place like a warmer. It can last for 2 days. It makes it last longer when stored in a refrigerator.

Nutritional Value of Sinasir

Sinasir is a good source of energy, can help reduce the risk of cancer, prevents obesity, and is a good source of protein.


As you have seen, making Sinasir recipe is very easy and when done correctly, looks very appetizing and tastes delicious. Remember, do not make it too thick or too watery or else, the batter will scatter in the frying pan.

Now that you know how to prepare Sinasir, tell me in the comments section below your experience on it.

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How to Prepare Tuwon Shinkafa

How to Prepare Tuwon Shinkafa

Tuwon Shinkafa is a northern Nigerian recipe that is prepared with the soft rice variety. You could also use the other varieties of rice to prepare it, but they won’t give you the best experience. Personally, this is my favourite of all the classes of tuwos that we have. Do you want to know how to prepare Tuwon Shinkafa? Stay with me.

This type of delicacy is consumed by almost every tribe in the north and so, it is not specifically related to the Hausa people. More so, it is very delicious as it goes with almost every Nigerian soup that you know.

Now that you know what Tuwon Shinkafa is, let’s go straight into how this Northern Nigerian cuisine is been prepared. Kindly allow me to be your guide. Not to worry, it isn’t difficult to prepare.

Ingredients for Preparing Tuwon Shinkafa

You will need the following ingredients to make Tuwon Shinkafa, depending on the quantity you intend to make:

3 cups of short-grain rice or local rice

2 litres of water (more or less)

Procedure for Making of Tuwon Shinkafa

STEP 1: Get a clean pot and put it on fire.

STEP 2: Add the desired quantity of water to it and allow it to boil. You could add a little more than the quantity you need just in case the need arises. Keep the excess water separately in a bowl before the next step.

STEP 3: Wash the short grain of rice and pour it inside the boiling water. Boil until it becomes very soft and sticky (if the rice isn’t done before the water dries up, you can add a little hot water to it, NOT cold water)

STEP 4: Use a wooding spoon to mash the soft rice thoroughly to form a soft dough. Then;

STEP 5: Wash your hand and mold the Tuwon Shinkafa into balls and put it inside a warmer.

STEP 6: Serve hot and enjoy your Tuwon Shinkafa.

How to Serve Tuwon Shinkafa

It is dished normally with Miyan Taushe, Miyan Alayyahu (Spinach Soup), and Egusi soup. Serving it with Egusi soup is my favourite. In addition, you could also serve it with other northern Nigerian soups such as Miyan Kuka, Miyan Wake, Miyan Kubewa (Okro soup), etc.

Occasions to Serve Best

This delicacy is best consumed on special occasions as festivals or eids or any get-together. In addition, it could also be consumed any day, any time – breakfast (as leftover “dumame”), lunch, dinner – just anytime is fine. It is best when served hot.

How to Store Tuwon Shinkafa

This delicacy can be stored for many days provided it is in the refrigerator and constantly powered with electricity. However, inadequate cooling could result to its spoilage.

Nutritional Value of Tuwon Shinkafa

Does Tuwon Shinkafa has rich nutritional value? Yes. Because of the rice, it contains carbohydrates needed to give us the energy to cope with the daily struggles of life.


If you follow the above procedures strictly, getting a perfectly and deliciously made Tuwon Shinkafa will be right in front of you for consumption. Now that you know how to prepare Tuwon Shinkafa, it’s high time you tried it.

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