If You See These Signs, It Is Time to Take a Break

If You See These Signs, It Is Time to Take a Break

Managing your work, family, and personal life, trying to find balance in the daily hassles you encounter can become overwhelming to your body and mind. In response, your body develops certain symptoms, these physical symptoms are collectively identified as signs of physical stress.

Stress is everywhere and it affects everyone, over 7 million Nigerians suffer from stress and stress-related issues. While a little stress is fine and can be beneficial, too much stress can affect your physical health negatively – to an extent, your life.

Stress affects both mind and body, however, for this article, we’ll be focusing on the signs of physical stress, its major causes, and how to manage and cope with these signs.

What Is Physical Stress?

Physical stress is a normal bodily reaction to changes or challenges whether they are real or perceived. When you experience such challenges, a chemical reaction occurs in your body that allows you to respond appropriately to the challenge. This reaction is known as the “Fight or Flight Response“.

Your bodily responses help you to adjust to respond appropriately to challenges. Physical stress can be beneficial to you when it alerts you of unpleasant situations or motivate you. A good example of when stress is beneficial is when you have an interview, a physical stress response will hello you to stay awake to prepare well. Physical stress can also be harmful to you when the challenges continue for an extended time without relief or relaxation.

Signs of Physical Stress

Physical stress affects your daily life, but because people manage stress differently, the physical symptoms of stress can be different in people. However, some symptoms have been identified to be common to physical stress:

When stress is left untreated for an extended period of time, it often becomes more life-threatening. And if still not treated, can develop serious physical health complications such as:

  • Back pain
  • Worsening asthma symptoms or any other chronic disease an individual has
  • Increases risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart attack

Chronic Physical stress can affect your entire body by increasing the risk of certain diseases and reducing your quality of life.

What Are the Causes of Physical Stress?

As stated earlier, physical stress develops from our daily experiences and challenges. Now since people have different experiences and challenges and also react to them differently, the causes of physical stress in people also differ. An instance is, someone could be overwhelmed by a traffic jam while another turns on his car air conditioner and turn on music, making the experience less inconvenient.

Some factors able to develop physical stress could be what we are already used to but experienced with increased intensity or it could be a completely new challenging factor. Major causes of physical stress are streamlined as:

1. Financial Problems

When you find yourself feeling guilty after buying non-essential things, feeling anxious and worrying about money, and frequently arguing with loved ones about money, there’s a chance that your stress is financially caused.

2. Work

Physical stress as a result of work is often characterised by frequent rapid heartbeat severe nervousness, sweaty or sweaty hands and legs when carrying out a specific project or assignment at work. Job dissatisfaction also plays a role here.

3. Personal Relationships

There are many causes of stress in personal relationships – social media inclusive. The natural urge to compare yourself with others can lead to the stress of feeling inferior or inadequate.

Abuse or control in a relationship, loss of a loved one, moving to a new home, lack of communication and not being able to spend much time with a loved one are other common stressors.

4. Daily Life Hassles

Day-to-day hassles are common to us such as forgetting your keys at work, misplacing an item, running late, and other common inconveniences. Normally, they are inconvenience you often look over, however, when they occur frequently or with increased intensity, they could become sources of stress for you.

How You Can Manage Physical Stress

There’s no way to avoid stress but you can manage its symptoms on your physical health by practicing some strategies that will help you maintain not just a healthy body but your mind as well.

Exercising, eating healthily, getting enough sleep, relaxing and other healthy living practices go a long way to help with the signs of physical stress.

Check out 10 Amazing Ways that Will Help You Relieve Stress Naturally.


While stress is natural and normal, when its intensity increases or duration is extended, physical and mental symptoms develop.

The physical symptoms of stress ultimately affect our health negatively, increasing our risk of diseases and reducing our quality of life. Nonetheless, some natural consistent practices can help manage the physical symptoms of stress.


How is physical stress diagnosed?

Most healthcare providers make use of questionnaires to understand the stress an individual is experiencing and how it affects their life. This is because stress is subjective, it is not measurable with tests, and only the person experiencing it can tell how it feels.

Healthcare providers evaluate physical symptoms that are related to stress such as high blood pressure and provide the appropriate care.

What happens to the body during physical stress?

Stress comes as a response to challenges or changes you experience. During Stress a chemical reaction occurs which is known as the Fight or Flight Response, this response triggers your autonomic nervous system which controls your heart rate, breathing, vision changes, and more. This response is also responsible for the signs of physical stress as listed above.

What are the effects of stress on our mental health?

Stress affects all areas of our lives, physical and mental. Stress affects the way we think (cognition) and the way we act (behavior). Common symptoms are; feelings of helplessness, inability to focus, loss of appetite and interest in activities once enjoyed, mental exhaustion, and constant worrying among others.

How do I avoid stress?

Stress is part of our lives, it cannot be prevented. However, they are daily life practices that help manage both physical and mental symptoms of stress.

Relaxing, exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, having enough sleep and rest, being positive and realistic, accepting that you can’t control everything, acknowledging the good times, and reaching out to a mental health expert are ways to manage stress.

When is the right time to reach out to a mental health provider?

It is important to reach out to a mental health expert immediately if you feel overwhelmed. A Mental Health expert will help you manage physical and mental symptoms of stress and help you go through your experience. Mental health professionals also give advice and develop techniques that will best address your problem.

10 Indisputable Signs of an Emotionally Damaged Person

10 Indisputable Signs of an Emotionally Damaged Person

“I guess it’s part of my destiny to live in this state of despair” “I’ve always known I was the problem of myself, the reason why I don’t get along with others” “why does everything seem to be working against me?”. The above statement has become the norm of our society—people living with pains calling it fate. Perhaps, you’ve heard someone say those words or you have sounded them too. This kind of person is said to be an emotionally damaged person. Unfortunately, they may portray emotionally mature signs but deep down they are emotionally broken.

Being emotionally damaged is a state where one’s feelings have been seared by past happenings or emotional neglect from those they had presumed to have loved and trusted. These occurrences often leave the victim hurt, broken, pained, frustrated, and depressed. Such a state is harmful to the well-being of any person, hence, the majority believes hurting others in return would cure their emotional suffering. However, it only makes it grow worse.

Furthermore, it tends to affect other aspects of their lives like their social and academic life, emotional coordination, and their financial budget.

Signs That Shows You Are Emotionally Damaged

1. Emotionally Damaged People Have Love Disorder Problems

Emotionally damaged person

Over the years in the state of brokenness, many develop toxic ideology towards love and the opposite sex. Some feel there is no such thing as love and find it difficult to love again. Also, they can’t relate well with their fellow humans and have poor communication skills. Subsequently, they breed unhealthy relationships due to their fears of being hurt again, such as lack of trust and commitment, suspicious attitude, and carefree attitude.

2. Negative Thought Pattern is Normal to Emotionally Damaged Persons

An emotionally damaged person

It’s already registered in their subconscious mind that nothing good can happen to them. Hence, they are pessimistic in their thought patterns, expecting bad things to occur sooner or later. Most times, they struggle to accept pleasant things when given to them. They are the types that always doubt every good compliment said to them. In addition, they prefer reading books that encourage such behavior rather than reading self-improvement books.

3. Poor Self Care Habits

Emotionally damaged woman

An emotionally damaged person experiences a feeling of worthlessness. Hence, they believe they have nothing to live or hope for. Therefore, they don’t take proper care of themselves, have poor nutrition, live in an untidy environment, and look unkempt. Sadly, many of them engage in harmful habits like taking hard drugs to forget about their pains which gradually affects their memory retention ability.

Interestingly, they won’t encourage others to take hard drugs to showcase emotionally mature signs whereas they aren’t matured.

4. Those Who Are Brokenhearted Enjoy Being Alone

Emotionally damaged person

It’s likely to see an emotionally damaged person deserted from others, they don’t associate and have no one to talk with. Even if someone wants to associate with them, they quickly assume the person is there to cause them more pain. Their daily life schedule is built upon a pattern of boredom. One of their greatest fears is rejection, hence they rather don’t associate than suffer rejection.

5. An Emotionally Damaged Person Live with the Feeling of Guilt, Shame, and Regret

Heartbroken woman

A vast majority of those who have been hurt emotionally think that what happened to them was their fault to some extent. Therefore, they are caged in perpetual guilt, shame, and regret, wishing they could turn back the hands of the clock. This attitude deprives them of enjoying life, and they can’t stay happy at their workplace which reduces their productivity at work.

6. Unexplainable Anger Revolves Around Emotionally Damaged Persons

An angry Man

Being brokenhearted makes one naturally angry with themselves and life in general. This kind of anger can be destructive because it’s backed up by pain, hurt, and revenge. This set of people are yet to learn how to recognize their emotions. Hence, they experience mood swings, this minute they are sad, next they are angry, changing from one negative emotion to another.

7. Emotionally Damaged Persons Are Hunted by their Past

An emotionally damaged person haunted by her past

Emotionally matured signs include one’s ability to forget the past and move on to a better tomorrow. However, the case is different when it comes to those who are emotionally damaged, they are always seeing flashbacks from their past. This is because they have intentionally refused to let go of the past and are always reliving the past. Hence, they can’t enjoy the present or look forward to a better tomorrow.

8. They Suffer From Low Self-esteem

Emotionally damaged person

Oftentimes those who have been hurt emotionally develop low self-esteem. They think less of themselves and deprive themselves of the necessity of life. Unfortunately, we dictate how others should think or treat us by the way we treat ourselves. Hence, it appears as though everyone they come in contact with has a problem with them, and regards them with less or no value at all.

This mindset keeps them from trying something new or going after their goals due to fear of failure. Therefore, they enjoy living the life of a mediocre or an average person.

9. An Emotionally Damaged Persons Harbors Unforgiveness and Resentment

People who have experienced hurt and pain find it so difficult to forgive those who have caused them pain. Sadly, unforgiveness and resentment are dangerous to one’s mental health and well-being in general. It makes them resentful towards others who haven’t done them wrong but have a connection or similarity to those who have wronged them.

10. Emotionally Hurt Person Are Caged in the Web of Insomnia

sad man

A vast majority of those with shattered emotions may disguise and show emotionally mature signs in public, but one thing they can’t pretend with is their inability to have a sound sleep. The inability to sleep comfortably is term insomnia. For emotionally damaged persons they spend most of their night thinking of their past which can’t be changed or devising a means of revenge. Oftentimes, since they are hunted by their past life many of them do have nightmares.


The aim of this post isn’t to make you feel guilty but that you seek help to break free from the grip of emotional pains and regrets. You should associate with helpful friends, take your self-care seriously, allow yourself to be loved again, and stay away from things that remind you of your pains. Most importantly, endeavor to see a therapist who will guide you through complete recovery and help you develop emotionally mature signs.

Perhaps, you’ve been emotionally damaged before and have overcome, what was your experience like and how did you scale through?

This Is The Right Way to Protect Your Children from Pedophiles

This Is The Right Way to Protect Your Children from Pedophiles

Did I just hear you say sexually molesting a helpless child/baby is a mental disorder? Does that mean that very soon, child sexual offenders will happily roam the streets free, after being fully acquitted from a non-guilty plea, on the cushioned grounds of insanity?

No, I don’t want to believe that our world today is agreeing with this gruesome misconduct and grievous rebellion against the laws of nature. After being termed with a ‘fancy name’ to legitimize its birth, “Paedophilia” went further to being baptized as a ‘Psychiatric disorder’; subconsciously assisting its so-called sufferers to get away with their acts.

Whatever complicated theory the world may choose to weave about ‘Paedophilia” today, the simple fact is, we need to reject this mental slavery the second it lands on our runway; starting from protecting our children from these walking monsters.

What Is Paedophilia?

Before we can protect our children from paedophiles, we need to first and foremost understand what it is, its extent, and its limits. Therefore, we will look at its basic history/evolution, definition, and signs of a paedophile/paedophilia.

History/Evolution of Paedophilia

Formally recognised and named in the late 19th century, the term ‘Paedophilia’ comes from Greek words; ‘Paidos’ and ‘Philia’, meaning ‘Child’ and ‘Friendship/friendly love’ respectively.

This term was used to describe sexual interest in mostly male adults, to feel sexual urges or engage in sexual acts in prepubescent children; that is children who have not attained puberty.

However, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders replaced the term ‘Paedophilia’ with ‘Paedophilic Disorder’ arguing that a paedophilic desire, practice, or behaviour in itself does not constitute a mental illness and that it is only a disorder when it is mentally or socially affects the concerned individual and also exerts harm to unwilling persons or victims.

Warning Signs of a Paedophile

There are no outward signs of a paedophile. In fact, they look and act very normal just like you and me. The only difference is that they are sexually attracted to children and you are not.

However, below are ten warning signs you should look out for in a paedophile; gathered from their criminal profiles and psychological studies. Remember, they do not make one automatically a paedophile, but should be enough to make you as a guardian be cautious:

  • He is a victim of molestation before himself
  • He is most times someone close to you; a relative, friend, co-worker, neighbour, and so on.
  • He is always around children or has work related to children.
  • His environment is decorated in childlike décor that will appeal to the age and sex of the child he desires and not scare them away.
  • He is very patient. He spends time as much as possible with your child, constantly giving them gifts, prolonged hugs, and attention. In other words, he grooms both you and the child to trust him.
  • He watches or masturbates to child pornography.
  • He talks to or treats children like adults.
  • Also, he is mostly friends with single mothers or women who lack sufficient male support in their lives.
  • He has an impeccable reputation and good manners or a mental illness such as a mood or personality disorder.
  • He is always on online platforms popular among young adolescents.

How to Protect Your Child from Paedophiles

We have understood the concept of paedophilia and looked into the warning signs of a potential paedophile. Now this will help us in delving head-on into ways we can protect our children from falling victims to their traps. Ways you can protect your child from a paedophile include: 

1. Educate Yourself about Them

You need to be aware of the traits and behaviours of a paedophile before you can be able to protect your child. Most criminals like rapists, armed robbers, serial murderers have similar patterns of behaviour and regularly devise new ways of achieving their aims.

Arm yourself with regular updates about the latest trends in use by these sexual predators so that you will not be taken by surprise. 

2. Educate Your Child to Keep Private Parts Private

Distinguish appropriate and inappropriate touching for your child. Let him know that there are good touches and there are bad touches. Your child should know that a high five or a pat on the back is different from a butt squeeze or a kiss on the lips or tongue.

Also, do not stigmatise teaching your child from an early age about the concept of private parts. Let your children understand that certain places in their bodies are not for the public. Go further to protect those places for them from view from people when bathing or dressing them up. This includes family members also.

In addition, constantly remind them by saying things like; “Listen to me sweetheart, do not allow anyone to see or touch you here and here. Whoever asks you to show or touch it, run straight to me and tell me”.

This will keep your child alert and inform them that there is something wrong when someone tries to see or touch their privates.

3. Teach Your Child to Not Talk to Strangers or Follow Them to Places

Paedophiles usually observe a child they are interested in and work tirelessly to isolate them from their peers. They appear where they usually play and talk to them until they become a familiar face even if the child doesn’t know them. When they establish familiarity, they lure them to isolated places, have their way, and later disappear without a trace.

Discourage your child as much as possible to feel at home with strangers. 

4. Teach Your Child to Inform You about Gifts

One of the popular ways paedophiles get to children is by giving them gifts. Generally, discourage your child from accepting gifts all the time. “I will give you a packet of sweets if you let me see or touch you in this place” is an example of phrases a paedophile uses. For the average child, this feels like a relatively fair deal if they don’t know that these are not things to bargain with.

Also, whenever someone presents your child with a gift, encourage them to first show you before accepting or consuming it. If you notice any abnormal way in the gifts or manner which they are given, ask your child questions like “Did he ask you to give him a gift in return?” Questions like this will help you understand the true intentions of the giver.

5. Supervise Your Child Regularly

Whether your child is alone or not, engaged in a playful activity or another; make sure you regularly show up in places where your child spends long hours on their own or with other people. Be positive that there are no short or long-term disappearances from where your child is engaged in an activity.

If left with a friend, family member, co-worker, or nanny, take breaks from work or what you are doing to check up on them regularly through phone calls or visits. 

6. Do Not Leave Your Children Alone At Public Places

At a birthday party, wedding, or shopping mall, keep your eye on your child at all times. Sexual molesters use these gatherings to snatch children away and force them. Also, watch out for onlookers who are always present at children’s gatherings without having an actual reason to be there.

Also, refuse to send children to open doors when the door rings or send them on errands where they have to pass secluded places. These sexual predators are everywhere waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch your child.

7. Be Your Child’s Friend

Build an environment that is emotionally conducive for your child. Listen to their concerns and do not make them feel judged or ashamed. Remember, child molesters often use threats to keep your child quiet about the atrocities they constantly do to them.

Your children can only overcome that threat or fear instilled in them if they feel you can protect their interests after they disclose their secrets to you. Typically, child molesters target children who do not get much attention from their parents and act only after gaining their trust and friendship.

Be friends with your child; share your own thoughts and feelings, have open and honest conversations and they will never feel threatened or afraid to tell you their secrets.

8. Notice When Your Child Is Acting Differently

Is your child behaving in a withdrawn manner around a certain person or cringes when you brush past their privates during bath time? Try to know your children’s regular pattern of behaviour and watch out for any changes. Do not ignore them.

Constantly ask your children how their day was at school, how the outing with an adult went, or why they are not playing with their friends. “Did you fall and hurt your buttocks?” Asking these questions regularly will keep the lines of communication open to bring up any answers to such matters.

9. Trust Your Child’s Instincts

Do not dismiss your child’s claims about not wanting to be around someone simply because you feel that someone is too virtuous. Children have the best instincts and if they do not feel comfortable around someone, do not force them. 

10. Monitor Your Child’s Internet Activity

Children at a very young age these days are allowed to handle and operate gadgets. Alas, this has proven a favourable decision for paedophiles online who stalk social platforms and chatrooms popular among children; sending them pictures to entice them before finally luring them into an open meeting.

As a guardian, establish internet rules; regularly monitor your children’s online activity by asking them about people they meet and by checking it out on your own.


We must do our best to protect our children from harm at all costs. Say again that molesting a helpless child/baby is a ‘mental disorder’ and we will echo in unison the death of those who deservingly need to be punished for their acts. 

Sexually molesting a child is a crime against mother nature. They wish to speak up for the rights of mental health of people that engage in these gruesome acts – acts of sexually molesting children including babies of only three weeks old. Meanwhile;

Who is standing up for the mental health rights of children sexually molested every day?

With These 9 Signs, You Will Know If You’ve Found Your Soulmate

With These 9 Signs, You Will Know If You’ve Found Your Soulmate

It is obvious that people are different because we are a product of our mindset, likes, family, environment and so on. We tend to behave or give priority to things depending on who we are. How a relationship and marriage is, also depends on that. And again, we all want to be with our soulmates eventually, don’t we? In order to ensure a happy relationship or marriage, you need to look out for the below-mentioned signs that you found your soulmate.

Let’s go right into them!

Signs to Look Out for to Ascertain If You’ve Found Your Soulmate or Not

1. You Share Almost the Same Likes and Dislikes

One of the signs that you found your soulmate is when you have almost the same likes and dislikes. You should put it at the back of your mind that it’s not possible for you to find someone having exactly the same likes and dislikes as you, but make sure they have the majority of your likes, most especially what you know you can’t compromise on.

Check if they like doing the things that you love to do during your leisure time. More so, check if they have the same passion for something that means so much to you. Ascertain whether or not they are good to go on this aspect.

You found your soulmate if they have the greater percentage of your likes and dislikes. If not, most especially on the most important ones to you, you haven’t. I advise you to search elsewhere.

2. You Have a Compatible Genotype

Genotype is one of the tests that every couple intending to settle down should undergo or take. Ascertain whether or not if you guys are compatible by taking the test. If the result turns out to be AA + AA, you are good to go, AA + AS, good to go, and AA + SS, good to go as well. However, if it turns out to be AS + AS, it’s a disaster, AS + SS is an atomic bomb, while SS + SS is a weapon of mass destruction.

So, if the result comes out in your favour, you have found your soulmate in that aspect, nevertheless, if it isn’t, you haven’t.

The result of this test is very paramount because it will affect the children you both are going to have. In general, if you are AA, you can marry any person with any other genotype, but if you are AS or SS, make sure you look for someone with AA to settle down with, else, the possibility of giving birth to children with sickle cell is very high.

You wouldn’t want that, would you?

3. You Have the Same Idea of a Family

The idea of what a family is differs from one person to another. To some, a family is one with a husband and wife with many children while it’s the one with fewer children to some. Others may see it as one comprising of just a husband and wife without any children.

Regardless of how people see it, ensure that the person you intend to settle down with has the same idea of a family like you. I beg you not to compromise on this in order to avoid a lot of ugliness later.

Congratulations if you’ve found your kind of person in this regard. This is surely one of the signs that you found your soulmate.

4. They Are as Religious/Social as You

This is another very important sign to look out for if you want to know whether or not you have found your soulmate. Check out if they are as religious as you or as social as you’re. If they are, you’ve found your soulmate, and you haven’t if otherwise.

As a religious person, you will love to have a family that your religion’s ethics and rules are the ones governing the affairs of your family and nothing else. And as a social person, you would love to be spontaneous; the traditional or western ways of life will be your choice of how you want your family to be. You wouldn’t want something else, would you?

I pray the one you will find or already are with is your type.

5. Their Family’s Ethics Are Just like Yours

The kind of family one is brought up in has a great influence on the kind of person they turn out to be, mostly. Whatever is obtainable in your family is what you see as normal and any other way is abnormal. This is because each and every family have their ethics and the way they do things.

For instance, in most northern family settings, strangers are not allowed into houses without any permission. Even with permission, you can’t just barge into the house without any prior notice that you will. In some other families, you are free to come in and go out of a house as you please.

Regardless of how your family is, as long as that’s exactly what you want, ensure you find someone with the same type of family. If you find that kind of person, you know they are your soulmate in this aspect, and not if otherwise.

6. If You Happen to See a Friend in Them

Your partner is someone who is expected to be your friend. Relationships that began with friendship tends to last longer than those that didn’t. If they are your friend, they will tend to understand you more; you can also laugh, play, and crack jokes together – do a lot of fun things together. Life is too short so why don’t we just enjoy it while it lasts?

If you don’t’ find a friend in them, all those listed cool stuff cannot be achievable. The house is going to be so boring. Trust me.

Ensure they are your friend and not just your partner. This is undoubtedly one of the signs that you found your soulmate.

7. When They Are Very Caring

The heart tends to love the person that cares for it. Your partner is caring to you if they care and support you in whatever positive thing that you do. This behaviour is aimed at reducing your distress or problems and supporting you in coping with your efforts in situations of either threat or challenge. It also entails them preserving and protecting your wellbeing regardless of whether they are accompanied by care and concern or not.

In marriages, there are lots of ups and downs – misunderstandings and fights, happy moments and miserable ones. If they are caring, they will make you feel more valuable and loved in happy moments and less miserable in moments of distress.

Therefore, if your partner is caring enough, then you have found your soulmate. If it’s otherwise, I advise you to quit the relationship.

8. They Always Put You First

We all have lots of things to do which are very important. Well, the idea of how ‘important’ something is to one differ from one person to another depending on how they see it. Regardless, however busy they are, they must try and create time for you and just you. You should also be at the top of their preference list. This excludes situations where they need to put you behind some things.

For instance, they have this promotion examination in their workplace and you need them close to you because you are somewhat ill or lonely. Or say, they have school fees to pay or house rent and you need to buy an item of clothing for pleasure or whatever reason it is. Of course, those problems surpass yours.

In general, you should always be put first in whatever that is obviously less important than you. If they always put on one complaint or other to avoid you, you haven’t found your soulmate yet. However, if they always put you first, my dear, you have found your soulmate.

9. They Appreciate Your Every Little Effort

Everyone needs to be shown gratitude whenever they do something good. Your partner should always appreciate your every effort however little it may be. For instance, when you stock her store with foods stuff, buy her fancy clothes, or even pay her bills – even though it’s kind of your responsibility, she should be grateful and show appreciation towards that effort. And as a lady, when you make up for him, dress and smell nice, buy him gifts on occasions of relevance to him, he should thank you enough too.

This is surely one of the signs that you found your soulmate.


Soulmates are trucks of joy. They are the best things that can ever happen to anyone. If you’ve been with one before, or know someone who is with their soulmate, you surely will testify to this assertion.

I advise before you embark on any relationship or marriage, ensure you look out for the above-mentioned signs that you have found your soulmate. As I said, you can’t find someone exactly like you, nowhere in the world does that kind of person exist. However, ensure they have the majority of the mentioned attributes.

Kindly tell us what you feel about this and also tells us other signs one can tell that they have found their soulmate in the comments section below. Thank you.

Ladies Check Out These 10 Signs to Know If He Loves You

Ladies Check Out These 10 Signs to Know If He Loves You

There is nothing as heart shredding for a lady to be with a guy who isn’t serious about you. This isn’t healthy for anyone irrespective of gender. It hurts more than a cut from a knife upon discovery. I am sure most of us have had this experience. This is why it is risky too as we would say catch cruise with the matter that concerns the heart. As a lady, it is important to ensure that you’re dating who is dating you. Do not date by assumptions. It will end in premium tears. We will be looking at signs that the brother you’re with is serious with you and not just having fun at your expense.

1. He Makes Plans with You

When a brother does this, it is a clear indication that you are in his books. Every responsible man in a relationship makes plans with his girlfriend in mind. Whatever he does, he does for the two of you. You wouldn’t be shocked to discover that he has done things without involving. If this happens, then Oga no get you for mind.

2. He Makes Efforts to See You

He can’t be in love with you and not want to see you. It isn’t even possible. Forget hard or tough guy, any man that is serious about you would always make efforts to see you. Even if you’re in Maiduguri and he is in Abuja or so, he would take time to have you come over or come to see you. A man can always go any length to see you if he is serious about you. If he makes efforts to see you then my sister, you’re in a serious relationship.

3. Always Want to Call or Communicate With You

If Malam calls you or always wants to reach out to you then he is so serious about you. If you’re the only one calling and he gives you flimsy excuses for not calling or missing your calls, my dear, you’re dating yourself. When he is serious about you, he would want to give you a breakdown of his day and share his schedule for the day with you. Gerrit?

4. He Must Show Signs of Jealousy

Any man who is in love with you must be jealous particularly when he notices that another guy is getting close to you. If the guy you’re with doesn’t show any iota of jealousy, then forget it, he isn’t serious about you. No man wants his treasure to be taken away not by another man. Well, I’m not in support of obsessive men that might hurt you. Nope! The point is any man who is serious about must show signs of jealousy.

5. He Apologizes When He is Wrong

Any man who is in love with you and sees you as a matter would apologize to you when he is wrong or when he wants peace to reign. If he is acting all tough and looks for a way of blackmailing you instead of apologizing to you, just take your tenth elsewhere and pitch this land isn’t yours. Gracias!

6. He Wants to Learn About You

When you’re dating someone you have to learn about the person by asking questions because humans evolve daily. We drop and pick up new habits on a daily basis. If he is serious about you, he would want to learn more about you either by asking questions or observing you.

7. Have You Met His Family Yet?

This question is very important. The minute he literally stops using the gate with you, that is when it is obvious that you’re in a serious relationship. Please, don’t go pressurizing someone you just started dating to meet his parents. That is a trait of a desperate being and he will run. If he is serious about you, he will certainly take you to his family if you guys have been together for a while.

8. You Will Have a Say Too

It is only one who isn’t serious about you that wouldn’t give a cent to how you feel and allow you have a say in the relationship too. Most guys who aren’t serious about you will want to be the ones making decisions for both of you; whatever you say or think wouldn’t matter. This is surely one of the signs that he is serious about you.

9. He Wants the Best for You

Any man who is in love with you is aware that if you achieve greatness, it rubs off on him so he would want to be supportive and ensure that you get the best in this life. If he is serious about you, then brother would want the best for you. But if the case is different, then you’re being played.

10. When He Asks You Out

This should have been number one. Anyone serious about you will do the needful by asking you and not just flirting with you. If all he does is flirt with you and refuses to ask you out, then you should move on with your life. He isn’t serious about you.


You see these signs that he is serious about you we have given? Abide by them and save yourself from wetting your pillows with tears at night. Thank you for your time.

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