My Visit to Kajuru Castle

My Visit to Kajuru Castle

A few days after the night Rihanna turned down my proposal of being her boyfriend because of her commitment to her new boyfriend – which plunged me into emotional chaos, I decided to embark on a trip to Kaduna state to get over the issue. This is because I couldn’t stop thinking about it, blaming myself to have wasted time before I could come out to tell her about the kind of love I had for her.

I got to Kaduna from Zaria around 12: 00 pm on the 11th of December 2021, to the open arms of my brother and his family. Shortly after the razzmatazz of my return, I retired to the room which I was known for any time I visit lying on my back, staring at the white thing that hung the ceiling fan in it and did not when a wave of nostalgia swept me back to the innocuous yet obnoxious night.

Lost in thought, it was the finger tap from my brother that yanked me back to reality. With some beads of sweat that trickled down my face when I sat upright. It was obvious for my brother to tell something was budding me which I wouldn’t capitulate to, no matter how many times he pressed, which I thought it would be preposterous to tell him.

When we had finally let the matter fly, he said he came to ask if I would be interested in joining them on an adventure visit to the Kajuru Castle there in Kaduna State. Before I could even say a word, he concluded that I would like the place because of the elixir of life it encapsulates – the building, the climate, the vegetation, the crocodile guarding the gates, the stainless steel majestic pool of the Castle, etc. But before I knew it, he succeed in convincing me when I concord to joining them.

However, when I had freshened up and got myself ready to join the Badmus Family in the living room to set out for the trip, my Brother’s wife proposed if I would like to scarf down some food before we leave. Without shilly-shallying, I gleefully embraced the proposition and sat right in front of a plate of pasta, doing justice to every fork. When I was through, we all set out in the car to commence the journey to the Camelot in Kaduna State, which I was told would take about an hour to get there.

When we got to the Castle, we were required to pay at least an hour tour of N10,000 for us to access the whole of the Castle, after which, we were taken on a tour around the castle by the Castle Ghost, taking his time to reveal some important things about the Castle.

Through the Castle Ghost, we got to know that the Kajuru Castle which is on a mountaintop in Kajuru was built in 1989 by a German expatriate who lived in Kaduna at the time. It was said to be located 45 kilometers from Kaduna state.

The castle, which architectural style is European, is styled in a medieval manner, which attracts tourists. It was said that the medieval Structure has won the castle the best tourist attraction in Nigeria.

The castle is equipped with four dungeon rooms and a larger master bedroom that allegedly was said to have the biggest bathtub in Nigeria. I must say, there are so many unique features that only firsthand knowledge can fully explain about this particular castle that looks like the one that was projected on the screen as Camelot in the movie Merlin, but among which is the standing knight armour with its sword, bookshelves, bow and arrow, large chair for sitting and a small center table.

Seeing how large it was, I was forced to ask the Castle Ghost the number of people the place could accommodate at once of which his answer was 150 people. However, he said that was one of the unique things why it is so popular for group vacations, honeymoon getaways, pool parties, and other similar occasions. Furthermore, he said due to the limited number of rooms in the castle, it may be limited the population to ten people, of which there’s also a kitchen, sauna, and everything else they will need for a night or perhaps a weekend stay.

My brother thought it would be ideal to spend at least a night in there, which made him ask how much it would cost if we were to spend a night in the Castle. As eager as he was to spend a night there, he gave up the idea when Ghost told him that a night for the five of us would cost us N150,000 while spending a weekend at the castle would cost N270,000. Quite pricey isn’t it? But the interesting thing is that the castle would belong to us within the time frame. 

Even though my Brother had already given up the plan, the Ghost suggested we could come back some other time if we wanted to pass a night there because our feeding would be sorted out by ourselves, as there was no reservation for that.

After about some minutes, we were told that our time subscription was up, which implies that it was time to go home. I must say visiting the Castle was a new experience for me as I was flushed with the joy and ecstasy of the Castle. As an elusive joy seeped into my heart, I forgot I was ever heartbroken before I visited the Castle.

But does that make me forget the pain completely? Stay tuned…

30 Days Challenge for Self-Improvement and Personal Development

30 Days Challenge for Self-Improvement and Personal Development

The goal of participating in this challenge is to better yourself, self-improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I know along the line, some may stop but I promise you, you’ve got nothing to lose but more to gain. This challenge is aimed towards finding inner peace, discovering oneself, challenging oneself, and as a result be a better person. Give this challenge a go as it takes just 30 days to see the impact in your life. You can write it down in a jotter, place them somewhere close to your bedside, design a board, or set an alarm to remind you. Now, transform your life with this December challenge in 2021.

Let’s go!

December 2021 Challenge

Day 1: Set a Goal for This Challenge

Hello! I don’t know what your goal for this challenge is but now is the time to decide on one or two.

What is your goal? Work on this and come to a decision because this will motivate you towards bringing your best to the table.

Do you want clear skin? Do you want abs and biceps?

Are you intending to start a workout routine?

Or do you want to work towards a new degree?

Set that goal now!

Day 2: Set Up a Morning and Evening Routine

What’s a December challenge in 2021 without a routine? Having a routine will help you in working towards that goal and also it becomes a habit in the long run.

Have tea at 9 am.

Read a book at 10 pm.

It could even be something with more activity but always come up with something you want to make sure you do every morning and night every day.

Day 3: Meditate for at Least 30 Minutes

Meditation is the sole act of focusing the mind on a particular thought, object, or activity to train attention and awareness, to achieve a mentally clear and emotional, calm, and stable state.

You should incorporate this as a part of your morning routine as it helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

See the importance of medication.

Day 4: Make a List of What You’re Most Grateful for in This December Challenge 2021

This is quite easy and not much of a hassle. There are many things in life to be grateful for and being alive is the most important. Make a list of things you are most grateful for and reflect on them every now and then. This ultimately motivates you to not give up on that goal you’ve set for yourself.

If you’re having trouble proceeding with this challenge or making this list, then check out the 50 important questions you should ask yourself.

Day 5: Go Healthy for This Month

Do away with soft drinks this December.

Give up on junk foods and other foods that are bad for you.

Go without alcoholic drinks.

Also, you can go without starchy foods for a month. I mean, this is a self-improvement and personal development December challenge in 2021, so I had to include health in it.

Challenge yourself to take out junk, sugar, and alcohol from your diet for this month. Let’s go!

Day 6: Read a Book or at Least 50 Pages

There are books for this challenge, for growth, inspiration, motivation, and many more. They are indeed the best when it comes to attaining self-improvement and personal development in one’s life.

An interesting one I’ll never forget and would like to recommend is Attitude is Everything by Keith Harrell.

You should definitely purchase one online or get a hard copy.

You can read books that help you become smarter or books that help you find inner peace, your choice. Whatever you do, just make sure you read a book.

Day 7: Challenge Yourself to Do Something Creative

When it comes to self-improvement, your mind should be open to creativity and brainstorming –be it painting, drawing, just anything. Do something that gets your mind to think out of the box.

Try to make it fun though.

Normal is boring.

Day 8: Ask Yourself the “What do I want in life?” Question in December Challenge 2021

This question when answered by you either motivates or encourages you. It does no harm at all. Determine what your career goals should be, what your passion and hobbies are, what gets you going, and what fulfils you.

Write them down and let them be your ultimate guide to self-attainment.

Day 9: Decide on a New Goal

I know, that was fast. It’s a week already but a week of purpose. Now, set up a thing or things you want to get done for the coming week.

Week 1 was about setting a goal or goals which you must have in mind now. Now, this week must carry a new goal. Decide what you want. Good luck with that.

Day 10: Create a Vision/Dream Board

A vision/dream board is a collage of images, pictures, words, and affirmations of one’s dream and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

This board gives you the ‘my vision/dream will be a reality’ feeling as you see it every day and it kick-starts your day with positivity. Make sure to add images, throw in quotes, cut out pictures, and make the board attractive and realistic to look at every day.

Day 11: Walk Down a Self-Discovery Lane

“The challenge is in the person in front of the mirror” they always say.

Look at yourself, know yourself, and discover who/what you are. For me, it took a long while to realize what my talents are but right now, I’m doing just that and I’m getting a handle on things by making things better. It’s been fun, worthwhile, and worth it.

Discover yourself and that will be the greatest thing you’ve accomplished and that will be the guide you need to take the next step towards growth, self-improvement, and personal development.

Day 12: Listen to Educative Talk Shows and Podcasts

Music is one way to relax. That I know but sometimes, switch things up a bit. Listen to educational shows and podcasts that are inspirational and motivational.

They uplift and encourage you to do something. Give this a try.

Day 13: Try Yoga in This December 2021 Challenge

Like meditation, yoga is the next thing you need for mental health and alertness. There are different yoga programs you could look up online.

Check one out and indulge yourself in it. It’s either going to be yoga for you or meditation.

Day 14: Spend Time Outside

Do you know that 10 minutes walk you see people do in the movies? Yes. That is the boost for your mind, mood, body, and soul. It instantly uplifts you when nature hits you or you see beautiful sceneries around you.

Indulge in this when you can and I promise, it will definitely brighten you up or maybe meet the love of your life outside. Who knows?

Day 15: Try Something New

Like I said, instead of music, try an educational podcast. Trying something new is the trick you need sometimes to discover yourself in one way or another. Try something new once in a while helps you discover yourself more, what you like and do not like, what makes you happy, and what irks you.

There just might be a hobby out there for you that you haven’t realized. You just have to figure it out. If it’s something productive and of great service and benefits to people, then just set up a business or give help to people. Be kind.

Day 16: Make a Decision

Now that you’ve discovered yourself, what are those bad habits you want to get rid of, and what are those you want to improve on? What makes you a better person and what doesn’t?

Work on this and make a decision as this is a challenge for self-improvement and personal development. You really should work on those characters.

Day 17: Ask Yourself Where You Want to Be in 5 or 10 Years?

I want to be married.

I want to be a renowned writer/author.

I want to be a model.

Take a big look at this and picture it. Start planning how you are going to get there, what you should do to be there, and what sacrifices must be made. Take baby steps towards them.

Day 18: Challenge Yourself to Do Things Alone, Just You

Self! Alone! Solo! Just you, YOLO!

Walk on this self-improvement path by challenging yourself to do things alone. Go out alone, do things you do with friends alone, go on a date with yourself. This makes you a happier person as you tend to get comfortable with being by yourself all alone. Single life rocks.

Day 19: Keep a Journal

Okay! This isn’t old school or anything odd, I keep one myself. Keeping a journal is extremely important, most especially with regards to mental health. Write about anything and everything, every feeling, and accomplishment.  Keep check about yourself and your life.

This makes things clear to you. Also, you gain control of your emotions and you begin to discover yourself. It takes time but baby steps, yeah.

Day 20: What Do You Want to Achieve in Life?

I want a car.

I want a medal.

I want to be famous.

Have a bucket list? Write them down and work towards checking them off slowly but surely.

Day 21: Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

“If you’re in your comfort zone, you’re not growing” the saying goes.

This is self-explanatory. So, do at least one thing challenging and less comforting every day.

Day 22: Travel to a New Place as a December Challenge 2021

This is one of the best ideas when it comes to self-improvement and personal development. This gives you the opportunity to do not only new things but also see new places, check out new areas, find yourself and of course, try out new food. In the long run, this will give you inner peace and inspiration towards the way you see and appreciate life.

It may interest you to see these Northern Nigerian foods everyone must try at least once.

Day 23: Exercise for at Least 30 Minutes

If you want to attain self-improvement and personal development, exercising should be your go-to. It boosts your mood, gets your heart pumping too (I hear it’s a good thing).

For me, I go to the gym sometimes on Saturdays, and that’s a good start.

Day 24: Write Down Your Dreams and Aspirations

Do you have a list of dreams and aspirations? Write them all down, there’s never a dream that’s too big. Write down what you want in life and out of life, figure it out and at the end, work towards achieving it.

Make a list of what you want to do towards aspiring to that dream; do you want to start photo freelancing to get a model agent or do you want to post about food online to eventually be a food blogger?

Take realistic steps, and work towards them.

Day 25: Get to Spend Some Time with God

Get spiritual yo! Take a time to pray to your Lord, Jesus, or Allah. Say your thanks and tell Him what and how grateful you are. Say what you want Him to help you with and believe.

In our everyday lives, things get tough but let’s never forget our Creator.

Day 26: Positive Talking

This is something I did at home once I think and really, it did what I wanted it to. I wrote in a paper and placed it on the mirror:

“You’re great. You’re beautiful”

It was something small but with a huge magnitude. Saying it during those days made an impact in my life and I love every moment. Write the words you want to say to yourself every day and say them every day.

Go in front of the mirror and say positive words to yourself. This helps to build confidence and boosts your self-esteem. In the long run, it helps with self-improvement and personal development.

Day 27: Practice Positive Statements

These are words of affirmations to oneself, words of encouragement, and determination. Try to make this a daily habit.

If you can’t find words or come up with for yourself, look them up online. There are a bunch of words of affirmation towards achieving self-improvement and personal development.

Day 28: Avoid Social Media for a Day

Uninstall an app if you really can’t stay without your phone. That’s a challenge for self-improvement and personal development if you can’t stay without it.

This is a hard challenge, I know but really, take a check out of social media for a day.

Day 29: Pamper Yourself


Treat yourself to something nice and exotic. Maybe a bubble bath, go to the beach, a spa, make a vacation plan as you write down your goals for the coming month and year.

Day 30: Set a Goal for the Rest of the Year in December Challenge 2021

Have goals and a plan for the rest of the year. Career goals, finance goals, life goals, marriage goals, couple goals, fitness goals, more challenging goals. Everything goals.


There’s no particular order to take this December 2021 challenge as the numbers could be done for any day.

Congratulations! As you’ve partaken on this journey to self-improvement and personal development. I’m sure that was challenging for you, but that’s the goal there. I hope you’ve made a list for the months to come.

Kindly drop a comment in the comments section below if I missed anything. Also, do let me know which one are you doing. I am eager to know!

Top 10 Essential Travel Items Every Traveler Needs

Top 10 Essential Travel Items Every Traveler Needs

When considering what top 10 essential travel items to add to your travel bag for a trip or a holiday, it can be overwhelming in the blink of an eye. You’re conscious and confused about what to include and what not to, what is needed the most and the least. You most definitely don’t want to forget something so you don’t buy them when you get to your destination –planning on staying budget-friendly.

Relax! I’m here for you. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the all-time travel essentials you need to make that packing easy.

Essential Travel Items You Should Always Pack When Travelling

1. Earpiece/plug

This is my all-time favourite and go-to when planning to embark on any journey. They are essential as they help to block out noise from strangers and also for entertainment.

With these also, you could get an amount of sleep to rest before you get to your final destination.

2. PowerBank

This is very vital when travelling as there won’t be any source of power when you are miles away from home till you get to your desired destination.  But with this power source, you’re just a plug away from what’s going on around the world, social media and of course, just a call away from friends and family.

Thank you technology, right?!

3. First aid-kit

First aid kit could just be pain relief and anti-nausea medications that help in relieving migraine or headache, nausea. When filling up that bag, the top 10 essential travel items must include a pack of Ibuprofen, Panadol/Paracetamol and Diclofenac.

What else do you think should be included in a first aid kit while travelling?

4. Towel

This is mostly forgotten when packing for a trip or a holiday. Like I mean, are you planning on not bathing? Towels are essential in keeping your body clean and fresh after a bath and they are lightweight. You could pack two if you can, or just one is okay.

5. Flip flops

Carrying these is a proven way to enjoying your stay when you get to your desired destination. It could be flip flops, crocs or any comfortable shoes you can walk freely with.

I suggest waterproof flops or a crocs cause of the rain. You never can tell.

6. Water bottle

Stay hydrated on the go! This is an essential item when travelling and in our daily lives also. Place water in your carrier bag or in hand and stay hydrated.

7. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

As the name implies, this is very important when travelling. Unless you intend to spend on buying new ones, you could just take them from your closet and add them to your travelling bag.

8. Underwear and shorts

These are essential for comfort and are very versatile. Shorts are quite easy as this gives you the feeling of home and of course, relaxation.

Remember to add these travel essentials to your luggage when taking that next vacation or trip.

9. Clothes

Okay, you’re not planning on wearing just underwear, are you? I know I said they are top 10 essential travel items for comfort but what about style? Make sure to pack enough clothes to make you look stunning on your trip.

Don’t forget to take a pose for the camera too.

10. Cosmetics

These are your everyday essentials to keep your body hydrated and moisturized. Don’t forget to add this to your luggage and include a quality sunscreen plus a good deodorant and perfume.

Smell nice please me avoid hyperpigmentation by using sunscreen.


Travelling is pure ecstasy and bliss we must indulge in our lives when we can. These top 10 essential travel items should be your go-to always when planning that trip or holiday and should be included in your luggage.

For more advanced essential items for international and in-flight experience, you should check this out.

11 Fun Activities to Do With Friends

11 Fun Activities to Do With Friends

Hello! Planning on fun activities to do with friends besides making funny jokes and talking? This article is for you as I’ll be putting you through a list of fun activities to do with friends, whether you’re broke, trying to save money, or just wanting to take a break from life stress.

Hang out in a relaxing manner with friends you love the most, add excitement and fun to that friendship as you follow this bucket list.

Amazing Activities to Do With Friends

1. Plan a Picnic Outing/date

Having good friends around us is always worthwhile and when it comes to fun activities with friends – go to a park. This allows you to relax and free your mind off about daily hustles and bustles, life in general, and sometimes, after a heartbreak. Yeah, I know it happens.

There are a lot of things to do at the park, from hanging out to watching people, carousel, Ferris wheel to enjoying a snack or a meal.

Cook, arrange your favourite snacks with friends and have a blast. And above all, you get to talk and be in touch with each other’s life.

2. Attend A Concert Together

This is on my to-do list. This is another fun way to chill with friends but this comes with interesting baggage – screaming and shouting at the top of your voices. Are you ready?

Look out for concerts of your favourite artiste, musician, get the tickets and be in your best outfit for that turn-up.

Go crazy and wild with your friends.

3. Have a Movie Marathon Together

This one is mostly done among ourselves without us realizing but make this more interesting by adding snacks and popcorn to your sides.

Try something sweet and savoury as you select a theme to watch and get excited. It could be romance, comedy, something scary, just enjoy the moment. They are to be treasured and indeed a fun activity to do with friends. 

4. Host a Dinner Party for Them

This has to be appreciated and the cutest thing one can do for friends. Go all out and host a dinner party for them, cook favourite dishes and snacks and invite them over. Or you could have them come over early and cook together. This gives you the chance to get along with each other and talk about life in general.

I don’t know about you but this is indeed a fun activity to do with friends. I mean, it involves food. FOOD!

5. Go Shopping With Them

As stressful as it sounds already, trust me going shopping with friends is a fun thing to do any day and anytime. Maybe not when the sun is scorching but you get the point.

Do this with friends, go to a favourite shopping mall, try out outfits, attires, dresses even lingerie’s. This is a fun-filled experience as you get to laugh with friends and talk about life and mean of course. Oh, even women.

6. Try Karaoke

Got crazy friends? This is for you! Turn the volume up, sing in your sweet and ugly, even loud voices. Enjoy the musicals as you enjoy the moment. These are mostly a laugh-filled day and a fun activity to do with friends,

Change the music from slow theme to RnB to reggae, afro, Latino – anything.

Scream at the top of your voice and have fun!

7. Have a Game Night Together

PES? Mortal Kombat? Scrabble? Monopoly? Chess? Charades? I mean there are a lot to select from.

Ditch the same old same old boring conversation and add this to your list of fun activities to do with friends.

8. Plan a Trip to a Different Location

I remember doing this and I assure you this is the ultimate fun activity to do with friends. Travel, enjoy a car ride together, the cold breeze as it hits your face.

Travel to an entirely different location, try every fun activity there like going down the water slides, seeing the waterfall, swimming, karting, canoeing, bowling, laser tag, even paintballing, see nature at its highest peak and beauty. This is beautiful, an adventure, and worth it!

My favourite here is paintballing even though I’ve never tried it.

Paintballing is a game of elimination. (Relax, you’re not killing your friends, they will probably be laughing because you shot them at ‘where it doesn’t shine) It is a competition between friends where you hold guns to shoot each other. The gun is filled with colour, i.e. a paint.

Make this game extra fun by tagging the friend with the most paint on the clothes a loser and he/she has to pay for dinner!

9. Try Travelling for a Festival

Check out local and international news for upcoming festivals around you and have your friends agree to explore a new place together.

There are Calabar festival, Argungu fishing festival or even travel out – doesn’t matter as you’re with friends and that is a fun activity on its own.

10. Challenge Games With Friends Would Be Fun

There are a lot of fun challenges to try when having fun activities to do with friends. 

like picking up a cup using just your mouth

blinking your eyes 8-10 times in a row to 

wiggling their eyebrows or

guessing a flavour of a cookie

talking in a different accent and

drinking an entire jug of milk without throwing up.

According to research, one who drinks a jug of milk at a go must throw up. I mean, don’t you want to see your friend throwing up or struggling to pick up a cup with just their mouth?

This is one of the fun activities to do with friends as it is entertaining and hilarious.

11. Check Out a New Restaurant Together

I mean, who’s not up for that? This is an adventurous and fun activity to do with friends. On this note, you discover new and good food, a new taste, also see new people and create memories.


Hey there, if you’re not certain what fun activity to do with friends, simply hang out. Sit, relax and talk at home about nothing and everything. It is fun in its way even though we don’t realize, the little moments with friends matter, they always do.

The above rule of the game is to be in touch with friends, create time for good friends and try fun activities once in a while with them when you can. I hope this list has helped you in deciding fun activities to do with friends.

Be sure to show me the fun activities you try; I’ll love to know. Call your friends now and start planning a fun activity together.

How to Start a Travel Agency in Nigeria

How to Start a Travel Agency in Nigeria

To learn how to start a travel agency in Nigeria, you must first have the required experiences. However, we will assume you already know this.

A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of accommodation or travel suppliers to offer different kinds of travelling packages for each destination.

A travel agent helps people plan, choose and arrange their vacation according to their budget, and even more. Running a travel agency in Nigeria can be satisfying and generate high income if you know what and how to do it. If you were worried or confused about how to start a travel agency, below are eleven easy steps to guide you on how to start a travel agency in Nigeria.  

1. Do the research and understand what you’re getting into

Running a travel agency includes working long hours and always being available to respond to a client’s needs. Read on to other agencies, get a know-how basic knowledge on how things work and even talk to a few people if you must. It is advisable to take a few courses and undergo some training to acquire proper skills.

2. Select your niche

There are different aspects involved in running a travel agency, ranging from surface work like simply booking airline tickets for customers to being fully involved, making budgets, booking hotels, arranging tours and suggesting fun events. It is important to understand each of these and what it means to work with them.

3. Make a business/feasibility plan

Having understood what you’re getting into, the next step is to make a feasibility analysis followed by a business plan that will guide you through your next steps.  These are detailed plans that will include key points,  highlight targets where your business should reach by a certain period, strategies to be taken to reach them and even possible business blocks, financial requirements and management plans; if you intend to start alone or have employees. Be careful not to set unrealistic or far fetched goals, this will put a strain on you and your business. 

4. Secure Financial requirements.

No matter the kind of business, adequate finance as capital is of top-most importance. Based on your business plan and targets, you will need capital to kick start your business to secure office space, employ workers, buy necessary tools including computers, phones, etc. It also helps to do a bit of research or speak to a professional on how to start a travel agency with a certain budget.

5. Choose a good office location

If you have decided to not run your business from home, a good office location is important for securing customers. Your office should be in a safe environment that can be easily accessible by clients who have never been there.

6. Employ Qualified People

If you’re not running a one-man business, ensure that you only bring in people who have the right skills and training to keep your business afloat. As a travel agency is a business that involves a lot of interaction with people, a good example is hiring someone with excellent customer service to deal with communications with clients. Customer care is a very important aspect that can determine your standing or fall in the business world where travel agencies are concerned. 

7. Get your business registered and obtain the necessary certificates 

It is important to get registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as this gives your agency more professionalism. Few basic academic and professional certificates are needed to run this business and a degree in tourism and hospitality might give you an edge. Starting as a licensed agency also requires getting an International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) licence.

8. Promotion and Networking

Once your business has launched, it is important to put it out there through fliers, advertisements, setting up a professional website where the services you offer can be seen and you can easily be reached. It is important to open accounts on social media platforms, it not only offers you a free medium to advertise yourself, it also helps you network and connect you to prospective clients.

9. Be patient, honest and straightforward 

A quick way to fall out of business is giving people a single reason to doubt your credibility.  Be honest and stick to facts, do not make promises to clients when you’re not sure you can fulfil them. This gives you and your agency a loose image. What your customers think about you matters a lot and will go a long way to help boost your business if you play your cards right. 

10. Join important associations or bodies. 

Running a travel agency isn’t something you can pull off by staying all by yourself. There are associations out there that are available to protect your rights, connect you to new clients and refer prospective partners or sponsors your way. One is the National Association Of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA). You can apply as a travel agency owner on their site. They also offer training courses which might come in handy.

11. Be smart and enjoy what you do. 

When running a business, there are a hundred and one things that could go wrong and it is easy to fall prey to fraudsters who are always on the lookout for naïve people who have just started or aren’t sure of how things run yet. It helps to have a lawyer help you draw up foolproof contracts and look through documents before you sign or stamp them. 


Passion is important in running any type of business. There will be setbacks and breaks, every business has these and a travel agency is not an exception but these can be overcome by remaining steadfast to plans and sticking to these steps will not only show you how to start a travel agency, they’ll also ensure your journey is easier. 

There will always be people travelling and going on vacations within and outside Nigeria, so pick a niche, do a bit of research and start your own travel agency. Remember to enjoy what you do because that is the main key to success!

Was this article helpful? Share with us in the comment section.