21 Foods that Increase Breast Milk Supply

21 Foods that Increase Breast Milk Supply

If you are looking for foods that increase breast milk supply, it means you are worried that you are not producing enough. You are most likely worried that your baby is not getting enough milk he deserves. Or you are worried that you are not well nourished for your body to produce enough breast milk. 

You are worried and stressed out trying to understand what to eat and what not to eat to increase the milk supply. Mothers want to know they are doing their best for the health of their babies. Certain foods are known to induce lactation and they are called Galactagogues. Below are some of the foods we found useful for you:

Foods that Increase Breast Milk Supply

1. Fenugreek

It is a natural herb that can be used to increase lactation. Fenugreek is known to be an excellent galactagogue for women trying to increase their milk supply.  They also have phytoestrogens that are essential in boosting lactation.

To benefit from this herb, drink it before sleeping and it will not only increase your milk supply but also the quality of your milk.


2. Garlic

Apart from being nutritious and a healthy spice we add to our meals, it is also a galactagogue that helps women boost their milk supply. It has been used as a natural lactation aid and for other health benefits.

Furthermore, garlic may alter the taste of milk which may trigger colic in babies. You should try to notice if your baby reacts after you consume garlic. You will know if your baby is allergic or not by doing so.


3. Papaya

Papaya contains lactogenic effects and its leaves can increase breast milk supply. It is a fruit that can be eaten as it is, added to foods when cooking or in soups. The fruit contains phytochemicals and enzymes responsible for breast milk supply. It can improve digestion, enrich you and your baby with vitamins and minerals.

4. Carrots

Carrot is a rich vegetable that provides nutrients. It increases breast milk due to the presence of phytoestrogens that have lactogenic effects in carrots. Carrots are also rich in Vitamin A and potassium, they help to improve the quality of the milk you produce. It can also help you to lose weight as well. You can eat carrots raw, in salads, juices, foods, dessert as it is a delicious orange rich vegetable.


5. Basil

Basil leaves have a soothing effect and are rich in antioxidants. It is common in some countries for using basil leaves to increase breast milk supply since it is a medical herb. In addition, it is added to tea for a calming effect. It is also added to foods when cooking to boost milk supply in nursing mothers.


6. Sesame Seeds (Egusi)

It is rich in calcium, protein, fibre, essential nutrients. Egusi has quercetin a phytochemical that increases prolactin secretion and breast milk supply. You can add it to your salad as toppings, in soups (like Egusi Soup), pasta to increase breast milk supply in lactating mothers.

Sesame Seeds

7. Sweet Potato

It is rich food that has fibre, micronutrients, and has phytochemicals that are responsible for promoting your health. This food is known as a superfood that increases prolactin and breast milk supply. In addition, sweet potatoes are rich in potassium, energy, vitamins, minerals that are required by your body.  It can be eaten boiled, fried, in porridge, and salads.

Sweet Potato

8. Milk

It is a nutritious liquid that has more water content, no fibre, fat, proteins, sugar, carbs, and calories. It is also a rich source of protein. Casein present in milk can lower blood pressure. And it also contains all the best foods that increase milk supply. Apart from quenching your thirst, it is highly nutritious and important to take more liquid like water and milk to increase your milk supply. Try to avoid liquids that will dehydrate you when nursing or eat as a snack.


9. Moringa (Zogale)                                                                                                                    

Zogale is beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels, weight loss, improving digestion, improving the cardiovascular system, and much more. It is widely used in Africa and Asia. The plant is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, carotenoids, calcium, and iron and can help in increasing breast milk supply when used as a lactating diet. It can be eaten as salads, in soups, foods, and juices to increase breast milk supply.


10. Tofu (Awara)

Awara is a delicious food that can be eaten fried with pepper or eaten after being boiled. It is widely available in Northern Nigeria sold by street vendors. It is made from soybeans and is rich in protein micronutrients. This snack contains phytoestrogen and it can increase breast milk supply. It can also be eaten in soups and salads too.


11. Watermelon

Watermelon is a nutritious fruit that is high in water content. It contains potassium, vitamin C, A, B6, and gluthionine. It also contains fibre and fructose. The water content helps to keep your breast milk flowing when feeding your baby as it has a lactogenic effect. You can eat it as it is or in juices, smoothies, or deserts.


12. Lentils

They are rich in proteins, fibre, magnesium, and folate. It can boost your breast milk supply, lower your blood sugar level and digestion. You can add them to soups, stews, or snacks.


13. Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, vitamin B, folate and manganese, and magnesium. Taking green tea can help you, relax your body. When taken in moderation and also boost milk supply the caffeine content in green tea will not affect your baby. If you take too much instead of increasing your milk supply. It can reduce it so always drinks it a few hours after meals for the best effect.

Green Tea

14. Barley

It contains beta-glucan which is responsible for increasing prolactin levels in your body. It is also rich in fibre. The beta-glucan is the sole reason why this polysaccharide is considered as food that increases breast milk supply. You can add it to rice, salads, stews, and vegetable meals to boost your breast milk production.


15. Oats

This food is rich in iron fibre, magnesium, zinc and has a great nutritional profile. Women fall back to oatmeals to increase their milk supply. Since it is rich in iron and low mineral that helps in increasing their milk supply. It can relieve stress, improve digestion and relieve stress, improve digestion. As a nursing mother, you get the nutrients required in a short period of time since it takes little time to prepare. The way it increases breast milk supply is by increasing the oxytocin hormone levels in your body. You can eat it as a meal, in cakes, porridge, cookies or even on bread.


16. Fennel

It is a leafy vegetable that is a galactagogue and has estrogen that helps increase your breast milk supply. It has a lactogenic effect too and contains phytoestrogens. Fennel is a lactation cookie for most women. You can eat it raw or cooked since it is a vegetable. You can add it to soups, stews, cookies, or even teas.


17. Almonds

Almonds are sweet, healthy, and packed with proteins and calcium. It is a good example of foods that increase breast milk supply because of its estrogenic activity. It also contains vitamins and minerals. Let us not forget, it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Drinking almond milk increases the sweetness, creaminess, and quality of your breast milk as a nursing mother. Almonds can be eaten like nuts, in smoothies, juices, milk can be extracted from it, almond butter, and almond flour too. And it can also be added to food.


18. Flaxseed

This also contains phytoestrogens which are needed in boosting breast milk supply. Flaxseed contains protein fibre and omega-3 fatty acids (especially flaxseed oil). Flaxseed also has a lot of benefits from reducing the risk of cancers, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, blood glucose control, and weight loss. You can take it roasted, in soups, stews, salad dressing, and in warm water.


19. Water

​Water is life! Water is very essential to humans. More than half of your body and the earth you live in is water. Breast milk has more water content than nutrients. The best and easiest way to increase milk supply is by taking more water to keep you hydrated and replace lost fluids. Take more water for a steady milk supply.


20. Salmon

This food is important during pregnancy and also during your lactation. Salmon is rich in protein, vitamins, and omega-3-fatty acids. It is low in mercury, boosts milk supply improves your immunity, and provides you with the required nutrients you and your baby need. You can eat it fried in soups, stew, and foods.


21. Green Vegetables

These vegetables add colour to foods and are packed with nutrients mostly calcium. They are rich in phytoestrogens too, which is important in boosting breast milk supply. They also contain fibre and micronutrients. You can add them to your foods, stew, soups, or salads.

Green Vegetables


There are certain foods that increase breast milk supply and help your body boost milk production and constant flow of breast milk. They are rich in phytoestrogens, recognised as galactogogues, and are rich in essential nutrients.

What are the foods that boost your milk supply when you were nursing? Kindly leave your comments below to let us know what your go-to foods were.

10 Benefits of Moringa Plant You Should Know About

10 Benefits of Moringa Plant You Should Know About

Moringa is a plant known as Moringa oleifera and also known as “Zogale” in Northern Nigeria. This plant is medicinal from the leaves down to its root. Moringa plant benefits include; use in treating “tired blood” or joint pain, as an antioxidant and treatment of many other illnesses.

People use Zogale in its natural form or powdered form or the oil extract. The plant can be eaten as a soup or garnished which is known as “Kwaɗan Zogale” in Northern Nigeria.

Every part of this plant is beneficial to humans. Here are some Moringa plant benefits to humans that we found useful for you.

10 Moringa Plant Benefits

1. It Is Good for Diabetes Patients

High sugar levels can risk your health conditions. It also gives you heart problems or diabetes over a period of time. Zogale fights diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels according to food scientists.

This plant improves the protein content in your urine. And regulate the haemoglobin content in our urine thereby treating diabetes. An increase in insulin and blood sugar levels can lead to the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

The leaves of Zogale can reduce lipid, glucose levels, and oxidative stress in your body

2. Moringa is Good for the Liver

The liver cleans the blood and metabolizes the fat in your body. Zogale has high concentrations of polyphenols to reverse oxidation in the liver. It also increases the protein levels in the liver. The consumption of Zogale can reduce liver fibrosis and protect against liver damage.

It can also protect the liver from damages if you are suffering from tuberculosis. Zogale can also help reduce the negative effects of the drugs you are taking.

Another way you can also improve your liver health is by taking green tea.

3. Moringa is a Good Source of Nutrients

Zogale is known as the superfood. Since it is a good source of riboflavin, potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium. The leaves have more vitamin C than the rest of the plants.

Its leaves are also rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and Folate. Zogale is also rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc.

4. Zogale is Good for the Skin and Hair

Zogale oil is good for protecting hair, keeping it clean and healthy. Since it contains protein that is helpful in protecting skin from damage. It also has hydrating and detoxifying elements, which also benefit the skin and hair.

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The leaves of Zogale improve the health and appearance of your skin. By decreasing the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. Since it has antioxidants and nutrients. Applying Zogale seed oil reduces dandruff, adds life, and bounces to dull hair by strengthening your hair follicles. They are also good for treating oedema and are present in a lot of skin and hair products.

5. Moringa Plant can Cure Stomach Aches

The powder of Zogale has about 30% fibre – and insoluble fibre that you need only for digestion purposes. This plant is a natural antibiotic and antibacterial plant. It may also help inhibit the growth of certain pathogenic bacteria in your body.

The extracts of Zogale can help treat some stomach disorders. Like constipation, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis. Since it is high in vitamin B content, it can assist people with digestion problems.

6. Zogale Aids in Weight Loss

The leaves of Zogale increase the rate of fat burn in your body. This is essential if you want to slim down without losing energy reserves. It helps in reducing cravings for food and boost metabolism. They also help in reducing cholesterol.

7. The Plant is Good for The Cardiovascular System

The Moringa plant has the ability to lower blood pressure and improve heart function. One of the benefits of Zogale is the reduction of inflammation, lowering oxidative stress, and relaxing arteries to improve blood flow in your body.

The antioxidants found in the extract of Zogale might help prevent cardiac damage. It is also known to help in maintaining a healthy heart. The extracts can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

8. Moringa is a Good Antioxidant

Zogale has anti-oxidative properties and protects against the effects of free radicals. It is rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene that act against free radicals.

They also have Quercetin which that can lower blood pressure and chlorogenic acid that can regulate blood sugar levels after taking your meals.

9. It Also Helps with Inflammation

Inflammation is the way your body responds to cellular injury. Zogale has anti-inflammatory effects in humans. Food scientists have seen Zogale significantly lower inflammation in cells. The inflammation that lowers polyphenols and isothiocyanates.

Zogale reduces the inflammation in your body by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and proteins in the body.

10. Moringa Plant can Boost Sexual Activity

Stress can affect your sex life since it can affect your hormone levels by increasing cortisol and decreasing dopamine. Researchers believe it can bring down cortisol levels and also boost testosterone levels.

Zogale is used to treat erectile dysfunction as a traditional medicine eating as an aphrodisiac food option.


The Moringa plant benefits (Zogale) are quite vast. These benefits include being nutritious, lowering blood sugar levels down to help your skin. There is a variety of dishes that you can make with Zogale.

How do you like to use your Moringa (Zogale) plant? Kindly leave your comments below or share them with your loved ones to let us know if you prefer using the leaves, powder, or prefer using the oil.