The Meaning of Ado Gwanja’s Song, ‘Warr’

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July 5, 2022

  • The Meaning of the Viral Song
  • Is the Artiste Referring to Others?
  • What the Fans Think

‘Bana an gama komai, Bori ya kasha boka. Warr’

The above lyrics are from the now-viral Ado Gwanja song ‘Warr.’ And with good reason too. The self-styled ‘direban mata’ is no stranger to wedding songs. One can say he is the number one wedding singer in Arewa. This time around, the singer is back with another banger.

But what is the meaning of Ado Gwanja’s song ‘Warr’?

In local Fulfulde, the word ‘Warr’ means come. In Hausa, the word doesn’t have any meaning. The real reason why the singer used the term is purely for entertainment. But that didn’t stop fans from reaching their conclusions.

According to one Muhdbee on Instagram; “Musical speak in tongues ne…only when you’re feeling the music spiritually then you will understand.”

“Da saki da kamu mun sha…”

“We’ve been divorced and engaged as well.”

Others, however, believe the actor is referring to his ex-wife, Maimunatu, with whom he separated recently.

Some believe it is a veiled threat to people who think they can stop him from singing.

“Tunda Malam, Gwamna bai hana ni ba, wanda ya ce zai hana ni ubanshi zai ci”

“Since my parents, The Emir, Malam, and Governor didn’t stop me from singing, no one can.”

Another user on Instagram believed even the part where he sings;

“…Za ki zo ne, ko ba za ki zo ba…”

is in reference to his now ex-wife. The story goes thus; they were going out for an outing, and he called her and she responded she is applying her powder. The singer then responded, with “Ko kin zo da ke da hodar, ubanku zan ci”, which is an insult.

The response of his then ex-wife was; “Warr”, meaning she doesn’t care.

The actor has also been accused of stealing the idea of that particular verse from the legendary singer, Mamman Shata in ‘Wakokin Asawara.’

When asked what the meaning of the word Warr by famous Instagram blogger northern Hibiscus, he offered to answer privately, followed by laughing emojis.

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While the song is making waves, not everyone likes it.

According to umardasuma on Instagram, “It doesn’t even make sense at all wlh. I petty those people that are Even following his song.”

What do you think is the meaning of the song ‘Warr’ by Ado Gwanja? Tell us in the comments section!

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