The Northy Letter Week 5 February 2022

Updated: Feb 7, 2022
By Editorial Staff
The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

A new week is just starting, I guess you're getting yourself ready for work and others set activities for the week. However, while you get your week scheduled, don't forget to boost your knowledge base by reading through our blog last week's articles, you're sure to...

The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

The Northy Letter Week 4, January 2022

Hello everyone. Here I come again with a recap of what happened last week that you must have missed - the Northy Letter Week 4. Stay with me as a cruise you through. Monday It’s still the beginning of the year. Most of us have plans on how we want to spend this year....

The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

The Northy Letter Week 50 December 2021

The end of the year is upon us, and I’m back again to update you on our latest ish of the past week. This past week passed like a breeze but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking of you, I always am. Monday Have you ever come across a TED Talk? If you haven’t, this is...

The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

The Northy Letter Week 49 December 2021

My hands and feet are freezing right now and I could be in bed, enjoying some warmth but I have to write to you. We can’t lose communication, I know it’s important to me, is it important to you? Here are what we have for this week: Monday The New Year is approaching...

Perhaps you’ve had a tight schedule last week or weren’t able to keep up with our blog daily posts which cut across entertainment, culture, fashion, food, relationship, local news, and more. However, worry less, because there is good news for you. Sit back and relax as we got you covered in this Northy Letter.


The first working day of the week is often filled with responsibility and excitement for those who seem to be doing something worthwhile. On the other hand, it’s a day filled with pain, heartbreak, and frustration for the unemployed and those trying to optimize their job search.

If you belong to the second group, it’s about time you learn the top skills employers are looking for, to put an end to your fruitless job search.

Moreover, if you happen to be an employer at a company or own a business, revolving to meet a large range of audiences with your products and services easily, would effortlessly skyrocket your business growth. In response to this check out these 15 must-have apps for business owners.

Furthermore, irrespective of your status in life, it’s advisable to attain balance by sticking with the advice provided by Munirah Hashim in her recent article; After reading this, you will stop saying yes to everything.


Subsequently, have you heard about big data? There is more to big data than you can think of. Big data is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise, deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software. Therefore, to learn more, continue reading about what you need to know about big data.

In addition, upgrade your knowledge base concerning financial services by reading about What is Fintech, an informative article compiled by Farouk Kabir.


Furthermore, to get yourself active while chasing your dreams and goals you need to pay quality attention to your health and wellness— Health is wealth. Therefore, 5 exercises that will help you improve your body posture is one of the wellness practices you need.

Also, if you experience frequent stomach upset, don’t hesitate to find out about those effective and natural remedies to stomach aches.


How well do you know about certain notable histories? That’s why you need to sit back and enjoy reading about how the Nigerian first Hausa newspaper came into existence. Gaskiya ta fi Kwabo, an ingenious northern newspaper, which arguably created the standard of contemporary Hausa writing, which mixed both the Hausa form of writing using Arabic letters known as Ajami and the Roman form of writing to carry along two kinds of literates in the colonial Hausa days— continue the read on the History of Gaskiya ta fi Kwabo, Nigeria’s first Hausa newspaper.


Oftentimes, the color of our clothing influences how others view and relate with us, either delightfully or with disdain. However, as a man, some colors aren’t appropriate for you and might tarnish your good intentions if worn. So, what are you waiting for to check out those colours men should stop wearing?


Besides, do you feel the one you’re in a relationship with isn’t the right one for you? If yes, clarify your doubt by checking out signs that show you are not compatible with your partner.


Interestingly, to stay alive we must eat. However, eating the same type of meal regularly isn’t enjoyable. Hence, spice up your diet by learning professional ways of preparing other meals such as How to Make Potato Porridge and How to make Tuwon Alabo.

That’s a wrap! See you again next week.

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