The Northy Letter Week 50 December 2021

Updated: Dec 20, 2021
By Editorial Staff
The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

A new week is just starting, I guess you're getting yourself ready for work and others set activities for the week. However, while you get your week scheduled, don't forget to boost your knowledge base by reading through our blog last week's articles, you're sure to...

The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

The Northy Letter Week 5 February 2022

Perhaps you've had a tight schedule last week or weren't able to keep up with our blog daily posts which cut across entertainment, culture, fashion, food, relationship, local news, and more. However, worry less, because there is good news for you. Sit back and relax...

The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

The Northy Letter Week 4, January 2022

Hello everyone. Here I come again with a recap of what happened last week that you must have missed - the Northy Letter Week 4. Stay with me as a cruise you through. Monday It’s still the beginning of the year. Most of us have plans on how we want to spend this year....

The Northy Letter, Week 6 February 2022

The Northy Letter Week 49 December 2021

My hands and feet are freezing right now and I could be in bed, enjoying some warmth but I have to write to you. We can’t lose communication, I know it’s important to me, is it important to you? Here are what we have for this week: Monday The New Year is approaching...


The end of the year is upon us, and I’m back again to update you on our latest ish of the past week. This past week passed like a breeze but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking of you, I always am.


Have you ever come across a TED Talk? If you haven’t, this is an opportunity for you to learn about it. Katsina State was shut down for the TEDX Kangiwa Event. This isn’t just any event, it is one that has all the elements of learning and having fun so read up and let me know what you think.

You’re a civil servant or your job requires you to wait for the end of the month to come before you receive a salary. I have a surprise for you – 9 Ideas to Make a Side Income While Managing Your Business, because frankly speaking, you can’t wait for the end of the month every month. What if an emergency comes up? I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you mess up your budget, hence this solution.

If on the other hand, you want to start a business, then here are 6 Things to Consider before Starting a Business. Many businesses fail because people just jump into it without, but as you have me to look out for you, yours will not fail. I got you.


First time I heard the word ‘Metaverse’ I didn’t even bother to find out more about it because I thought there was no way that word was not an alien-related word and I’m just not with that. Turns out I was wrong and it has to do with technology, which is the order of the day. I wouldn’t want you to end up like me so I give to you what The Metaverse is and Why It Matters to You.

Speaking of technology, you don’t always have to work in an office, you can work from home and do that, here are 9 Amazing Sites That Pay You to Write. You can just fold your legs and do it in bed.

Ever been in those relationships where your heart kept aching? It wasn’t because you didn’t love your partner, but because they fed you love in halves or did any of the thousand things toxic partners do. You Will Find Out If You Are In A Toxic Relationship By Taking This Quiz.


It is the season, and you know what I mean. I cannot for the life of me keep going to the hospital because of a common cold, I know you can’t either. I think it would be best if we had this at hand – 10 Natural Remedies to Common Cold You Should Know. I think it would save us a trip to the hospital every other week.

6 Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth at Home. I know it looks like I’m trying to keep you at home all the time but you can’t blame me when this new covid variant is roaming the streets. I only want to protect you.

If you’re staying at home as I advised, it’s also important you get enough sleep. Ameenah Gumbi gave us 10 Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep because truly this can affect your mood and health. We can’t bet covid and fall victim to some other thing now, can we?


As usual, Thursday is history time. Read the Biography of the Talented Hausa Author, Bilkisu Ahmad Funtua. Now, this is a woman who writes marvellous prose in the Hausa dialect. We need to hold on to people like this because I’m afraid we don’t have many writers who write in the local Hausa dialect anymore. Explore this idea.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be curious at all, because if you’re not you wouldn’t want to Meet The First Female Lawyer From Nigeria. She is also the first in so many things.


I don’t know if the idea of hiking a hill excites but it does excite me. I will be so hyped up by it. The only thing I enjoy more than the idea is reading about people taking a hike, so believe when I say I had an emotional moment when I read Abdulganiyu’s piece – My Visit to Sobi Hill, the Highest Hill in Illorin Was Memorable. Trust me, mine would be memorable too if I went on a thrilling hike like Abdul’s.

Are you tired of coming back to the state of this weather? Because I am, but it never ends. I have to give ammunition against it time and again because this is a war. In fact, I am currently wielding a weapon called gloves and it is on the list of The 10 Best Clothes You Should Own This Harmattan. You better get armed buddy.


How to Make Kunun Zaki (Millet Gruel). I can’t imagine how millet could turn sweet, can you? Well, here is an opportunity to see how.

Did you ever wonder if there was any other way to make Cincin other than the only way? Apparently, there is a Hausa way. Read How To Make Cincin The Hausa Way to Find Out.


Sunday was saddled with the task of teaching you When & How to Have the Talk with Your Daughter. I never had the talk with my parents and thank God I didn’t because that’d have been hella embarrassing. I mostly just learned from friends, which led to me getting inaccurate information most of the time. I wish I had the talk with my mom instead. It would’ve been embarrassing but awfully necessary. We owe it to our daughters to give them the best accurate information when they hit puberty because it is something nobody can escape.

For couples, if you are wondering How to Keep the Romance Alive After Having Kids, we got you.

How I Became A Lesbian is a story of why you shouldn’t be one. It’s so scary how someone’s curiosity can lead them to do something like that. Curiosity they say killed the cat.


And on that note, we come to the end of our newsletter for the week. I hope you do better, feel better and cover up in this brutal weather. Cheers!


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