The Real Godfathers of Kannywood

Published: September 13, 2022
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What does Ali Nuhu, Adam Zango, Abubakar Bashir Maishadda, Aminu Saira, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Feige (President of Marvel), and Bob Iger (CEO of Walt Disney) have in common?


Like their counterparts in Hollywood, the former group wields enormous powers in the Kannywood industry. And use it wisely they did.

Take, for instance, Ali Nuhu. The man, the legend. He has appeared in over 500 movies and still counting. He is a Director, Producer, and Scriptwriter and owns his studio. Yet, these are not his biggest strengths.

Ali Nuhu’s strongest flex is the influence he wields in the industry. He has many actors he mentors who remain loyal to him. The Ali Nuhu boys (and girls), if you will. They are not pushovers, too, as they include some of the biggest names in the industry.

From Maryam Yahaya, his supposed ‘Daughter’, to Maryam Booth and her brother Amude, Shamsu Dan Iya, to Umar M Shareef, Rayya 90 days, the retired actress Hafsat Idris, and many more, Ali Nuhu’s influence stretches wide across Kannywood including among other crew members making his influence unparalleled.

The only other person who perhaps comes close is Adam Zango, whose coterie of ‘Godsons’ includes; Ummi Rahab (who he has now fallen out with), Pretty, Mustafa Naburaska, and to some extent Falalu Dorayi. His influence is gradually slipping since his self-exile from Kannywood.

For other influencers like Aminu Saira, he has people like Nazifi Asnanic, Nazir Sarkin Waka, Yakubu M Kumo, and many more under his belt. His hit series Labarina had succeeded in making so many stars and being the talk of the town.

While producer Abubakar Bashir Maishadda mostly works with Ali Nuhu, he has his fair share of actors he made, including Momee Gombe, Aisha Humaira, Hassana Muhammad, Bilkisu Shema, and many more.

The ‘King of the Box office’ had made more Kannywod stars from 2018-date than any other person.

Judging by the number of blockbusters they are responsible for, the stars they’ve molded, and the influence they wield, perhaps these people deserved to be called the Godfathers of Kannywood.


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