Top 5 Most Useful Websites Every Techie Need to Know

Written by Happiness Hassan

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September 26, 2022

Irrespective of your reasons for using or visiting the internet, there are the top most useful websites on the internet you need to add to your frequent search options. Why? You wouldn’t want to spend 10 hours performing a task that could be achieved in 10 minutes, right?

Gone were when you had to engage in tedious research, grow your business brand on-site, or even perform automated tasks manually. With the advent of the internet, life keeps improving every day. Now, for every action you need to perform, an app, software, or website takes care of that for you—saving you more money and efficiency.

You’ll need this category of websites that takes the burden off your shoulders. Hence, you wouldn’t have to work your brain off searching for solutions. Also, it enables you to accomplish your search objectives at less cost.

The fun part is that it isn’t restricted to business brands or website owners; it applies to students, freelancers, stay-at-home moms, scientists, and social media influencers; you just name it; the list is endless. Let’s get started straight up!


The human mind is broader and more curious. Every second, thoughts and question that requires an answer run through the mind. Well, you can put an end to those curious questions bothering you by utilizing

This website is a knowledge engine for computing answers and providing valuable information. It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to answer questions, do analyses and generate reports automatically.

WolframAlpha is applicable at work, school, and home, among others. What’s more? It’s free to use for personal, noncommercial purposes. But for more advanced features, you may have to subscribe.

What questions can you ask on WolframAlpha?

Being a top most useful website, it offers various answers to questions across all fields. For an easy start, you could browse their “examples by topics” category for ideas which is broadly divided into:

  • Mathematics: Algebra, geometry, calculus e.t.c
  • Science and technology: physics, chemistry, biology e.t.c
  • Society and culture: people, art and media, history, money, finance e.t.c
  • Everyday life: personal health, surprises, personal finance, e.t.c.


I assure you that you wouldn’t have to worry about performing tasks manually when you have in your tool kit. This website uses an AI browser assistant that lets you automate business processes and share them with others. Axiom does this through a robotic process without needing any code.

Hence, you can use this AI to automate repetitive tasks in your business/organization, including the hiring process, purchase orders, and team member onboarding.

Additionally, Axiom has a free and paid version starting from as low as $15/month.

The features of this top most useful website include but are not limited to:

  • Visual web scraping
  • Automate any website
  • Data entry
  • Build a custom bot with no code
  • Spreadsheet automation
  • Connect to zapier, integration e.t.c

Open Source Alternative

Its name says it all as it’s an alternative open source to your proprietary software.

These alternatives allow customization to your preferred objectives in contrast to proprietary software. It can also be self-hosted, allowing you to keep your data on your server. With open-source you get access to:

  • 300+ open source alternatives to proprietary software
  • Search function and filters for popular categories, licenses, and language
  • SEO-optimized landing pages for every project
  • Daily updated GitHubmetrics

Here are a few of their alternatives for proprietary software:

  • Godot alternative to the Unreal engine, Unity3D
  • Strapi alternative to Contentful
  • Brave alternative to Google Chrome
  • Pipedream alternative to Zapier
  • Rocket. chat alternative to Slack
  • Ghost alternative to Medium, Substack.


Were there times you felt confused about how to convert a file to another format, edit a video, or simply manipulate an image? If yes, this top most useful website on the Internet is a must-have for you. is a free online conversion of files, videos, images, and more into any format and vice versa. Interestingly, you cannot restrict the task you can perform as it’s completely free.

Here is a glance at TinyWow features;


Convert PDF to word documents, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations and vice versa. Also, merge multiple files into a single file, extract images and text from PDF, split PDFs, and many more conventions.


You can change video format from MP4 to GIF, WebP, and more. You can also download videos from social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram and edit, compress and resize videos to your preference.


Even if you haven’t learned how to become a photographer, you can still manipulate images using TinyWow. It allows you to convert images to documents, PDFs, or GIFs.


If you have a website or a business with an online presence, you must create a form asking prospects to carry out one action or the other. This includes registration, contact, order, application, feedback, and signup form. Previously, this action required learning coding, which can get the brain twisted.

However, with, you can easily create custom forms for all types of action. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes form building incredible and doesn’t require you to write a single line of code.

JotForm assists you in creating fillable PDF forms, publishing forms, integrating them into your site, and receiving responses by email. This powerful online application offers you over 10,000+ ready-made templates to get your form rocking.

Additionally, it allows you to add logos, custom colors, and stunning background images. Moreover, it comes with a free plan and has multiple subscription options.


It’s highly profitable to take maximum advantage of the internet by using these top most useful websites that provide solutions to any task you need to perform.

Interestingly, many cool websites come with free versions/trials, so you can experience their advantages before paying for more advanced features.

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