Wardrobe Essentials I Can’t Live Without

Written by Aisha Zakari

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September 4, 2021

I mean, is it really possible? Hell No! I’ve asked my friends this question and that was their response. Hell No! These wardrobe essentials for women are a Yes to our everyday needs, looks and they are the wardrobe essentials you can’t leave without as they make you look stylish all year round.

Do you have these essentials in your wardrobe? Let’s get started.

1. A Pair of Jeans

Every wardrobe out there needs a pair of jeans, more and more. This is a must! They are a basic essential in our wardrobe as it has an array of styles, variety of colours, different sizes, and shapes. It is simply diverse.

Whether for a casual date, an interview, a night ride, jeans always look great. They add coolness to your look and make you look unique in your own way.

Jeans go with almost every outfit out there – mostly denim blue and black jeans are our everyday go-to wardrobe essentials for women. Remember, a pair of jeans provide you with an endless list of outfits every day, all year round. Make sure you know how to style them every now and then.

2. Shirts

Hello! Outfit of the day, click click.

This is the comfiest wardrobe essentials for women out there that you can’t live without – and the unique thing about it is that it can be used for all seasons – winter, spring, summer – all seasons! It never goes wrong in making you look stylish.

They come in different sizes, shapes, and the neck also. Pick your poison!

3. Sneakers/Converse

These are everyone’s favourite, I am sure. I mean from sneakers to converse to all-stars, you name it. I don’t know what you call it but add that to your list of wardrobe essentials for women.

They are comfortable, simple, and elegant. It gives this cool and chic look in an instant. Wear and rock this over a shirt, a dress, or even a skirt.  Its fashion is never out of style with this wardrobe essential for women.

4. Flats

Go flats too! These are comfortable, simple, and stylish also. Flats could be shoes, sandals, gladiators, or even flip-flops. They mostly make you feel free and also give you that unique touch. All I’m saying is, this is a wardrobe essential for women.

Owning a pair of reliable flats are a wardrobe essential you definitely can’t live without, even owning converse/sneakers too. Do you own at least one?

5. Cardigans

These oversized cuties are wardrobe essentials for women you definitely can’t live without – it gives every outfit a baggy, yet stylish touch.

Owning this gives you an edge to a combination of outfits to style with jeans, shoes and a white shirt can be worn inside it. It is versatile, very useful, and a must-have.

6. Sweatpants

Hello, lazy weekends! These are baggy on us and extremely comfortable, free, and simple. I mean, the other gender wears this but I believe this wardrobe essential is best suited with us.

Feeling like a boss, check. Feeling free, check. Feeling like you can fly and conquer the world, check. This is what sweatpants do to you, cop this wardrobe essential for women and strut your stuff always!

7. Hoodies

I mean after sweatpants come hoodies? Who’s with me?

These are extremely comfy and adds style to your outfit. It’s also worn during cold seasons and still makes you look stylish. Isn’t that an essential to own? Add hoodies to your closet today or steal from your man’s. I mean, it’s very easy, I mean, you’re just carrying it and keeping it safe. Right?

8. Heels

Ladies! I mean, this is one thing the other gender cannot rock, like never! Invest in one today. This is a wardrobe essential for women as the list is just endless. For a date night, special night, hang out with friends, parties, and clubs too.

They are simply the best and chic as they come in different heels and wedges. Select what you’re most comfortable on.

9. Sweater

V-neck, crewneck, round neck – what have you! This wardrobe essential for women goes all year round with jeans, shirts and a converse too. With different colours, you’re in luck because you’re provided with an array of what to select and how to style them. Know and own your style.

10. Blazers

Drape this over tees, shirts, over crop tops too. They give you a chic and stylish look. Blazers should be everyone’s favourite as this makes you look professional, classy, and elegant.

11. Bags

This is an important wardrobe essential for women. You know, there’s this saying…

“When I’m not with my bag, I feel naked”

This is a necessity because I mean, where do your phone, lipstick, and wallet go when you’re out? This is a top-notch must-have. Get yourself one and add chic to your stylish outfit.

12. Earrings/Accessories/Jewelries/Bracelets

A pair of these go with every outfit out there. They make you look fashionable and chic too. Match that outfit with accessories and look stylish yet comfortable as they are minimalist and lovely. Strut your stuff with this wardrobe essential for women.

13. Perfumes

I mean, you gotta smell nice, right ladies? This is a wardrobe essential for women you want to complete any look with. Please smell nice. Make them stare and stay fascinated! I mean, wouldn’t you want to walk by and have people love how you smell? I mean, I want that all the time.

14. Roll-On

Get thee behind body odour and perspiration! We all sweat, that’s completely normal but you not owning a roll-on is completely abnormal. The likes of Nivea are my favourite; I use the other gender’s 48hours antiperspirant. They are the best I suggest but we all have our preferences but owning this is a must.

15. Singlets/Camisoles/Vests

These wardrobe essentials can be worn casually and can be rocked with blazers and even cardigans. It serves as a shield to transparent outfits as well.

16. Make-Up Products

Boom! This is another ultimate wardrobe essential for women but this is tricky as most women love to go natural or hate makeup.

I don’t really like makeup but I apply them to look extra good as I know this is essential in our everyday lives. A good quality foundation and lipstick do the trick every time. I suggest you get yourself one too. Keep the lips hydrated.

17. Abayas

These are wardrobe essentials for women as we use this for a final touch-up to our outfit. In addition, it enhances our appearance in looking bossy, elegant, and classy.

Abayas are loved and worn everywhere and it is used in every season, all year-round. Get you an Abaya to enhance that everyday look of yours.

18. Vintage Scarves/Veils

Finish that look with a scarf or a veil. This wardrobe essential for women adds fashion sense to your outfit as it makes you look stylish and elegant. So, what are you waiting for? Get you a vintage scarf and add style to your everyday outfits.

19. Lipstick

Apply this wardrobe essential for women as it gives you an angel’s touch. Red is mostly everyone’s go-to but have you tried nude? I promise you, you’ll be stuck with it.

Ladies carry this around in their purses as they know its importance. If not lipstick, a lip balm/lip gloss is okay too. This makes your lip stay moisturized which is extremely needed every now and then.


These are wardrobe essentials for women and as one, you should have them hanging around in your closet as they one way or another give you an extra touch or completes your outfits.

What are the wardrobe essentials you can’t leave without as a woman that I missed? Tell us below in the comments section.

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