What Do Nail Colours Mean? The Meanings Will Shock You

Updated: Aug 12, 2022
By Aisha Zakari
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Did you know that the colour of nails reveals something about the person wearing them? Like how you can take care of your lips naturally, nail polish. which comes in different colours also takes care of your nails. They could be bright red or a baby blue, but what do nail colours mean? In this article, you will know what nail colours mean and what they say about a person.

Nail Colours and Their Meanings

1. Orange

orange nail colour

Spontaneous. Are you one to do things without planning? Then, this colour is calling to you. Available on Amazon for $11.99

2. Red

Red nail colour

Sexy. We all know red tells us romance, sexiness, outgoing, and boldness. Red is a classic colour for any woman out there as it is to die for! Very chic. You can buy quality red nail polish on Amazon for $6.99.

3. Black

Black nail colour

No, no, don’t think evil or Malificent here. Black connotes true personality, wildness, and confidence. I’m getting myself black painted nails soon; I want to try it.

4. Blue

Blue nail colour

Other than being in a relationship, blue also says you’re creative. You can also try navy blue, teal, periwinkle, and other shades of blue as they mean the same thing. Available on Amazon for $6.50

5. Pink

pink nail colour

Pink for days, am I right? Pink screams femininity, softness, and signs of being a real woman. Pink and red lingerie is cute and sexy now, imagine pink on your nails. That’s a killer!

6. White

white nail colour

Unlike the popular belief that white colour means peace and purity, white nails screams Confidence and Class. Buy white nail polish on Amazon for $7.98.

7. Nude

nude nail colour

I don’t want to say lazy, but this tells that you’re laid back and have an easy-going personality. You can purchase pretty nude nail polish on Amazon for $7.98

8. Purple

purple nail colour

Purple nails mean someone is artistic, confident, and can conquer the world alone. Buy on Amazon for $6.99

What Do Nail Colours Mean In A Relationship?

All our lives, we’ve always been told “white” stands for peace and, other times, love. May I shock you with a different revelation? White means you’re single.

A trend that has been going around on Tiktok about what the color “white” means revealed that white colour means you’re single.

Surprised, right? I know!

According to Urban Dictionary, white nails signify that a person is single, ready to mingle, and available for a fresh start. So, when you see your crush on white nails next, be forward and express how you feel. You just might be lucky!

Another colour making rounds and revealing a thing about a person is “baby blue.” Rather than saying I’m in a relationship, girls on TikTok paint their nails in this color to show off their commitment. They make a video showing the nails to their followers to send a message to them. Why? They believe that’s the colour guys like on them, and most guys say they like blue on them.

While variations of this colour, including baby blue and light blue, do not be confused, both mean she is taken, and you should back off.

“If a girl ever asks me to pick her nail colour, I’m gonna pick light blue every time just so no other guy flirts with her.”


Asides from all these, women take their nail polish very seriously, and they put the colour into consideration all the time. Bold colours, mild colours, dramatic colours, brighter, neutral, or simple ombre colours.

What Do Nail Colours Mean In Health?

Let’s dive into medical signs and what nail colours mean to a person’s overall health.

1. Pale nails indicate liver disease and also a malnourished individual.

2. Yellow nails tell you a person with fungal infections and sometimes rare lung disease and diabetes.

3. Cracked or Splitting nails is also a result of fungal infection. All these are mostly due to too much moisture, aging, inadequate vitamins, proteins, and minerals, and not taking care of the nails.


If you’re looking to meet someone, one thing you should do is watch out for their nail colour. Considering that these colours may just mean aesthetic features for people, they may not know what nail colours mean.

But, a sure way to win a woman’s heart is to be one of these things and not just have a preference to nail colours.  Let me know in the comment section about your favorite colour to use on your nails.

I hope this article has erased the question “What do nail colours mean” off your mind.


What does the colour of your nail mean on TikTok?

TikTok took to the challenge by giving “baby blue” and “white” a relationship tag.

What do purple nails mean to a girl?

Purple simply means artistic, confident, and a can-do-all attitude.

What does it mean to polish one nail a different colour?

Asides from aesthetics, art trends, and beauty, there’s generally no meaning to this unless your polish is finished at home. Be sure to see a nail technician get the job done completely.

What does black nail polish mean on a girl?

First off, not all girls can pull off black nails. That’s a Queen right there. Black means Bold, confident, and true to oneself.

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