9 Things to Know Before You Marry a Hausa Lady

9 Things to Know Before You Marry a Hausa Lady

Marriage is an act of nature that humans engage in at a point in time in their lifetimes. Humans belong to different tribes, and sometimes one’s tribe determines the kind of person they turn out to be most at times. Here, we are going to limit ourselves to ‘Hausa’ as a tribe. Now, talking about the things to know about Hausa tribe ladies, this article is important for you.

This article seeks to give you all the things you need to know beforehand before tying the knot with a Hausa lady.

Though there are different categories of Hausa ladies, almost all fit in this sense. Refer to signs to know that a Hausa Lady Loves You to see the categories. When you’re considering taking a Hausa tribe wife, here are things to know about Hausa ladies:

Things to Know before Marrying a Hausa Tribe Lady

1. They Are Mostly Religious

The northern part of Nigeria is arguably the most religious part of the nation, and the most religious tribe amongst them is the Hausas. Therefore, you should put it at the back of your mind, most especially if you are a socially inclined person that you may end up marrying a religious woman.

As a socially inclined dude, living with a religious woman can be disturbing and sometimes, very unbearable. This is because both of you see things differently.

If you know you aren’t ready to cope with that, do not even start. Get someone your type to settle down with as marriage isn’t meant to be temporary, but a lifetime thing!

My advice to people always is “marry your type!”

2. Their Morality is Mostly Intact Compared to Other Tribes from the North

Furthermore, one of the things to know about Hausa ladies is that they are modest. Modesty is a common outfit many people wear in the North.

Whenever the word ‘modesty’ comes up, women are the first to come to most peoples’ minds. Most Hausa ladies are modestly dressed. Visit the North and see that for yourself! Very visually pleasing, I must say.

This is a result of inadequate exposure to western life as they mostly see that way of life as not appropriate, taboo, and unreligious because it goes against almost every teaching of the two most practised religions (Islam and Christianity) in that part of the country.

Another piece of advice I usually give is: ‘Always marry someone of equal social class with you’.

3. They are Mostly Housewife-Oriented

Another very important thing to know about Hausa ladies is that they are brought up in an environment that believes a wife should just be a housewife and nothing more.

Sadly in this generation of ours, we still have people who believe that a woman shouldn’t engage in any form of work, therefore, should be fully unproductive except for childbearing and household chores. Although, some educated ones think otherwise.

So if you are the kind of person who wants your spouse to go out and do something productive, you may have a huge problem to deal with.

I suggest you search elsewhere!

4. Hausa Ladies Hardly Give Financial Assistance

Because the Hausas believe that all the three (3) basic human needs (food, clothing and shelter, and others) are the sole responsibility of the husband, they do not like to assist in taking care of the house or marriage financially, even if they are working-class or engaged in one kind of trade or the other. They majorly stick to their primary role of cooking and childbearing.

More so, because Hausa women believe that one of the only religious aspects that Hausa men like to practice and adhere to strictly is ‘MARRIAGE’; they can take a second, third, and even a fourth wife even if it is evident that they do not have the financial and physical capabilities to do so.

Frankly speaking, some of them can only take half a wife if a thing like that exists. It makes Hausa women believe that “even if I give him any form assistance, he might feel relaxed and may eventually begin to see the need to take a second wife because that is the norm of the day”.

5. They Are Mostly Ungrateful

It’s commonsense to show appreciation to someone for every gratitude shown to you by them.

Sad to say, in the northern part of Nigeria, we lack that most especially among Hausa people. As a result, most Hausa women see their husbands as just slaves because they are ordained by God Almighty to take care of their every need. This makes them not show appreciation to their spouses for every effort they make to make ends meet for the family.

A Hausa friend of mine who is married to a Hausa lady used to say: “If I have the chance or means to take a second wife, I will definitely not settle for another Hausa lady because most of them are ungrateful, mine inclusive”. See that?

6. Make Sure to Choose Her Friends for Her

Ladies, in general, have wide listening ears to their friend’s advice, which is mostly wrong; Hausa ladies are not an exception.

They fail to understand that no two families are the same in terms of everything, and so, there is some advice you take from your fellow married woman and some you don’t. What works for them may not necessarily work for you.

To be on the safer side as a husband, engage yourself fully in selecting the kind of friends she should mingle with.

Advisably, considerably reduce her Hausa tribe friends and encourage her to make friends with other tribes outside of Northern Nigeria.

7. Some of Them Are Disrespectful

This may sound too harsh but that’s the truth. Gone are the days when discipline can be administered by even non-members of the family. Nowadays, even that is not evident within a family. This is very common in Hausa land.

One of the things to know about Hausa tribe ladies is that they are mostly disrespectful. This is a result of inadequate respect shared within most Hausa families and their environment. It is typical to see a wife disrespecting her husband before his children because he doesn’t put food on her table. Now, what do you expect of a lady who was brought up in that kind of family and environment?

With that said, be ready to put a stop to that if she shows any sign to you. If you can’t handle that, be rest assured it may even go way beyond you to your family!

8. They Are Pleasingly Beautiful

If you’ve been to the Northern part of Nigeria, you will testify to that. You need to see how glowing their faces are with little or no make-up.

This is surely one of the things to know about Hausa tribe ladies.

9. Hausa Ladies are Complacent

Complacency is a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder

Staying with a complacent wife can be frustrating if you are directly the opposite type. You will want her to move forward, say, further her studies, but no, she wants to stay put.

A typical Hausa lady sees no need to change whatsoever. Whenever she attains a certain level in her life that she sees as standard, she becomes content.

The world is evolving and we cannot afford to be dwelling in one place. So get ready to break that spirit of hers!


Marriage is a beautiful thing and enjoyable when you meet the right lady, and can also be a pain in the ass if you marry the wrong one. Know that Hausa ladies like every other lady can be fun to be with if you handle them well.

The above-mentioned things to know about Hausa ladies will go a long way in helping you know what kind of spouse you want to take beforehand.

Having known all these points, are you willing to proceed with your dating or wedding plan with her? Please share with us in the comments section. If you think I missed a point, kindly share as well. Thank you.

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