How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban in 5 Minutes

Written by Happiness Hassan

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November 11, 2022

Is there an upcoming event you want to attend, perhaps, a special ceremonial event like a wedding, naming ceremony, birthday party, or festival? As a woman, you certainly want to look gorgeous at that event. But, somehow, amid your preparation, it dawns on you that you haven’t figured out what to tie on your head. Before panicking, here is good news for you; The Zahra Buhari turban is a one-size-fits-all solution regardless of your attire.

What is the Origin of Zahra Buhari Turban?

You may ask where this lovely gele style came from and why it’s named Zahra Buhari rather than something else. Is it a new trend, or has it been around for a while?

This kind of gele style has existed for a long time but undetected. This style resurfaced sporadically when Zahra Buhari wore it at an event. Of course, it looked stunning on her and drew everyone’s attention. As a result, this gele style was named after her!

Is the Zahra Buhari Turban a Good Fit For All?

It’s a perfect fit for all women, as it turns out beautiful. Most importantly, it’s a good fit for those with a wide forehead as it makes this God-given head shape less pronounced. However, here is another gele style for those with a wide forehead.

How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban

As earlier established, this style of gele is easy, and anyone could tie it from the comfort of their house. However, for this guide, I will share with you how to tie the Zahra Buhari turban using the freestyle method and the Zahra Buhari turban with raw silk.

Note: To arrive at a beautiful turban style, ensure your fabric measurement is folded in 70 by 30 or 60 by 40. Simply put, one side of the fabric should be longer than the other, using raw silk or without. Let’s begin!

How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban Step by Step

Step 1: Get an Ankara fabric of your choice, matching the rest of your native outfit. And also a piece of rectangular carton sheet. The modernized ones can be bought from the market. However, you don’t need to use them if it isn’t within your reach. Hence, you can improvise by using a well-cut local carton.

Step 2: Place the carton inside the Ankara fabric and fold the fabric around the rectangular sheet at least twice.

Step 3: From the forehead, lace the fabric to the back of the head, ensuring it’s slightly above the ear brow and not on the ear brow.

Step 4: Make your turban firm by tying both ends of the fabric at the back of your head. It’s advisable to put it on top of your hair, irrespective of the style. And you’re set for that event.

Step 5: Having achieved STEP 4, you’re good to go, but for ladies who always want something unique, you can go ahead and make a freestyle with the remaining fabric at the back. Here are a few options for you;

  • Make a flower with the rest of the fabric.
  • Twist the ends of the fabric and bring them to the front on top of the rectangular sheet and tuck them in.
  • Twist the longer side and bring it to the front while making a nice pattern with the short side at the back.
  • Bring both ends without twisting to the front to make the rectangular sheet fuller and more pronounced.
  • Make a repeated pattern with both ends at the back and tuck it into different sides using an office pin.

How to Tie the Zahra Buhari Turban with Raw Silk

Step 1:  You must tie the normal Zahra Buhari turban using your Ankara alongside the rectangular carton sheet.

Step 2: Fold your raw silk in the same measurement as the Ankara fabric without putting any carton.

Step 3: lace it the same way as the first to the back and tie it to taste slightly above the Ankara so its design can be visible.

Step 4: Twist both ends of the raw silk, bring it to the front on the rectangular sheet, and tuck it in to taste. And you’re good to go. Also, as mentioned in the first guild, you can freestyle your raw silk at the back.

Moreover, it’s still fine if you want to use raw silk without an Ankara. All you have to do is to repeat the normal procedure of tying the Zahra Buhari turban style.

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