10 Ways to Increase Productivity

10 Ways to Increase Productivity

Sometimes, we as humans burden ourselves with so much to do that we end up not being able to achieve much or do anything at all. Or we become demotivated and overwhelmed by the weight of what we need to accomplish. Becoming unproductive is not uncommon, and everyone has experienced it at least once.

Take these following steps in stride as they will help you in performing better and increasing your productivity.

How to Increase Productivity in 10 Ways

1. Start Your Day Right

Firstly, start your mornings well. I believe that your mornings determine how your day will be. An unenergetic morning may be one of the promoters of unproductivity. To increase productivity, you should gracefully start your day, putting yourself to a good start.

Getting adequate hours of sleep, sleeping in the correct position, reducing screen time before bed, etc. are some of the ways to get enough rest and wake up with a fresh start every day.

Try learning how to be a morning person if you are not one. You can also carve out a morning routine or ritual that fits into schedule and belief. A well-ordered morning will have a good impact on daily productivity than a rushed and undefined one.

2. Be Purposeful

Begin each day with a clear picture of what you want to achieve. A cleared path is easy to follow than a murky one. Being purposeful is not about your day alone but your life as a whole. You should seek your purpose continuously as you paddle through life, readjusting it as you go through different stages.

3. Set Timely Goals

In addition to being purposeful about your day, set goals. These can be long, mid, or short-term goals that resonate with the purpose you have set for yourself. Ensure that your targets are tailor-made for you and are achievable within the time frame.

4. Create a Realistic To-Do List

Do not, in the hunger to be more productive, make a list of things that is impossible for you to achieve. Doing this will worsen the situation and result in even less productivity. However, you should not make an unreasonably scanty to-do list when you can achieve more. A to-do list keeps you in check as to what your day-to-day life should revolve around.

5. Link Your Goals to the Items on Your To-Do List

Every item on your to-do list should have a connection to the bigger picture. For example, if your goal is to read more, then your to-do list should contain an item that makes that goal attainable. It can be reading a few pages per day or going out to get more books.

6. Ditch Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time. If you want to increase your productivity, you need to set fire to procrastination. Although most times misinterpreted as laziness, they are different. You can learn how to get rid of procrastination in these 7 easy steps. (link article)

7. Take Pauses

In case you’re unaware, you are not a machine. Even machines break down if they are used for long without stops. Learn to take pauses during work schedule as this will boost your productivity. Take a walk around the office, or a scheduled nap or game, etc. Nonetheless, be cautious of taking too long pauses that will take your mind off work and plunge you into another bout of unproductivity.

8. Stop Multitasking

When you do too many things at once, you tend to achieve less. You may get a false sense of doing many things, but you get too little done this way. Set your tasks in chronological order and take on each one at a time. Do this, and you will see how much more you achieve at the end.

9. Use the Reward System

Reward yourself when you achieve a goal or accompany a task. The reward should be in direct proportion to the goal achieved.

10. Be Fair to Yourself

Be fair when setting your purpose, your goals, and creating your to-do list. Do not push yourself to limits that you are unable to cope with. If you do this, you are setting yourself up to be less productive. Also, speak kindly to yourself when you are unable to finish a task in time or end up doing things outside your set goals.


You are only human, and humans are meant to falter. It is equally important that you do not, because of one slip out, ditch your whole plan. Pick yourself up and keep going even after you slip. Nobody figures it all out in one day.