How to Know If Someone Is Married

How to Know If Someone Is Married

Have you ever met someone and instinctively knew that such person was married? Like judging from the vibes they give off and their actions? Or you’re entering into the dating scene and want to ensure you are not interested in someone who is married? In this article, I’d be showing signs to know if someone is married.

Now, how this article came to be is quite interesting. I was talking to one of my bosses at work and he told me he was married and I was partly shocked. I already suspected it was true because he was giving me “married man” vibes.

Turns out he was only pulling my legs, but he was curious to know what signs I was talking about to know if someone is married. And that was how this article was birthed.

Now that I have you curious also, here are some signs to know if someone is married.

Signs to Know If Someone is Married

1. Look Out For the Wedding Ring

Okay, this is probably the most visible feature of a married person. You can know if someone is married through the wedding finger- is it occupied or empty?Women are particular about this piece of jewelry. They see wedding rings as a sign of affection which is why women rarely take off their wedding rings in public. For men, the story is not the same.

While some men may have their wedding rings on, most men (unintentionally though) forget to wear their rings or just refuse to put them on. In this case, instead of a ring on the finger, what you’d most probably see, is the ring’s tagline + that circle tight rings leaves on the finger.

The ring finger is located between the middle finger and the little finger. Any tagline you see signifies that the person is either married or recently divorced. I know girls who wear rings on that finger to stop men from making advances.

When next you’re relating with someone and unsure of their marital status, keep an eye on the ring finger.

2. The Type of Car They Drive

In my life spent on earth (I lived on Mars once), I have never seen a single person want to buy a family car for personal use. I’m pretty sure when you saw this heading, you know the type of car associated with family people.

This is a hack. If you want to know if a person’s married, check the type of car they drive and how they drive it. Most family men drive family cars that can take the family conveniently.

I mean, why would you be single and need a Toyota Sienna or a Honda Odyssey? Who are you carrying about? Except such a person is a public transport driver, single people do not need family cars.

I had a friend that refused to learn how to drive using his father’s Sienna. He complained that it made him look older than he wanted.

If you see your crush that you think is single driving in a family car, you might want to do extra research, darling.

3. Their Mode of Dressing

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s something about how a person dresses that gives of either single vibes or marriage vibes. I remember growing up and seeing my dad and uncles’ clothing and knowing that this is not what I want to wear.

Today, the rate at which young people are getting married is very high. I am convinced that last year December, there were only three single people left in Nigeria- I am the first person, the last two are teenagers. Considering these statistics, it might be difficult to identify that young chap or lady as married.

Still, the following wears are pretty common to married people:

  • Baggy Clothing: Baggy clothing is slowly seeping into our fashion of today but never forget the people to whom this belongs -married people. Do you think a married man with a family to feed would want to go through the stress of pulling slim-fit trousers after closing from work 5 times a week?
  • Traditional Wears: My boss falls under this category. I have never seen him in English wear. He walks confidently in trads and I can’t help but imagine how he’d look in English. Married couples love trads a lot. There is nothing that gets to them like a matching traditional outfit.
  • Veils: In the northern part of Nigeria, it is common for married women to wear veils that cover their hair and neck and is usually long. On the other hand, single ladies prefer shorter veils that cover just their necks.

4. Married Couples Have Strict Socializing Habits

The freedom that comes with being single is not affordable to married ones. While you can stay out late and have drinks with friends, a married person has to think about family first.

Being single gives you time to socialize to your desire. You can decide to hang out late with friends or go for a swim in the middle of the night. For married people, they have to think about their significant other and family duties.

Rule one in a Nigerian home- As a married person, never stay out late without a solid reason.

Don’t get me wrong. Being married does not stop you from having a good time with your circle. Being married means that whatever way you choose to socialize, you must be accountable to your partner.

When next you’re out for a drink and someone keeps requesting to go home early, check the ring finger and the car they drive.

Bonus tip- if they pronounce WhatsApp as “whatsup”, that person is married and should be expecting grandchildren.

5. You Can Know If Someone is Married Through Their Behaviour

Naturally, married people tend to be reserved and are conscious of their behaviour in public. They tend to act maturely because they have a marriage to protect.

For example, in my first few years in the north, I realized that most married women turn down handshakes from men. Single ladies are freer with these advances from men.

A person who is married cannot be free with advances from any member of the opposite sex. Their behaviour towards such advances would be harsher than how a single person would react.


These signs may not apply to everyone. It is a general observable character I have noticed from married people. I feel more signs might have skipped my mind. Let me know in the comment section if you’ve observed one.

In case you’re unsure about a person’s status, all you need to do is ask. Jumping to conclusions will not answer your questions though.

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