10 Business Schools in Northern Nigeria

Updated: May 10, 2022
By Johnson Temiloluwa
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A business school is a tertiary-level institution that awards degrees in business administration or management. Business school is sometimes called the school of management, school of business management, or school of business administration. The Gen-Z and late millennials sometimes also call it the “biz-school” or “the b school”. If you are someone deeply rooted in business and you stay in the northern part of Nigeria, you should prolly check out this list of business schools that I am about to share.

Waste no time going to a university when you can get a degree in everything business in these schools.

For easy comprehension, I’ll not only be giving a list of business schools you can go to in the northern part of Nigeria. I’ll also be sharing with you every piece of information you need to know about them, starting from the history, locations, list of programs they offer, fees, and comparison between them.

Stay with me for the ride.

10 Business Schools in Northern Nigeria

1. Integrated Business School (IBS)

This is a private unlimited company that was established in Kaduna on the third of October 2008. This institution is one of the top accredited business schools in the country.

Integrated business school is blessed with a generous academic landmass, a feature that not all business schools in the country have.

They offer courses ranging from business management to entrepreneurship.

To get more info, check their website.

2. African Business School

This is one of the top business schools in the northern part of Nigeria. It is situated in Abuja. The exact address is; 4th Avenue Gwarinpa, FCT Abuja.

The business school was established in 2000, it has continuously grown since then. It’s not far-fetched that their motto is “excellence in wisdom and understanding”.

ABS specializes in these courses: Marketing, Management, Sales distribution, Banking, finance & insurance, Accounting, Management control, Human Resources Management, and Computer Science/Engineering.

They run special pieces of training and also have scholarships for people that cannot afford the full tuition.

African Business school does not advertise their tuition fees but has a working mail that you can message for inquiries about their fees and much more.

3. Kaduna Business School

In the year 2000, the Kaduna Business School (KBS) was founded to give a platform for systematic growth in management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

The mandate this business school was built on is the ability to help develop people and aid their growth by offering high-quality business programs.

Below is the list of courses and their fees to enroll:

  • Leading Effectively – N120,000
  • Personal Effectiveness and Problem Solving – N85,000
  • Financial Management- N85,000
  • Caring for Citizens as Customers – N150,000
  • Making Systems Work – N75,000
  • Improvising Team leadership and Communication – N150,000
  • Controlling Work and Motivating People – N100,000
  • Middle Management Development Programme – N150,000
  • Mastering Negotiations & Conflict Handling – N195,000
  • Advanced Leadership Programme – N350,000
  • Public sector Innovation – N90,000
  • Risk-Based Auditing – N95,000

4. Concord Global Business School

This was founded on the 31st of October, 2014. It is located in Asokoro, Abuja. The concord global business school offers a wide range of programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, training, and executive courses. Some of the courses include; Business Management, Management Information systems, Project management, etc.

Their motto is “Reinvent your career”

Here’s why I think it’s one of the top business schools in northern Nigeria:

It is a world-known business school with accreditation and association with the UK. Also, the learning and assessment can be done online. Lastly, they are quite affordable.

5. Formazione Business School

This is one of the business schools with high-end quality. It is situated in Abuja.

Formazione Business School was established in 2014 and is registered under CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) and accredited by the Nigerian council for Management Development (NCMD).

They provide strategic business and management services.

It is a private institution compared to the others.

6. Stratford Academy of Business Management

This is a globally recognized business school in the UK with branches in Lagos and Abuja.

It made the list because of the branch in Abuja.

You can register online, study online if you want, and also graduate in the UK. The certificate is world-known and can land you good business roles.

Regardless of who you are as an individual, be it an employer, employee, or civil servant, you can enroll in any of their programs.

The courses offered at Stratford academy of business management include: Accounting and Finance, Business Management, leadership, entrepreneurship, computing and information technology, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Public Administration, Risk Management, and Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Below is their list of tuition fees.

LevelUK (Non-visa)Visa nationals (Telford, UK)Visa nationals (London, UK)International CentreDistance LearningPayment plan
Medication Foundation Programmes3n/an/a$18,000n/an/a1Installments
University of Foundation Programmes3n/a$8,000$12,000$7,200n/a1Installments
Foundation (level 3) Diplomas3$3,000$4,250n/a$2,125$1,7002Installments
Standard (level 4) Diplomas4$4,000$5,500n/a$2,850$2,1252Installments
Advanced (level 5) Diplomas5$4.400$5,500n/a$2,850$2,1252Installments
Graduate (level 6) Diplomas / Pre-masters6$4,200$5,500n/a$3,120$2,5502Installments
Postgraduate (level 7) Diplomas7$4,500$6,350n/a$3,800$2,8502Installments
University awarded degrees       
B.A (HONS) Business Management6n/an/an/a$18,000$15,0006Installments
Advanced Entry BA (HONS) Business Management (12-15 months)6n/an/an/a$35,000$33,0006Installments
MBA (12 months)7n/an/an/a$11,200$8,5003Installments
Masters (MA/Msc) Degrees (12 months)7n/an/an/a$10,200$7,8003Installments
Advanced Entry MBA  80 Credit (6-9 months)7$8,250$10.500n/a$10,500$8,2502Installments
Advanced Entry MA/Msc 80 credit  (6-9 months)7$7,450$9,700n/a$9,700$7,4502Installments

7. Jos Business School

Just like the name suggests, it is a business school located in Jos; a northern city close to the center of Nigeria. It is also known as the JBS business services.

This business school was launched in the year 2005 but was actually founded in 2004.  Since 2005, it has grown exponentially. It prides itself as a learning and resource center.

Jos business school offers different management and training programs in Customer service, Human Resources Management, Administration processes, and Risk & asset management. They are accredited by the Business Development Service Provider (BDPS).

The tuition fee ranges from N20,000 to N50,000.

8. Dangote Business School

Dangote Business School (DBS) was founded in 2014 to promote high-level business management and entrepreneurship education based on international best practices. It is located in Bayero, Kano state.

The School was founded to strengthen the reputation and relevance of the graduate programs offered, as well as to diversify into a variety of disciplines that are connected to management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and globalization to better prepare corporate leaders, future managers, and society builders to meet emerging challenges and to take advantage of global opportunities for the greater good.

It’s one of the top business schools in northern Nigeria to attend. The tuition fee range for fresh and returning students is N170,000 to N240,000 naira.

Ps: late registration attracts a N5,000 extra charge.

9. Business School the Netherlands

This is an international business school that was established in 1988 and has expanded globally to different countries, Nigeria inclusive in the year 2003. The Nigerian Branch is located in Lagos and Abuja; the buzzing city of Nigeria and the capital of the country, I’m sure you already guessed it was going to be these two states.

Business School Netherlands is accredited by outstanding organizations in the USA, Switzerland, and Netherlands.

The programs offered include;

  • MBA programs
  • DBA programs
  • Global Leadership Programme
  • Master in Science In finance
  • Executive Programmes
  • In-company Training

Scholarships and short courses with certification are also offered.

The sweet deal about schooling here is that you can pay in installments. So fret not, if you don’t have the full tuition at once, you can pay more than once.

For the fees and every other information, you need to know about Business school the Netherlands, check their website or LinkedIn page.

10. Zaria Business School

With a globally recognized credential, Zaria Business School is one of Nigeria’s best business schools and was launched by the president of Nigeria himself in the year 2018.

They run a top-tier educational institution that allows students to obtain a thorough understanding of business management. It is situated in Zaria and is a school under the directory of Ahmadu Bello University.


If you love business, then you should go to a business school where the teachings are directly focused on Business.

After going through the list of business schools in the northern part of Nigeria, which one of them do you intend on going to? Did I leave anyone out? Kindly comment if I did in the comment section below. Thank you!

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