Did a Woman in Zaria Really Give Birth to a Horse?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022
By Abdullahi Malumfashi
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The internet has been awash recently with the story of a woman who gave birth to a horse-like creature in Tudun Wada, Zaria of Kaduna state on Thursday, 24th March 29, 2022.

But how accurate is the story?

Here are the Facts.

The Woman in Zaria Who ‘Gave Birth’ to a Horse

The woman in question is named Murja and lives in Layin Lemu, Tudun Wada Zaria, with her husband, Abdulsalam. She is a local food vendor. Since birth, she has been ‘pregnant’ for two years with her last child, Maimunatu.

The Facts

According to an interview conducted in Hausa with Murja, she claims to be pregnant for two years. She visited Al’umma Specialist Hospital, commonly called Dr.Umar, located in Bako Zuntu Magume Road, Zaria.

She carried out two scans, and both were negative. Her difficulties only worsened after that. Her stomach got more prominent, with the complications not even allowing her to work. Initially, she thought it was Typhoid, but all the drugs proved ineffective.

This was when she met with a woman whose name is unknown. The woman claimed that she had been ‘afflicted with the strange creature.’ She then prayed for Murja and recited some verses of the Qur’an along with Islamic chemist drugs. Murja was then relieved of the creature, which was said to live in her stomach.

When asked how the animal came out, she responded with ‘through my side.’


While many people have claimed that Murja actually gave birth to the strange animal, it might not be entirely accurate. The fact that she responded that the animal came out from her’ side’ also means that the animal didn’t come out of her.

The lady in question who prayed for her also appears to be anonymous, and no one has heard anything about her or the mechanisms she used in delivering the said creature.

According to a resident of Tudun Wada in Zaria who wanted to remain anonymous, he claims there is no way such will happen.

“People don’t know the fact of the story, yet they have already reached a conclusion. Where is the woman who delivered her? What did she use? Where did the creature come from?” he said. “This might be a case of black magic or sorcery but certainly not of a strange creature’s birth,” he concluded.

The incident may have spread like wildfire, with many people believing it. But until these essential questions are answered and medical experts to determine if the woman has given birth, the story stands to be suspicious at best and untrue at worst.

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