It’s Not All About the Grades

Updated: Nov 6, 2021
By Aisha Gali
The Tinubu and Abiola Connection

The Tinubu and Abiola Connection

The year was 1993. IBB was in the last stage of his 8 years rule. His tenure is almost coming to an end. The clamour for a new Government was high. His Structural Adjustment Policy has affected the livelihoods of many. The economy was failing, the Naira weakened and...

As Nigerians Head to The Polls, By Salim Yunusa

As Nigerians Head to The Polls, By Salim Yunusa

In less than a week, Nigerians will get to exercise their democratic and electoral rights in carefully selecting and choosing new leaders that will steer the affairs of the country and represent them across local, state and federal levels; with the hope of bringing on...

Naira Swap and Buhari’s Endless Search for A Legacy

Naira Swap and Buhari’s Endless Search for A Legacy

Nigerians should vote for whoever they like from whichever party. Nobody will be allowed to mobilize resources and thugs to intimidate people in any constituency. That’s how I want to go down into Nigeria’s history, as a leader. - Muhammadu Buhari, 2023. The year was...

2023 And The Generals’ Last Dance

2023 And The Generals’ Last Dance

56 people eating Nigeria like termites  - Hamza Al Mustapha The year was 1998. Abacha, the Head of State, had just died. Abdulsalam Abubakar, the Former Chief of Defence Staff, was in charge. He quickly enacted a transition to a civil rule program to replace what many...

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“When I was your age, I was taking the first position in class” Is a sentence we’ve heard from almost every parent and has gone on to build a lot of pressure on every child.

The only thing we were pushed to was to get good grades, pass our exams and ignore everything else.

Yes, being a straight-A student has its perks but then again, what happens to others who are not book smart but rather have the talent to be great at other things?

Schools have been known to place more emphasis on classroom happenings and little or no attention to extracurricular activities.

Speaking from the diary of someone who didn’t know what she wanted, went from wanting to be a teacher to an engineer to an architect and to a doctor all because I thought it was what I should be.

it was a struggle to find something you wanted to be within the doctrines of acceptability which was what your parents thought was the best for you.

Nothing else was acceptable.

Students with potential in other aspects of life aside from academics are mostly shut down and told to focus more on their books so they could go to good universities and have a great career.

But what is a great career?

Generally, to most parents, it involves sitting behind a desk at a law firm or a bank or rounds in a hospital.

It has always been these choices for them; lawyer, doctor, engineer or banker.

Nonetheless, these are wonderful careers but then again imagine a child who is passionate about football and would have been the heir to Messi and Ronaldo’s throne stuck in a bank because no one believed or gave them a platform to showcase what they’ve got.

I figured out a passion for writing at a very young age but I was always afraid to put out my stories or thoughts out there because it was not the norm and what was I going to do as a writer when the expectation was a 9-5 job?

With the way the world is moving, it seems there’s more to it than a 9-5.

I feel it children should be allowed to explore their talents because there’s more to life than good grades and you can be anything asides from doctors, lawyers and engineers.

The rate of unemployment is high because everyone thinks a white-collar job is the pinnacle of success. The opportunities in the creative world are endless.

We have to break barriers and make sacrifices for the upcoming generation.

The system has to start accommodating more artists, writers, gamers, tech gurus, footballers etc.

Take a look at Khaby Lame, making a fortune on tik tok without saying any word.

Let’s catch them young, give them the right platforms and the necessary support.

No talent or skill should be underrated or swept under the carpet.

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