10 Sexual Abuse Counselling Services in Northern Nigeria

Updated: Nov 2, 2022
By Editorial Staff

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Sexual abuse counselling services in Nigeria play a vital role in guiding victims of sexual abuse in recovering from the ugly experiences of the abuse. In addition to their therapy services, they also go as far as providing Justice for the victims.

If you know a sexually abused victim struggling to put the pieces of their lives together, you might want to consider these counselling services in northern Nigeria that offer supportive help for them.

What Do Sexual Abuse Counselling Services Do?

Sexual abuse of all kinds is a criminal offense punishable by the law in Nigeria. According to the Sexual Abuse Referral Center report, incident reporting most cases of sexual offenses are committed against females (79%) and young people under 18 years old (77%). 

Unfortunately, victims of sexual abuse go through terrible phases after experiencing sexual abuse. They are subjected to mental disorders, trauma, loss of self-value, thoughts of suicide, risk of sexually transmitted disease, and many other negative effects. 

Oftentimes, these victims struggle to forget what has happened and find it difficult to move on with their lives, and if you know one, you might want to know how to help victims of sexual abuse victims.

However, personal assistance might be limited and requires more professional assistance, that’s when the help of counseling services comes into play

Sexual abuse counselling services are organizations either governmental or non-governmental, which provide medical care and supportive services to those who have experienced rape or sexual assault. Additionally, they offer assistance to victims of gender-based abuse.

Sexual abuse counselling services in northern Nigeria offer a maximum support system to victims by collaborating with other supportive stakeholders. This includes:

  • Nigeria police force
  • Nigeria Bar Association
  • Professional health personnel
  • Legal Aid Counsel
  • Religious based organization
  • Media organization
  • State government
  • National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Person (NAPTIP)
  • National human rights commission
  • Well-meaning individual/organization for financial support.

Also, the majority of these counselling services in Nigeria are sexual abuse referral centers (SARCs) with a few being non-governmental agencies.

List of Sexual Abuse Counselling Services in Nigeria

1. Rayuwa Sexual Abuse Referral Center (RSARC) Police Clinic, Minna

Rayuwa is a non-governmental organization working to raise awareness about sexual abuse and also provide standard counselling services in northern Nigeria to survivors of abuse in Niger State. 


Police Clinic, Minna

Niger state



Their operation is based in Niger state Nigeria, you can contact them through their hotline:

2. FCT – Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Response Team (FCT-SGBVRT)

This team comprises the most relevant agencies that fight against sexual abuse/ violence. They offer an effective, comprehensive, and coordinated response to cases of domestic and sexual violence.

You can take victims for counseling sessions to help overcome the experience. 


Social Development Secretariat (SDS) 2nd Floor, 

Cyprian Ekwensi House, Arts & Culture Complex, 

Area 10, Garki

Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.



3. Jigawa Sexual Assault Referral Center

This center was established to provide counselling services to victims of rape in the state by members of staff of the state ministry of women’s affairs and societal development along with other personnel.


Jigawa Sexual Assault Referral Center,

Dutse General Hospital,

Jigawa State



4. Kano Sexual Assault Referral Center

Kano State referral center offers supportive counselling services in northern Nigeria to victims of sexual assault. It brings people from hospitals, social work departments, Justice ministry to resolve sexual cases.


Kano Sexual Assault Referral Center at Murtala Mohammed Hospital, Kano

Kano State



5. Sexual Offences Awareness &Victims Rehabilitation Initiative (SOAR)

Sexual Offences Awareness & Victims Rehabilitation Initiative (SOAR) was set up in 2011 by a survivor of child sexual abuse to prevent and respond to the prevalence of various forms of sexual violence and exploitation against children in Nigeria. 

The organization is currently working on a programme to address child marriage in the North Central states of Nigeria.


31 Okemesi crescent, near Holy Trinity hospital, opp CBN Headquarters Garki 2, Abuja.

[email protected]


0805 272 3469

0909 234 4525            

6. Salama Sexual Assaults Referral Center

Salama referral center offers one of the best sexual abuse counselling services in Nigeria. This center ensures the victims receive medical, psychological, physical, and other support they need.


Salama Sexual Assault Referral Center at Gawna Awan Specialist,

Kakuri, Kaduna State



7. Specialist Hospital, Yola

This specialist hospital also engage in counseling services for victims of sexual abuse who are struggling to get their lives back on track.


Specialist Hospital,

Yola, Adamawa State.



8. Dorothy Njemanze Foundation (DNF), Abuja        

Dorothy Njemanze Foundation (DNF) works to end sexual and gender-based violence through direct support for survivors, they promote basic ethics and values in society.


Suite 3, Datum plaza, 120 Benjamin Ficus street, Gaduwa estate, Abuja.             

[email protected]   


0803 552 3954

0808 278 7045

9. Umaru Shehu Ultra Modern Hospital, Borno

Umaru Shehu hospital provides  sexually abused victims with supportive medical care to secure their health from suffering from the experience.

Additionally, this hospital provides counseling services that take victims through a step-by-step recovery process. 


Umaru Shehu Ultra Modern Hospital,

Maiduguri, Borno State



10. Yobe Sexual Assault Referral Center

Sexual assault cases shouldn’t be waved aside but reported for immediate solutions and irrespective of who the abuser is, they aren’t above the law.

If you live in Yobe state then you must take advantage of the Yobe sexual assault referral center to provide Justice for victims. 


Yobe Sexual Assault Referral Center

Damaturu, Yobe State.



11. Body Safety Academy

Body Safety Academy (BSA) is a Hybrid Organization dedicated to educating, empowering, supporting and equipping organizations and families with well mapped out strategies to prevent child abuse.

Their mission is to arm children with the knowledge and skills to make informed safety decisions and take appropriate actions when met with harmful situations. They also help parents move from ignorance to enlightenment as relates to body safety education and safeguarding their children from sexual predators.


Kaduna state

12. Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Gusau

Located in Room 18 Amenity Ward, General Hospital Gusau, this is the first of its kind in the state. You can contact them on 0803 557 7891.


Counselling services in northern Nigeria are set in place to fight against sexual abuse across the state, provide Justice for victims, create awareness among the masses and also provide a support system to aid victims’ recovery over time. Hence, sexual abuse cases should not be kept secret for any reason. 

Which other sexual abuse counselling services in Nigeria do you know? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Jojo

    There’s a hybrid organization I know in Kaduna doing so well as regards raising awareness of child sexual abuse. Name: Body Safety Academy, they have a campaign at the moment #RaiseDontRuin. They go to schools to teach an hour of body safety education and counsel children.

    • Abdullahi Malumfashi

      Thank you for the heads up, we appreciate that. We have documented them.


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