7 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship at Work

7 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship at Work

Relationships in the workplace are the interactions you have with your colleagues. When you have effective relationships with other professionals and team members, you are more likely to enjoy your every day at work. Building relationships in the workplace is also important for career success and also gives you indirect knowledge on how to have a good relationship with your colleagues.

Although building a good relationship with your colleagues is good, knowing how to have a good relationship with your colleagues is best. It’s not just about knowing the ‘why’ but also knowing the ‘how’ to have an effective relationship with your work partners.

There are a few key points to knowing how to have a good relationship with your colleagues and these include:

1. Avoid Gossip to Build a Good Relationship with Colleagues

This may seem like a very irrelevant point but in the actual sense, it is really important. Everyone wants to know the happenings in the lives of other colleagues thus, leading to gossip and snitching.

To have a good relationship with your colleagues, you have to be trustworthy and avoid anything that gives both you and your colleagues a bad name. Avoiding side talks and irrelevant talks is a good way to stay on track and have a healthy relationship with other colleagues.

2. Keep Your Commitments

Trust is the cornerstone of building a solid relationship, and one surefire way to break that trust is by breaking your commitments.

Keeping your word and commitment to your colleagues is a sure way to getting you to a healthy relationship amongst your colleagues. The commitments could be as little as keeping up with the time of group work or meetings with other members of the board or even as simple as a get-together with other colleagues. All these are little but sure ways to keep a commitment with your colleagues.

3. To Build a Relationship with Your Colleagues, Be an Active Listener

This is a skill worth consciously developing as you will find that it helps you quickly gain people’s trust. Focus on taking the time to listen to your colleagues and clients.

Listening while your colleagues help you understand them more, their likes and dislikes, and even what and why they are doing the job they are doing. Being a good listener does not only help in setting good relationships with your colleagues but also helps you become a good observer

4. Offering Assistance Helps in Building a Good Relationship with Colleagues

Taking the burden off of a coworker when they are struggling to complete a project is a great way to build a good relationship with them. Helping a coworker out with their task when you know you have a little free time left of yours is a very good thing to do to build a relationship with your colleagues, it speaks good volumes of you. This type of activity is a sure way to building a reputation in the long run.

5. Appreciate Each Employee’s Role

Appreciation is a strong relationship builder. There are sometimes when it may seem hard to comprehend the challenges of another department at your workplace and frustration can lead to bad feelings. But by keeping in mind that every department has a role to play in the company, you can appreciate each worker’s role.

By working together productively and professionally, you will find that you develop a new sense of appreciation for your colleagues, which will allow you to begin developing a positive relationship with them.

6. Open and Honest Communication

All relationships, mostly the good ones, rely on honest and open communication. The better and more effectively we communicate with those we work with, the more positive and successful the relationship will be.

It is always good to have an honest heart with good communication with our colleagues because, they are seen as a family, just in another setting.

7. Connect Outside of Workplace

Building relationships makes work easier. When you form a personal connection with your colleagues, there is less tension and friction and more positive feelings of support. If the time you spend with your coworkers is hundred percent focused on work, you will not form strong bonds.

You could have extracurricular activities with your coworkers, for instance having a small lunchtime or even a football club. All these are simple but yet, relevant ways to connect with your coworkers beyond the office.  


In summary, having a healthy relationship with coworkers is essential because they can be seen as a family, just in another setting.

Also, knowing how to have a good relationship with your colleagues is a ‘must know’ because there are simple but relevant ways to build a strong and healthy relationship with your coworkers.

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