Men, Stop Wearing These Colours Now!

Men, Stop Wearing These Colours Now!

As a man, your goal of putting on an outfit is to look great and confident. In addition, you want to look attractive to females. You can only achieve this if you know colours men should stop wearing. With this knowledge, you can then make the best of the acceptable colours.

This reminds me of an occurrence. I was walking along the street with a male colleague trying to locate a house. I came across a building that I wanted to use to describe where we were standing. I mentioned to the lady I was trying to locate that I was standing beside a peach-coloured building. My colleague quickly interrupted and said the building was pink. I laughed because I know that differentiating similar colours or shades of one colour is difficult for men. This is psychological though. Ladies are better with colours than men.

With this in mind, it is important men have a bit of knowledge about colours. This is because while considering whether to buy or wear an outfit the importance of colours cannot be overemphasized. A wrong colour combination could make you look so unattractive.

In this article, I categorized colours men should stop wearing into the two. The first category is based on skin colour and the second is a general consideration.

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Based on Skin Colour

1. Light Skin

If you are a light-skinned man, you want your natural skin tone to shine. As such, you are supposed to avoid colours that resemble your skin.

A good outfit should create a contrast with your skin colour. However, too much or too little contrast is not attractive.

So, colours men with light skin should avoid include:

  • White: Unless you are using this colour sparingly, you should avoid a white outfit. The reason is white creates too little contrast which is not the goal of a proper outfit.
  • Black: This colour contrasts greatly with your skin and gives a weird look.
  • Bright colours: As a pale or light-skinned man, you should run away from bright colours like yellow, orange, lemon freen, light grey etc.

    Avoid bright colours as they wash you out.

2. Dark Skin

Are you a dark skin man?

If yes, you want your natural skin colour to shine as well. To achieve this, you need to avoid the following colours.

  • Black: Black has always been considered to be men’s colour. However, there’s a need to be cautious about its use.  Black contrasts too little with your skin if you’re very dark. This gives a dull appearance. You sure don’t want to look that way. If you must wear black, ensure there’s a mix with some brighter colours like white.
  • Brown: Oh yes! Have you ever sighted someone from afar and wondered if the person is wearing a cloth at all? I guess your response is yes. That’s what happens when you wear an outfit that is the same as your skin. You don’t want to give such an impression. Avoid brown colours that contrast too little with your skin.

General Consideration

Dear men, avoid the following colours. This is especially important if you have poor knowledge of how to combine colours to give a good fitting.

1. Yellow: Although, the shade of this colour matters. A bright yellow should be avoided by men. It comes too obvious and worse if you’re light-skinned. You can consider darker shades of yellow if you must wear it.

But if you ask me, I would suggest you remove yellow from your colours altogether.

2 . Pink: You should be wondering what this article would look like without pink. I’m not writing to debunk the rule that pink is a feminine colour.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, pink has been categorised as a feminine colour. Men generally shouldn’t want to give off a feminine look. Hence, pink is a colour you shouldn’t buy or wear at all. Leave it for the ladies.

Here, I’m not giving preferable shades. Pink is not for men! Kindly avoid it.

3. Orange: Orange colour is also is a bright colour and one of the colours men should stop wearing, unless it is used sparingly or preferably you should consider the burnt orange shade.

4. Lemon Green: Lemon green has this catchy look. Wearing a lemon green outfit puts you on the spot, not in a nice way. It’s best if you don’t wear it at all.

5. Red: Before you roll your eyes wondering what red is doing here, listen. Red is a beautiful colour and it symbolizes love. However, as a man, the best you can do is to wear it only with a matching combination.

Wearing red head to toe is not advisable.


 Q: What colours should men wear instead?

A: There are other varieties of colours available for men to explore. We have blue with various shades, grey, beige, milk, green, maroon, etc. Knowledge of these colours is not the solution.

Your ability to wear the right colours in the right way matters most.

Q: What if the colour mentioned above is among my favourites?

A: Assuming yellow, which I stated men should avoid, is Your favourite then you should learn how to use the yellow colour to your advantage. You need to be sure you’re not light-skinned then ensure you’re not mixing it with wrong colour combinations.

Now you know colours you should avoid and colours that you should consider instead. It’s time to explore and work on your fashion sense.

Dear men, I hope you find this helpful.

Do you have any concerns? The comment section is open.