How to Get Paid to Read Books Online

How to Get Paid to Read Books Online

Reading books is fun; getting paid while at it is much more exciting and fun. It’s the 21st century and most people just want to get paid for doing what they love, and even more, doing something you love from the comfort of your home. Do people get paid to read books online? Can you read and get paid in nigeria? The answer is a big yes. How is this possible?

Have you ever read a book and had so much to say about it you could write a full-page opinion about it? Yes? Great! That’s how being paid comes in. You read and get paid in Nigeria by writing a review about it.

You must still be curious, how exactly do you get paid for writing a book review after reading a book? Continue reading and you’ll find out. The trick to getting paid to read books online is book reviewing; this can be done with your voice and your words.


Getting Paid Using Your Words (Writing)

There are websites that are in need of your book review to push sales of their books and for other many reasons. So, regardless of the kind of books you read, there is a site willing to pay you for what you have to say about books that you’ve read.

I’ll share with you 5 real quick sites that you can get paid to read online:

1. Upwork

Like they call themselves, “The world’s marketplace”, lots of “Offer your service and get paid” goes on there. The pay is quite reasonable. Once you keep doing it over time and build a solid portfolio, you have the right to increase your charges.

All you just have to do is register with Upwork, write on your eye-catching bio that giving book reviews is what you do then send proposals for book reviewing job openings that you find.

Read and get paid in Nigeria? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

2. Online Book Club

This site’s payment rate is between $5 – $60. The site’s interface is easy to maneuver. You get a free copy of the book you are to review and deliver your review on time to get paid. Quite simple, yeah?

3. New Pages

If your opinion about a book is not too lengthy and is less than 500 words, New Pages is your best bet. New Pages are a portal for bookstores, new and small-scale publishers, and things alike. They are mostly in search of book reviews of about 100 to 200 words. It can be literary magazines or books that you’ve read.

To get a feel of what they are about and how their reviews are, check here.

4. Instaread

Instaread is quite unique out of other sites I have listed so far. They accept summaries. So, if you read a book and can summarize it in not more than 1,500 words, then Instaread is for you. For every summary, you read and get paid in Nigeria $100.

Another notable point for Instaread is that they have an app, you can download from any App Store for a much more personal experience. They have things they need from you before you write.

5. Writerful Books

This is a website where you can get paid for reading books online. You have the chance of picking the book to read and just submitting your review to them. They check and see if it fits their standards, and voila! You get paid.

Their pay is usually around $10 to $50.

Getting Paid Using Your Voice (Reading)

In the same way, you are using your words (by writing) to get paid to read books online, you can also actually read the books with your voice on various platforms and get paid. Exciting, right? Yes, absolutely. It’s a good way to get paid to read books online if you have a good voice for reading.

I’ll share with you platforms where you can use your voice to get paid by reading.

1. ACX

This is one legit platform where you record a book and get paid for it. The first step is creating an account with ACX then uploading samples or your book recordings or talking about the book you’ll like to record for them. If you are approved and they are impressed with your voice, they pick you, and voila, money rolling in and your voice becomes the money bank.

An experienced narrator makes around $160 per hour. Check here for more deets.

2. Voices

This platform has a large coverage of about 160 countries and over 200 languages. Just like ACX, you have to create a profile and upload good audio samples. After which you can move ahead to auditioning for different genres of books you’d like to read for them.


Reading can be made fun in many ways, and getting paid while doing that is a fair price. All of the ways I have explained that help you get paid to read books online are credible, however, make your research and understand each platform’s guideline before pitching.

Reading is fun; you know this already that’s why you want to get paid while doing it. Books that make you smart and the ones that help you find your inner peace are a good selection to read. It might not pay you in cash, but it definitely gives you value.

Happy reading!


How exactly can I get paid by reading books online?

By writing or recording reviews about the books you’ve read then, go in search of outlets that need your services and are willing to pay you for them. Quite easy. Another way is having a blog of your own where you post reviews about every book you read.

How much do book readers get paid?

The lowest range to read and get paid in Nigeria is usually  $10

How do I create samples of my book reviews?

You can use social media account, post about the books you read daily on your accounts, and once a job offer comes, send the link to your social media account. Also, you can write book reviews for other books you’ve read using Google Docs and compile them in a link. That way, you paste the link when your portfolio or sample is asked for.

This can be done for both voice book reading and word book review.

What is a book review?

A book review is a short piece (usually shorter than the literary piece itself) describing, summarizing, analyzing, or opining on what a book entails and is about.

Can I make a living from getting paid to read books online?

The honest answer is yes. You can make a decent living but don’t quit your day job just yet. It is a good side-pay outlet and higher pay is only guaranteed when expertise has been built over time.