10 Business Schools in Northern Nigeria

10 Business Schools in Northern Nigeria

A business school is a tertiary-level institution that awards degrees in business administration or management. Business school is sometimes called the school of management, school of business management, or school of business administration. The Gen-Z and late millennials sometimes also call it the “biz-school” or “the b school”. If you are someone deeply rooted in business and you stay in the northern part of Nigeria, you should prolly check out this list of business schools that I am about to share.

Waste no time going to a university when you can get a degree in everything business in these schools.

For easy comprehension, I’ll not only be giving a list of business schools you can go to in the northern part of Nigeria. I’ll also be sharing with you every piece of information you need to know about them, starting from the history, locations, list of programs they offer, fees, and comparison between them.

Stay with me for the ride.

10 Business Schools in Northern Nigeria

1. Integrated Business School (IBS)

This is a private unlimited company that was established in Kaduna on the third of October 2008. This institution is one of the top accredited business schools in the country.

Integrated business school is blessed with a generous academic landmass, a feature that not all business schools in the country have.

They offer courses ranging from business management to entrepreneurship.

To get more info, check their website.

2. African Business School

This is one of the top business schools in the northern part of Nigeria. It is situated in Abuja. The exact address is; 4th Avenue Gwarinpa, FCT Abuja.

The business school was established in 2000, it has continuously grown since then. It’s not far-fetched that their motto is “excellence in wisdom and understanding”.

ABS specializes in these courses: Marketing, Management, Sales distribution, Banking, finance & insurance, Accounting, Management control, Human Resources Management, and Computer Science/Engineering.

They run special pieces of training and also have scholarships for people that cannot afford the full tuition.

African Business school does not advertise their tuition fees but has a working mail that you can message for inquiries about their fees and much more.

3. Kaduna Business School

In the year 2000, the Kaduna Business School (KBS) was founded to give a platform for systematic growth in management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

The mandate this business school was built on is the ability to help develop people and aid their growth by offering high-quality business programs.

Below is the list of courses and their fees to enroll:

  • Leading Effectively – N120,000
  • Personal Effectiveness and Problem Solving – N85,000
  • Financial Management- N85,000
  • Caring for Citizens as Customers – N150,000
  • Making Systems Work – N75,000
  • Improvising Team leadership and Communication – N150,000
  • Controlling Work and Motivating People – N100,000
  • Middle Management Development Programme – N150,000
  • Mastering Negotiations & Conflict Handling – N195,000
  • Advanced Leadership Programme – N350,000
  • Public sector Innovation – N90,000
  • Risk-Based Auditing – N95,000

4. Concord Global Business School

This was founded on the 31st of October, 2014. It is located in Asokoro, Abuja. The concord global business school offers a wide range of programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, training, and executive courses. Some of the courses include; Business Management, Management Information systems, Project management, etc.

Their motto is “Reinvent your career”

Here’s why I think it’s one of the top business schools in northern Nigeria:

It is a world-known business school with accreditation and association with the UK. Also, the learning and assessment can be done online. Lastly, they are quite affordable.

5. Formazione Business School

This is one of the business schools with high-end quality. It is situated in Abuja.

Formazione Business School was established in 2014 and is registered under CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) and accredited by the Nigerian council for Management Development (NCMD).

They provide strategic business and management services.

It is a private institution compared to the others.

6. Stratford Academy of Business Management

This is a globally recognized business school in the UK with branches in Lagos and Abuja.

It made the list because of the branch in Abuja.

You can register online, study online if you want, and also graduate in the UK. The certificate is world-known and can land you good business roles.

Regardless of who you are as an individual, be it an employer, employee, or civil servant, you can enroll in any of their programs.

The courses offered at Stratford academy of business management include: Accounting and Finance, Business Management, leadership, entrepreneurship, computing and information technology, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Public Administration, Risk Management, and Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Below is their list of tuition fees.

LevelUK (Non-visa)Visa nationals (Telford, UK)Visa nationals (London, UK)International CentreDistance LearningPayment plan
Medication Foundation Programmes3n/an/a$18,000n/an/a1Installments
University of Foundation Programmes3n/a$8,000$12,000$7,200n/a1Installments
Foundation (level 3) Diplomas3$3,000$4,250n/a$2,125$1,7002Installments
Standard (level 4) Diplomas4$4,000$5,500n/a$2,850$2,1252Installments
Advanced (level 5) Diplomas5$4.400$5,500n/a$2,850$2,1252Installments
Graduate (level 6) Diplomas / Pre-masters6$4,200$5,500n/a$3,120$2,5502Installments
Postgraduate (level 7) Diplomas7$4,500$6,350n/a$3,800$2,8502Installments
University awarded degrees       
B.A (HONS) Business Management6n/an/an/a$18,000$15,0006Installments
Advanced Entry BA (HONS) Business Management (12-15 months)6n/an/an/a$35,000$33,0006Installments
MBA (12 months)7n/an/an/a$11,200$8,5003Installments
Masters (MA/Msc) Degrees (12 months)7n/an/an/a$10,200$7,8003Installments
Advanced Entry MBA  80 Credit (6-9 months)7$8,250$10.500n/a$10,500$8,2502Installments
Advanced Entry MA/Msc 80 credit  (6-9 months)7$7,450$9,700n/a$9,700$7,4502Installments

7. Jos Business School

Just like the name suggests, it is a business school located in Jos; a northern city close to the center of Nigeria. It is also known as the JBS business services.

This business school was launched in the year 2005 but was actually founded in 2004.  Since 2005, it has grown exponentially. It prides itself as a learning and resource center.

Jos business school offers different management and training programs in Customer service, Human Resources Management, Administration processes, and Risk & asset management. They are accredited by the Business Development Service Provider (BDPS).

The tuition fee ranges from N20,000 to N50,000.

8. Dangote Business School

Dangote Business School (DBS) was founded in 2014 to promote high-level business management and entrepreneurship education based on international best practices. It is located in Bayero, Kano state.

The School was founded to strengthen the reputation and relevance of the graduate programs offered, as well as to diversify into a variety of disciplines that are connected to management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and globalization to better prepare corporate leaders, future managers, and society builders to meet emerging challenges and to take advantage of global opportunities for the greater good.

It’s one of the top business schools in northern Nigeria to attend. The tuition fee range for fresh and returning students is N170,000 to N240,000 naira.

Ps: late registration attracts a N5,000 extra charge.

9. Business School the Netherlands

This is an international business school that was established in 1988 and has expanded globally to different countries, Nigeria inclusive in the year 2003. The Nigerian Branch is located in Lagos and Abuja; the buzzing city of Nigeria and the capital of the country, I’m sure you already guessed it was going to be these two states.

Business School Netherlands is accredited by outstanding organizations in the USA, Switzerland, and Netherlands.

The programs offered include;

  • MBA programs
  • DBA programs
  • Global Leadership Programme
  • Master in Science In finance
  • Executive Programmes
  • In-company Training

Scholarships and short courses with certification are also offered.

The sweet deal about schooling here is that you can pay in installments. So fret not, if you don’t have the full tuition at once, you can pay more than once.

For the fees and every other information, you need to know about Business school the Netherlands, check their website or LinkedIn page.

10. Zaria Business School

With a globally recognized credential, Zaria Business School is one of Nigeria’s best business schools and was launched by the president of Nigeria himself in the year 2018.

They run a top-tier educational institution that allows students to obtain a thorough understanding of business management. It is situated in Zaria and is a school under the directory of Ahmadu Bello University.


If you love business, then you should go to a business school where the teachings are directly focused on Business.

After going through the list of business schools in the northern part of Nigeria, which one of them do you intend on going to? Did I leave anyone out? Kindly comment if I did in the comment section below. Thank you!

How to Get Paid to Search the Internet

How to Get Paid to Search the Internet

Do you smell fish? It’s probably just your nose, it’s not me (or my article either). Does the title seem scam-ish? I get it, it does but it’s true. However, there are legit ways to get paid to search the internet, all you have to do is just keep reading this article. Note! This is not to say there are no scam zones, of course, there are. Be watchful of that.

We surf the internet every day, it’s only fair to want to make money out of it.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in, I’ll be sharing with you in this article how to get paid to search the internet. There are different ways to make money by just searching the web, this is why I have categorized it into three easy-to-understand ways.

Let’s go!

Evaluators for Search Engines

Google, Bing, Safari, etc. are examples of search engines. Now you have an idea? No? Okay.

Evaluators for search engines evaluate and grade the search results that appear when a user types in a specific phrase. They rate how useful the top search results are, if the map is right, or if the search results are what you were looking for, depending on the assignment. In essence, they do research by using these search engines, measure if these engines provide exact or near useful search results(as regards how relevant the answer to the search was, the accuracy and how long it took to get a reply), then they give their feedback.

As easy as it sounds, the recruitment process is technical and they usually want someone with a degree of some sort.

If you are excellent at doing research and are currently in a culture stance, you can be an evaluator for search engines too, here are companies that will pay you for your services.

1. Lionbridge

This company is global and has been providing its service for more than 20years, it is legit. There are other roles you can take when you work with this company, translator and content writer are examples.

2. Flexjobs

Check everything they are about and how to apply for their job openings. It’s a company that offers opportunities for people to work from home, and surf the net.

3. Appen

Saved the best for the last. Appen is a notable website in this regard. They call their evaluators – raters. Sounds comfortable, huh? Check them out here

Earnings of being an evaluator (or rater): $15-$17 per hour depending on the website.

Using Smaller Search Engines

Everyone loves Google. At least I’m sure of myself, I love Google. It’s the first thing I check when I don’t know the meaning of a word or a phrase, anything at all. There are other search engines, you know?

These other search engines don’t have enough traffic and can’t compare themselves to the number one leading search engine in the world. Hence, they created a scheme and incentive for people who use them.

It’s a way of motivating you to try them out also. Almost whispering, “Pick me! Pick me! You know you need that money”

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the apps where you can make money. They have a website, that’s why it is in this article too. The moment you sign in to the website, there’s a $10 incentive waiting for you. And for each time you use this search engine, you get points. This point is called the “Search Win”. Over time, this point is accrued to cash and they make the money rain.

How does the money get to you? Through PayPal or gift cards.

2. FusionCash

This is another search engine that pays you to search online using their website. It’s easy to navigate and quite reliable too.

How does the money get to you? PayPal, direct deposit, or gift card.

3. InboxDollars

This is a popular site where you can get paid to search the internet. The user experience on the app is quite easy. Here’s how it works: for every four searches you make, you get rewarded with one cent. There are also other ways to get paid on the website, they include; opting to read emails, replying to surveys, and engaging in the site’s offers.

How does the money get to you? PayPal, direct paper check, or gift card.

4. Microsoft Rewards

This is a search engine owned by Microsoft. The reward for each search is 5 points.

How does the money get to you? It doesn’t get to you in cash, only gift cards.

Giving Your Data Out

Some companies share surveys in order to collect your data and turn them into information, they use this info for market advertising and research.

In essence, you don’t give your personal details out. All you have to do is get paid for searching the internet by inputting your email address and engaging with the posts on their web or apps. Basically, think of it as your phone’s ability to do searches and the app is saving the places you’ve searched. Do you get it?

Here are apps that collect your data in that way;

1. HoneyGain

For iPhone users, this is your app if you want to get paid for surfing the net. They don’t have an android version yet. However, it’s not so profitable as you only get paid $1 for each 10gigabyte worth of data.

If you still want to check them out, do that here.

How do you get paid? Gift cards!

2. Nelson Computer and Mobile Panel

When this app collects your data, it serves as user experience testing. Over time, they use the information they have accrued to improve or change their online products/services. You get paid monthly. How? Gift cards!

You can download the app and start earning.

3. MobileXpression

The name of the app kind of explains what it does, I’ll tell you why. You can get paid by using this app when you install it and just leave it to run while you use your phone like you normally would.

It runs in the background and picks up on how you use your phone, and how the phone internet is harnessed. Hence, the “mobile ‘xpression”.

By the side, you can log on to the app and take surveys or engage in their special offers.

How do you get paid? Gift cards.


It’s the 21st century, there are many ways to earn money using our devices. Getting paid to search the internet is one of them. Find which works for you and start earning. For more ideas on what to do at home in order to earn, check how to be a freelancer in the comfort of your home.

Do you make money online? How?

Talk to me in the comment section below. Cheers!


Is there any trick to making money online?

Nah, I don’t think so. All it takes is consistency. If you want to make it legit, that’s all it takes.

How much can I earn by making money online?

As much as you want to. Again, consistency takes time.

How much does a search engine evaluator earn yearly?

Good year, $60,000 to $80,000.

Can my earnings be paid directly to my account?

Yes, but not all websites do that. However, most of them pay through PayPal or gift cards.

Can I be scammed when making money online?

Yes, yes, and yes. You can. Be watchful. However, the list I made above is reliable to an extent. You should check ’em out.

Successful People Have These 10 Daily Habits. You Should Too.

Successful People Have These 10 Daily Habits. You Should Too.

Habit is a behavioral pattern that is regularly repetitive. A habit might initially be triggered by a goal but, after some time the goal becomes less necessary and the habit becomes automatic. Making a habit of something takes commitment and diligence. Successful people have quite a number of habits that make them who they are. Those habits are what enhance their ability to succeed.

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

John C Maxwell

10 Daily Habits of Successful People You Should Imbibe

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Sleeping and waking early breeds a healthy body. A productive adult should get 7-9hours of sleep.

This is one of the daily habits of successful people and it gives room for efficiency and good performance of other daily habits of successful people below.

2. They Start the Day With Calm Music

Music is precious, it has a soothing way of putting one into a productive mood for the day.

Do you have a playlist of calm songs that gets you in a good groove? Play it!

3. Successful People Have a Workout Routine

Successful people have a daily habit of breaking sweat early in the morning- most accompany it with calm music. Waking up the muscles of the body and activating the parts of the brain that makes it productive in the morning involves going through stretches or cardio, or even both.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple works out first thing in the morning. He uses Apple Watch to track his time and he describes himself as a “fitness nut”.

4. They Don’t Forget to Take Breakfast

The good news is that this is the best time to take large calories as you’ll need them to stay energized for the day. So, do not skip it. Remember, it is the vital meal of the day. Queen Elizabeth remembers knows this. She takes a cup of milk accompanied with fresh or dried fruit the next thing after she started her day with calm music.

5. Succesful People Take Care of Their Personal Hygiene

Successful people are high on personal care. This reminds me of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, who made use of a concise word when asked what daily habit of his has had the largest positive impact. He went on to say “showering”, for some, that’s all it takes and for others, there are routines for body and skincare routine.

Book that face mask and the body massage appointment.

6. Meditation is Important To Them

As a detox, meditation is a practice of channelling the mind to the present and away from the noise and complexity of life. It is calming the mind and places focus on things that are peaceful, present or happy.

It prepares one to tackle the day with ease and calmness. This is one of the daily habits of successful people that sets them ready for the day. Consuming motivational podcasts enhances meditation also.

7. They Create a to-do-list

Setting up goals for oneself and creating a to-do list grows one into a successful person. Creating a list for the day or a time builds focus and thereby makes it easy to start the day with clarity.

8. They Have an Organized and Clean space

Asides from cleanliness being next to godliness, there is an ambiance that comes with having an organized and clean space to work at. It refreshes the mind and body and one is more likely to have a productive day with all clutters cleared out.

9. They Network A Lot

There is a huge value in networking and exchanging ideas with people. Recent research says that successful people spend at least 2hours a day networking.

Nurture your relationships, never take them for granted.

Tony Elumelu

In the same way, when you start your career, build your circle, seek to learn, don’t be afraid to understudy the experts and reach out to potential helpers and mentors and learn from them”

10. Create Time for Spontaneity

There are times things don’t go the way we want them to, it’s okay, they don’t always do. But what do you do when that happens to your plans?

Jeff Bezos recognizes the essentiality of having spontaneous time, he sees the need for unstructured time in his schedule. He understands how it affects every aspect of his life and he built it into his daily habit.

Sometimes, the best way to be productive is to schedule time for absolutely nothing at all.

Jeff Bezos

This is in its entirety a great show of emotional intelligence.

You want to imitate Jeff Bezos, know this.

Whatever your daily habits are, remember to create time for spontaneity.


If you are looking for ways to imbibe successful people, this is it. Get ready to experience a successful life as you cultivate these habits. Which other ones do you know? Share them in the comments box.

15 Facts About Dangote Every Businessman Should know

15 Facts About Dangote Every Businessman Should know

The name or brand “Dangote” doesn’t sound foreign to you, if it does then you are not a true Nigerian. I could even push further and say not a true African. But I wouldn’t, let’s stop in my country. Recognizing his name and the facts about Dangote means he is doing something right in the business world, hence, someone with his kind of experience with business has a few things about himself and his business that could inspire every businessman. Recently, I wrote about quotes from Dangote that are nugget worthy and will motivate you. In this article, I’ll share with you facts about Dangote and 15 things about him every businessman should know.

Who is Aliko Dangote?

Aliko Dangote is a 64years old business magnate and the richest man in Africa. He is the founder and CEO of the Dangote Group. He was born in Kano, Nigeria and his education was mostly in Egypt, Cairo.

Dangote comes from a well-known business inclined family, he is the grandson of Alhaji Alhassan Dantata; he was the richest person in Africa at the time he was alive. He ventured into business at the age of 21. Aliko Dangote owns the second-largest sugar refinery in the whole world, the largest cement factory in the world (again), one of the largest flour mills in the world, and the number two largest fertilizer plant in the world.

According to Forbes, Dangote is worth $14 billion and has maintained topping the list of the richest men in Africa for more than 10 years.

Dangote is a quintessential and successful businessman and a philanthropist.

next, I’ll be sharing with you the things every businessman should know about him. They will be factual as I will be adding his words to each point.

Things Every Businessman Should Know About Dangote

There are people who think that because Dangote is from a rich successful business family, he is privileged, and not every business owner can learn from him. This notion is understandable but stay with me, the things I’ll be sharing with you will probably change that notion.

Regardless of your money status or how long you’ve been a business person, there’s something you can adopt into your business from knowing these facts about Dangote.

1. Dangote Understands the Need for Passion

Here’s what he said during an interview with Bloomberg when he was asked to share a business hack.

We had already studied doing 300,000 barrels a day back in 2005. At that time I couldn’t even fathom a larger refinery. I had no financial capacity. Then in about 2010, we paid all Dangote Group’s debts, which amounted to $2 billion…We don’t want to listen to the critics, because their intention is to destroy us. We are using our own money. This is my lifetime project. I have to back it up with my own life to make sure it is delivered.

There is no way you can have a population of 320 million in West Africa and no self-sufficiency. So the first thing to do is food security. We have land, we have water, we have the climate—we shouldn’t be a massive importer of food. With modern farming, you can get 8 to 10 tons per hectare. I believe Dangote Group is in the right position to drive this trajectory.

This statement oozes passion from every angle. He had a huge amount of debt to pay but his passion for what he does as a business kept him going. Among many other things, It takes passion to keep at a business, especially failure to some extent looms.

Also, I believe that before a business, there’s a person behind it, and there’s a passion driving the business in the person. Do you get it?

2. Dangote is Hungry for Success and Confident While at it

In the interview he had with Bloomberg, he said a lot of inspiring things and I’ll point out one of them again.

Beginning in 2020 our major investment will be in the U.S. and Europe… Beginning in 2020, 60 percent of our future investments will be outside Africa, so we can have a balance.

Let’s say that by 2025, I’m looking at [putting in] between $20 billion and $50 billion [in Europe or the U.S].

Our business strategy has always been like that, yes. We don’t want to be No. 2 in anything that we do. We want to be No. 1. Worst case, we can be No. 2 but targeted to become No. 1

Put in mind, this was a well-successful man already.  Everyone knew how successful he was but, he was hungry for more success and it kept him on his toes to do more, be more, and have more.

3. Provide Valuable Goods and Services

When Dangote was asked why he chose to be involved with cement. His reply would shock you;

I think actually what I figured out was looking at the entire African continent, especially sub-Saharan, and saying, “What do we actually produce?” What I learned is that the majority of African countries imported cement. The better way, I thought, would be to empower Africa – to meet our own infrastructural needs so that we could be more self-sufficient.

Personally, I think this is where business owners get it wrong. They provide a service that is not a solution. Dangote realized a sector that was lacking and built a business up from there. Dear business owner, before venturing into a business, make sure to find what solution it will provide.

4. Dangote is Thoughtful

There’s a trend that goes on around business owners which is taking up an interest in selling what is trendy and popular.  Dangote thinks otherwise and he did differently. Here’s what he said:

The majority of people here made their money through oil. But Dangote has never ever dealt in oil, which is to prove that you don’t have to be in oil. In Nigeria, oil has really damaged our thinking. Everyone is thinking about oil, oil, oil. And we are one company that has made a success without doing that.

Business owners, you do not have to follow the trend of what other business people do. Look carefully, there’s something else to be done. Think deeply, relating to the previous point, there is a solution that people need, you just have to find it.

5. Dangote Is Bold and Daring

There’s a saying that, “only a bold man makes the bold moves”. Before a business gets successful, an entrepreneur must have taken a move that was out of their comfort zone. Can you think of yourself as being bold? No? A business person should be able to do this and this is one of the facts about Dangote that I find really inspiring as someone that is interested in business.

We make a lot of bold moves, which other people find really difficult to take. We always dream very big, and we’re committed to investing in Africa… the only way to move Africa forward is for people like us to take very bold moves. I never worry about being too bold. In business it’s good to be aggressive, but with a human face.

The above statement is what Dangote said in a recent interview.

6. Dangote is Consistent

What makes a business known for the value it has to offer is the consistency in the running of the business.

Dangote says:

To hold on to consistency, find ways to remove hitches that come with entrepreneurship.

7. Dangote Appreciates People and Hire the Smart Ones

I always make sure I hire people smarter than me.

A business only thrives when there are various heads with different brilliant task execution. Dangote is aware of this so he hires smarter people, that way, things get done with the help of these people’s brains.

8. Dangote Wants to Make People Happy

He said:

My grandfather once told me the soul of business is not making money, it is making people happy and I have held on to it

9. Dangote Embraces Competition

Don’t kill the competition. Competition is healthy for businesses. It keeps you the entrepreneur on your toes.

He sees competition as an opportunity to be better and do better.

10. Dangote Is a Big Dreamer but Knows the Importance of Starting Small

To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big

Any business has its early beginning which is definitely small. He encourages starting small with the hope that it gets big and better.

11. Dangote Makes Tough Decisions to Keep His Company Afloat

If I had challenges in my company, I would not hesitate to sell assets to remain afloat, to get to the better times, because it doesn’t make any sense for me to keep any assets and then suffocate the whole organization.

He is aware and knows when certain risks should be taken.

12. Dangote is Patient

You could easily tell that hard work and perseverance go hand in hand with patience. We often hear people say patience is worth it, yet we don’t practice it. I did and look how well it worked out for me.

Dear business owner, be patient. It takes time to build anything.

13. Dangote Makes Adequate Research About Business

The most dangerous thing for an entrepreneur to do is to actually go into a business that he does not understand fully.

Do not, I repeat, do not venture when you don’t understand. This is one of the facts about Dangote that I find admirable. Every business owner should do this

14. Dangote Started to Build With Ambition

If you don’t have ambition, you shouldn’t be alive.

Ambition is basically what you want from life. Dangote chose the business part and he followed through with it.

15. Dangote Knows When to Sleep

I cannot stress this enough, it’s okay to be passionate about your business but know when to sleep. Know when to rest and build the body. Dangote says:

Exercise is better than any medicine I can take; exercise and sleep.

Don’t wait until you fall sick, If the richest man in Africa prioritizes exercise and sleep, who are you not to?


Every single point and fact about Dangote in business can increase your process as a business owner, you just have to take what you need and make use of it.

While you are here, this is the best time to read the effective qualities every entrepreneur should have.

I wish you a successful business. Cheers to your growth!


What is Dangote slogan?

“Building prosperity and self-sufficiency.”

What is Dangote full name?

Alhaji Aliko Dangote

How much does Dangote make in a day?

Dangote makes around 15 million a day

What is Dangote’s position in the world?

He is the richest man in the continent of Africa for 1, 2, 3…11th year. Yes, you are seeing right.

What type of company is Dangote?

Dangote is a Nigerian multinational industrial conglomerate and its position is the largest corporation in West Africa and also one of the largest in Africa.

What has Dangote done for Nigeria?

The list is quite lengthy but the most notable and world-recognized one is this; In the year 2021, Dangote (Cement sector) moved to erect the biggest cement plant in Africa in Southwest Nigeria. With this, It made Nigeria a cement exporting country.

Who gave Dangote money to start business?

His uncle; Sanusi Abdulkadir Dantata gave Dangote money to start business. Dangote was the one that actually requested the loan.

10 Personal Development Books You Must Read Before you Die

10 Personal Development Books You Must Read Before you Die

Personal development is a lifetime process, a process that one goes through in their life stages and phases. One notable area to develop personally is mental development. There are countless things that you can do for yourself to develop yourself mentally, reading books is one of them. That’s why I am here to share with you the 10 best personal development books you should read.

Reading the right book improves your sleep hours, sharpens your mental acuteness, and relaxes your mind and body. Here are the 10 best and most carefully selected personal development books for you:

10 Personal Development Books to Read

1. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

For development to thrive, the mind needs to be trained to hold positive thoughts and the brain to think positively. This book comes with the package of faith and inspiration.

The title of the book quite gives it off and is highly expressive, straight to the point too.

The author; Norman Vincent Peale has written 46 other books and this particular book was an international bestseller with over 5 million print sales. People call him the father of positive thinking.

The book opens your mind, helps you be kind(er) to yourself, builds determination, and majorly, pushes you to believe in yourself.

2. The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

You probably just rolled your eyes because here is another book titled “the power of…” that’s fine. Pretty understandable in fact. However, developing personally equates to seeing the power in the mundane things in and around you. One of the things this book highlighted is the power of your energy. It also debunked the excuse that we mostly tell ourselves; “I don’t have time”. It’s not the time to do that thing, it’s the energy you have as regards doing that thing.

When you read this book, one thing is for sure, you’ll understand this quote.

Success is about creating a series of “life-sprints”, not a marathon

3. Habit Stacking by S. J. Scott

Habits are what we do consistently and what makes us who we are in the long run. The hook highlights creating small deliberate positive habits in your day-to-day life. Studies show that it takes 5 minutes to do a small habit and 21 days to master the habit that it becomes part of one. Scott mentioned 127 small ways to change some aspects of your life.

Reading this book opens your mind to the possibility of building a habit.

4. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

From the title, you might have deduced that this book is a mix of science and reality. Mihaly used science to back ways you can align and understand your flow. “Flow” in this context means your happiness, contentment, success, and whatever gives you peace. It opens a door that helps you understand these things and how you can maintain the flow.

Everyone has a flow, what is yours? Find out in the book.

5. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

I am an introvert, I don’t like talking and my best thing to do is type. Seeing the title of this book gave me what I was looking for, “quietness”. Susan’s writing is quiet and it made me nod in affirmation almost every second, my neck hurts.

This book is one of the best personal development books that you can read as an introvert. It highlights the power and understanding of your quietness.

6. The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play by Neil Fiore

We all procrastinate; it’s something in-built.  Procrastination is a pandemic and this book is like a vaccination. Stating the scientific reasons why you procrastinate and how you can overcome it as a whole.

I procrastinate a lot and reading this has helped greatly, I’ll sure be going for a second read soon. You can start your first read.

7. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

David Allen made sure to emphasize the fact that a person can be productive after they have had enough rest. The boom is quite lengthy but it is written with a clear tone. In a world where people want to be productive and develop, I think this is a must-read.

It encompasses time management and productivity plans.

8. Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck? by Seth Godin

As friendly as the title sounds, that’s how friendly the book is. Seth Godin, among many other things, is a seasoned writer and a wise man. It slowly kicks off by asking you that question subtly, drags you far from your comfort zone then, by the end of the book, boom! You are left with fresh perspectives. Also, it is packed with honesty with yourself and your mind.

The book is one of the best personal development books out there.

9. The Attention Revolution by Alan Wallace

Nowadays, attention is lost and focus is nonexistent. Technology has a part to play in it but it can also be harnessed to stay and pay attention.

This book unlocks the power of a focused mind. It challenges you to train your mind to focus and gives you a guideline in stages that can help. It helps you recognize your distractions and that my friend is one of the first steps to personal development.

10. Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell

You have failed more than once and I have failed lots of times. But what did we do at that point of failure? Our attitude toward failure matters.

John is a big-time writer, growth coach, and speaker. In this book, he explains that failure is not a terrible thing as opposed to popular opinion. He gave a story about how he made failure his friend and how it developed him and several aspects of his life.

Failing Forward is a book that tells you to not stay where failure meets you but to evolve, move past it, and progress. It also tells you not to take failure personally but also to embrace it and persevere through it.  


Each of the best personal development books that I have shared with you has its unique aspect it will develop in you. Pick one up and get growing!

While you are at it, you should check out books that changed my life.

You can also leave your questions or thoughts about this article in the comment section below. Thanks.


Will reading any or all of these books build my mental development?

Yes. Only if you read to understand other than to finish the book. Also, the application of what has been read is also key.

Are these the only books I should read for my personal development?

Of Course not, there are several other books online that you can read. These are just my 10 best, for now.

How long would it take me to finish these books?

Everyone reads at a different pace. I am a fast reader; you can be a slow reader. The pace doesn’t really matter when you read. It’s the comprehension of the information that does. So take your time and enjoy the ride while reading.