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Updated: Sep 24, 2023
By Abdulsalam Yunusa
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Ummi Ibrahim Usman, popularly known as Zee Zee or Ummu Zee-zee is a former Kannywood and Nollywood actress who reached the limelight after starring in the Hausa movie Jinsi, where she got her nickname Zee Zee as well as the award. Aside from her being famous in Kannywood, the actress was known as a singer and businesswoman as well.

Born in 1987 to Shuwa/Kanuri parents in Borno State Nigeria, Ummi Ibrahim Usman has sparked a lot of controversy in the media for a variety of reasons.

She last starred in a movie in 2006, and when asked for the reason, she said that the film producers may not be able to afford her for a role.

Despite her exit from the movie industry, she has called upon current Kannywood actresses to keep honouring and respecting her because she has left an indelible mark in the industry that none of them can erase.

This was evident in the controversial interview with Premium Times Paper, where she said in Hausa, “nafi duka ‘yan matan Kannywood Aji”, which translates as “I have surpassed the status of all the [current] Kannywood actresses”.

In response to Ummi Zee Zee’s self-acclaimed supremacy, another popular Kannywood actress, Umma Shehu, strongly denied the claim and said she was nothing but a ‘small fly’ in the industry.

The Nigerian actress was rumoured to have dated General Ibrahim Babangida, former Nigerian head of state, the likely reason behind her expensive lifestyle, which included moving around in a convoy of several exotic Jeeps. In an interview, she confirmed the rumour that she was once in a relationship with him, but it has ended, however, they are still friends.

Ummi Zee Zee was said to have been previously in a relationship with the Benue-born musician, Timaya when she was in Lagos State. A relationship she has since described as one filled with regrets. Furthermore, there were speculations of her leaving Islam to make her relationship work with the artist, however, she denied it and described it as mere allegations because she loves practising her religion and nothing will make her convert to another.

In the year 2021, rumours had it that she contemplated suicide after she was duped by a fraudster of a huge sum of money amounting to about 500 million Naira who posed as a business partner in a supposed crude oil deal. However, she later cleared the air and confirmed being duped but denied that she had contemplated suicide as a result.

Ummi proudly said she doesn’t need to wear make-up as she was beautifully created and her natural beauty needed no artificial improvement. She often flaunts her long natural hair as seen in many of her photos online, however, she said it doesn’t translate to her being unserious with her religion.

Ummi Ibrahim Usman, once a household name in Northern Nigeria and beyond has starred in several blockbuster movies such as Jinsi, Flag of Love, Gender, Gambiza, and Yan uwa. She has made it to the media on multiple occasions because of controversies. She was said to have dated a former Nigerian Head of State, a popular singer, an Arabian man from Dubai, and other men of notable repute. However, at f the time of writing this, she is yet to get married.

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