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January 28, 2022

Yobe State

Yobe is one of the 6 states in northeastern Nigeria. The state, named after river Yobe was carved out from old Borno state on the 27th August 1991.

Yobe state shares borders with four states; Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, and Jigawa as well as an international border to the north with Diffa and Zinder Regions of the Niger Republic.

According to the recent NBS population of 2017, Yobe state has a population of 3.2 million people (3,294,137) The state consists of different ethnic groups such as the Kanuri, Karai-Karai, Manga, Fulani, Bade, Maga and Babur all living in harmony and peace.

Yobe state has a landmass area of 45,502 km2, the 6th overall in the country.

Motto of Yobe State

Yobe state is known as the ‘Pride of the Sahel’

Present Governor of Yobe State

The incumbent Governor of Yobe state is Mai Mala Buni of the APC, elected in 2019 along with his Deputy, Idi Barde Gubana.

Official Website of Yobe State

Yobe State Government

Social Media Handles

Governor’s Office Yobe Page on Facebook

Govt of Yobe State Twitter Account

Ministries in Yobe

Yobe state has 20 ministries, and the commissioners were inaugurated in December 2019. There was a minor cabinet reshuffle in October 2021 where the former Ministry of Land was converted to the Yobe Geographic Information System. A new ministry of Wealth Creation, Empowerment and Employment Generation was also created.

Abubakar Garba IliyaCommissioner of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management
Muhd Garba GagiyoCommissioner  of Budget and Planning
Abdullahi Usman KukuwaCommissioner of Transport and Energy
Prof. Muhd MunkailaCommissioner  of Higher Education
Hon. Musa MustaphaCommissioner  of Finance and Economic Development
Alhaji Mohammad LaminCommissioner  of Home Affairs, Information and Culture
Dr. Muhammad Lawan GanaCommissioner  of Health and Human Resources
Yerima Lawan MahmoudCommissioner  of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs
Sen. Alkali JajereCommissioner  of Water Resources
Barrister Sale SamanjaCommissioner  of Justice
Dr. Mrs Mairo Amshi  Commissioner  of Agriculture
Dr. Sani Muhammad IdrissCommissioner  of Basic and Secondary Education
Hon. Barma ShettimaCommissioner  of Commerce, Trade and Industries
Hon. Sidi Yakubu KarasuwaCommissioner  of Environment
Engr. Umaru Wakil  Minister of Works
Bukar Alhaji DaudaCommissioner  of Housing and Urban development
Goni Bukar LawanCommissioner of Youth and Sports
Hajiya Hauwa Bah AbubakarCommissioner of Women Affairs

Former Governors of Yobe State

Sani Daura Ahmed AdministratorJanuary 1992- November 1993
Bukar Abba IbrahimThird Republic Governor (SDP)January 1992- November 1993
Dabo Aliyu Administrator9 Dec 1993 – 22 Aug 1996
John Ben Kamio   Administrator22 Aug 1996 – Aug 1998
Musa MohammedAdministratorAug 1998 – May 1999
Bukar Abba IbrahimExecutive Governor of Yobe State (ANPP)29 May 2007  October 2012
Mamman Ali*     Executive Governor of Yobe State (ANPP)29 May 2007 – 27 Jan 2009
Ibrahim Geidam  Governor (ANPP, APC)27 Jan 2009 – 29 May 2019
Mai Mala Buni    Governor of Yobe State (APC)29 May 2019-Date

*Died in office

Local Governments in Yobe State

Yobe state has 17 Local Governments, and they include;

Local Government                                                                                                                                          Headquarters   

Bade                                                                                                                                                                      Gashua

Bursari                                                                                                                                                                  Dapchi

Damaturu                                                                                                                                                            Damaturu

Geidam                                                                                                                                                                 Geidam

Gujba                                                                                                                                                                    Buni Yadi

Gulani                                                                                                                                                                   Bara

Fika                                                                                                                                                                        Fika

Fune                                                                                                                                                                      Fune

Jakusko                                                                                                                                                                 Jakusko

Karasuwa                                                                                                                                                            Jajimaji

Machina                                                                                                                                                               Machina

Nangere                                                                                                                                              Sabon Garin Nangere

Nguru                                                                                                                                                                   Nguru                  

Potiskum                                                                                                                                                             Potiskum

Tarmuwa                                                                                                                                                             Tarmuwa

Yunusari                                                                                                                                                               Yunusari

Yusufari                                                                                                                                                                Yusufari

Major Tribes in Yobe State

Yobe state has numerous tribes and ethnic groups all living in harmony.

  1. Kanuri, one of the largest ethnic groups in the state found in Damaturu, Fika, Fune, Geidam, Gujba, and Nguru LGAs.
  2. Fulani
  3. Ngizim found in Damaturu LGA
  4. Karai-Karai, Karaikarai, Kerekere, Kerikeri found in Fika and Nangere LGAs.
  5. Bade found in Bade, Jakusko, Borsari and Bade LGA.
  6. Ngamo, Gamawa, Gamo, found in Fika LGA
  7. Hausa across all LGAs.
  8. Shuwa, found across all the LGAs.
  9. Bura, Babir, Babur, Barburr, Bourrah, Burra, Huve, Huviya, Kwojeffa, Mya Bura, Pabir found in Yobe South
  10. Margi found in some areas of Yobe state.

Facts about Yobe state

  1. Dufuna Canoe is Africa’s oldest known boat and the second oldest in the world. It was found in Dufuna Canoe of Fune Local Governemnt in1987.
  2. Ibrahim Geidam ruled Yobe state for a cumulative 10 years, the longest serving governor in the Fourth Republic. He acted for two years following the demise of his boss, Mamman Ali and later won two terms in his own right. Between him and Bukar Abba Ibrahim, another long-term serving Governor, they have been in power for 20 years!
  3. Ummi Adama Gaidam, daughter of the former Governor Ibrahim Geidam, wed the incumbent Governor Mai Mala Buni in 2019. She has been in the Government house for 10 years, and now she married a governor for 8 years making her the longest person in a Government House in history.
  4. On May 29th, 2019, a state of emergency was declared on the Education sector in Yobe state to enhance the quality of education in the state.
  5. Potiskum is the largest city in Yobe state. It hosts the largest cattle market in sub-saharan Africa as well as one of the largest correctional facilities in Nigeria.
  6. In Machina Emirate, snakes are considered royals and they constantly pay homage to the Emir. It is believed that a queen gave birth to twins, one of which is a snake. Snakes have been revered ever since.

Tourist Attraction Sites in Yobe

  1. Bula Tura Oases, Nguru
  2. Dokshi Spring Water
  3. Dagona Birds Sanctuary
  4. Birnin Ngazargamu
  5. Tulo-Tulowa “The Desert Land of Hope”
  6. Kamti Festival
  7. Barakau Festival
  8. Bade Fishing & Cultural Festival
  9. Daura Old Settlement
  10. Goya Valley
  11. Old Gogaram
  12. Old Daniski
  13. Graveyard of Emirs of Fika
  14. Fika Emirate Museum
  15. Duwa Adura Na Jagari
  16. Duwa Doka (Rijiyan Doka)

Notable Figures and People from Yobe State

  1. Usman Albishir former senator and Senate Minority Leader
  2. Mai Mala Buni politician and the current Governor of Yobe State
  3. Ibrahim Gaidam, former Governor and now Senator
  4. Buba Galadima – politician and Former National Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) party.
  5. Bukar Ibrahim former governor of Yobe State in Nigeria
  6. Khadija Bukar Abba Ibrahim – (born 6 January 1967) member of the House of Representatives and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
  7. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan – Senator and Senate President of the 9th National Assembly
  8. Adamu Waziri former minister of Police Affairs
  9. Mallam Adamu Fika, Elder statesman, former SGF and Head of Service of the Federation and Chairman Governing Council of Ahmadu Bello University
  10. Adamu Ciroma, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Presidential Aspirant and Former Minister of Finance
  11. Idris Alkali, Former Chief of Administration, Army Headquarters.
  12. Yarima Ngama, Former Minister of Finance
  13. Senator Mohammed Hassan, Former Senator Representing Yobe South
  14. Abubakar  D. Aliyu, Former Deputy Governor and Minister

Mineral Resources found in Yobe State

Yobe state is blessed with abundant mineral resources, and they include;

  1. Limestone
  2. Gypsum
  3. Trona,
  4. Kaolin
  5. Diatomite
  6. Bentonite
  7. Crude oil
  8. Gypsum
  9. Kaolin
  10. Diatomite
  11. Silica Sand
  12. Gypsum
  13. Clay

Ceremonies and Festivals in Yobe state

  1. Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha
  2. Bade Annual Fishing Festival, Moyi-Gangan
  3. Barakau Festival
  4. Mauyi Ganga annual fishing festivals
  5. Kamti Festival

Tertiary Institutions in Yobe

1. Yobe State University

2. Federal Polytechnic Damaturu

3. Federal College of Education (Technical) Potiskum

4. Mai Idriss Aloma Polytechnic Geidam

5. Umar Suleiman College of Education Gashua

6. Federal University Gashua

7. Dr Shehu Sule School of Nursing and Midwifery Damaturu

8. College of Agriculture Gujba

9. School of Health Technology Nguru

10. Atiku Abubakar College of Legal and Islamic Studies

11. College of Administrative and Business Studies

12. Jibwis College of Arabic and Islamic Education Potiskum

Emirates in Yobe State

There are 14 Emirates in Yobe state. The Emir of Fika is the Chairman of Yobe State Council of Traditional Rulers.

  1. Emir of Fika, Alhaji (Dr) Muhammad Abali Ibn Muhammedu Idrissa
  2. Emir of Bedde, Mai Bedde Alhaji Alhaji Abubakar Umar Suleiman
  3. Emir of Potiskum, Mai Umar Ibn Wuriwa Bauya
  4. Emir of Damaturu Hashimi II El-Kanemi
  5. Emir of Fune, Alhaji Saleh Ibn Idrissa
  6. Emir of Ngelzarma, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Muhammad Zanna Mai Yeri Ibn Isah III
  7. Emir of Ngazargamu, Alhaji Tijjani Sale
  8. Emir of Gujba, Mai Muktar Ibn Ali Gangaram,
  9. Emir of Nguru, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Mai Mustapha Ibn Kyari
  10. Alhaji Bashir Bukar Machinama, the Emir of Machina
  11. Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar Ibn Grema, Emir of Tikau
  12. Emir of Jajere Alhaji Mai Hamza Ibn Buba Mashio
  13. The Emir of Yusufari , Alhaji Muhammad Ibn-Zakaria
  14. Emir of Gudi, Alhaji Isa Ibn Bunuwo Bin Khajil

Major Markets in Yobe

  1. Damaturu Central market
  2. Geidam central market
  3. Jakusko main market
  4. Bade market
  5. Yusufari central market
  6. Yunusari market
  7. Buni-Yadi market
  8. Tetteba market
  9. Textile market, Damaturu
  10. Potiskum Central Market
  11. Gulani market
  12. Gashua market
  13. Damaturu modern market
  14. Gujiba market
  15. Bursari market
  16. Jakusko market
  17. Nguru market
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