How to Prepare Kwadon Kanzo in 6 Easy Steps

How to Prepare Kwadon Kanzo in 6 Easy Steps

Kwadon Kanzo recipe is yet another Northern Nigerian delicacy consumed majorly by the Hausas and Fulanis. The recipe is enjoyed by many; young and old, poor, average even some of the wealthy families. This article seeks to teach you how to prepare Kwadon Kanzo recipe. Stay with me. But first, what is this ‘Kanzo’?

Kanzo is a burnt part of Tuwo (that of shinkafa, masara, dawa, alkama, and the likes) meal. It is obtained by allowing the bottom of the pot to cook until it forms a dry crust called Kanzo.

Let’s dive into it!


5 cups of Kanzo (burnt part of Tuwo)
Tomatoes, pepper, and onions.
1½ cups of groundnut cake (Kuli-Kuli)
Seasonings and salt to taste
¼ cup of fried vegetable oil
Cucumber (optional)

Procedure for Preparing Kwadon Kanzo Recipe

STEP 1: Get a clean mortar (turmi) and pestle (tabarya), put the Kanzo, and grind it into small pieces. Then;

STEP 2: Put it in a clean bowl and add water to it. Allow soaking for 5 to 10 minutes depending on how hard the Kanzo or crust is.

STEP 3: Strain the Kanzo in a colander (matsami or rariya) to drain off the water completely. Then;

STEP 4: Grind the Kuli-Kuli (groundnut cake), cut the tomatoes, cucumber (optional), and pepper, and set them aside.

STEP 5: Now, in a mixing bowl, add the content in STEP 4, fried groundnut oil, seasonings, and a pinch of salt. Then;

STEP 6: Mix the content in STEP 5 well until properly combined.

STEP 7: Ladies and gentlemen, your Kwadon Kanzo is ready!

How to Serve Kwadon Kanzo Recipe

Serve it with properly cut or sliced vegetables to make it look very appetizing. You could also add cabbage to the above-listed ingredients if you so wish, to make it taste even better.

Occasions to Serve Kwadon Kanzo Best

It is best consumed as any of the basic meals or as a dessert. This makes it good for consumption at any time. However, it is not advised you make it for festivals, ceremonies, or the like.

How to Store Kwadon Kanzo Recipe

This delicacy cannot be stored for more than 24 hours. 24 hours could even be too much time. You could try storing it in a refrigerator but be rest assured that it won’t taste as good as you would have wanted it.

As a result, it is best you prepare the quantity just enough for consumption at a particle time. If you need more, you could always prepare another one. After all, it is very easy to make.

Nutritional Value of Kwadon Kanzo

We, humans, need the energy to take care of our daily life struggles. As such, we need this northern Nigerian cuisine as it contains a great amount of carbohydrates. This is because all of the tuwo that forms the Kanzo used in this delicacy is carbohydrates.


As we have seen above, Kwadon Kanzo recipe is very easy to make and tastes delicious when properly prepared. You could try it someday for yourself or your family. However, don’t forget to share your experience with us when you do.

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