You Won’t Ever Skip Breakfast After Reading This!

You Won’t Ever Skip Breakfast After Reading This!

Breakfast amongst other meals of the day is considered the most important. It refers to the first meal of the day taken in the morning. Just like the name, this meal breaks the night-long fast. For example, if you had your dinner at 8 pm yesterday and you normally have your breakfast by 8 am, you have fasted for about 12 hours! This analysis is to help you see how long your body has gone without any food.

Foods rich in protein are known to be rich in energy and bodybuilding and they’re recommended to be taken for breakfast. The aim is not to only eat breakfast but to eat a healthy one.

Despite the importance attached to having breakfast, some people delay, others skip breakfast completely out of haste of getting late for work, not feeling hungry, or out of habit.

If skipping breakfast is your habit, then this article is for you as you shall discover the massive importance attached to having breakfast.

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7 Reasons Why Breakfast Is Important

1. You Are Breaking A Fast!

As stated above, in the morning, your body has gone about 10 hours without food depending on what time you ate dinner and the time you woke up. This means you have fasted.

Metabolically, your body’s source of energy is glucose which is gotten from the breakdown of carbohydrates. The excesses of the carbohydrates are converted into glycogen which is stored in the liver.

During the night, the body continues to carry out metabolic processes that require energy. In the presence of a shortage of glucose supply, the glycogen store is broken down to ensure an adequate supply of glucose to the brain and other parts of the body for effective metabolism.

The implication of this is that by morning, you would be on low glucose and this should be replenished. This is an indication that breakfast is very important.

Hence, when you get up in the morning, breaking the night-long fast should be among your top priorities.

2. Breakfast Improves Your Body’s Metabolism

The body is constantly building up tissues (anabolism) or breaking down complex materials to provide energy (catabolism).

After waking up in the morning, your body would be on low glucose and low glycogen storage. This is as a result of their usage for repairs and detoxification actions throughout the night. For continuous metabolism during the day, the body’s glucose levels should be replenished to avoid the usage of fat stores. Having a good breakfast aid metabolism while skipping breakfast prevents the necessary supply of glucose.

This slows down metabolism which is unhealthy.

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3. It Has a Positive Impact on Your Brain

Note that the only fuel your brain recognizes and utilizes is glucose hence the need to ensure maximum supply to it. Breakfast is important in boosting the brain’s activity and effectiveness. The absence of an adequate supply of fuel (glucose) to your brain dulls your brain activity.

Studies have shown that a dip in glucose availability can hurt attention, memory, and learning. Hence, taking breakfast can improve memory retention and makes you focus.

You would agree with me that you need the right functioning brain to go about your daily routine. Give it the necessary fuel it deserves!

4. Breakfast is Important because It Improves Concentration

Having a healthy breakfast is important in boosting concentration while skipping it does the opposite. I can attest to this and that is why I hardly go a day without my breakfast.

During my 100 level days, there was this day of the week that lectures start at 7 am. That’s quite early. I recalled not having my breakfast out of haste not to miss the lectures for the first few days. The sad part was, I would be present for the lectures but I could barely assimilate as I would love to. I couldn’t concentrate because I didn’t have enough energy to focus.

Ever since I made it a habit to wake up earlier and ensure I had my breakfast. Since then, I stopped having issues with concentration during that period.

Do you want to concentrate better in the mornings on brain-involving activities? Don’t skip the most important meal of the day.

5. It Boosts Productivity

Skipping breakfast is a productivity killer. A healthy breakfast prevents you from getting unnecessarily overwhelmed and stressed. It helps you stay alert and well-coordinated to achieve great results at the end of the day.

You would agree with me that you don’t expect a car to function effectively without adequate fuel. Don’t expect great results from yourself in the early hours of the day if you don’t supply the body with needed fuel.

6. It Helps to Control Your Weight

Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast tend to overeat and have cravings for excess sugary and fatty foods throughout the rest of the day. Being hungry makes you not be selective about the foods you consume later in the day. So, you easily grab on any nearby food without thinking twice about it.

The result of consuming unhealthy foods that have high sugar and fat content is being overweight or obese. However, having a regular breakfast helps you go about your day feeling full and not needing to eat unnecessarily.

This is important as it helps keep your weight in check. You can lose weight by entirely changing what you eat.

7. You Enjoy Good Health

Skipping breakfast may result in obesity, which means having excess body fat as a result of the reason stated above.

Being overweight or obese as a result of skipping breakfast puts you at a high risk of having certain diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.

However, having a regular breakfast is important as it saves you from these life-threatening diseases.


Having known the importance of breakfast, you must try to make or maintain the habit of having a healthy breakfast every morning before leaving your home for work or school as the case may be.

It’s my hope that you found this article helpful. If you do, kindly leave a comment.