How to Make Your Sweet Hanjin Ligidi

How to Make Your Sweet Hanjin Ligidi

Hanjin Ligidi is a delicacy or cuisine that is primarily consumed by children. It’s a popular cuisine in northern Nigeria, particularly among the Hausas.

I recall drinking a lot of this as a kid, along with Charbin Malam, Dan Tamatsitsi, and other similar beverages. I still find it fascinating and amazing when I eat it from time to time to reminisce about the good old days.

If you use this piece as a reference, it will be quite simple to prepare.

Let’s get cooking!

Equipment for Making Hanjin Ligidi

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¼ tier of sugar

Flavor (your choice)

Tsamiya (tamarind)

A cup of water

Funnel-shaped paper

Procedure for Preparing Hanjin Ligidi

STEP 1: Spread the tamarind (tsamiya) on a big surface, such as a tray, and dust off the tsamiya’s surface.

STEP 2: Wash the tamarind (tsamiya) thoroughly in a clean water bowl and drain.

STEP 3: Fill the bowl with water once again to soak the tamarind for 30 minutes. You might use hot water to speed up the soaking process and attain your goal in as little as 5 minutes.

STEP 4: Place a clean pot over medium heat and sieve the soaked tamarind into the pot. Allow it to come to a boil.

STEP 5: Pour in the sugar, stirring constantly as you pour. Carry on like this until the mixture becomes very thick.

STEP 6: Finally, add your flavoring to the pot’s contents and stir well.

STEP 7: Remove the pan from the heat, pour the contents of STEP 6 into your funnel-shaped paper, and put a toothpick in it. Repeat this procedure till all Hanjin Ligidi have been used up.

STEP 8: Set aside 10 minutes to cool.

STEP 9: Your Hangin Ligidi is ready for consumption.

How to Serve Hanjin Ligidi

It is served the way snacks are served. To consume it, you will have to peel the paper off the Hanjin Ligidi, hold the toothpick with your thumb and index finger, and lick. Oh, my God, I’m salivating already.

Occasions to Serve Hanjin Ligidi Best

This recipe is suitable for consumption at any time of day. You know how kids are: they’ll eat anything at any moment.

How to Store Hanjin Ligidi

It can last for months without being refrigerated if kept in a secure location away from children and rodents.

Nutritional Value of Hanjin Ligidi

Hanjin Ligidi aids in the prevention of cancer, the improvement of brain health, and the maintenance of bone health, among other benefits. This is all possible because of the tamarind (tsamiya) in it.


As you can see, Hanjin Ligidi is simple to make. If you follow the methods above attentively, you’ll be able to make your own in no time.

I’m hopeful this piece was worthwhile for you.

Anyway, that concludes this amazing meal. Make it for yourself or your kids, and let us know how it goes in the comments area.

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