7 Signs That Show Your Partner is Over Jealous

7 Signs That Show Your Partner is Over Jealous

If you’re in a relationship and you want to know when your partner is jealous, there are few signs of jealousy in a guy that you can use to find out.

Getting jealous in a relationship is pretty common and normal. If you love someone very much, you would naturally not want that person to have the same affection with someone else that isn’t you. Seeing your partner being too affectionate with someone will definitely make you jealous.

Jealousy comes as a result of fear or insecurity about losing someone. I was reading a post in a daily newspaper, and strangely, I found out that guys get more jealous than girls in a relationship.

Losing someone special can trigger more negative feelings, like anger and resentment. Therefore, knowing these signs of jealousy in a guy can help you identify when your man is getting envious, because, honestly, we won’t tell you.

Signs of Jealousy in a Guy

1. He Stalks Your Social Media

When a guy is jealous, he would want to know what you have been up to. Especially when you go out with friends, and he feels you have told him the details enough.

And what better place to verify, if not your social media posts?

One sign of jealousy in a guy is, he is always checking your social media pages to keep a tab on you. This might be as a result of him wanting to know who you’ve been hanging out with and what you’ve been doing.

You might be telling him about your day and he’d say “So why was his hands over your shoulders” and you’d be wondering where or how he saw it. My sister, you have been stalked online.

You can reassure him by being more open and letting him know the boundaries you have with your friends. It’s left to him to work on his insecurities.

2. He Gets Mood Swings When You Talk About Another Guy

You know how much men love their pride? If you have no idea, go to a football viewing center on a champions league night and observe the men whose team bottled the trophy. There is always an invisible competition between men.

It’s the reason why I don’t like muscular men. All those muscles won’t take them to heaven.

Another sign of jealousy in a guy is his reaction whenever you talk about another guy. For clarity, never compare your man with another, except you are about to praise your man.

Your man can feel uncomfortable when you’re talking about another guy, even if it’s telling him how you were helped to cross the highway. It’s okay if he feels jealous. I mean, if I had a girl, I would want to be her Captain America and Thanos.

What you should look out for, is your man’s reaction when you are telling him about another guy. Does he suddenly sound unbothered? Tries to downplay the conversation? Or shrugs it off?

3. He is Suddenly Overtexting  

I love to text my girl a lot, and I mean a lot. (Ha! Alex, you have a girl?)

It is pretty normal to receive 5, 6 text messages from me at once. However, not every man is like me. Some find texting very inconvenient and would prefer to message in short form.

When your man, who does not fancy texting, begins to blow your phone with messages, I’m glad to tell you, my sister, you have a jealous man on your hands.

Receiving multiple texts from a guy you know doesn’t text much is a sign that he’s jealous. I mean, it’d feel weird on your part as a girl to receive a lot of text from someone you know doesn’t like texting.

He suddenly wants to know what you’re doing at that moment, if you’re at the office or at the shopping mall in need of an abaya. I have seen this happen to my friends in class, and it can be so funny.

4. He Begins to Question Your Friends and Family

You can identify the signs of jealousy in a guy by how far he’s ready to get to find out more about what you’ve been up to.

A jealous guy who wants to know what you’ve been up to and who you interact with would go as far as asking questions from your friends and family.

Sometimes, he might even want to win them over to his side. He suddenly becomes an undercover FBI agent and goes around asking about your activities from your friends.

This can happen because he’s probably not convinced about his trust in you.

5. He Begins to Act Very Possessively

 A jealous guy would naturally be a possessive guy. He’d definitely not want to share what belongs to him with others.

You know how children have a special toy they wouldn’t release to anybody, not even their parents? That’s just the type of possessiveness a jealous guy would exhibit.

When your man begins to dictate who you should talk to, the kind of places he doesn’t want you to go and the companies you interact with, then you should look out for actions that show his jealousy.

I have had friends who wouldn’t want their girl to go for an outing because she was too pretty. I find it funny because if I have a beauty, why would I want to hide her?

6. He Gets Too Clingy

I am putting this out there now. I am a clingy guy, and I get very attached to my girl. I like to hold her tight. But I also want my girl to have a life of her own outside our relationship.

 A jealous guy would act more needy than usual. He would want to spend more time with you than necessary and that would hinder you from having your personal space. If you can’t boast of having your own space in a relationship, check out the boundaries you’ve set.

Most times, he’s probably not spending time with you because he wants to. He’s trying to avoid you spending that time with someone else that’s not him.

Look out for the kind of conversations he brings up when you’re together. Is he comparing himself with someone you know? Probably someone you’ve talked about before?

7. He Gets Very Reactionary

All it takes to let out emotions that have been suppressed for a long time is a simple issue. As simple as you forgetting the remote on the chair when it should be on the table.

When a guy is jealous, he would react way out of proportion over things you might consider flimsy. Say he’s trying to call and can’t reach you; he’d get upset when he does reach you because it’d leave him wondering what you were up to.

Overreacting is another signs of jealousy in a guy. If he begins to drag issues or flare up at the slightest provocation, there might be underlying emotions waiting for expressions that you both might have to talk about.


It is natural to be jealous when you have a partner. It shows you actually love the person you’re with.

What is unhealthy is when you do not address reasons why you are jealous and allow it to affect the beauty of your relationship. If you notice some of these signs of jealousy in your man, a simple chat can take away his fears.

Guys are too proud to tell you how jealous they can be. We won’t admit it, but we feel it. If you’ve had scenarios with a jealous partner, let me know how you handled it in the comment section.

Maybe, just maybe, when I get jealous too, I would know how to handle it.  

Skeletons in the Closet? Unraveling the Roles of Men in MNorthern Nigeria

Skeletons in the Closet? Unraveling the Roles of Men in MNorthern Nigeria

What makes a man is The title of a song released by an Irish pop vocal group/boyband popularly known as “West Life” in the album “Coast to Coast”. Also, a question that ought to be no longer rhetorical in the mind of every single member of the Northern Nigeria society. Why? I will paint you a very short but interesting picture.

Imagine two Northern Nigeria stereotypes; Mr. A and Mr. B. Both above thirty. Mr. A is a forty-five-year-old accomplished civil servant; living a luxurious life in a well-furnished apartment but with no family of his own. Mr. B is a thirty-six-year-old moderately-to-do businessman; living a middle-class life with one wife or more and children.

Who is going to be labeled more “Man” in the Northern Nigeria society? Let us hold on to that thought for a while.

Notice closely, that three simple criteria including age, wealth, and responsibility/family were considered in the formation of these stereotypes. And although there could be more, these three for most readers of Northern Nigeria or anywhere, were more than ample to make an immediate mental judgment as to who is more man than the other. Perhaps, if there was more, then it was left to those lacking in any of the three fields to find stitches to patch up their masculine wears and tears.

A man is not who he thinks he is; he is what he hides.

Andre Malraux, Author of Man’s Fate

Meaning that the secrets we hide are what defines us. So could there be more to the question of ‘who is more man than who in the Northern Nigeria society’, rather than the simple societal stereotypes? Perhaps, we ought to open closets and ask about forgotten skeletons. Thus, we will start with the basic question of who a man is. 

Who Is A Man?

A man as defined by dictionary sources is “An adult male person”; that is someone who biologically is of the male sex and passed the age of boyhood. 

Societally, to be one’s own man is to be free and independent. Meanwhile, those traits, habits behaviors, or roles that society considers appropriate for a man are referred to as masculinity, manliness, or manhood.

Some even argue that just like wealth, race, or social class, masculinity has a social status and higher social status is achieved with higher masculinity. Therefore, having understood who a man is, the next step for us is to begin to ponder on our initial question; that is to find out “what makes a man”.

What Makes a Man?

Good question. An even more interesting one comes from the opinions of different individuals, in different societies, and with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Since there is no objective out-of-the-textbook explanation of what makes a man, it was left to assume a better way of understanding this question.

As such, conducting a survey of answers from Quora; an international Q & A online platform, where questions are asked and answered for the purpose of sharing and growing knowledge, answers to this particular question were found and a review of them gave me the following points of what makes a man:

  1. A boy becomes a man through the process of struggle.
  2. A man is someone charged with the responsibility of caring not only for himself but for others around him. He also doesn’t blame others for his mistakes but apologizes and corrects them.
  3. A man has a strong moral code by which he lives and is defined. He constantly recognizes his weakness and strives to be better.
  4. A man discovers his true inner self and doesn’t change his personality as change takes place in the outside world. In other words, he is not easily influenced.
  5. A man is conscious of himself and controls his instincts, urges, and emotions.
  6. A man is steadfast in his decisions. He knows when to be flexible and when to say no.
  7. A man is free to define himself.

The aforementioned points have tried to define what makes a man based on a general perception of people from different societies.  A man’s Life experience, Responsibility, Moral code, Strength of character, Self-awareness, Steadfastness, and Choice are what I found to be the most popular opinions.

However, how can I use these points to discover which is most relevant in our Northern Nigeria society?

What Makes a Man in Northern Nigeria Society?

You will recall the image we digested earlier of two Northern Nigeria stereotypes using age, wealth, and responsibility to decide who was more man than whom. Recall how ‘you’ were also accused of making an on-spot decision. From there, we went on to explain the concept of who a man was and what was his masculinity.  Our goal now is to decide what makes a man in Northern Nigerian society.

Traits, habits, behaviors, or roles that society considers to be appropriate for a man have been found to be considered his masculinity/manhood. Seven areas including; his Life experience, Responsibilities, Moral code, Strength of character, Self-awareness, Steadfastness, and Choice were considered generally to be vital.

Therefore, comparing the criteria used earlier in stereotyping the Northern Nigerian man to these seven points leads us closer to finding out what makes a man in Northern Nigerian society. The confluence point was found at the responsibility valley. Clearly, age and wealth when compared to responsibility, could not have been the major catalysts that influenced your hastened decision of who or what a man is. Rather the roles/responsibility attached to a man is what drives Northern Nigeria society to assess his masculinity.

These roles/responsibilities of a man in Northern Nigeria society will be the master key that will unlock the closet door and allow us a peek at its skeletons if any. 

What Is The Role of a Man in Northern Nigerian Society?

This takes origin from the concept of “Gender role”; which is a set of behaviors and attitudes considered desirable or appropriate based on that person’s gender.

The term role could be defined as a duty that someone or something is expected to have. At the same time, it is the way someone or something is involved in an activity. Going for a more elaborate definition, a role is a socially-expected behavioral pattern usually determined by an individual’s status in a particular society. Similarly, it is a set of connected behaviors, rights, obligations, beliefs, and norms as conceptualized by a society.

All these combine to interrogate the role of a man in Northern Nigeria society as follows:

What are the rights duties and obligations of a Northern Nigerian man?

How is the Northern Nigeria man involved in activities of Northern Nigeria society?

Roles carried out by Northern Nigerian men are undeniably vast but nonetheless, they can be classified based on their positions/status or their general functions. The positional roles of a Northern Nigerian man can be dynamic, that is, they can evolve or be interchangeable based on his current position in the family and society. The Northern Nigeria man therefore can discharge his roles based on his position as follows:

  • As a father
  • As a husband
  • As a son
  • As a brother
  • As an uncle
  • As a neighbor

Whatever position a man may occupy in the family or society, there are certain roles he is bound to come across. These roles unlike his positions are not dynamic. Careful analysis of both leads us to categorize the roles of a Northern Nigeria man in society in four unique ways namely:

  • Domestic roles
  • Religious roles
  • Socio-cultural roles
  • National roles.

These will be carefully elaborated and looked at. 

Domestic Roles of A Man

Domestic roles are duties and obligations assigned to members of a household to ensure efficient meeting of its basic needs. Either as a son, husband, or father, men in Northern Nigeria society are expected to carry out assigned responsibilities in the family.

These mostly include:

1. Household Labour (Chores)

Due to the physical strength of men, a man is expected to do hard and labor-intensive activities in the household. For example, he will wash the car, do the gardening, and perform animal slaughter. 

2. Technical Work

A man is expected to learn simple household technical work in order to take care of problems that may arise without employing the services of a technician. He may take care of:

  • Electrical tasks like changing sockets, bulbs, turning on or servicing generator, and simple vehicle checks.
  • Plumbing tasks in the kitchen and in the bathroom. 

3. HouseHold Representation/Leadership

A man in the Northern Nigeria society serves as the link between the women of the house and the outside world. Religion and culture do not encourage Northern Nigerian women to have unlimited freedom with no control. Therefore, a man in the household is faced with certain responsibilities like:

Being a natural leader to women below and above him. He may do so by providing them with emotional strength and guidance.  

Going on errands outside the home as much as he can, especially at night and also, sometimes accompanied the women of the house.

Answering the door and ushering male guests.

4. Discipline and Security

A man is expected at all times to ensure peace and orderliness within his household and arrest conflict when it arises. He is also charged with the responsibility of keeping members of the household safe from internal and external harm. Therefore, he is:

Active alert and checks all locks and appliances for safety before retiring to bed at night.

Passive alert at all times and watches out for suspicious sounds and movement within and around the boundary of his home.

5. Financial responsibility

A husband, father, and sometimes even son are responsible for the financial well-being of every member of the household. Not only that, he is at other times, expected to contribute to the financial well-being of other members of the extended family. As such, he must work hard and earn a living in order to:

Provide good food, clothing, shelter, and education to those he is responsible for.   

Give allowances where expected.

Regularly, chips in and contributes to the well-being of his extended family.

Religious Roles of Man

The predominant religion in Northern Nigeria, Northern Nigeria is Islam. This has provided the Northern Nigerian society with certain beliefs, behaviours, and obligations to follow. In addition to the completion of personal obligation to God, he is also tasked by religion with several roles.

Some of these roles that religion has mandated for the Northern Nigeria man include: 

1. Religious Leadership Roles

A well-learned and societally accepted man with good moral and social conduct is charged with leadership roles like:

  • He leads prayers as the Imam in mosques and leads prayers for the deceased.
  • He assumes political roles in society.
  • Also, he as a man can become a scholar who delivers preaching like “Tafseer” in religious gatherings
  • A man is charged with carrying on the name of his father and passing it down to his own children.

2. Religious Rites Roles

Execution of certain religious rites has been assigned solely to men by religion. These rites are prohibited for a woman to perform. They include:

  • Acting as “Waliyyi” and “Wakili” in marriage.
  • Taking part in prayers of the deceased and escorting the dead to the grave.
  • Giving out “Zakkatul fitr” (alms) on behalf of his family
  • He is the one to seek permission from a woman’s father to court her when looking for marriage. He also pays a token for the woman before he can take her as his wife. This token is referred to as “Sadaki” or bride price.

3. Matrimonial Roles

The roles of a man in marriage have been clearly outlined by religion in Northern Nigerian society. These include:

  • Financial responsibility: He becomes financially responsible for his wife’s food, shelter, clothing, education, and discipline according to the teachings of Islam.
  • Emotional responsibility: He protects and safeguards his wife’s emotional state of mind.
  • Moral & Spiritual responsibility: He guides and educates his wife on her moral and spiritual conduct. For example, he should constantly monitor/permit her interactions with people outside her home or make sure she discharges her prayers on time.

4. Moral Role

Personal code of conduct of behaviours and interactions with people have been clearly outlined by religion for the man to follow. He is expected to:

  • Offer a handshake in greeting and say the “Salam” when passing a fellow Muslim or group of Muslims.
  • He is expected to imitate qualities like honesty, patience, and humility among others.
  • He is expected to obey and honor his parents and especially his mother as she is the key to his paradise. 

Socio-Cultural Roles

These are roles spelled out by the society based on their culture and tradition. They are socially accepted beliefs, norms, and behaviours allowed of a Northern Nigerian man. In addition, they are rules handed down from generation to generation which may or may not be dynamic. They include the following; 

1. Occupational Roles

Certain occupations in Northern Nigeria society until today are believed to be suitable for men and unheard of for women. Even though the Northern Nigerian man has a white-collar job, he is encouraged by society to be involved in technical/manual jobs or trading.

Examples of such occupations Northern Nigeria society has outlined for men include; wanzam, carpentry, building, animal rearing, etc.

2. Courtship Roles

Before a man in Northern Nigeria society marries, he undergoes a period of courtship in which after taking permission from the lady’s father, they get to know each other before marriage. Society has socially constructed roles the Northern Nigerian man must play in this period. They are as follows:

  • He initiates the courtship process.
  • He offers gifts occasionally to the lady whom he wants to marry.
  • Before he marries her, he is expected to complete the cultural rites of marriage like gifting her clothes or otherwise “Lefe” and other necessary cultural rites. 

National Roles

Northern Nigerian people are naturally proud of genetic traits handed to them like wisdom in speech, strong moral/social code, and ambition.

Wherever a Northern Nigeria man is, it is his responsibility to: 

1. Political Role 

  • Use his natural skills and talents to govern the nation politically.
  • Become a recognized trade or craftsman. 

2. Citizenship Role

  • Be a law-abiding member of the nation and dispatch his duties accordingly
  • Abstain from criminal, social or moral misconduct that will bring him and other people shame.
  • Be a man the nation is proud of.


From the above, it is clear that men in Northern Nigeria society have clearly spelled roles.

Men, Stop Wearing These Colours Now!

Men, Stop Wearing These Colours Now!

As a man, your goal of putting on an outfit is to look great and confident. In addition, you want to look attractive to females. You can only achieve this if you know colours men should stop wearing. With this knowledge, you can then make the best of the acceptable colours.

This reminds me of an occurrence. I was walking along the street with a male colleague trying to locate a house. I came across a building that I wanted to use to describe where we were standing. I mentioned to the lady I was trying to locate that I was standing beside a peach-coloured building. My colleague quickly interrupted and said the building was pink. I laughed because I know that differentiating similar colours or shades of one colour is difficult for men. This is psychological though. Ladies are better with colours than men.

With this in mind, it is important men have a bit of knowledge about colours. This is because while considering whether to buy or wear an outfit the importance of colours cannot be overemphasized. A wrong colour combination could make you look so unattractive.

In this article, I categorized colours men should stop wearing into the two. The first category is based on skin colour and the second is a general consideration.

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Based on Skin Colour

1. Light Skin

If you are a light-skinned man, you want your natural skin tone to shine. As such, you are supposed to avoid colours that resemble your skin.

A good outfit should create a contrast with your skin colour. However, too much or too little contrast is not attractive.

So, colours men with light skin should avoid include:

  • White: Unless you are using this colour sparingly, you should avoid a white outfit. The reason is white creates too little contrast which is not the goal of a proper outfit.
  • Black: This colour contrasts greatly with your skin and gives a weird look.
  • Bright colours: As a pale or light-skinned man, you should run away from bright colours like yellow, orange, lemon freen, light grey etc.

    Avoid bright colours as they wash you out.

2. Dark Skin

Are you a dark skin man?

If yes, you want your natural skin colour to shine as well. To achieve this, you need to avoid the following colours.

  • Black: Black has always been considered to be men’s colour. However, there’s a need to be cautious about its use.  Black contrasts too little with your skin if you’re very dark. This gives a dull appearance. You sure don’t want to look that way. If you must wear black, ensure there’s a mix with some brighter colours like white.
  • Brown: Oh yes! Have you ever sighted someone from afar and wondered if the person is wearing a cloth at all? I guess your response is yes. That’s what happens when you wear an outfit that is the same as your skin. You don’t want to give such an impression. Avoid brown colours that contrast too little with your skin.

General Consideration

Dear men, avoid the following colours. This is especially important if you have poor knowledge of how to combine colours to give a good fitting.

1. Yellow: Although, the shade of this colour matters. A bright yellow should be avoided by men. It comes too obvious and worse if you’re light-skinned. You can consider darker shades of yellow if you must wear it.

But if you ask me, I would suggest you remove yellow from your colours altogether.

2 . Pink: You should be wondering what this article would look like without pink. I’m not writing to debunk the rule that pink is a feminine colour.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, pink has been categorised as a feminine colour. Men generally shouldn’t want to give off a feminine look. Hence, pink is a colour you shouldn’t buy or wear at all. Leave it for the ladies.

Here, I’m not giving preferable shades. Pink is not for men! Kindly avoid it.

3. Orange: Orange colour is also is a bright colour and one of the colours men should stop wearing, unless it is used sparingly or preferably you should consider the burnt orange shade.

4. Lemon Green: Lemon green has this catchy look. Wearing a lemon green outfit puts you on the spot, not in a nice way. It’s best if you don’t wear it at all.

5. Red: Before you roll your eyes wondering what red is doing here, listen. Red is a beautiful colour and it symbolizes love. However, as a man, the best you can do is to wear it only with a matching combination.

Wearing red head to toe is not advisable.


 Q: What colours should men wear instead?

A: There are other varieties of colours available for men to explore. We have blue with various shades, grey, beige, milk, green, maroon, etc. Knowledge of these colours is not the solution.

Your ability to wear the right colours in the right way matters most.

Q: What if the colour mentioned above is among my favourites?

A: Assuming yellow, which I stated men should avoid, is Your favourite then you should learn how to use the yellow colour to your advantage. You need to be sure you’re not light-skinned then ensure you’re not mixing it with wrong colour combinations.

Now you know colours you should avoid and colours that you should consider instead. It’s time to explore and work on your fashion sense.

Dear men, I hope you find this helpful.

Do you have any concerns? The comment section is open.

40 Amazing Gift Ideas for Both Men and Women

40 Amazing Gift Ideas for Both Men and Women

Have any of you ever struggled with putting together a creative gift basket? Is it hard to come up with unique gift ideas for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a Valentine’s Day gift? Gifts can be hard, especially ones that involve love and romance. That’s why I created this guide. And today, I’m sharing a ton of great ideas.  You can include it in yours!

This list can be as fun as you want, or as romantic as you want!

Gifts for Him

Buying gifts for men is notoriously difficult. Guys tend to buy the things they really want for themselves before you ever get a chance to gift them to them. That’s why we need to get creative when thinking of the perfect gifts for men. Before settling yet for another boring gift (e.g. ties, boxers), take some time to really think about what the guy you’re shopping for would love to unwrap. This list of gifts for men is full of thoughtful ideas to match any budget.

I always struggle to come up with the perfect Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Anniversary gifts. Your friend, dad brother, or husband (or any guy, really) will love these unique yet thoughtful gift ideas.

1. A Fresh Smelling Cologne

That’s always the first thing on the mind of ladies when getting men a gift.

2. Charcoal Car Air Freshener

This will eliminate all smells from his car and leave it smelling fresher than it’s ever been.

3. A Giant Box of Chocolates or A Bag of his Favorite Candy

4. Apple AirPods / iWatch Or Wireless Headphones

5. Journal

Fill in a blank journal of reasons why you love him

It may interest you to read on: These 10 Reasons Will Convince You to Keep A Journal

6. Photo Album

Get an album full of pictures of you two and your families.

7. A Nice Watch

This will remind him of you every time he looks at it

8. Ray-Ban Men’s Sunglasses

This will help keep his eyes protected.

9. Really Nice Pair of Shoes

This will keep him looking stylish

10. Beard Grooming Kit

If he doesn’t have a beard, please stay away from this gift

11. Manly Personalized Mug

12. Personalized Men’s Wallet

This blindfold wallet comes in black, brown, grey, or rustic. You can choose exactly how you’d like his name to be printed; monogrammed or written out.

13. Monogrammed Leather Air Pods Case

This is one of the thoughtful gift ideas out there. Although you can’t ensure that he’ll never lose his Air Pods again, this custom case will at least help him make sure he doesn’t mix up his headphones with yours.

14. Morse Code Bracelet

Engrave a special message on this bracelet in Morse code that only you two will understand. Consider it your little (stylish) secret.

15. USB Wall Charger

Now, he has no excuses to not pick up your calls! This compact docking station can charge six of his gadgets at once, so he never runs empty.

16. Travel Laptop Backpack

With a padded interior for his laptop and plenty of additional storage space, this sleek backpack will become his go-to work and weekend carry-all.

17. Car Charger

This is a gift that the whole family will enjoy: With six USB ports for iPhone and Android, it powers up phones at twice the speed of most car chargers, and comes with a five-foot-extension cord so you can clip it onto the back of the seat of the car, too.

18. Personalized Socks

He’ll want to wear this monogrammed gift to any and every occasion.

19. Laptop Case

This laptop case is sleek and stylish, but durable enough to keep his prized possession safe.

20. Clothes

Clothes could be polo shirts, khakis, kaftans, Kube caps, etc.

Gifts for Her

Even if your wife, girlfriend, daughter, or friend is super hard to impress, the lucky lady in your life deserves the best – there are no ifs, and, or buts about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, friend, or daughter, these gift ideas for her will steal the show.

1. Money

I got your eyes rolling right! Trust me, women love this the most.

2. Chocolates

This is the gate to most girls’ hearts. Girls always have a sweet tooth; you can get her variety of chocolates in a box.

3. Love Letters

Girls are mushy at heart. Get tears of joy in her eyes by writing a bunch of sweet letters telling her how much you love her. She will forever treasure them!

4. Clothes

Get her veils, blouses, trousers, sweatpants, abayas, etc.

5. Custom Family Portrait

Turn your most recent couple’s photo into a personalized print that she’ll cherish forever. Include your last name, and also, anniversary date to make it feel extra special.

6. Name Earrings

Add a pair of personalized earrings to her collection. Customize it to include her name, nickname, or any other short phrase.

7. Face Mask

Help her get that smooth, silky skin by getting her some Korean Face mask.

8. Cross-Body Bag

She can go ahead and bring those sunglasses, wallet, keys, water bottle, and phone. A cross-body bag surprisingly fits everything she needs!

9. Silk Pillowcase

This is a good gift for her. Silk pillowcases can really make a difference when it comes to reducing bedhead and complexion since they refuse friction against the hair and skin.

10. Wooden Recipe Box

Get her a hand-crafted box with her name or family name on the front. It also has enough room to hold off her recipes.

11. Leather Pocket Wallet

Now, that minimalism is a thing; help her downsize her day-to-day essentials with this compact leather wallet. Although it’s small enough to fit in her pocket or purse, it can hold cards and a short stack of money.

12. Journal

A fresh notebook with her initials will win!

13. Jewelry

A girl is always looking for ways to switch up her look. You can get her different varieties of hand-selected jewelry.

14. Bags

Get her a fancy handbag or backpack.

15. Build Her Hair Scrunchie Box

This is one of my favourite gift ideas. Most women pack their hair into an updo. You can get her different varieties of scrunches.

16. Yoga Mat

If yoga is one of her favourite hobbies, then this smart mat will change for her zen game.

17. Cat Measuring Spoons/Cups

This is a thoughtful gesture if she loves cats and baking! And most women do.

18. Perfume Palette

Make sure you give her a perfume that she actually loves.

19. Sneakers

A pair of white lace-up sneakers is as classic as it gets (just like her).

20. Hair Accessories

Get her some clips, ribbons, caps, etc.


Hope this helps you pick out a great gift for them! Let me give you a hint, whatever you get put it in fancy packaging! That always works magic!