7 Signs That Show Your Partner is Over Jealous

Updated: Mar 19, 2022
By Precious Alex-Toji
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If you’re in a relationship and you want to know when your partner is jealous, there are few signs of jealousy in a guy that you can use to find out.

Getting jealous in a relationship is pretty common and normal. If you love someone very much, you would naturally not want that person to have the same affection with someone else that isn’t you. Seeing your partner being too affectionate with someone will definitely make you jealous.

Jealousy comes as a result of fear or insecurity about losing someone. I was reading a post in a daily newspaper, and strangely, I found out that guys get more jealous than girls in a relationship.

Losing someone special can trigger more negative feelings, like anger and resentment. Therefore, knowing these signs of jealousy in a guy can help you identify when your man is getting envious, because, honestly, we won’t tell you.

Signs of Jealousy in a Guy

1. He Stalks Your Social Media

When a guy is jealous, he would want to know what you have been up to. Especially when you go out with friends, and he feels you have told him the details enough.

And what better place to verify, if not your social media posts?

One sign of jealousy in a guy is, he is always checking your social media pages to keep a tab on you. This might be as a result of him wanting to know who you’ve been hanging out with and what you’ve been doing.

You might be telling him about your day and he’d say “So why was his hands over your shoulders” and you’d be wondering where or how he saw it. My sister, you have been stalked online.

You can reassure him by being more open and letting him know the boundaries you have with your friends. It’s left to him to work on his insecurities.

2. He Gets Mood Swings When You Talk About Another Guy

You know how much men love their pride? If you have no idea, go to a football viewing center on a champions league night and observe the men whose team bottled the trophy. There is always an invisible competition between men.

It’s the reason why I don’t like muscular men. All those muscles won’t take them to heaven.

Another sign of jealousy in a guy is his reaction whenever you talk about another guy. For clarity, never compare your man with another, except you are about to praise your man.

Your man can feel uncomfortable when you’re talking about another guy, even if it’s telling him how you were helped to cross the highway. It’s okay if he feels jealous. I mean, if I had a girl, I would want to be her Captain America and Thanos.

What you should look out for, is your man’s reaction when you are telling him about another guy. Does he suddenly sound unbothered? Tries to downplay the conversation? Or shrugs it off?

3. He is Suddenly Overtexting  

I love to text my girl a lot, and I mean a lot. (Ha! Alex, you have a girl?)

It is pretty normal to receive 5, 6 text messages from me at once. However, not every man is like me. Some find texting very inconvenient and would prefer to message in short form.

When your man, who does not fancy texting, begins to blow your phone with messages, I’m glad to tell you, my sister, you have a jealous man on your hands.

Receiving multiple texts from a guy you know doesn’t text much is a sign that he’s jealous. I mean, it’d feel weird on your part as a girl to receive a lot of text from someone you know doesn’t like texting.

He suddenly wants to know what you’re doing at that moment, if you’re at the office or at the shopping mall in need of an abaya. I have seen this happen to my friends in class, and it can be so funny.

4. He Begins to Question Your Friends and Family

You can identify the signs of jealousy in a guy by how far he’s ready to get to find out more about what you’ve been up to.

A jealous guy who wants to know what you’ve been up to and who you interact with would go as far as asking questions from your friends and family.

Sometimes, he might even want to win them over to his side. He suddenly becomes an undercover FBI agent and goes around asking about your activities from your friends.

This can happen because he’s probably not convinced about his trust in you.

5. He Begins to Act Very Possessively

 A jealous guy would naturally be a possessive guy. He’d definitely not want to share what belongs to him with others.

You know how children have a special toy they wouldn’t release to anybody, not even their parents? That’s just the type of possessiveness a jealous guy would exhibit.

When your man begins to dictate who you should talk to, the kind of places he doesn’t want you to go and the companies you interact with, then you should look out for actions that show his jealousy.

I have had friends who wouldn’t want their girl to go for an outing because she was too pretty. I find it funny because if I have a beauty, why would I want to hide her?

6. He Gets Too Clingy

I am putting this out there now. I am a clingy guy, and I get very attached to my girl. I like to hold her tight. But I also want my girl to have a life of her own outside our relationship.

 A jealous guy would act more needy than usual. He would want to spend more time with you than necessary and that would hinder you from having your personal space. If you can’t boast of having your own space in a relationship, check out the boundaries you’ve set.

Most times, he’s probably not spending time with you because he wants to. He’s trying to avoid you spending that time with someone else that’s not him.

Look out for the kind of conversations he brings up when you’re together. Is he comparing himself with someone you know? Probably someone you’ve talked about before?

7. He Gets Very Reactionary

All it takes to let out emotions that have been suppressed for a long time is a simple issue. As simple as you forgetting the remote on the chair when it should be on the table.

When a guy is jealous, he would react way out of proportion over things you might consider flimsy. Say he’s trying to call and can’t reach you; he’d get upset when he does reach you because it’d leave him wondering what you were up to.

Overreacting is another signs of jealousy in a guy. If he begins to drag issues or flare up at the slightest provocation, there might be underlying emotions waiting for expressions that you both might have to talk about.


It is natural to be jealous when you have a partner. It shows you actually love the person you’re with.

What is unhealthy is when you do not address reasons why you are jealous and allow it to affect the beauty of your relationship. If you notice some of these signs of jealousy in your man, a simple chat can take away his fears.

Guys are too proud to tell you how jealous they can be. We won’t admit it, but we feel it. If you’ve had scenarios with a jealous partner, let me know how you handled it in the comment section.

Maybe, just maybe, when I get jealous too, I would know how to handle it.  


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