The Rise Of Aphrodisiac Sale In Arewa

The Rise Of Aphrodisiac Sale In Arewa

Kayan Mata translates as “women’s property.” This category, Kayan Mata Hausa encompasses all of the products used by women.  However, aphrodisiacs are more commonly referred to by this term.

Aphrodisiacs are substances that arouse or are thought to arouse sexual desire (such as food or drug). A wide range of herbs and food including fruits have been related to the term Kayan Mata.

It is also noted sometimes to include incense, which triggers sexual urges among couples. Other triggers include aphrodisiac foods and drinks.

Origin of Kayan Mata

The word “Kayan” directly translates to the ‘property of…’, and “Mata” means ‘women’ in the Hausa language which is the dominant language of the northerners. This term originates from the northern part of Nigeria dating as long as time.

Originally, northern women have traditionally utilized Kayan Mata to prepare a bride who would be able to meet not just her husband’s domestic requirements, but also his sexual cravings.

It was designed specifically for married women who wished to spice up their libido. However, modern-day Kayan Mata now encompasses a large number of individuals and has spread far beyond Northern Nigeria’s borders.

Types of Kayan Mata

There is a wide range of Kayan Mata Hausa which comes in the form of tablets, syrup, drinks, perfumes, and dishes. And these can all be categorized based on their uses.

1. Kayan Mata for Vagina Tightening

This includes various types of herbs that facilitate making the vagina tight for sexual pleasure. Herbs used in this category may include lalle (henna plant), bagaruwa (Acacia), and also cloves. These are mostly boiled, and used for sitz baths, or used to wash the vagina.

It is also believed to also help treat various vaginal infections such as yeast infections when used periodically after a woman’s menstrual flow.

2. Kayan Mata for Libido-Boosting

In this category, these herbs are used to treat erectile dysfunction. Here, the Goron Tula fruit also known as the silky kola is used where it can either be chewed or its juice extracted and boiled with other herbs to help treat the problem.

Also, gindin ayu, which is derived from the genital of the fish known as Ayu, is mostly found in places like Maiduguri. This is used to make one’s partner remain faithful as he gets maximum satisfaction. The fish remains glued to its partner’s genitals and even separated, does not desire another. This is replicated with men and women who use it as they exhibit traits of the Ayu faithfulness.

3. Kaya Mata for Favour and Attraction

This Kayan Mata Hausa is one of the most controversial of these aphrodisiacs, as it is believed to be laced with spiritual powers. Prayers are done and mixed with the components used for this type, to gain favour from one’s partner.

Causes of the Rise of Aphrodisiacs Sale

One cannot categorically state the reason for the sudden rise of aphrodisiacs sale in Arewa, but it can be identified, with these:

1. Social Exposure

The mingling of the north to the outer world can be associated with the rise of aphrodisiac sales in the north; to be more precise, interaction, and association with individuals, either on the internet, or person to person. This gives room for the knowledge of the existence of Kaya Mata to be widely spread.

2. High Market Demand

Well, if more individuals get introduced to Kayan Mata Hausa, there would be an increase in the market for these products – a factor that is a likely cause for the rise. The demand becomes higher hence, the increase in the production and competition for the sale of Kayan Mata Hausa.

3. Its Affordability

Most Kayan Mata Hausa produced in Arewa is fairly cheap. For example, ingredients used to make tsumi are very much available and affordable to the general public thus, become a moving factor for the increase in the rise of aphrodisiac sales in Arewa.

4. Sexual Exposure

Let us dive into the most crucial reason for the increase of the rise of aphrodisiac sales in Arewa. Sex is a leading factor in the reason why there is a high demand for Kayan Mata Hausa products. Individuals of various ages ranging from adolescence are the main consumers of these products at an alarming rate.

Side Effect of Kayan Mata

Though these aphrodisiacs have been largely proved to be medicinal, and have been able to help with sexual enhancement, it is like every other thing, with a side effect. This mainly arises because there are no systematic and scientific procedures for manufacturing it and also because its dosage can be abused.

Components of herbs used do not undergo any testing to prove their compatibility with other herbs combined which are used to produce these products. Some of its side effects may include:

1. Kidney Failure and Liver Damage

Due to the rise of aphrodisiacs sales in Arewa, vendors sell adulterated products to unsuspecting customers, who have no idea of the concoctions sold to them. Such herbs can cause liver damage and kidney failure as they can contain toxic materials.

A study published in the medical journal of Australia has shown that these herbs contain toxic metals that interfere with having a healthy liver.

2. Drug Interactions

One of the side effects of Kayan Mata Hausa is that it is a herb that would interact with many medicines. Drug Interactions sometimes can stop the drug from working and other times, it would enhance the medications depending on the properties used.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the usage for pregnant women.

3. Withdrawal Syndrome

This is a medical condition that is brought about when there is a discontinuation of a certain type of medication. This may mean that when Kayan Mata Hausa herb is meant to increase libido. It is very possible to return to having a very low sexual drive.

4. Mental and Spiritual Interference

Aside from the use of Kayan Mata Hausa herbs, the controversial favor and attraction are attributed to the spiritual properties of these certain products.

It is thus capable of leading to mental and spiritual interference when the user is not religious or spiritually sound. It could also lead to several occurrences of mental breakdown.

5. It Could Lead to Contamination

A major concern for the production of Kayan Mata is hygiene and bacterias presence which may be pathogenic and nonpathogenic. It is advisable to wash fruits or herbs specifically used to produce these aphrodisiacs to avoid contamination.

Popular Vendors and Market for Kayan Mata

As the rise of aphrodisiacs sales in northern Nigeria continues to hit the market’s supply demands, a lot of vendors have risen to the challenge of sourcing these materials. This makes it making final products to be distributed within and across the nation.

A popular vendor known for her favor and attraction Kayan Mata Hausa and also for the discovery of the various use of Goron Tula is Hauwa Saidu Muhammad also known as Jaruma who runs the Jaruma Empire.

She has successfully hit market-wide a wide range of this Kayan Mata Hausa and has recorded huge success.


There has been a vast rise in the sale of aphrodisiacs in northern Nigeria. this might be due to the high demands for this product across the nation, thus making these herbs which were neglected over time to be in demand.

For example, the Goron Tula fruit also known as silky kola indigenous to the Tula tribe in Gombe state has become very expensive as there is a higher demand for it.

Businesses to Start With 100k in Northern Nigeria

Businesses to Start With 100k in Northern Nigeria

Every small-scale business starts up as a big idea and some with capital while others without capital. Starting a business with a budget of 100 thousand naira in Northern Nigeria is a very lucrative thing to do. With the current economic hiatus in the country, there are still businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria.

There are a lot of lucrative businesses and also profitable businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Northern Nigeria. If you have been wondering what these best businesses to start with 100 thousand naira are, then think no further, they include…

Businesses to Start With 100k In Northern Nigeria

1. Clothes Business

Most Nigerians want to look good, I mean who doesn’t right? Everyone wants to wear the latest outfit on a cheap budget, that’s where all these thrift otherwise known as Okrika or what hausas would like to call gwonjo clothes come in. Most Nigerians buy fairly used products like clothes in Nigeria. So why not have a start-up capital of 100 thousand naira to help you start this profitable business.

Nigeria is a very large market in terms of any business and Northern Nigeria is the largest region with even large states and populations,  we are a large consumer, so why not exploit this opportunity, have a start-up capital of 100 thousand naira, and then you are good to go.

2. Laundry Business

The laundry business does not entail much to start. We are now in an era where people go to office jobs every day and every time even in the Northern part of Nigeria, and these working-class people have little to less time for themselves talk more of having to do their laundry.

This is where, people like you, who are looking for businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Northern Nigeria come in. All you would need your start-up capital of 100 thousand naira to get you for this business is

  • A bucket
  • Stable water supply
  • Light bills
  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • Detergents

These are simple equipment to get for your laundry business since you are starting with 100 thousand naira.

3. Mini Importation Business

As the name implies ‘mini’ means small, you don’t need to import big products like cars, electrical appliances, and all. This is when you import a small volume of goods from a manufacturing country like China to Nigeria or from Chad and Niger to Kano because they share boarders with Kano at a minimum cost and maximum profit.

All you need to do is go to websites like Alibaba and then look for cheap products in China or any cheap country and then you purchase them and then pay for shipments and wait for your goods. Most of you may think that this is a very big business that requires a lot of money, but it does not, all you need is a start-up capital of 100 thousand naira and where to purchase your goods from. It’s one of the profitable businesses to start with 100k in Northern Nigeria.

4. Daycare Services

If you are a lover of kids and want to train children, then this business is a profitable business to start with 100 thousand naira.

With a small apartment that could be yours, or a small building you could be renting, you can get toys and then start up a daycare service. It doesn’t have to be a big place before you know it is a good enough place for daycare.

There are a lot of working-class mothers these days even in the north, and staying home or looking for a nanny to take care of their kids is a very worrisome deal for most mothers. Most working-class mothers rely heavily on daycare services, they don’t mind paying extra, the most important thing is that their kids are in the hands of a registered daycare.

5. Interior Decoration

This business is not capital intensive, but it is a business you can start with 100 thousand naira and it will become a profitable business as you grow in this business.

When starting, start small to grow and become a big interior décor business. To pitch your business, ask people who are moving to new places if you could design their homes for them. Do a good job and you’re good to go.

This business is good and it can even be a side hustle for you if you are also into other businesses.

6. The Food Business

Everyone loves food, but not everyone can prepare their favorite dish or even have time to make a meal for themselves, this is where the food business comes in.

You can start a food business with as low as 100 thousand naira in the North and will be sure it will grow rapidly over time. You can pitch your food business in areas and states like Kano, Sokoto, PLATEAU, Kaduna, Abuja amongst others. These are states in Northern Nigeria that are highly populated and have a lot of working-class people, you can use this to your advantage, and you’re on your way to growing a food restaurant.

The food business in Northern Nigeria is growing rapidly because Nigeria has a lot of diverse cultures who in turn have their dishes and people come out to prepare these dishes and sell them, you too can pick a dish you like and start preparing to make a profit from it.

You can start this business with 100 thousand naira, and use this start-up capital to buy equipment like…

  • Gas
  • Spices
  • Plates
  • Foodstuff like rice, yam, beans, vegetables, etc.
  • Pots, pans, and cooking utensils

These are some of the equipment needed to start up a food business in Northern Nigeria and this return business will yield good returns.

7. Hair Dressing

A lot of people think this is just a gender skill and it doesn’t apply to the North, but in fact, it consists of both genders, and I have a friend who is into this hair dressing business in the North and she is doing very well. Hairdressing is a very profitable business to start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria especially in the North.

It is very lucrative and gets you a lot of customers if you know how to do your job well. Hairdressing is a skill that everyone can learn and one of the businesses you can start with 100k in Northern Nigeria. All you need to start a hairdressing business are…

  • Hair combs
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairdryers
  • Hair creams and other hair products
  • Mirror
  • Table and chairs
  • Hair extensions
  • Heater

All these and even more are equipment you can buy with your start-up capital of 100 thousand naira at a cheaper rate. All you need to start this business is a start-up capital of 100 thousand naira and also a business plan. Once you have these, you are on your way to becoming a successful hairdresser.

8. Barbeque Business

Most Nigerians are not vegans so this can work to your advantage. Meat is a very lucrative business to start and 100 thousand naira is good start-up capital.

Beef is one of the cheapest meat to purchase especially in the North, you can purchase beef with a sum of 20, 000 thousand naira and it will be enough to start a barbeque business. Northern Nigeria has a lot of cows and this barbeque business can be something you can start up with less than 100 thousand naira and it is one of those businesses that can be grown into a franchise over time.

A lot of people who started with barbeque and fish grill businesses have made a fortune for themselves and are moving rapidly to grow other branches for their businesses in other states asides in the North, some of the equipment your 100 thousand naira start-up capital can get you to include…

  • Barbeque machine
  • Grilling machine
  • Charcoals or firewoods
  • A large chunk of beef
  • Spices
  • Soy sauce
  • Cooking oil
  • Vegetables, like cabbage and cucumber

This barbeque business is one of the best businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Northern Nigeria because the return is worth the start and also asides you growing your business with your start-up capital of 100 thousand naira, it’s lucrative and most northerners are diving into this opportunity.

9. A Fruit Business

You can start a fruit business with 100 thousand naira, and the good thing about this business is that it’s a very affordable and profitable business no matter how bad the economy is, especially in the North.

Everyone loves fruits, even though we humans have a preference on which fruits we prefer. To start this business, you can purchase at a cheaper rate from some online foodstuff companies that are very reliable and efficient. I mean, this business is one of the best businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria because your profits will be so much.

10. Car Wash Business

While this may seem very awkward to some, it is very lucrative and it doesn’t even need a lot of start-up capital for it to kick up. You can start with 100 thousand naira, and you can use this money to get equipment like car wash soap, buckets, payment for a good water supply, a rented area amongst others.

This business is very good and you get paid at least 500 naira on each car you wash, so just imagine how much you get paid in a week! And then a month! And then a year! In this business, you will get to understand that you can gain more than you put into the business when you started. I don’t know about others, but this is one of the businesses I would love to venture into as time goes on, even if it means having a car wash company, it is still a win and the profit and experience are huge.

11. Agricultural Business

This business is a very lucrative but strategic and tactful one. You have to have basic knowledge of the area you want to explore. This means that in whatever field of agriculture you want to venture into, be it crop farming, livestock farming, or even cattle rearing, you have to understand the field.

For instance, if you are venturing into crop farming, you should know how long it takes to grow cereals like rice or legumes like beans or tubers like yam, cassava, or even vegetables like carrot, cucumbers, cabbage, etc. all these agricultural edibles need to be studied and how long they grow and how they should be preserved. The same goes for livestock and cattle rearing farming, you have to know the animals and how they breed, and also, their lifestyle.

Once you have mastered all these, then you are on your way to being a successful agricultural entrepreneur.

12. Poultry Farming

This includes the rearing of chickens and it’s a good business to start with 100 thousand naira. You can open up a small space for poultry, even if it is at the back of your house, and start rearing your chickens.

You can purchase chicks at a cheaper rate at 2000 thousand naira on each and you can feed these chicks until they become mature chickens before you start selling them. By doing this, you are utilizing your start-up capital of 100 thousand naira and investing it in your poultry farm.

I know some people who are into this business and also turkey farming and they are doing very well. Most of them buy their chickens and turkeys young and then feed them healthy meals and when they are all grown, they sell them. Just reading this, you will see that poultry farming is one of the best businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria.

13. Skin-Care Business

Everyone wants their skin to look nice and all sparkly but we have very few skin-care businesses that do justice to healthy skin.

This can be your niche if you are a business person and you want to invest your 100 thousand naira into something that will yield profits over time. You can start this skin-care business by asking people around you about problems they are having with their skins and how they want these problems solved, then you can research healthy products that can help tackle these problems, and then you can use your 100 thousand naira to start up a skin-care business.

This makes entrepreneurship easy when you have a problem and you are trying to solve it. Once you see yourself solving these problems, you will realize that skin-care businesses are part of good businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria.

14. Hair-Care Product

Most people do not value their hair, and that is very sad. Im very skeptical about my hair because it is natural hair and we all know that the afro is kinky and very hard to maintain, so you can imagine the number of hair products needed to make the hair soft. So it is very annoying when I go to the supermarket to purchase hair products and I realize that there are fewer companies that manufacture hair products needed for natural hair and most times these products are all sold out!

I encourage us, who are into hair maintenance to start a hair-care business. it doesn’t have to be a full-blown business, but it can be something you can start with, maybe say 100 thousand naira and see what works. If it works for you and it works for some other people with the same type of your hair then be sure that I will be a customer.

Most companies that manufacture hair products fail to realize that there are different types of hair ranging from 1A-4C hair( 4A, 4B, and 4C hair are usually afros) and they only pay attention to 1A-1C, 2A-2C hairs because they are easier to maintain. You can exploit this opportunity and make products that include both 1A down to 4C hair, and believe if you do not know your business will grow rapidly, I just literally gave you a very good business tip to start a hair-care business with 100 thousand naira.

15. Photocopying and Passport Business

To be honest, this business is underrated. I know someone who started this business with 50 thousand naira and she is reaping her reward.

These days every document needs a passport to look all formal and all and this is where a passport business comes in. you can start with 100 thousand naira and buy equipment like…

  • Photocopying machine
  • Camera
  • Packs of A4 papers
  • Ink
  • Pens and books
  • Binders
  • Scanner

I’m sure you may be thinking these things are way over a budget of 100 thousand naira, but it is not. You can get all this equipment at a cheaper rate and quality ones at that.

Students and even professional workers all need one or a million documents to be photocopied so why not pitch your business in these areas. All you need are the equipment listed above and maybe more and also have some knowledge of photography.

16. Palm Oil Business

I’m very sure that this would not have been one of your top 50 businesses to start, but it is a good business, and people selling raw foodstuff are very much making a lot of profit from this business even in the North! Did you know that Northern Nigeria sells one of the best and cheapest palm oil?

A large keg of palm oil is going for about 28 thousand naira and in the North it can go for cheaper, so if you start with 100 thousand naira in this business, you will get at least 3 large kegs of palm oil, and selling this into smaller bottles will be very profitable. After all, now a small bottle of palm oil is going for 8 hundred naira which is quite much but to you the seller it is profitable because you can use this to restock your market.

This is a very profitable business to start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria, so why not keep pride, procrastination, and laziness aside and save up 100 thousand naira and start this business.

17. Perfume Oils and Fragrance Sales

I have this very good friend of mine who is into this business and she started with her saving of less than 100 thousand naira and today she can restock her market and sell wonderful and nice perfumes.

I mean, this business sometimes can take time to grow, but everyone wants to smell nice and look good at a cheaper rate, so why not start with at most 100 thousand naira and with consistency, see where it leads you.

18. Data and Recharge Card Selling

Did you know that with the right data plug, you can get 1GB of data at just 300 naira? I mean this may sound very delusional but it is true and I can testify to that myself.

I have these friends who are into the data and airtime business and they didn’t need to start with 100 thousand naira, all they had to do was register to a platform/small company that sells data and airtime at cheaper rates and they became their agents and today one of them has her own online data business. With this knowledge, you will see that you can sell your data product online and you will also see that this business is very profitable you can be sure to sell your data and airtime because people are mostly online and also need airtime to call.

19. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, all you need is a platform where you can display or sell goods. You don’t need to have an inventory or shop. This business is one of the best businesses to start with at least 100k in northern Nigeria.

All you need to do is have enough internet access and also have a company that you market for and that pays you on each sale you make, I mean this is how affiliate marketing works.

This has helped me a lot because im also this affiliate marketing of a thing and I am doing well if o say so myself. All I need to do is have a good audience that wants to buy what I’m marketing and then I get my cut (not a certain percentage) on each sale I make. This is also linked with digital marketing because I also post what I market on social media and these days people are online very often so I’m always sure to find my buyers on the internet. This is a very affordable business to start with little income.

20. Content Writer

If you are passionate about writing, this is for you. You need; a phone, an internet subscription, and great knowledge of content writing.

You can apply for writing jobs in companies that deal with content writing and there you will see that you don’t need much to write. Or if you are looking to open a content writing company as a content writer then it also isn’t a bad idea to start with at least 100 thousand naira. All you need is a good website that can be done at a cheap rate, one or two skilled editors, and a little partnering and sponsors and you are good to go.

This business is very tactful but it is one of those businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria.

21. Digital Marketing Expert

This is cost-effective and efficient marketing for businesses with a small budget of say, 100 thousand naira. All you need to do here is to have the knowledge of digital marketing and how it works and then you are good to go.

You as a digital marketing expert don’t need much to start; all you need is a very stable internet subscription, phone, laptop, and a conducive place to work. Once you have all these, with consistency, hard work, and honesty, you will be on your way to marketing Tesla for Elon Musk!

22. Photography

This kind of business deals more with skills than anything else. All you need is a good camera, good lights and a good laptop for editing.

I have this friend that is into photography and he told me that he uses stock photos that relate to his niche of photography to get customers and it is working well for him because he has the knowledge and skillset in photography. This business is very lucrative because a lot of people love taking pictures, be it for weddings, modeling a clothing or skin-care line, or anything else, photographers are needed so why not venture into this business and let it complete your happiness.

23. Egg Retailing/Supply

Eggs are so much in this country that you can start an egg business. a crate of an egg is going for 2 thousand naira, so if you are starting an egg business with 100 thousand naira, you will be purchasing at least 40 crates of eggs, if not more and if you are selling, you can add your profit on it.

This business is very lucrative although it may seem weird. It is a profitable business to start with good capital and then watch it flourish over time.

24. Sales of Original Honey

You have to source original honey before you can start this kind of business. Honey is used very essentially by us humans because we use this honey for literally anything, things like hair, skin, small ailments amongst others. So why not start with a sum of 100 thousand naira and see where this business takes you.

This business is low-key to a profitable business you can start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria, the returns and journey will be sweet, as your product!

25. Cement Sales Distribution

You may be thinking that this is a ridiculous business to start with 100 thousand naira, but this business is very profitable, sys one of my friends is into this business and sells at least 100 bags of cement in a week.

A bag of cement depending on the company manufacturer varies but its around the price range of 3000-5000 naira per bag, and this is good because you can start with 100 thousand naira and pitch your business in locations where a lot of building and construction are done and then, you are good to go on making enough profits.


There are a million businesses to start with 100k in northern Nigeria and these businesses are all set out to be profitable and successful by default setting it all depends on how you handle your business.

Businesses generally need to be treated like babies; they always need the attention and therefore need extra hands and equipment. If you’re looking to start a business with 100 thousand naira, look for your niche because there are a lot of businesses to venture into in Nigeria.


Are there a lot of businesses to start with 100 thousand Naira?

Yes, there are a lot of businesses to start with 100 thousand naira in Nigeria.

What business can I start with 100 thousand Naira?

You can start businesses like painting business, drawing business, photography, cement business, food business, among others.

What can I invest my 100 thousand Naira in?

Phone charging business, food vendor business, palm oil retailing, car business amongst others.

Skeletons in the Closet? Unraveling the Roles of Men in MNorthern Nigeria

Skeletons in the Closet? Unraveling the Roles of Men in MNorthern Nigeria

What makes a man is The title of a song released by an Irish pop vocal group/boyband popularly known as “West Life” in the album “Coast to Coast”. Also, a question that ought to be no longer rhetorical in the mind of every single member of the Northern Nigeria society. Why? I will paint you a very short but interesting picture.

Imagine two Northern Nigeria stereotypes; Mr. A and Mr. B. Both above thirty. Mr. A is a forty-five-year-old accomplished civil servant; living a luxurious life in a well-furnished apartment but with no family of his own. Mr. B is a thirty-six-year-old moderately-to-do businessman; living a middle-class life with one wife or more and children.

Who is going to be labeled more “Man” in the Northern Nigeria society? Let us hold on to that thought for a while.

Notice closely, that three simple criteria including age, wealth, and responsibility/family were considered in the formation of these stereotypes. And although there could be more, these three for most readers of Northern Nigeria or anywhere, were more than ample to make an immediate mental judgment as to who is more man than the other. Perhaps, if there was more, then it was left to those lacking in any of the three fields to find stitches to patch up their masculine wears and tears.

A man is not who he thinks he is; he is what he hides.

Andre Malraux, Author of Man’s Fate

Meaning that the secrets we hide are what defines us. So could there be more to the question of ‘who is more man than who in the Northern Nigeria society’, rather than the simple societal stereotypes? Perhaps, we ought to open closets and ask about forgotten skeletons. Thus, we will start with the basic question of who a man is. 

Who Is A Man?

A man as defined by dictionary sources is “An adult male person”; that is someone who biologically is of the male sex and passed the age of boyhood. 

Societally, to be one’s own man is to be free and independent. Meanwhile, those traits, habits behaviors, or roles that society considers appropriate for a man are referred to as masculinity, manliness, or manhood.

Some even argue that just like wealth, race, or social class, masculinity has a social status and higher social status is achieved with higher masculinity. Therefore, having understood who a man is, the next step for us is to begin to ponder on our initial question; that is to find out “what makes a man”.

What Makes a Man?

Good question. An even more interesting one comes from the opinions of different individuals, in different societies, and with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Since there is no objective out-of-the-textbook explanation of what makes a man, it was left to assume a better way of understanding this question.

As such, conducting a survey of answers from Quora; an international Q & A online platform, where questions are asked and answered for the purpose of sharing and growing knowledge, answers to this particular question were found and a review of them gave me the following points of what makes a man:

  1. A boy becomes a man through the process of struggle.
  2. A man is someone charged with the responsibility of caring not only for himself but for others around him. He also doesn’t blame others for his mistakes but apologizes and corrects them.
  3. A man has a strong moral code by which he lives and is defined. He constantly recognizes his weakness and strives to be better.
  4. A man discovers his true inner self and doesn’t change his personality as change takes place in the outside world. In other words, he is not easily influenced.
  5. A man is conscious of himself and controls his instincts, urges, and emotions.
  6. A man is steadfast in his decisions. He knows when to be flexible and when to say no.
  7. A man is free to define himself.

The aforementioned points have tried to define what makes a man based on a general perception of people from different societies.  A man’s Life experience, Responsibility, Moral code, Strength of character, Self-awareness, Steadfastness, and Choice are what I found to be the most popular opinions.

However, how can I use these points to discover which is most relevant in our Northern Nigeria society?

What Makes a Man in Northern Nigeria Society?

You will recall the image we digested earlier of two Northern Nigeria stereotypes using age, wealth, and responsibility to decide who was more man than whom. Recall how ‘you’ were also accused of making an on-spot decision. From there, we went on to explain the concept of who a man was and what was his masculinity.  Our goal now is to decide what makes a man in Northern Nigerian society.

Traits, habits, behaviors, or roles that society considers to be appropriate for a man have been found to be considered his masculinity/manhood. Seven areas including; his Life experience, Responsibilities, Moral code, Strength of character, Self-awareness, Steadfastness, and Choice were considered generally to be vital.

Therefore, comparing the criteria used earlier in stereotyping the Northern Nigerian man to these seven points leads us closer to finding out what makes a man in Northern Nigerian society. The confluence point was found at the responsibility valley. Clearly, age and wealth when compared to responsibility, could not have been the major catalysts that influenced your hastened decision of who or what a man is. Rather the roles/responsibility attached to a man is what drives Northern Nigeria society to assess his masculinity.

These roles/responsibilities of a man in Northern Nigeria society will be the master key that will unlock the closet door and allow us a peek at its skeletons if any. 

What Is The Role of a Man in Northern Nigerian Society?

This takes origin from the concept of “Gender role”; which is a set of behaviors and attitudes considered desirable or appropriate based on that person’s gender.

The term role could be defined as a duty that someone or something is expected to have. At the same time, it is the way someone or something is involved in an activity. Going for a more elaborate definition, a role is a socially-expected behavioral pattern usually determined by an individual’s status in a particular society. Similarly, it is a set of connected behaviors, rights, obligations, beliefs, and norms as conceptualized by a society.

All these combine to interrogate the role of a man in Northern Nigeria society as follows:

What are the rights duties and obligations of a Northern Nigerian man?

How is the Northern Nigeria man involved in activities of Northern Nigeria society?

Roles carried out by Northern Nigerian men are undeniably vast but nonetheless, they can be classified based on their positions/status or their general functions. The positional roles of a Northern Nigerian man can be dynamic, that is, they can evolve or be interchangeable based on his current position in the family and society. The Northern Nigeria man therefore can discharge his roles based on his position as follows:

  • As a father
  • As a husband
  • As a son
  • As a brother
  • As an uncle
  • As a neighbor

Whatever position a man may occupy in the family or society, there are certain roles he is bound to come across. These roles unlike his positions are not dynamic. Careful analysis of both leads us to categorize the roles of a Northern Nigeria man in society in four unique ways namely:

  • Domestic roles
  • Religious roles
  • Socio-cultural roles
  • National roles.

These will be carefully elaborated and looked at. 

Domestic Roles of A Man

Domestic roles are duties and obligations assigned to members of a household to ensure efficient meeting of its basic needs. Either as a son, husband, or father, men in Northern Nigeria society are expected to carry out assigned responsibilities in the family.

These mostly include:

1. Household Labour (Chores)

Due to the physical strength of men, a man is expected to do hard and labor-intensive activities in the household. For example, he will wash the car, do the gardening, and perform animal slaughter. 

2. Technical Work

A man is expected to learn simple household technical work in order to take care of problems that may arise without employing the services of a technician. He may take care of:

  • Electrical tasks like changing sockets, bulbs, turning on or servicing generator, and simple vehicle checks.
  • Plumbing tasks in the kitchen and in the bathroom. 

3. HouseHold Representation/Leadership

A man in the Northern Nigeria society serves as the link between the women of the house and the outside world. Religion and culture do not encourage Northern Nigerian women to have unlimited freedom with no control. Therefore, a man in the household is faced with certain responsibilities like:

Being a natural leader to women below and above him. He may do so by providing them with emotional strength and guidance.  

Going on errands outside the home as much as he can, especially at night and also, sometimes accompanied the women of the house.

Answering the door and ushering male guests.

4. Discipline and Security

A man is expected at all times to ensure peace and orderliness within his household and arrest conflict when it arises. He is also charged with the responsibility of keeping members of the household safe from internal and external harm. Therefore, he is:

Active alert and checks all locks and appliances for safety before retiring to bed at night.

Passive alert at all times and watches out for suspicious sounds and movement within and around the boundary of his home.

5. Financial responsibility

A husband, father, and sometimes even son are responsible for the financial well-being of every member of the household. Not only that, he is at other times, expected to contribute to the financial well-being of other members of the extended family. As such, he must work hard and earn a living in order to:

Provide good food, clothing, shelter, and education to those he is responsible for.   

Give allowances where expected.

Regularly, chips in and contributes to the well-being of his extended family.

Religious Roles of Man

The predominant religion in Northern Nigeria, Northern Nigeria is Islam. This has provided the Northern Nigerian society with certain beliefs, behaviours, and obligations to follow. In addition to the completion of personal obligation to God, he is also tasked by religion with several roles.

Some of these roles that religion has mandated for the Northern Nigeria man include: 

1. Religious Leadership Roles

A well-learned and societally accepted man with good moral and social conduct is charged with leadership roles like:

  • He leads prayers as the Imam in mosques and leads prayers for the deceased.
  • He assumes political roles in society.
  • Also, he as a man can become a scholar who delivers preaching like “Tafseer” in religious gatherings
  • A man is charged with carrying on the name of his father and passing it down to his own children.

2. Religious Rites Roles

Execution of certain religious rites has been assigned solely to men by religion. These rites are prohibited for a woman to perform. They include:

  • Acting as “Waliyyi” and “Wakili” in marriage.
  • Taking part in prayers of the deceased and escorting the dead to the grave.
  • Giving out “Zakkatul fitr” (alms) on behalf of his family
  • He is the one to seek permission from a woman’s father to court her when looking for marriage. He also pays a token for the woman before he can take her as his wife. This token is referred to as “Sadaki” or bride price.

3. Matrimonial Roles

The roles of a man in marriage have been clearly outlined by religion in Northern Nigerian society. These include:

  • Financial responsibility: He becomes financially responsible for his wife’s food, shelter, clothing, education, and discipline according to the teachings of Islam.
  • Emotional responsibility: He protects and safeguards his wife’s emotional state of mind.
  • Moral & Spiritual responsibility: He guides and educates his wife on her moral and spiritual conduct. For example, he should constantly monitor/permit her interactions with people outside her home or make sure she discharges her prayers on time.

4. Moral Role

Personal code of conduct of behaviours and interactions with people have been clearly outlined by religion for the man to follow. He is expected to:

  • Offer a handshake in greeting and say the “Salam” when passing a fellow Muslim or group of Muslims.
  • He is expected to imitate qualities like honesty, patience, and humility among others.
  • He is expected to obey and honor his parents and especially his mother as she is the key to his paradise. 

Socio-Cultural Roles

These are roles spelled out by the society based on their culture and tradition. They are socially accepted beliefs, norms, and behaviours allowed of a Northern Nigerian man. In addition, they are rules handed down from generation to generation which may or may not be dynamic. They include the following; 

1. Occupational Roles

Certain occupations in Northern Nigeria society until today are believed to be suitable for men and unheard of for women. Even though the Northern Nigerian man has a white-collar job, he is encouraged by society to be involved in technical/manual jobs or trading.

Examples of such occupations Northern Nigeria society has outlined for men include; wanzam, carpentry, building, animal rearing, etc.

2. Courtship Roles

Before a man in Northern Nigeria society marries, he undergoes a period of courtship in which after taking permission from the lady’s father, they get to know each other before marriage. Society has socially constructed roles the Northern Nigerian man must play in this period. They are as follows:

  • He initiates the courtship process.
  • He offers gifts occasionally to the lady whom he wants to marry.
  • Before he marries her, he is expected to complete the cultural rites of marriage like gifting her clothes or otherwise “Lefe” and other necessary cultural rites. 

National Roles

Northern Nigerian people are naturally proud of genetic traits handed to them like wisdom in speech, strong moral/social code, and ambition.

Wherever a Northern Nigeria man is, it is his responsibility to: 

1. Political Role 

  • Use his natural skills and talents to govern the nation politically.
  • Become a recognized trade or craftsman. 

2. Citizenship Role

  • Be a law-abiding member of the nation and dispatch his duties accordingly
  • Abstain from criminal, social or moral misconduct that will bring him and other people shame.
  • Be a man the nation is proud of.


From the above, it is clear that men in Northern Nigeria society have clearly spelled roles.

100 Facts You Should Know About Northern Nigeria

100 Facts You Should Know About Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria is a region situated towards the north side of Nigeria. Interestingly, these regions possess certain characteristics that differentiate them from other regions of the country and the world at large. These differences span across the lifestyle of its inhabitants, historical features, and happenings that took place in this region. Hence, to aid an easy understanding of northern Nigeria we have compiled 100 facts about northern Nigeria.

Interesting Facts About Northern Nigeria

1. Northern Nigeria is the most endowed region in the country with many tourist attractions. This includes the Emir palace in Kano, Chappal Waddi in Taraba, Yankari Game Reserve, and much more.

2. Nigeria North occupies 80% of Nigeria’s landmass, it’s four times larger than the South.

3. In 1967, Northern Nigeria was broadly divided Into North—Eastern States, North-Western States, Kano State, Kaduna State, Kwara States, and the Benue—Plateau State, each with its own Governor.

4. The Nok civilization, ancient culture in prehistoric times, associated terracotta statues, and megaliths have been discovered in northern Nigeria.

5. The northern part of Nigeria is known for its primary export of goods from historical times. Most especially, leather, gold, salt, clothes, kola nuts, and animal hides.

6. Some of the current states once existed as Kingdom long before now like Kano, Katsina, and Zazzau (Zaria)

7. The Hausa architecture in the North is the most beautiful during the medieval age as seen in the design of ancient mosques and palaces.

8. Northern Nigeria gained self-government on 15 March 1957 with Sir Ahmadu Bello as its first premier.

9. The main source of revenue for Northern Nigeria is cotton and groundnut industries, tin and steel mining.

10. Cement industries and leather processing industries constitute the main manufacturing sector of the North.

11. Northern Nigeria although religiously and ethnically diverse has its majority of Muslims, especially the Hausa speaking tribe.

12. Kano state was traditionally founded by a blacksmith named Kano from the Gaya tribe who in ancient times came to Dallas Hill in search of iron.

13. Kano is a home for numerous traditional industries that includes leather tanning and decoration, mat making, metalworking, tailoring, pottery manufacturing, and local dye pits for cloth and leather used for centuries.

14. Northern Nigeria comprises 19 states. North Central – Benue, FCT, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau. North East – Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba, Yobe. North West – Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Kebbi, Sokoto, Jigawa,, Zamfara.

15. The richest person in Africa and the richest black person in the world is from northern Nigeria, Kano state—Aliko Dangote. He had an estimated net worth of US$12.7 billion as of September 2021.

16. The Arewa Knot is an ancient traditional symbol associated with northern Nigeria particularly the Hausa-dominated areas.

17. An average man from the north is always glued to his radio in search of current information.

18. According to Lord Luggard, “the north is the most literate part of Nigeria.” There are 25,000 Quranic Arabic schools with about 250,000 pupils in the North.

19. Kumbwada village in Kano is the only part of Northern Nigeria where only females can rule, an ancient curse keeps men off the throne.

20. Usman dan Fodio(1754—1817) was trained in classical Islamic science, philosophy, and theology. He has written over 100 books on society culture, religion, governance, and politics.

21. Did you know that Benue, Nasarawa, and Plateau states have the highest populations of Christians in Northern Nigeria?

22. In 1851 Kano state made 10 million sandal pairs and 5 million hides for export every year.

23. One of the largest cities in Africa is located in the north—Kano state.

24. Katsina State was formed out of Kaduna state on September 23, 1987, by General Gbadamasi Babangida.

25. Katsina state is known as the “Home of Hospitality” because of the courtesy and politeness of its inhabitants.

Fun Things About Northern Nigeria

26. The system of “Sarauta” beginners in Katsina state. This system is a title awarded to men and women in Hausa land who have served the community positively, although it varies from rank to rank.

27. Did you know that Islamic religion came into the north through Katsina state? This was due to the arrival of Wangarawa Dyula scholars and merchants in the 14th century into the state.

28. Historically, “Kusugu Well” in Daura once had a giant snake that prevented residents from fetching water on specific days of the week. Fortunately, it was killed by Bayajidda during the reign of Queen Daurama.

29. Katsina Teachers College was the first higher learning institution established in Northern Nigeria in the year 1923.

30. Salt, diamonds, graphite, potash, and many more natural mineral resources are located in Katsina State.

31. The Kanuri-speaking tribe is more concentrated in Borno state.

32. Interesting physical features can be found in Borno states like Black cotton swamps, volcanic Biu Plateau, and Borno plains.

33. Borno is the second largest state in Nigeria in terms of landmass( 72, 609square kilometres)

34. Did you know that there are descendants of the Arab people in Borno state known as shuwa Arabs?

35. Current Yobe state emerged from Borno state.

36. The only five stars rated hotel in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria is located in Borno state—Deribe hotel in Maiduguri.

37. Feldspar and Magnetite are mostly found in Borno state.

38. The popularly known Chad Basin National Park is located in Borno state. The park has a total area of about 2,258 km2.

39. Northern Nigeria states are vast in agricultural practices due to abundant fertile land and favourable climate compared with other regions.

40. Kaduna state was named by General Murtala Muhammad in 1976.

41. In the North, the most prestigious learning institutions are concentrated in Kaduna state. This includes Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria Defense Academy, Air Force Institution of Technology and more.

42. Sadly, the assassination of Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto and Northern premier took place at Kaduna. He was killed by Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu an Igbo Nigerian Army officer.

43. It’s believed that Kaduna derived its name from the Hausa word for crocodile, Kada.

44. The Nok Culture appeared in northern Nigeria around 1000 BCE and vanished under unknown circumstances around 500 CE, thus having lasted for approximately 1,500 years.

45. Beginning from the late 1950s, Kaduna state became the major industrial, commercial and financial center for the northern states of Nigeria.

46. The largest wildlife park in Nigeria is found in the North—Gashaka Gumti in Taraba state.

47. Mambilla plateau in Taraba Is the highest point in Nigeria, standing at about 1,600 meters above sea level.

48. Chappal Waddi in Taraba is the highest mountain in Nigeria which stands at 7,936ft above sea level.

49. Still to date, antiquities from the Ancient Nok civilization can be found in galleries and museums across the world.

50. Did you know that the River Benue divides Adamawa State into almost two halves?

Shocking Facts About Northern Nigeria

51. The popularly known Vernacular Architecture (VA) is found in Northern Nigeria. It’s also called Tubali in the Hausa language.

52. Ancient paintings which date back to the Neolithic period can be found in Dutsen Habude Jigawa state.

53. One of the largest cattle markets in West Africa is located in Jigawa state—Maigatari international cattle market which supplies about 2 million stock of cattle during weekly trade.

54. Niger state houses the three major hydro-electric power stations in Nigeria namely: Kainji, Jebba, and Shiroro stations respectively.

55. Niger state is the largest state in Nigeria based on the landmass, approximately 8.6 million hectares.

56. Interestingly, the famous River Niger is located in Niger State.

57. Niger is the largest producing rice and sugarcane state in Nigeria.

58. I’m sure you’ve heard about Guarara waterfall, it’s one of the most attractive sites in Nigeria and it’s found in Niger State.

59. Northern Nigeria is the home of Africa’s oldest dye pit, located at Kofar Mata in Kano state—which has been in existence since 1498.

60. The most irrigated state in Nigeria is located in the North, Kano state to be precise. It has more than 20 dams providing about 2 million cubic meters of water to support agricultural and industrial activities.

61. Surprisingly, the annual production of grain in Kano state exceeds 4million metric tons with an estimated value of N721.20b—that’s a lot!

62. Kano state is the most populous state in Nigeria according to the 2006 census with an estimated population of 4,103,000.

63. Did you know that Gidan Rumfa Emir’s palace is the oldest continuous site of authority in Nigeria? It’s the palace of the Emir of Kano and was constructed in the late 15th century.

64. The oldest museum in Nigeria is situated in Northern Nigeria, Jos, Plateau state. The Jos museum was established in 1952 by Bernard Fagg.

65. The warrior Queen Amina of Zazzau was known for building walls around every territory she conquered.

66. Recently, many of those walls built by Queen Amina are still standing, known as Amina’s wall.

67. Did you know that Queen Amina was the first woman to lead the kingdom of Zazzau to war?

68. Surprisingly, the Northern Knot, Arewa insignia has Christian origins from the church Celtic knot as investigated by Ibrahim A. Waziri.

69. The popularly known Arewa Knot is also called ‘Dagin Arewa’ or ‘Tambarin Arewa’.

70. The second largest University in Africa is found in Northern Nigeria known as Ahmadu Bello University Zaria founded in the year 1962.

71. Did you know that Lokoja was the first administrative centre of Nigeria because it was the first settlement of the British in Nigeria?

72. Research shows that the Arewa Knot is similar to the historic 6 pointed star seal of Solomon which Is also known as the star of David.

73. Did you know that Sultan Siddiq Abubakar III was the Sultan for 50 good years? He served as the 17th Sultan of Sokoto between 1938 and 1988.

74. Did you know that the first Mayor of Enugu city was a Fulani man from northern Nigeria In the person of Mallam Umaru Altine from old Sokoto province.

75. The first Teachers Association in Northern Nigeria was formed by Aminu Kano in the year 1948.

Truths About Northern Nigeria You

76. Throughout history Aminu Kano was the first presidential candidate to choose a female running mate.

77. Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo, a journal that was owned by the Nigerian government was the first notable Hausa newspaper that came into existence.

78. Sir Ahmadu Bello also known as the Sardauna of Sokoto was one of the politically influential men in the whole of Northern Nigeria.

79. Sir Ahmadu Bello was among the few selected individuals who redrafted the Richards Constitution.

80. The Arewa Knot is thought to represent Northern Nigeria’s power and political identity.

81. As a result of Sir Ahmadu Bello’s contribution to humanity the Nigeria N200 note carries His portrait.

82. Tambola dance is one of those popular dance moves within northern Nigeria.

83. The Hausa movie industry is popularly known as the Kannywood industry.

84. Rahama Sadau is the first northern actress ever to be featured in Nollywood Movies

85. In Northern Nigeria, Eid Kabir also known as ‘Babban Sallah’ or ‘Sallan Layya’ is celebrated by Muslims.

86. Miyan Karkashi interpreted as Sesame leaves soup is commonly consumed by the Hausa-speaking tribe in Northern Nigeria.

87. The name Nigeria was derived from the northern region coined in Lokoja, Kogi state. It was named by Flora Shaw when she gazed at the magnificent River Niger at Lokoja.

88. Kogi state in North Central is a junction state that leads to about 10 states within Nigeria.

89. The two greatest Rivers that cut across Nigeria are located in the North—River Niger and River Benue.

90. The largest steel and iron industry in Nigeria is located in Kogi state— Ajaokuta Steel Company and Agbaja iron mine.

91. Presently, the Arewa Knot is one of those features that depict unity among the northern states despite the diversity in tribe and culture.

92. Benue state is the most endowed state in Nigeria in terms of agricultural produce which includes yams, rice, cassava, potatoes, maize, millet, cocoyam, and lots more.

93. 70% of Nigeria’s soybeans production comes from the North, Benue state.

94. One of the highest waterfalls in Africa known as Farin Ruwa is found in Nasarawa State.

95. Africa oldest known boat ‘Dufuna Canoe’ is found in Nasarawa State

96. The biggest Game Reserve in west Africa is found in Northern Nigeria —Yankari Games in Bauchi.

97. Zamafara state was the first state in Nigeria to adopt Sharia Law, an Islamic legal system.

98. The Hausa Bakwai kingdom was established far back in the 7th to 11th centuries.

99. The Bayajidda legend was officially recognized under the Islamic government and institutions that were newly established after the 1804 Usman Dan Fodio Jihad.

100. The Gobarau minaret was built in the 15th century in Katsina. The minaret is believed to be one of West Africa’s first multi-story buildings and was once the tallest building in Katsina.

History of Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo, Nigeria’s First Hausa Newspaper

History of Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo, Nigeria’s First Hausa Newspaper

Gaskiya ta fi Kwabo, an ingenious northern newspaper, which arguably created the standard of contemporary Hausa writing, which mixed both the Hausa form of writing using Arabic letters known as Ajmi and the Roman form of writing in order to carry along to two kinds of literates in the colonial Hausa days.

Gaskiya Ta fi Kwabo is said to be a documentation of the Hausa people and the perspective they held regarding World War II. The newspaper became the longest indigenous language newspaper that existed in Nigeria.

What is the Meaning of Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo?

Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo, a term coined for a Hausa based newspaper and periodicals which means “Truth is worth more than Kobo”.

The concept of the newspaper started in 1936 when the government of Northern Nigeria wanted to find a better means of passing information and the newspaper was officially launched in January 1939 and immediately started publication right after, which was under the auspice of the Gaskiya corporation, which was earlier known as The North Regional Literature Agency (NORLA).

When Was Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo Founded

Gaskiya Ta fi Kwabo was founded in the late 1936, when the government overseeing Northern Nigeria was interested in ways to reach out to its citizens about their various activities. This became imminent when rumors began to spread around the country that the British colonial masters were intending to handover Nigeria to Hitler, who was on his world conquest.

To curb the wide spread of fear and rumors flying around the country, a suggested solution was to create a medium of disseminating information in a way that would be easily comprehendible by most citizens in the North, which was how Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo came about.

Gaskiya was important for providing information about World War II to Nigerians, and the stand the British were taking and planning to take in order to curb the tension that was consuming the minds of the populace.

The headquarters of the newspaper, was in Zaria which was where the Gaskiya Corporation was situated, and where the periodicals were also published. The paper played a great role in increasing the popularity of the war happenings and the effort the Government was putting towards the war effort during the early 1940s.

The first Editor of the news paper was Mallam Abubakar Imam Kagara, who was a well versed and incisive man and was just the perfect fit for the job. He did an almost perfect job that the newspaper, Gaskiya Ta fi Kwabo is argued now to have set a standard in Hausa writing; from spelling, to the grammar implored in the periodicals, as well as the style and vocabulary used.

The New Nigerian Corporation (now New Nigerian Development Corporation – NNDC), which was a company set to take over the management of companies and entities in Northern took over the management of the Newspaper in January 1966.

For How Long Did Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo Last?

Gaskiya Ta fi Kwabo has the longest life span of all indigenous language to have set up a newspaper outlet. It operated entirely in Hausa from 1939-1965, and in 1965, the Gaskiya corporation had an English version titled Nigerian Citizen. In 1966, after which the NNDC took over amongst many things changed the name to New Nigerian. In the sense of being purely a Hausa based newspaper, it lasted for over 26years before taking another form.

The NDDC set up a corresponding plant in the Southern part of the country in March, 1973, alongside that of Kaduna. They concurrently sold the newspaper in both Kaduna and Lagos which improved the wide distribution of the paper.

However, when 12 states were created in the North by the Federal Government in July 1967, possession and control of the company became that of the Northern states, and was temporarily under the Interim Common Services Agency (ICSA). The Federal Government in 1975 took full control of the company and was placed under the Federal Ministry of Information.

It is currently under the 19 Northern states as it was handed back to them in 2006.

Achievements and Success

Gaskiya Ta fi Kwabo has recorded tremendous success from its inception. Amongst them is the ability to reach a wide range of readership from the populace, thanks to the creative idea of introducing the Ajmi scripting of Hausa letters. Also, amongst their many achievements is the role they played in the Nationalistic fight.

Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo became a popular outlet to discuss contemporary issues, as was well utilized by one of the front liner Nationalist, Sa’adu Zungur, to mention a few and how it became an outlet to educate people.

It was also a landmark achievement through the successful establishment of the Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo, on the clear reason that it was the first attempt by the Government to set up a newspaper.